SEO Case Study Pet Store

The online pet store started with us on the Rankers Starter package and did not have any rankings. This is what we have done over 1 month for the website to get top Google rankings.

Our starter monthly SEO package allows for 5 keywords/URLs and is $300 per month with daily link building and on-page and off-site analysis included. It is not a subscription service, you can stop at any time.

The online pet store has been with us for 1 month, we have gone from zero rankings (new website) to number 1 rankings. I am writing this after exactly 30 days of SEO, you can see how to get traffic to a new website in less than 4 weeks using this strategy.

Keyword Data

The client came to us with a brand new website without any keywords in mind. The site is an online pet store selling everything from dog toys to fish food.

At the start, we conducted keyword research and selected the best 5 keywords/URLs for the site to target to get the fastest rankings/traffic results.

Keyword 1:

Keyword 1 for pet store

Keyword 2:

pet store keyword 2

Keyword 3:

online pet store keyword 3

Keyword 4:

keyword 4

Keyword 5:

keyword 5

All totaled that’s 24,200 monthly search volume. As the top-ranked website receives about 33% of the traffic this would mean the site would get 7986 visitors per month if top rankings are achieved.

The website’s conversion rate is just over 6%, which means out of the 7986 visitors 479 will purchase something.

The average order price for the pet store is around $50, this means that top rankings for all 5 keywords will bring the online pet store $23,950 in gross sales per month. Not a bad return on investment from $300 per month spent on SEO services using the Rankers Starter package. In fact, that’s a $23, 650 return on their investment in SEO services.

Of course, we do not have all 5 keywords top of Google yet, however, we do have 2 out of the 5 keywords number 1 on Google, this has taken just over 4 weeks.

The 2 keywords that we have at the top have a combined monthly search volume of 8300. That’s an extra 2739 site visitors we have brought to the online pet store in just over 4 weeks.

164 of these visitors convert into a sale, giving the website $8200 in sales a month from just 2 keywords ranking top of Google. The client has told us the figure is slightly less than that, however, it is an amazing return on investment.

Start Rankings

The online pet store was brand new, the site was not ranking for any keywords at the start.

pet store start rankings

When a client comes to us the first thing we do is to check if the website is currently ranking for any decent search terms. This means we can pull traffic in pretty quickly, in many cases, just a few on-page changes can boost the site up into the traffic positions.

This particular website was brand new, well still is new considering it is just over 1 month old.

We took a look at the products in the store and went ahead to discover some keywords that would bring traffic to the website as fast as possible. The SEO competition scores are not particularly low, however, the ranking sites for the keywords are product pages with thin content. We knew that with well-optimized product pages and a consistent flow of backlinks some of these product pages would rank top quickly.

30 Days Rankings

Like I have already stated, the client has only been with us for 1 month now. I am confident that over the next 4 to 8 weeks that we will have all 5 keywords in the top 5 Google search places. As things are going it is likely that all 5 keywords will be ranked number 1 in the next 4 to 8 weeks.

pet store rankings after 30 days SEO

As you can see from the image we have two keywords in the number 1 spot. The other keywords are on pages 2 and 3. This is really good movement considering the pet store site was brand new and had zero rankings/traffic 30 days ago.

The Ranking Strategy

At the very start, we conducted keyword research, the objective was to find keywords that have the highest monthly search volume with a low competition score from an SEO standpoint.

After that, the best product pages were identified for each keyword and then optimized accordingly.

We rewrote the METADATA to include the keywords and to include action/emotional words to ensure there is a good click-through rate from the SERPs.

The keywords were also included in the page headings and within the body content. Nothing much to that, nothing special, just made sure the target keywords are placed on the product page.

This was all completed on day 1 to ensure the pages show in the SERPs as fast as possible. After that we started the link building, this is what we did.

Day 1

Each of the keywords/URLs received a premium web 2.0 link wheel. That was 5 web 2.0 sites on tier 1 and 100 web 2.0 backlinks (aged sites) on tier 2. We use aged sites on tier 2 that we know are indexed in Google, this ensures the backlinks are discovered by Google bot as fast as possible.

Day 2

Again we did another 5 site web 2.0 link wheel to each keyword/URL. This time we used Blogger accounts only on tier 1, we submitted the post URLs to be crawled in Google console. This ensures the links are found and the pages start the rank as fast as possible. On tier 2 we did 100 social bookmarks to each web 2.0 Blogger post.

Day 3

Each keyword/URL received 1 high-quality guest post. We used Educational sites like and other high authority sites like These are free backlinks that anyone can get. You can go ahead and get these types of links for yourself for your website right now.

Day 4

Each of the keywords received 100 social bookmark backlinks. We used popular bookmark websites that are crawled by Google bot often. This was to make sure Google bot would find the product pages and index them and have them found for the target search terms.

Day 5

All the keywords received a 5 site web 2.0 link wheel and also received 10 high PA 50+ Tumblr backlinks. Social bookmarks were used on tier 2. Each of the web 2.0 sites and the Tumblr posts received 100 bookmarks.

Day 6

Each of the keywords/pages received 30 profile backlinks from high authority websites like Amazon, Ted, and Microsoft.

As you will have noticed, we have not used any PBNs at this stage. We have taken the first week nice and steady. We have used a mixed anchor text profile just like this one here.

Day 7

We did 10 more high PA 50+ Tumblr backlinks to each page and did a ranking check.

After just 1 week 2 of the keywords were found and ranking in the SERPs. Keyword 4 was ranking in position 60, keyword 1 was ranking in position 24. These are the 2 keywords that are ranking in the top spot right now after 30 days. The other 3 keywords at this point were still not found.

