Highest Quality Backlinks

To rank your website top you need the highest quality backlinks.

I am going to show you how to do quality seo backlinking right now completely FREE.

Each and every strategy you see here is tried and tested, they work.

We have done this over and over again with so many number 1 rankings we have lost count.

These links building techniques are easy to follow, even a newbie can do this.

Before we get started, keep this in mind:

Ranking takes time and patience, stick with it and your will rank top GUARANTEED.

For the new starters to seo, I will run through what backlinks are.

If you have some backlink building experience already you can skip the early sections.

What Are Backlinks?

You receive a backlink when another website (not yours) links to yours.

These are also referred to as external links.

A link within your website from a page on your website to another page on your website is called an internal link.

You can have multiple tiers of backlinks.

A website can link directly to your website and then another website can link to the website that linked to you.

This is called a tier backlink structure where the rank juice flows down to your website.

To rank any website you are going to require links (external and internal).

Gaining backlinks is part of off-site seo.

Before you work on any off-site seo you need to run through an on-site seo analysis.

You website must be optimized before you start building any links at all.

When Do I Start Building Backlinks?

You can start sharing your content on social media right away, but make sure your on-site is optimized first.

If your pages are fully optimized for your target keywords the backlinks will be much more effective in the short term.

Of course less backlinks are required if your content is top quality and well optimized.

If your website is new and you only have one page or one blog post you can start building backlinks.

The age of your website does not matter when you start to get links.

As long as that one page is optimized well you can get started and will not waste any time.

Let’s run through how you can optimize your website for a top search engine ranking. If you want to buy backlinks take a look at the packages on the Rankers Paradise homepage.

On-Site SEO Analysis

There are many on-site seo issues you must tackle before the links start to come.

A website will never rank top if it is not mobile friendly and loads slowly.

Do not worry, I will show you how to get your site fully optimized for a top ranking.

Backlinks are more effective if you fire them at a good well optimized website.

You will waste a lot of time building backlinks if your website is slow and under optimized for your target search terms.

The most important technical on-site seo issues will include:

You can analyse all on-site seo data fast and free using the Website Auditor tool.

Make sure your main focus keywords are only 1 link deep from the homepage.

If you don’t put priority on these pages why would the search engines?

Less important pages will be more than 2 clicks deep into a site away from the homepage.

Be sure to correct all broken links and 301 redirect pages that have buffer pages in between them stopping rank juce flow.

If during your audit you find any 404 pages then you can 301 redirect them to relevant pages.

This will ensure link juice is passed onto other pages on your site.

External Links – Pointing Out From Your Website to Other Websites

Every single site that you link out to passes off your ranking juice gained from the sites that link to you.

If you have any links to external websites that are broken, you must fix them.

You can discover all broken external links using the Website Auditor tool.

Many people miss links, this includes all links on your website, each and every one of them.

Be sure to find and fix all of them, leaking rank juice is bad and will devalue your content.

An external link that goes nowhere important does not look good for your site.

It sends a signal to the search engines that your site is not looked after.

You do not want this to be the case.

A well maintained website is a well cared for website, the search engines love this.

Website Architecture

When it comes to link building and passing rank juice around your site for optimum ranking you need a good site architecture.

Sending your visitors to the right pages increases conversions and rankings.

If a visitor is on your site for longer the search engines deem your site content to be high quality.

You can keep your visitors on your site longer with a good menu and internal linking set up.

This is very easy to achieve:

  1. Take note of your most important keywords (highest monthly search volume)
  2. Ensure the most important keywords/content is one click from the homepage
  3. Less important keywords/content will be two clicks deep

That’s it, keep it super simple.

The most important keywords stay close to your homepage.

Remember you are distributing your link juice around your site.

Whenever you write new pillar content ensure your internal link to your big keyword pages/posts.

This way when your new content gains backlinks the juice also passes to other important pages on your site too.

This is a super easy way to build site authority quickly.

Write Quality Content

It’s easy to get backlinks to a page that is helpful and solves a problem.

High quality content is more linkable, this doesn’t necessarily mean more in depth content.

Earn quality backlinks with quality contentThe length of your content really does depend on your niche.

You must make sure your content is unique, this is very important.

Any blog post or website page that adds value in whatever form is linkable.

It’s well worth writing quality content, it will stand the test of time.

A few hours of work, even a day writing content can pay you over and over again down the line for years to come.

Over time the content will earn new backlinks and rank top or stay top.

