Web 2.0 Backlinks [ULTIMATE GUIDE] #1 Ranking 2021

How to build Web 2.0 BacklinksI am going to show you how to make Web 2.0 backlinks. It is a super easy and quick way to rank low competition keywords.

The ranking strategy at a glance:

Step 1: Run a social promotion campaign.

Step 2: In the first week build 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr web 2.0 backlinks.

Step 3: Record a YouTube video (to post on new web 2.0 platforms).

Step 4: Wait a week for links to index.

Step 5: In week 3 do a 10 site two-tier web 2.0 link wheel.

Step 6: In week 4 do 5 doc share backlinks.

Step 7: In week 5 do 15 high PA Tumblr backlinks.

Step 8: Rank tracking and wait for the links to index. As the backlinks index, your website will climb the search engines for your selected keyword.

To prove how well it works I am going to rank this page using Web 2.0 backlinks.

If you don’t want to complete it yourself, you can buy the whole web 2.0 backlinks strategy in our store. It includes every part of the process listed below.

To find out my complete ranking strategy go to my do it yourself SEO guide.

If you really want to know how to make a passive income online you should check out Online Dimes.

I owe this strategy to Franklin (Online Dimes), it was his site that set me off to ranking success.

Today I am going to show you how to:

  • Find easy to rank keywords
  • How to create content that will rank
  • How to make Web 2.0s to rank number 1
  • How to index your backlinks

You can simply sign up for Web 2.0 sites for free, add some content with a backlink and you are good to go.

The only problem with this method is new Web 2.0 sites do not have any Page Authority or existing backlinks.

The fastest way to rank is to use expired Web 2.0 sites that already have page authority and backlinks.

You can find these yourself for free using G Scraper. This takes time, and you need to know a little about what you are doing. Not to mention the G Scraper learning curve.

The Web 2.0 Ranking StrategyThe quickest way to get things done is to buy expired high page authority Web 2.0 sites.

You can buy expired Web 2.0 sites in the Rankers Paradise SEO store. You can buy high PA Tumblr blogs here.

While you wait for your order to be delivered you can be getting on with writing your content for them.

In the Web 2.0 package, you will get at least 10 expired Web 2.0s with high page authority and existing backlinks.

We will scrape and deliver you expired Web 2.0s rather cheap. We will even register them for you and provide you with all the log-in details. Saves you loads of time.

You can then use these expired Web 2.0s to rank your websites. I use my private blog network of Web 2.0 sites to rank and bank for many affiliates and Adsense sites.

You can use each Web 2.0 to create backlinks to more than one money site. They are a great little investment.

Expired high PA Web 2.0 backlinks are the cheapest and fastest way to rank websites.

This is the perfect ranking strategy for the individual site webmaster or small business owner who has a small SEO budget.

Step by step guide to Web 2.0 backlinks. A super easy and quick way to rank any keyword. Proven ranking results timeline included.

Find Easy To Rank Keywords

One super-easy way to find keywords that are easy to rank is to use keywordrevealer.com.


I also like to use KWFinder.com instead of Keyword Revealer or alongside it. If I had to recommend just one tool for keyword SEO competition score analysis I would go for KW Finder.

First of all, set up your Keyword Revealer account:

Keyword Revealer is free to use, you get seven free keyword analyses each day. For this process that is all we are going to require.

Log in and select “Tools”, then select “Keyword Tool” as pictured below:

Keyword Revealer Tools

Then enter a seed keyword based on your niche, select location, and then hit the submit button.

Enter a word to describe your niche

Now you will have a whole load of potential keywords based on your niche. Pick one that you like the look of and hit the evaluate button.

Click evaluate keyword

I like the look of β€œWeb 2.0 Backlinks”, the evaluate button will let us know how difficult it is to rank for this keyword.

Web 2.0 Backlinks has a low keyword difficulty

The keyword difficulty is 15, which is extremely low and is therefore ideal for this ranking tutorial.

Backlinks to top ranking sites

As you can see, Keyword Revealer analyses the top ten ranking websites in Google for your selected keyword.

Not one of the top ten sites has the keyword in the Title, Description or H1 tags. Also, page authority is low, as is the number of backlinks to the top-ranking sites.

