Rankers Paradise Monthly SEO – What You Get

If I order the Rankers Paradise monthly SEO package what do I get?

I am going to walk you through and show you the whole process from start to finish.

First of all you need to choose one of our monthly SEO packages:

  • Rankers Starter – up to 5 keywords
  • Rankers Advanced – up to 10 keywords
  • Rankers Business – up to 15 keywords
  • Rankers Gold – up to 30 keywords
  • Rankers Ultimate – up to 50 keywords
  • Rankers Unlimited – unlimited keywords (full website ranking)

Keywords explained – which SEO package is for me?

Let’s use the Rankers Starter package as an example.

We accept up to 5 keywords.

This means you can give us up to 5 keywords.

The 5 keywords can be spread across 5 different URLs, or even just for 1 URL.

For example, say I have a pet store website and I want to rank for these 5 keywords:

  • buy large fish tanks
  • buy tropical fish
  • buy a guppy fish
  • buy a Molly fish
  • buy small fish tanks

The keywords can be split across as many or as few URLs as you desire.

The thing to remember is that you can give us a maximum of 5 keywords.

So, the keywords can be split across URLs like this:

URL: mypetstorewebsite.com/buylargefishtanks
KEYWORD: buy large fish tanks

URL: mypetstorewebsite.com/buytropicalfish
KEYWORDS: buy tropical fish, buy a guppy fish, buy a Molly fish

URL: mypetstorewebsite.com/buysmallfishtanks
KEYWORDS: buy small fish tanks

The number of keywords that you have and want to rank depends on the package that you choose.

Not sure what keywords you have?

You can get us on live chat right now and we can do an audit of your website and let you know how many keywords your website is ranking for.

How can I discover the keywords my website is ranking for myself?

You can discover the keywords that your website is ranking for yourself using a free online tool.

Simply go to Ubersuggest, it is a free keyword discovery tool.

Image shows how to discover the keywords your website is ranking for

Put your website home page URL into the tool and hit the search button. Ensure you have the correct location selected.

Now scroll down the page to the SEO keywords section.

Image shows Rankers Paradise ranking keywords

You can then select the keywords that you want us to work on.

If your website has been added to Google Console then you can get your ranking keywords from there too.

Help, my website is not ranking for any keywords. What do I do now?

This is not a problem.

You can select the package that fits your budget, or pick the one that meets the amount of keywords that you want to rank for.

So, if you have the budget for the advanced package go ahead and pay for it.

After the payment has been received we will start keyword research for you. We will discover 10 keywords that fit best for your website and will be easy to rank and drive traffic for you.

The other option is to conduct keyword research yourself, then select the keywords and sign up for the relevant package.

You can start keyword research for free using the MOZ keyword explorer online tool.

Now that you have signed up for a package, what happens next?

After we have received your payment we will set up your dashboard.

The dashboard is there for you to communicate with us and to track the work that we have done on a daily basis.

We work Monday to Friday on link building and research. On Saturday and Sunday we submit the links done during the week for indexing.

We will send you the login details to your dashboard. If you already have an account with us then you will access the dashboard using the same username/email and password.

You can login to your monthly SEO dashboard here:

My Account

Scroll down to the login section and enter your email/username and password.

image shows login section for Rankers Paradise monthly SEO dashboard

Staying on this page after login scroll up and click on the “Click Here to View Your Monthly SEO Client Dashboard” text.

image shows link to follow to view monthly SEO dashboard

You will then be taken to your SEO dashboard.

You will be presented with a list of sites that you have with us and details of which package they are on.

To select the work done for each website simply click on the site. This is where you can view the daily work records and leave messages for us.

Help, I can’t log into my Rankers Paradise monthly SEO dashboard. What do I do?

Some clients have problems logging into their dashboard via the My Account page.

No problem.

If you have problems getting into your monthly SEO dashboard you can login via the Admin page.

Go to this Login Page.

After you have logged in you can go back to the My Account page and then click the “Click Here to View Your Monthly SEO Client Dashboard” text.

Here is a run down of the complete process for each SEO package:

  1. You pay for your package
  2. We set up your dashboard and email you the login details
  3. We will conduct keyword research if keywords not given. If keywords are given we will log the start rankings.
  4. We will conduct competitor analysis and the anchors they use and the backlink types that they have.
  5. We will conduct on-page analysis and email you and make a note on the dash if any changes need to be made.
  6. Backlinks will be posted on the dashboard everyday.
  7. We will log ranking changes as they happen.

You can communicate with us on the dashboard and leave questions for us to answer if you are unsure of anything.

What does the Rankers Paradise monthly SEO dashboard look like?

This is what the monthly SEO dashboard looks like:

The Rankers Paradise monthly SEO dashboard

The SEO dashboard works like a ticketing system. The work done is time and date stamped.

This is the best way for you to track the work that we are doing on a daily basis.

No other SEO agency does this. Some other agencies do not even give you a monthly SEO work sheet.

If you choose Rankers Paradise you can view the work that we do every single day.

You can even post a reply to our notes and add your own comments.

We will publish ranking changes

Along the way we will post keyword ranking changes on the dashboard. You will be able to view the ranking improvements first hand as they happen.

At the start of the process we record keyword rankings

At the start we will record the target URLs and start rankings on the dashboard as shown in the image above.

What do I get on the Rankers Paradise monthly SEO package?

You will get keyword research on any package if you do not have the starting keywords.

You will receive an on-page analysis with recommended changes if needed.

We will conduct competitor analysis looking at anchor text used and the amount and types of backlinks they have in place.

How many backlinks will I get?

On each package we guarantee daily link building over the month, this is done Monday to Friday. Over the weekend we submit the links done in the week onto our indexed blogs for indexing.

The backlink volume depends on the keywords, the start rankings, and of course the age of your website.

You will get at least 5 backlinks per keyword per day. This is a minimum even for new sites. This is the same for every package.

To view some typical backlink building tactics used on our monthly SEO packages take a look at some of our case studies:

Our pet store case study shows that particular site received around 5 links per day. At the start not one of the keywords were found ranking. After just 30 days the site had 2 out of 5 keywords ranked number one on Google.

Be aware that every site is different. We work on what the competition has in place. In many cases just a few quality links can get top rankings.

What kind of backlinks will I get?

This is based on the top ranking sites for your selected keywords.

We take a look at the links that they have in place and note the anchor text that they use. We cross reference this with your websites current backlink and anchor text profile.

This gives us a clear plan of what we need to do to get your website ranking in the number 1 spot on Google.

You can be certain that you will get social promotion (backlinks from all the main social media channels), bookmarks, web 2.0 backlinks, blog comments, edu and gov links, guest posts, profile links on big brand sites, posts on niche related sites.

You will get a full mix of backlinks, they are 100% safe. Everything that we do has been tried and tested, it is proven to get results.

If there is anything that you do not want us to do then you just leave a message on the dash for us.

If you have any further questions please get us on live chat right now, or you can send us an email.

After the month is complete what happens next?

We do not tie you into a contract or have you make subscription payments.

Each payment is one-off.

If you wish to continue for another month after a month is completed just go back onto the relevant monthly SEO package page and re-order. If you like, we can send you an invoice through PayPal. You can pay us through PayPal or using your cash/credit card.

What about local ranking?

We work on any website and will work in any language. Each package works for local search terms too.

We will optimize Google Business pages for local keywords as part of any of the packages.

If you need any more details get us on live chat or send us an email.