For details on how to write content that will rank top follow the link.

After you have developed great content it’s time to get started building backlinks.

Be aware that the best backlinks that you can acquire are contextual and niche related.

That’s the basic principle, here are some more steps to help you understand if a backlink is quality or not.

How To Tell If a Backlink Will Help Improve My Ranking

A good backlink will come from a site in the same niche as yours.

If you are a mechanic and get a backlink from a car related website it is a good backlink to have.

If you are a mechanic and you get a backlink from a fishing website it’s not treated as a quality link.

Niche Related

You need to focus on getting backlinks from websites that are related to yours.

Relevance is your top priority and do not forget this.

One backlink from a site in your niche is more powerful than hundreds of unrelated backlinks.

So, with that in mind it’s well worth putting the time into getting relevant backlinks.

Of course it’s not always possible to ensure every backlink is niche related, although that should be your main goal.

Getting backlinks to quality content will help it rank.

Your first mission is to go after niche related backlinks.

You can discover which backlinks work by taking a look at your competitors backlink profile.

You can do this by using a free tool called SEO SpyGlass.

You put your competitors URL into the free software to discover all their backlinks.

Take a look at the sites and note down all the niche related ones.

Those are the initial link opportunities you should go after.

It takes time, but if you stick with it the results are well worth the effort.

Of course as you seek backlink opportunities for a long time gaining niche related ones will become harder and harder.

This is when you can look at getting backlinks that are loosely related to your niche.

So, for example, if you sell baby clothes you would go after gaining backlinks from baby clothing websites to start with.

As time goes by you would look at getting backlinks from any clothing sites, not just baby sites.

After that you would be looking to gain backlinks from general blogs.

It’s always good to keep in mind that you can develop a tiered backlink structure.

You can use niche related links on tier 1 and general site links on tier 2 and 3.

For more details on how a tiered link building strategy works follow the link.

Website Age

If you get a backlink from a well established aged website it has more power.

Usually an aged website will have lots of backlinks pointing to it, so the link juice will flow down to yours.

So the most powerful backlink ever is a contextual link from an aged niche related website.

There are two tools you can use to check a website age and authority (number of backlinks).

  1. Check a website age here
  2. Check website authority – check number of backlinks and domain authority

If you gain just one backlink from an aged niche related website that has lots of backlinks pointing to it you are on the right track to ranking success.

Backlink Profile

Although a website may appear to be amazing (aged, niche related, lots of backlinks) it might not be so good.

This is because many sites are used in poor private blog networks.

For details on what is a private blog network is follow the link. They can be a fast way to get your website penalized.

It’s highly likely that these domains will have a SPAM backlink profile.

To check a websites backlink profile use the SEO SpyGlass tool again (free).

If the site has lots of low quality links (not niche related) then you do not want your site associated with it.

It’s important to check the backlink profile of the website that wants to link back to you.

If the site has quality link pointing to it then it’s a green light for you.

Go ahead and get that link in place.

Real Websites

Make sure you are getting a backlink from a real website, not one in a private blog network.

A real website will have traffic, the traffic will come from the search engines.

To check this pop the website’s URL into Google, make sure the website is indexed.

If the site is not indexed in Google then it’s most likely been penalised.

And a backlink from this website will have zero impact on your ranking.

Remember that if Google does not know that your link exists then it is absolutely worthless.

You can tell if a website is real or not simply by taking a look at the quality of the content.

Usually a website in a private blog network will have generated content, it will not read well.

Content Quality

A contextual backlink within quality niche related content is the best you can get.

Take a look at the content and have a read through it.

Link building like this is not easy, but that means you are doing it the right way.

Everything that is worth having takes time and effort.

What you put into your link building is exactly what you will get out of it in the end.

If you fire hundereds of low quality backlinks at your website quickly using software then the results will be poor.

So do not be surprised when ranking results are poor when you generate backlinks.

If the backlink has taken some time to land then it’s probably because it is very valuable.

If the link is easy to get then it’s likely to be poor quality.

Keep focused on gaining high quality backlinks from niche related websites.

Remember one link from a good website is worth more than thousands of poor links.

Generating backlinks is a waste of time, use them on tier 2 to help index your tier 1 links.

Also, take note of the other websites that they link out to from within their content.

If they link out to other authority sites in your niche then that’s a very good signal that a link to your site from that site will be helpful.

Make sure everything looks natural and reads well.