When you sign up for any SEO package with us we work Monday to Friday and you will see link-building reports on the dashboard during this time. At the weekend we submit the links to premium indexers to get the week’s work found, making everything that has been done worthwhile.

Days 8 and 9 were indexing/rest days.

Day 10

The 3 keywords that were currently not found received 100 social bookmark backlinks each. The keywords that were found received 1 Guest Post each from high authority educational websites.

Day 11

Each of the keywords/pages received web 2.0 backlinks from different platforms. Each page received 10 web 2.0 backlinks. We did not do any links on tier 2.

Day 12

Each keyword received a 5 site premium web 2 link wheel, followed up with 200 web 2 links on tier 2 from aged indexed accounts.

Day 13

Each of the keywords/pages received 100 social bookmark links. At this point, we now have 3 out of the 5 keywords ranking in the SERPs.

Keyword 1 – rank 21

Keyword 2 – rank 85

Keyword 3 – Not Found

Keyword 4 – rank 30

Keyword 5 – Not Found

Day 14

Every keyword received another 5 site web 2 link wheel, we used Blogger accounts only on tier 1 and submitted all posts to Google console. On tier 2 we used more web 2 sites, each of the 5 posts received 50 web 2.0 backlinks.

Days 15 and 16 were indexing/rest days.

Day 17

After the weekend we did a ranking check and 3 out of the 5 keywords are now found and ranking for the target keywords.

We did a Blogger link wheel again to each page with 200 web 2.0 backlinks on tier 2.

We are still taking the link building nice and steady as this is a new site. We planned to use PBNs at the end of week 3 (this week).

Day 18

At this point keyword 1 is now ranking number 16 in Google SERPs. That is the keyword that is currently ranked number 1 on Google after 30 days.

Each of the keywords/pages received 10 backlinks from different high PA 50+ Tumblr accounts to ones we have previously used.

Day 19

We did another ranking check, still, 3 out of the 5 keywords are ranking in Google SERPs. At this point, we still had the other 2 keywords to be found and start ranking.

The 3 keywords that are currently ranking at this point received a 5 site web 2 link wheel with 200 web 2 links on tier 2.

We upped the backlink volume for the 2 keywords/pages that were not found. These pages received a 20 site web 2.0 link wheel and a huge 60,000 links on tier 2 from blog comments.

We also did 100 social bookmark links to each of the keywords/pages that were not found.

Day 20

Each of the keywords/pages received 30 profile backlinks from high authority sites and 20 edu/gov profile backlinks. You can buy edu backlinks like these from the Rankers Paradise SEO store.

At this point, the keyword that is ranking number 1 after 30 days was ranked in position 12.

Each keyword received a 5 site Tumblr link wheel on tier 1 with 500 social bookmark backlinks on tier 2.

The 2 keywords that are still not currently found at this point received a 5 site Blogger link wheel each with 500 social bookmarks on tier 2. Each Blogger post was submitted to Google console to be crawled by Google bot.

Day 21

At this stage, the two keywords that are ranked number 1 after 30 days of SEO are both ranking on page 1 of Google. Keyword 1 is ranking in place 8 and keyword 4 is in place 10. At this point, 3 out of the 5 keywords are ranking.

Each keyword/page received 5 PBN backlinks from our network. This way we know that all the sites are on different IPs and are 100% safe. We also did 10 Wiki links to each page.

Days 22 and 23 were indexing/rest days.

Day 24

At this point we did another ranking check after the weekend to discover one of the keywords had dropped out of the SERPs, this means just 2 out of the 5 keywords were ranking. We were not disappointed at this, we knew that because we had done the PBNs that the site would start to dance, this is normal.

Each site received a 10 site web 2.0 link wheel without any links done on tier 2. We used different web 2.0 platforms than what we have used previously. We also did 5 niche-related blog comments to each page.

Day 25

Started the day with another ranking check, as expected the keyword that dropped out has returned and is ranking in a higher position. Do not worry when keywords drop out, it means in most cases that they are going to come back much stronger.

At this stage still, 3 out of 5 keywords are found. We knew we had to up the link volume to ensure the other 2 keywords are found before the 30 days are complete.

Each of the 3 ranked keywords received a 10 site web 2.0 link wheel.

The 2 keywords/pages that were not ranking received a 20 site link wheel and 100 social bookmark links each.

Day 26

Started the day with a ranking check to discover 4 out of the 5 keywords are now found and ranking.

Each keyword/URL received a 5 site Tumblr link wheel. The Tumblr accounts have PA over 50 and are indexed. Each of the posts received 10 web 2.0 backlinks from aged accounts on tier 2.

Day 27

Finally, all 5 pages were found and ranking for their keywords in the SERPs. Each page received a 5 site Weebly link wheel with 100 bookmark backlinks on tier 2 to each tier 1 post.

Day 28

Each page received 3 guest posts from high authority sites like GumRoad, BlogLovin, and On tier 2 we used 100 social bookmark links to each guest post.

Days 29 and 30 were indexing/rest days.

Future Plan

Going into month 2 we will push to get the other 3 keywords into Google’s top 5 positions.

Now the site has had one-month daily link building we can start to push more PBNs to the site from our own list.

Here is a breakdown of how the site sits right now:

  • keyword 1 – 2900 – rank 1
  • keyword 2 – 5400 – rank 18
  • keyword 3 – 8100 – rank 35
  • keyword 4 – 5400 – rank 1
  • keyword 5 – 2400 – rank 38

We predict that we will have the other 3 keywords in the top 5 over the next 4 weeks. This will be done using guest posts, niche blog comment links, and PBNs. If you are looking to get some traffic to your pet store website, or any website, take a look at our monthly SEO packages. The package you choose to go with depends on the number of keywords that you want us to work on. If you are unsure of anything go for our starter package and we will work from there.

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