I am certain that aged Web 2.0 backlinks with high page authority will rank my site number one on Google for the keyword β€œWeb 2.0 Backlinks”.

You should also work out how much money your keyword is worth in monetary terms. There are no point building backlinks for 3 months to hit the top spot only to earn $3 a month from it.

How easy was that?

Now we have a super easy keyword that we are confident we can rank number one for. The Web 2.0 backlinks strategy works for Keyword Difficulty 30 and below. It will even work for harder keywords, but I have not tested that.

Before we start building backlinks we need to make sure our content is fully optimized to beat the competition.

You will find below details of how you need to optimize your money site content. This has to be done before you start to build backlinks.

How To Optimize Your Content

Backlinks are a highly important ranking factor, however, we need to make sure our content is optimized first.

Keyword Revealer has given us some big tips on how to optimize our content.

This is what needs to be done:

  • Make sure your content is focused around a particular keyword. Mention the keyword in the top, middle and bottom of your content. Do not overdo Keyword density, I am always around or below 1%. This post is 0.6%.
  • Top ranking sites have long content posts. Make sure your content is in-depth and around or more than 2000 words long.
  • Put images in your content. One image should have your keyword in the ALT tag.
  • Put your keyword in your main (H1) heading.
  • Have your exact keyword in your URL extension.
  • Put the keyword in the Title and Description Tags.
  • Have at least one outbound link to an authority site in your niche. (Do not link to a competitor for your keyword)

I always do some internal links to my new content. Go through the rest of the content on your site and link to your new content if related words appear in the text. I sometimes add to existing posts to get an internal link to my new content.

That’s it. Stick to these six simple steps and you will certainly rank number one in the search engines with the powerful Web 2.0 backlinks we are now going to build.

How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks

Now it is time to build the powerful Web 2.0 Backlinks to our awesome highly optimized content.

The key is to use aged high page authority Web 2.0 sites. You can use new Web 2.0 sites, this takes a lot longer because you will need to power them up with backlinks.

The fastest way to rank in Google is to buy aged Web 2.0 sites. Scraping them yourself takes time.

Some people just use Tumblr blogs, I like to use a mix. You can buy aged Web 2.0 sites really cheap. You can use them to rank more than one site, they are great value for money.

Try one of the guys below to get started. The lower the keyword difficulty the less Web 2.0 backlinks you are going to require to rank number one in Google.

What you need:

Our service will get you expired Tumblr blogs with at least 10 backlinks pointing to them. The blogs are registered for you. The service is here in the Rankers Paradise SEO store.

$40 will get you 50 expired Tumblr blogs with PA 29+. Again, they are registered for you. The service is here.

Now for the social signals. You can use this service to get 10,000 social signals for just $20.

So basically, with the use of rankersparadise.com, you can rank a website no.1 for less than $100.

What I used to rank this post:

For just $15 I got 5 high page authority Weebly and 5 high page authority Tumblr blogs from here. The best part is that the backlinks are done for you, they have a PA 28+. The service uses aged blogs and they are indexed.

I used the 10,000 social signals service as mentioned above.

I always get my team to find the expired Weebly and Tumblr blogs for me. This saves me loads of time, it’s worth it with them being so cheap.

While I wait for my order to be completed I get on with writing the content.

Because the keyword selected for this post has an extremely low keyword difficulty score of 15, I am going to use just 10 web 2.0 backlinks.

5 high page authority Tumblrs and 5 high page authority expired Weeblys combined with 4000 social signals to this page will easily be enough to rank it.

If 10 Web 2.0 backlinks do not rank this page number one for my selected keywords, I will simply add more backlinks using web 2s until I rank first.

This process is super simple.

How To Build Your Backlinks

It is very important that you read this part on how to build your Web 2.0 backlinks in the right way. You do not want to have your keyword in the backlink anchor text every time.

Each time you create a backlink from your Web 2.0 sites, you need to think about the text that is used inside the link.

This is what works really well for me:

  • Keyword
  • URL
  • Click Here
  • Brand

So your first backlink from a Web 2.0 site will contain your keyword in the anchor text.