This way you can be certain you are not getting a link from a website in a blog network.

How to Tell If a Backlink Will Hurt My Ranking

Many backlinks can harm your rankings, let’s take a look:

SPAM Backlinks

Like I said earlier, if a website is not indexed in Google then it’s because it’s a SPAM domain.

Google will de-index websites of low quality.

Make sure the website you get a backlink from is indexed in the search engines.

A backlink from a website that is not indexed will not hurt your website, but it will not help it rank higher either.

A backlink from a website that is not indexed is completely worthless.

Keep in mind that there are backlinks that you should never even touch.

If you get backlinks from certain online properties you are at risk of a Google penalty.

If you get a penalty your Google rankings and traffic can drop over night.

So take a good read through this next section, it is very important.

Not Related

Backlinks from websites that are not related to yours in any way whatsoever can harm your ranking.

The backlinks you use on tier 1 should all be relevant and of the highest possible quality.

Private Blog Networks

A backlinks from a website in a poor private blog network can hurt your website big style.

For a private blog network to work they have to be set up in the right way.

There must be absolutely no footprints for the search engines to detect that it’s a website set up for the sole purpose of ranking another website.

I am not going to lie, private blog network backlinks do work, but the sites used must be of high quality.

Google can identify poor quality private blog networks with ease:

  • They have many outbound links to sites that are not related in any way
  • The number of outbound links is very high
  • The content used does not read well
  • The website will not have about us and contact pages

The sites in a PBN are easy to spot.

So if you are going to use these backlinks to rank your website be very, very careful.

Blog Comment Links

A backlink from a blog comment is very easy to get.

These backlinks do work, however they must be done in the right manner.

Blog comment backlinks must be done on niche related sites and the comment must be useful.

These backlinks have to be done manually and not generated with software.

Sidebar, Header and Footer Backlinks

These backlinks are a little bit risky, but they do work.

Website’s advertise in the sidebar, header and footer of other sites all the time.

So it’s unlikely that you will get penalized from using these backlinks.

You must remember to make sure they are on sites that are relevant to yours.

I prove that these type of links do work in my best place to buy backlinks test.

Remember that a footer link will show site wide.

Therefore, if the anchor text used is exact match it could do much harm to your ranking.

To see what the perfect anchor text ratio should be follow the link.

If you do decide to use footer, header or sidebar links use Branded or URL anchors.

Generated Backlinks

Try to avoid generating backlinks using software on tier 1.

You really do not want these links pointing at your website directly.

Generated links are low quality and will drop out of the Google index fast if they even index in the first place.

Software you can use to generate backlinks include GSA, FCS Networker, Money Robot.

These are fine for use further down the tiered linking structure.

It’s highly likely you will land your website a Google penalty if you generate backlinks using software.

How To Start Building Backlinks

To start any backlink building campaign it’s great to lay down a foundation.

You key focus when building backlinks is to keep things looking natural.

A brand new post that’s just been indexed in Google will not get a flood of niche related backlinks in it’s first week.

Although it can happen, on a new site it’s unlikely.

So, to make things look natural you should share your content on social media.

These social signals help ranking and make it look natural to search engines when the backlinks start to flow.

You see the content will have been shared, the message is out there, after that it looks natural when the backlinks come in.

Social Signals

Make sure your website is active on all relevant social media platforms.

Take a look at the following to get started:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Those are the most important social platforms.

Every time you complete a new piece of content the first thing you should do is share it on social media.

For the anchor text always use Brand or full open URL.

You will be more active on one platform than the others, this really does depend on your niche.

Remember there is a lot of traffic to be had on social media, this is not a waste of time.

To get your website started you can use our 4000 social signals package.

Business Citations and Listings

Business listings will help your website rank higher, this is proven.

Every single seo link building strategy should include them.

Most of them are dofollow links too, which is an added bonus.

Business citations is another free and easy way to get quality backlinks.

Not all backlinks have to be totally relevant, this is the case with social signals and business citations.

These type of backlinks will never harm your rankings.

Google bot is aware of these websites and understand that URLs are shared on them everyday in mass.

Although they are not relevant they do help ranking and are an important part of the process.

You are getting backlinks from high authority sites here, so go and get them.

We can get the business citations for you to save you time.

Take a look in our seo store.

Niche Related Directories

Of course backlinks from directories have to be niche related.

Make sure the directory website is indexed in Google, if not they are worthless.

Many directory backlinks will be dofollow, but keep in mind you need to have a varied backlink profile.

With that in mind you need to acquire dofollow and nofollow links.

This way everything looks natural.

You can actually do a simple Google search to find this niche related directories.

Remember to do every manually, do not use software to get these backlinks in place.

Go to Google and enter your niche (or keyword) followed by the word “directory”.

Go ahead and sign up for the site and get your niche backlink in place.

These backlinks are not incredibly powerful, but they lay down a good foundation for later on.

If you are working on low seo competition keyword then these might well be the only links you need to do.

If you are working at ranking local keyword you can find local directories for backlinks.

For this you need to use a different search string in google:

Enter your city name and niche (or keyword) followed by the word “directory”.

You can get these backlinks right now completely free.

Niche Related Blog Comments

Niche related blog comment backlinks do work, they are very easy to get.

You can even find niche related sites that auto approve blog comments.

This way you are getting an instant niche related backlink.

To find these websites you can perform a simple Google search string.

Most website powered by Blogger auto accept blog comments.

Go over to your favourite search engine and enter:

Your niche (keyword) plus “powered by blogger”.

Simply click on the website in the search results and leave a blog comment and backlink to your website.

Some of the links will be nofollow, do not be put off by this, you need these backlinks too.

If you leave a comment on a popular site not only do you get a niche related link, but you get traffic too.

You can do these backlinks to vary your anchor text profile.

Always leave a good comment and it will stick.

Ask a question or leave a comment that is useful to others.

You don’t need to write a lot, but always try to add value.

You can use our team to get the niche backlinks for you.

Niche Related Forum Backlinks

Finding and posting in niche related forums will get you traffic.

It’s not just always about the backlinks, when people in your niche see your website you will gain niche related backlinks naturally.

So, it is super important to interact with other people in your niche (other people with websites in your niche).

If you are active you will get a backlink on your profile, this will in most cases show every time you post on a thread.

To find forums in your niche perform a simple search string in your favourite search engine:

Enter the word forum followed by your niche (keyword).

Because most will be profile links you will use an open URL as the anchor.

If you have the opportunity to write a description make sure you include your keywords in there.

Be aware of the forum rules, take a look at what others writing and stick to the guidelines.

The more posts you do the more you build your brand and reputation in your niche.

Also go ahead and start a thread, make sure it is useful.

The goal is to get traffic to your website and eye balls on your content.

The more you do this the more likely you are to gain niche related backlinks fast without doing anything.

The more you post the more authority your profile page will gain.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

These still work and here at Rankers Paradise we have proven this.

We have done this more than once actually.

Take a look at our web 2.0 backlinks ranking strategy.

You can follow it yourself completely free to get a number 1 ranking.

A web 2.0 link wheel is also a powerful ranking strategy.

A web 2.0 is a free website like Tumblr, Weebly and Wix.

We have a full web 2.0 blog list in the link provided.

You can set up a new website on these free platforms for the purpose of building backlinks.

They are considered to be niche related because you put your keyword in the website sub domain.

These are best done manually, if you use software they will drop.

A good web 2 site will last years and years and years.

Take your time with this and you can rank a website top with these backlinks alone.

These website have high authority and will never get your website penalised unless you use too many exact match anchor texts.

Guest Posts

These backlinks are the best of the best if you do this right.

You simply contact website owners in your niche and ask them if you can write a guest post.

The sole purpose of the guest post on their website is to gain a backlink to yours.

Writing content all the time can be time consuming, so in some cases you could hire a content writer.

If you find a site in your niche that will accept a guest post then you are onto a winner.

The guest post most be good, the content quality has to be high.

Poor quality guest post content for a quick backlink will not help you a lot.

Remember that contextual links from a niche related site are the best that you can get.

Doing a guest post gives you this power, and you even control the quality of the content posted.

You can perform a simple search string to find sites that accept guest posts in your niche:

Go to any search engine and enter your niche (keyword) plus “guest post”.

You can outreach to any website to ask if they will accept a guest post.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, all they can do is say no.

The 301 Elevator Effect

This is where you 301 re direct exact match domains to a buffer website (usually a web 2.0).

You can read through my 301 elevator effect ranking strategy by following the link.

This involves very little work, yet always boosts a websites ranking.

You simply purchase some niche related domains and redirect them to your website or a buffer web 2 blog.

Then you hammer those domains with generated backlinks.

All the rank juice flows down to your website and your ranking will go up.