Your second lot of content on your second Web 2.0 will use your money site URL for the anchor text.

The third Web 2.0 backlink will have “click here” as the anchor text. Your fourth Web 2.0 backlink will use your brand name as the anchor text.

On your fifth Web 2.0, you will go back to the beginning of the process and use your keyword as the anchor text and so on and so forth until you have used all your Web 2 sites.

Sometimes I do not bother with the branded anchor text if I am not going to create many backlinks. I will not use the branded anchor text in this tutorial as I am only going to create 10 Web 2.0 backlinks.

Remember you are trying to make your backlink profile look as natural as possible. Do not miss this step.

I always log all my Web 2.0 backlinks in an Excel file. I note down the Web 2.0 backlink URL, the anchor text used and the date it was published.

How To Get Backlinks From Tumblr Web 2.0

Now that you have your expired high page authority Web 2.0 sites, it is time to get some backlinks from them.

We will start with Tumblr because they are quick and easy to do. You do not need to add a lot of content to each post. I like to add around 200 words, you can do less if you are pushed for time.

Tumblr has recently started to do a redirect, which might just kill your backlink juice. If you put a small description of your blog post in the Tumblr Site Description, you will get a backlink to your site without the redirect. I will show you how to do this below.

Get into your Tumblr account

First of all, log in to your Tumblr account with the email address and password that we provide you with.

Click on the pencil to add a post

Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the screen to add your first post.

Now click on the Aa text icon

Now click on the Text icon. Don’t worry, you can add links, videos and other media too.

Add title, tags and URL

Use your keywords that you want to rank for in the post Title, Custom URL (get to by clicking on the tools icon) and Tags.

Highlight text to add your Tumblr backlink

Add your content (around 200 words will do), then highlight the text that you want to use as your anchor for your backlink. Now, select the link icon and then add the URL back to your money site.

You can also link out to another authority site in your niche. Just do not link out to a competitor that ranks in the top 10 search results for your selected keyword.

Now hit the post button to get your content live

Now hit the post button, you now have your first powerful Web 2.0 backlink in place. We are not finished yet, we now have a Tumblr redirect backlink, now let’s get a direct backlink from Tumblr.

Select edit appearance option

Click the person tab in the top right of your screen, then click on “edit appearance”.

click on the edit theme button

Next, you need to click on the edit theme button.

Add code into the description area

You will need to add some basic HTML code into the description area to get your direct backlink from Tumblr.

I add a “Blog Posts” section to my site description area. So I will copy the first few lines of the content we created earlier that includes the link to our money site.

Add this html code to your Tumblr description

Now add the Html code to the description area. Your code will look something like above. Take a note of the link to your money site and Tumblr post.

You can copy and paste the code below:

<h1>Blog Posts</h1>
<h2>Your Blog Post Title (keyword)</h2>

<a href=”http://www.yourmoneysite.com/”>your anchor text</a>

<p><a href=”http://yourtumblrblogname.tumblr.com/your-blog-post-url”>Continue

Problems with code:

Some people have experienced problems with the code above.

Make sure that your quotation marks look like they do in the image above (the code in red).

Check that your quotation marks are facing the right way round πŸ™‚ You can go here to copy a working code for HTML Links.

Add your content around the code.

After you have added the code, hit the save button on the top left of your screen. Then hit the exit button.

Now check out your Tumblr site. You will have a redirect link to your money site from a blog post, and a direct link from the description section at the top of your Tumblr site just underneath your blog icon.

That’s it. Repeat this process over and over again on all your different Tumblr blogs. You can use each blog over and over again to rank as many money sites as you wish.

Get Backlinks From Weebly Web 2.0

Let’s go right ahead and get some sweet backlinks from our high page authority Weebly Web 2.0 sites. I usually write around 300 to 500 words of content for my Weebly sites.

Always write unique content for your Web 2.0 sites as they are sure to get picked up by Google. This is by far the best way to go.

Enter your email address to log into Weebly

Enter your email address and password that we give you to log into your expired Weebly account.

Select your Weebly blog theme

Then select your Weebly theme. Make sure that you select a Blog Theme. This is important, you want all your posts to show on the high page authority home page. This means that all the backlinks you create from this Web 2.0 site will come from a high authority page.