The domains you purchase to 301 redirect will be relevant, have your keyword in the domain name.

This send s a hug signal to google bot exactly what keyword you are trying to rank for.

It’s not going to harm your website because you 301 redirect to the buffer web 2 blog.

Broken Links

The trick here is to find dead links on sites in your niche.

You then contact the website owner asking them to replace the dead link with a link to your website.

You are helping them to remove the dead link and they are helping you with a niche related backlink.

For more details on how this is done go to Step 9 on my free backlinks post.

This is time consuming but well worth the effort in the long term.

Private Blog Network (PBN’s)

Setting up your own private blog network can be expensive, but if you are using them to rank a highly searched for profitable buyer keyword they will prove a good return on investment.

Be aware that these sites need to be set up on different hosting and even have the domains registered under different names.

If you leave a footprint then Google bot will detect it and slap your site with a penalty.

You can actually buy backlinks cheap on PBN’s that are proven to work, this saves you time and a lot of hassle.

This is the fastest way to get niche related contextual backlinks.

However building out a site, buying the domain and hosting can take time.

The content that sits on the PBN needs to be decent, if not it can be detected as a PBN through a manual check.

Only ever go with PBN’s if you know what you are doing.

Try all the other free methods mentioned here first, this should be a last resort.

Also, it’s good to note that we offer quality PBN links right here in our seo store.

You can rest assured these will not hurt your ranking, we do every for you.

If you do decide to build a PBn network do not buy any old domain name to use.

Make sure the domain is niche related and has a good backlink profile.

A backlink from just one quality PBN site can work wonders on your website ranking.

You can use expireddomains.net to discover expired domains in your niche.

How To Get Backlinks Without Doing Anything At All

Earning a backlink is completely different to building backlinks.

Earning a backlink is getting a link without having to do anything at all.

The process of building backlinks is where you manually get the backlinks in place yourself.

To earn a backlink your content has to be TOP QUALITY.

Your content has to be the best out there, it must be in depth and offer some use.

If your content solves a problem and is of the highest quality it will earn backlinks naturally without you having to do a single thing at all.

Of course you still need to get those eyeballs on your content, which is why you need to be active on social media.

Giving your website visitor what they want, a answer to a question or a product they want to buy it is also giving Google what it wants.

If you create quality content your visitors will love your site, people in your niche will love your site and most importantly Google will love your site.

When you focus on quality content your ranking becomes so much easier.

Whenever you write content make sure it is going to help your visitors.

Remember that there is always room to add more to a topic, go ahead and have your say.

Always make sure your content is unique, do not copy someone else.

If your content is quality you will always earn backlinks from other sites no matter what.

A backlink is a vote in the eyes of Google that your website content is good, keep this in mind.

The only way your site can get these backlinks is from quality content, or because you offer something that the visitor can’t get elsewhere.

Take the Rankers Paradise blog for example.

It was set up because a lot of so called seo experts do a lot of writing about ranking websites, but did not show any proof.

I set up Rankers Paradise to prove that the ranking strategies work, to put my money where my mouth is.

Many people in the industry did not like this and have tried to perform negative seo on the site.

However my visitors (seo newbies) love the blog, they share it social media and use it as a great resource every single day.

This is all down to providing useful valuable content that my visitors needs.

I have solved a problem for them, and that is how to rank a website.

It’s not that difficult at all if you stick to the basic backlink principles outlined here today.

Take from this what you will, but it all comes down to solving a problem.

You content length does not have to be huge, you just need to deliver something different like I did here.

There is no set formula for creating amazing content, it just has to be unique and solve a problem.

Only you can deliver what is needed in your niche.

The basic outline of your content should always be focused around one keyword in the first instance.

When the content is complete you can sprinkle long tail variations in there.

Try to write natural and not be too keyword focused until the content is complete.

Then you can go back and change what is needed.

If your content is unique and solves a problem (no matter how long it is) then it will index and will rank high.

Put your website visitor first and make sure they are getting what they need out of your content.

Always offer something different, this is the key to success.

Your TITLE TAG and DESCRIPTION TAG will need to be different to what is already ranking in the top 10.

You need to get inside your visitors heads and really think about what they need.

If you can create a modern take on some content then that is great.

Content that is aged always needs to be updated, and that is where you can come in.

Many writers do not have the time to keep their posts updated.

This is your angle, you can write about what’s new in the industry and have your take on it.