Click Add Post Button

Click the “New Post” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Add your keywords to your post title

Add your post title, use your keyword as I have in the picture shown above. Then drag an element from the left-hand side panel into the content section. First I drag an image element across, and then a text element, which we will add our content to. Click in the text element area and write some content in there.

Highlight text to add your Web 2.0 backlink

Highlight the text that you want to use as your anchor text in your backlink. Then click the link icon on the toolbar and enter the URL that you want the link to go to. I will add a link back to this page and also another link to an authority site in the Web 2.0 niche.

Click the post button to publish your backlink

Click the “Post” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen, you will now have a live Weebly Web 2.0 backlink to your site.

Make sure Google indexes your Weebly link

Before you leave Weebly there is one last thing you need to do. By default, all Weebly sites are hidden from the search engines. Google will not find your backlink unless you cover this step.

Click the “settings tab” at the top of the screen. Then select “SEO” from the left-hand navbar. Scroll down until you see the “hide site from search engines” toggle. Toggle it to “off” and then hit the save button at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

That’s it. You can now go ahead and create Tumblr and Weebly Web 2.0 backlinks to rank any site you want to.

Your work is not finished yet. You need to get your backlinks indexed in Google search in order for them to improve your ranking.

Get Your Backlinks Indexed

The last step in the ranking process is to get all your Web 2.0 backlinks indexed in Google search. There are many ways to do this, my way is fast and easy.

I used to fire Social Bookmarks and social signals to my Web 2.0 sites in order to get the backlinks indexed by Google. This process took way too long, my new strategy is below.

UPDATE: I do not use Link Centaur any more, it is a waste of time. All you have to do is submit URL to Google search, all are outlined below.

Some expired web 2.0 sites just will not index, you can use the same content on a different web 2, it’s not the content, it’s the web 2 site subdomain itself. If the web 2 does not index after doing a Google submit it is not going to index. You need to bin that web 2 and move onto another one. Sometimes a Spam expired web 2 will not index at all.

To check if your web 2.0 site is indexed simply pop the full web 2 URL into Google search.

Use Link Centaur to get your backlinks indexed fast

The first thing I do is add my Web 2.0 URLs to LinkCentaur.com. This site will get your backlinks indexed by Google. The best part is it is free to use. Well, on the free account you can add 50 URLs per day, perfect.

Click "add a campaign" button

After you have confirmed your account click on the “Add a Campaign” button.

Add your campaign name and hit the save button

Add your campaign name. I always name each campaign by the keywords that I am looking to rank for. Then hit the “Save Campaign” button.

Now click the "details" button to add your backlink URL

Now click on the “Details” button. This is where we will add our Web 2.0 URL to get our backlink indexed.

Now click on the "Add Links" tab

Now click on the “Add Links” tab and then enter your Web 2.0 URLs into the text area. Then click the “Add Links” button at the bottom of the screen.

Link Centaur does not guarantee that your Web 2.0 sites will get indexed. This is why I always add another step into the process. I will manually submit my Web 2.0 sites to Google, you need to visit the add URL to Google page to do this.

UPDATE (2019) – You can’t index your web 2.0 backlinks using Google search console in 2019.

The good news is that I have done a post on how to index backlinks in minutes really fast in Google.

You use Google Tools to force a Google spider to crawl the websites where your backlinks exist.

Add your Web 2.0 site to Google

Simply enter your Web 2.0 URL and hit the “Submit Request” button. If your content is unique, it is sure to hit the Google index. Sometimes my Web 2.0 sites get indexed in the Google search results within minutes of pressing the submit button.

There you have it, a complete ranking strategy. Follow this process to the letter and you will be ranking sites high in Google in no time at all.

**UPDATE 2019**

You can’t index backlinks using Google console anymore.

Make sure you register expired Weebly and Tumblr blogs that are already indexed.

This will save you time in the future.

You can see how to find these for free without software here.

You can also index the links by doing Tier 2 links on social media.

Simply drop the links on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and they will index.

It takes a little longer but is worth doing in the long run.

When Will You See The Results

This is different for every site that I have ranked. I normally see some search engine movement with this technique within a week or so.

To rank a new page from scratch at number one in Google using this system it can take 2 or 3 months. Don’t worry if you don’t see instant results, just keep building the backlinks and you will most definitely improve your ranking.

The important thing to do is not to quit. Don’t build two backlinks and stop, keep going with them until you reach number one. This process does work, I have used it over and over again.

What I Have Achieved With This System

I used just 10 high page authority expired Web 2.0 backlinks to rank number one in Google search. This was for my dog breeds site, my chosen keyword has a difficulty score of 20 on the Keyword Revealer site.

I used just 28 Web 2.0 backlinks to rank number one in Google for another dog breeds keyword. This keyword gets over 2000 searches per month, it has a Keyword Revealer difficulty score of 20.

I have ranked so many other sites using this system. It takes a little work, but it is well worth doing if you pick the right keywords to focus your time on.

The Results

I will log the ranking results here. I will keep track of when each backlink is created and post the dates here for all to see.

A good piece of free software to use to track your ranking is called “Rank Tracker” by SEO Power Suite. I use this all the time, this software will analyze keyword difficulty for you, worth knowing for when you run out of free daily Keyword Revealer tries.

The day the post is published:

This post was published on Friday 18/03/2016. Google ranking: N/A. Zero backlinks created.

After submitting this post to “Google add URL” in less than 30 minutes after the post was published the post is indexed in Google search. Google.com ranking is: 41 and Google.co.uk ranking is: 49. This is with zero backlinks created.

Sunday, March 20th, 2016:

Added 1 Tumblr and 1 Weebly backlink. Google.com’s ranking is: 22 and Google.co.uk ranking is: 25. That’s a whopping improvement of 19 places on Google.com and 24 places on Google.co.uk. Lot’s of movement in just 2 days with just 2 backlinks created.

Monday, March 21st, 2016:

Added 4 Tumblr Web 2.0 Backlinks. No change to ranking.

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016:

Added 4 Weebly backlinks. Now we have a total of 10 Web 2.0 backlinks pointing to this page. Google.com ranking is: 23 and Google.co.uk ranking is: 26. A ranking drop of 1, this is only natural. I always see a small drop in ranking before a big rise. When the social signals kick in we will get a big improvement in ranking.

So far I have 4 Weebly and 4 Tumblr Web 2.0 backlinks indexed in Google search. For some reason 1 Weebly and 1 Tumblr did not index. I will create another Weebly and Tumblr post so that we have ten backlinks indexed.

I have added one extra Tumblr and one extra Weebly. Both of these backlinks have been indexed. We now have ten backlinks from web 2.0 sites indexed. Let’s wait to see how this affects the rankings.

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016:

2350 mixed social signals added. This page has dropped from the Google index altogether. This is because it is a new site and I built backlinks to it too quickly. The page will sit in the Google sandbox for a little time and will eventually return to the index. This is only natural for a new site like this.

Thursday, March 31st, 2016:

This page is now back in the Google search result pages. On Google.com it’s ranked: 24 and on Google.co.uk it’s ranked: 26. It will probably remain in that position for a while, if it does I will add some more web 2.0 backlinks.

Saturday, April 9th, 2016:

Ranking update: Google.com: 20, Google.co.uk: 20. The ranking is now climbing, not added any more backlinks. Still climbing with the original 10 high page authority Weebly and Tumblr backlinks. This goes to prove, ranking any site is a long term project and takes time, patience is required, the results do come. This method never fails.

Sunday, April 17th, 2016:

Ranking update: Google.com: 8, Google.co.uk: 8. The ranking has improved significantly by 12 places in just one week. I have not added any extra backlinks. This ranking has been achieved with just 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr backlinks and some social signals. I am sure the ranking will continue to rise. When it settles in a particular spot I will add more backlinks until no.1 rank is attained, however, this might not be required.

Monday, April 18th, 2016: One Month Ranking Update

This page has been live for exactly one month now. We have gone from zero to Google rank 8 in just one month. We are on the first page of Google with just 10 Web 2.0 backlinks.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016:

The search engine movement has leveled off. I have added some of these free backlinks to power up the page. If ranking does not improve I will add more high page authority web 2.0 backlinks.