Always take a look through the content that is ranking in the top 10 results for your keyword.

Look for opportunities.

Authority sites can rank on the first page of Google with poor thin content, but this is an opportunity for you to knock them off.

You might not have an authority site yet, but you can dominate them by producing amazing in depth content.

If you content is of the highest quality other blogs will not want to compete with you.

Also, if you are going to write in depth posts make sure they are light hearted and fun to read through.

A boring long blog post will not help you site, your visitor will bounce back to the SERPs and go to another website.

This in turn will most definitely hurt your rankings.

Write to keep your user happy, they will love it.

How To Optimize Your Content

Here is a quick check list to ensure you have quality content that will earn backlinks without doing anything:

  1. Have your keywords in the META DATA
  2. Careful keyword placement in the body text (keyword density around 0.2% never about 0.6%)
  3. Have the keyword in your page heading TAGs
  4. Have the keyword in one image ALT TAG

That’s it, follow these 4 simple steps and your content will be optimized for a top search engine ranking.

Important note: make sure your visitor gets something that they can’t get anywhere else.

Be brave and put yourself out there, offer something unique and different, it is always possible.

Remember that taking the time to produce quality content will save you time in the long run.

This is because you will not need to build backlinks, you will earn backlinks without doing anything or using any time at all.

To keep yourself motivated keep in mind that it will pay off, producing good content is what most people can’t do.

The reason most people will turn their nose up at writing quality content is because they can’t be bothered.

And this is your opportunity to come in and take your niche by storm.

Their laziness is your way to take a foothold in that niche.

If you want top ranking results it is what you have to do, so go and get it done.

Believe me, it feels so good to produce quality content that people love.

You will get an enormous sense of satisfaction when it is complete, and it’s there for as long as want it to be there.

You will get your rewards for it over and over again.

It’s like movie stars that take a portion of the profits as payment over a single one off payment.

They make money over and over again if the movie does well.

Your content writing is exactly the same, put the time in now and it will pay off for you over and over again.

It’s not a one off payment here, it’s a repeat payment for as long as you want it 🙂

Be creative, this is what makes it fun and will ensure you produce good quality content.

Use Google as much as you can for inspiration of what is working well.

Keep in mind that the top ranking sites are there for a reason, so use them as a resource, but do not copy.

You know what Google is looking for, so go and give it to it.

Analyse Your Competitors

You must look at what your competitors are doing.

This is very important, because you want to do it different, and most importantly better than them.

Make sure you look at my how to write content post for information on how to analyse your competitors content.

Ask yourself: what is the reason they are ranking on the first page of Google?

What problems are they solving?

What are your competitors offering that is different to all the others?

What can you offer that is new and different?

Offering something else into the mix will help you out rank them.

Try to write new content as often as possible.

Think of it like this:

The more fishing lines you have in the water the more change you have at catching a fish.

Your web pages are the fishing lines, the searchers on Google are your fish.

The more content you drop the more likely you are to get a lot of visitors to your site.

If you do not like writing content then we have a package for you right here at Rankers Paradise.

We call it our complete seo package, the reason is you get everything you need, even content writing.

We offer:

  • Keyword research
  • 8 hand written content fully optimized content per month
  • Backlink building

We write and add two high quality pieces of content to your website every week.

We back this up with quality backlinks that will rank the content top.

We even find the keywords for the content.

It is the most complete seo package you will find anywhere, and the price is amazing for the amount of work that is done here.

Producing content on a regular basis will not only bring in more traffic, but by adding internal links helps your your previous posts.

The more you put into your content production the more you will get out of it.

You have to keep the content flowing, everyone can do it of they put their mind to it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Contacts

The easiest way to earn backlinks is to make contact with website owners in your niche.

A lot of the time you will not need to ask for a backlink, just let them know you have some new content out there.

If they like you, they will give you a backlink.

Just making contact with people that own websites in your niche can get you links, it’s that easy.

These links are the most powerful too, so it is worth sending out a few emails to make contact with these site owners.

Also, think about what you can offer them, it might be included in your content.

But anything you can do to build these relationships will help rank your website in the future.

Would you link to a piece of content if someone sends you an email out of the blue?

In most cases the answer would be no.

So you have to put some effort into making friends with the these.

Don’t ask for a backlink right off the bat, introduce yourself first.

You can start to make contact with blogs by leaving a blog comment.

Make sure you add something useful and they will certainly approve it.