Sunday, May 1st, 2016:

In just 4 days, the free backlinks that I added have improved the ranking of this page. Google.com: 6 and Google.co.uk: 7. That’s a two-place ranking rise on Google.com and a one-place rise for Google.co.uk. I am sure those free backlinks will continue to improve the ranking of this page over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016:

Today I have added 8 more high page authority Tumblr backlinks. The current rank is Google.com: 6 and Google.co.uk: 7. Let’s see how these web 2.0 backlinks take effect over the next few weeks.

Friday, May 6th, 2016:

I have added 7 more Tumblr posts with backlinks included. The ranking has not changed since May 4th.

Sunday, May 15th, 2016:

Google.com: 3 and Google.co.uk: 3. Now ranked in position no. 3 on Google search. The page now has a total of 5 Weebly and 20 Tumblr expired web 2 blogs pointing at it. Give this a few more weeks and no. 1 ranking will be achieved. This has taken nearly 2 months to achieve. Ranking no. 1 usually takes around 3 months to do, so I am on track here.

Sunday, June 5th, 2016:

This page is now ranked at Google.com: 2 and Google.co.uk 2. Just one more place to go and we have hit the top spot.

I have not added any more backlinks since my last ranking report.

Thursday, June 9th, 2016: No. 1 Ranking Achieved

This page is now ranked no. 1 on Google search using just web 2.0 backlinks

Today this page hit the no. 1 spot in Google search. So how long has it taken to rank this page no. 1 with just web 2.0 backlinks?

Took exactly 83 days to rank no. 1 in Google search UK and USA. Just under 3 months.

How many expired web 2 sites did I use?

5 Weebly and 20 Tumblr blogs. That’s all it took, it’s just a game of patience and building the backlinks at a steady rate. Now it is your turn to go ahead and Rank no. 1.

Proof on no. Google ranking with Rank Tracker software

Web 2.0 Backlinks Ranking Schedule

Below is the exact schedule I used to rank this page no. 1 in Google search.

Follow part 1 of my web 2.0 backlinks ranking schedule

As you can see, you start off slowly building the web 2.0 backlinks at a steady rate.

Web 2.0 ranking schedule part 2

After the end of your first week, you should be ranked close to or at the bottom of page 1.

Backlink ranking schedule period 3

Ranking no. 1 will take you 3 months with this strategy. Slow and steady always wins the race with SEO.

Last backlinks to build before you hit the no. 1 spot

Not every strategy will be the same, but you can use this as a loose guide to how it is done.

Of course, high competition keywords will require more backlinks in this time to rank at the top spot.

This is what needs to be done:

Month 1: 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr Posts. All done on different Tumblr/Weebly subdomains. Add 2350 social signals.

Rank check at end of month one; should be at bottom of Google page one or top of page two.

Month 2: New web 2.0 link wheel (not expired web 2s). See my free backlinks page for information on how to do this.

Rank check at end of month two; should be ranked number 3 or 4.

Month 3: 15 Tumblr posts. All done on different Tumblr sub domain properties.

Rank check at end of month three; should be ranked number 1.

To use the exact same strategy I have used here just click on the links below. The results are here for you to see, if you use this system you will rank number one on Google search.

Rank Using This Exact Strategy

Month 1:

4000 Social Signals

4000 Social Signals:4000 Social Signals

First of all, you are going to require some high-quality social signals.

You can get these from the Rankers Paradise SEO Store.

We offer 4000 social signals from the most powerful social media platforms on the planet.

You will get backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

This is the best way to get your ranking campaign started.

Nothing looks more natural than a mass of social signals before the backlinks start to flow.

Buy Now for $10

High PA 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr Backlinks

High PA 5 Weebly 5 Tumblr Backlinks:5 Weebly 5 Tumblr Backlinks

You have two options here.

You can have the high PA 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr backlinks done for you, or you can do them yourself.

If you choose to do them yourself you are going to need those 10 powerful blogs registered for you, this can be done here.

Or you can get the backlinks done for you the right way, with the content fully optimized for you to rank up for your selected keyword.