When you leave blog comments on their site a lot, they will remember you when you email them.

This way you have built up a friendship with them.

Build Up Your Contacts List

Keep a record of all contacts in your niche and build up an email list.

This list will be very powerful when getting backlinks to a new piece of published content.

Remember that if you are not in the game you can’t win the game, so don’t be afraid to make contact and get in there.

Also, it’s good to contact people that have subscribed to your blog list.

Sometimes these people will have blogs in your niche too.

This all leads to gaining more quality backlinks without doing a lot of work.

If someone has taken the time to sign up to your website, it is highly likely that they will link to you.

If you share quality content with your readers via email they will share it on social media for you.

This in turn saves you a ton of work.

That’s how important it is to go ahead and build an email list.

Not just of your website subscribers, but of other website owners in your niche.

Content Promotion

You will not earn backlinks if people do not know that your content exists.

The first thing you have to do in any backlink campaign is to share your content on social media.

If you stay active on any platform your followers will share your posts and it will go viral fast.

When this happens you will earn backlinks quickly from many resources without doing anything at all.

If things are slow at the start you can go after doing guest posts or even buy backlinks.

Be careful if you choose to buy backlinks, only get them from trusted resources.

Read the reviews to ensure they are going to be top quality.

A guest post can be done to get your website some momentum in the SERP’s.

You would opt for a guest post over a PBN backlink because they are less risky.

Popular Questions About Backlinks

I will answer some questions that people have about backlinks.

Will I Lose My Backlinks?

Every website will lose backlinks, this is absolutely normal. The key is to gain more backlinks than you lose. By consistently sharing your content on social media you can keep on top of this. As a website climbs the Google rankings it will gain more backlinks without any work needed.

Why Will My Backlinks Not Index in Google?

There are many reasons why your backlinks will not index. The main one is because the content you have put on the site is not unique. You will need to change the content on the site to make it index. Also, it’s possible that Google bot has not crawled the site yet. To get your backlinks indexed do another tier of backlinks from sites that are indexed in the search engines, the best ones are social media.

How Important Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are very important for ranking any website. However quality content alone can rank top if you are targeting a low seo competition keyword.

Are Backlinks From Free Lance Websites Any Good?

You can buy backlinks from freelancers on website like Fiverr and SeoClerks. In most cases these backlinks are of low quality, however you can find some really good sellers on the website that produce good work. Yes you can rank a website using these backlinks, I have done it myself and proven it shown in the Rankers Paradise blog.

Is A NoFollow Backlink Worth Getting?

Yes, a website needs a varied backlink profile. To keep everything looking natural a website needs dofollow and nofollow backlinks. You can get dofollow and nofollow web 2.0 platforms.

How Do I know How Many Backlinks I Need To Rank Top?

This is where you can use the free SEO SpyGlass tool again. Pop your competitors URL into the software and it will tell you how many backlinks that page has. You will require a similar amount of links, this only gives you a rough idea. You can rank top with less backlinks than your competitors if they are of higher quality.

Can I Build Backlinks Everyday?

Yes you can build backlinks to your website every day. Make sure they pass the quality test and always remember to mix up your anchor texts.

How Many Backlinks Does My Site Have?

You can use SEO SpyGlass for this again. Pop your website URL into the software and it will bring up all your backlinks and the anchors used on them.

What Are The Best Backlinks for SEO?

As we have already discussed, the best backlinks for seo are contextual and niche related.

Should I Generate Backlinks?

Yes you can generate backlinks, but this should not be done on tier 1. All tier 1 work should be manula, this way the backlinks will last a long time.

Should I Hire An SEO Link Builder?

If you don’t have the time to promote your website yourself then you can go ahead and hire an seo link builder. Do your research before you hire someone. There are good link builders out there, and there are bad ones. Backlinks for website ranking is essential, but they can hurt your website. Backlink building is an ongoing effort and hiring a lazy so called expert can get your site penalized. Backlinking services are everywhere, we have them right here on Rankers Paradise. Take a look at our blog for all backlink sites, you can create backlinks on these sites right now. Our seo backlink service works on quality, we get niche related links that work.

Final Thoughts

To get backlinks on any level you first have to produce some unique content.

Of course it’s different in every niche.

But make sure you analyse the content that is ranking well to get your started.

Quality content will always gain backlinks.

Any questions send us an email or get us on live chat.

We can do all this work for you, our monthly seo packages are very reasonable…..

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