Buy Now for $15

Month 2:

10 Site Two Tier Web 2.0 Link Wheel

10 Site Two-Tier Link Wheel:10 Site Web 2.0 Link Wheel

The second month of my web 2 ranking strategy uses a powerful link wheel.

You can read how powerful the web 2.0 link wheel is right here. I ranked page 1 in 1 day using this exact strategy.

Month 2 uses 10 web 2.0 sites, 5 sites on tier 1 and 5 sites on tier 2.

Remember to index the links slow and steady through the second 30-day cycle and you are sure to hit page 1.

Buy Now for $15

Month 3:

15 High PA Tumblr Backlinks

15 High PA Tumblr Backlinks:15 High PA Tumblr Backlinks

For the final push to the top spot, you will require 15 high page authority Tumblr backlinks.

All Tumblr blogs will have backlinks pointing to them, the rank juice will flow down to your money site.

I have used this service over and over myself, it works.

Make sure you mix up your anchor text as I have done so and you will hit top rank.

Buy Now for $10

What do I do if I am not in the top spot after 3 months?

If you are not in the top spot you need to keep the backlinks flowing at a steady rate.

You can continue to use web 2 platforms for backlinks using the following service.

Month 4:

Premium Web 2.0 Link Wheel

Premium web 2.0 backlinks:Premium Web 2 Backlinks

This service alone can get you to the top.

I ranked on the top of my page of Google search using this exact strategy alone in around 30 days.

If you fail to hit the top spot then the following strategy is very powerful at pushing ranks.

The service hits your site with 5 brand new web 2 sites all with your exact keyword in the subdomain URL.

Each of the 5 tier 1 new web 2.0 sites are linked together into a link wheel formation.

The magic happens with the tier 2 backlinks.

Each of the 5 tier 1 web 2.0 sites get 10 tier 2 high PA Tumblr backlinks fired at them.

All that lovely ranking juice flows down to your money site.

This is a sure-fire way to get your site to the top.

Buy Now for $50.

How To Find Expired Tumblr Blogs With Backlinks For Free No Proxies No VPN Required

You are going to love me for this;

You are never going to have to pay for expired Tumblr blogs again.

You can now find expired Tumblr blogs without Gscraper or Scrapebox.

I have discovered free software that you can download to find niche relevant expired Tumblr blogs with backlinks.

I have used this software and it really does work. You can thank me in the comments πŸ™‚

The software is called Expired Tumblr Hunter (no longer free – link removed). Follow the link to get your free copy.

See my blog post on how to find an expired web 2.0 manual for free (includes all web 2.0 platforms, not just Tumblr).

This is how to use the software to find good quality expired Tumblr blogs that will help you rank.

After downloading expired Tumblr Hunter open the free software

After downloading the free software open it up. You can find niche related expired Tumblr blogs by selecting the “Niche related” tab. Then you will need to enter your keywords.

This software is so good because you do not need any proxies or VPN.

Enter your niche keywords and hit the start button

Input your niche keywords and then hit the “start” button.

You do not have to search for niche related expired Tumblr blogs if you do not want to.

Do not select the “Niche related” tab if you do not require niche related Tumblr blogs. Just open the software and hit the start button.

Take a look at the expired Tumblr blogs available to register

After a couple of minutes, I get a list of expired Tumblr blogs ready to register.

The software even lets you know if Tumblr is available to register or not.

Right click and copy the Tumblr URL

When you have a good list of expired Tumblr blogs we need to check the backlinks pointing to them. We need to make sure that they are worth registering.

A Tumblr without any backlinks is worthless to us, it will not pass on a great deal of ranking juice.

Select a Tumblr that is available to register and right-click on the URL and copy it.

We are going to paste the URL into a few free backlink checker tools to analyze the backlinks.

Paste the Tumblr URL into the free online backlink checker tool

Paste the Tumblr URL into this free backlink checker tool. I use this one because it finds the most amount of backlinks.

Take a look at the backlinks pointing to your expired Tumblr blog

Take a look at the backlinks pointing to your expired Tumblr. This one has lots of Pinterest and other Web 2 backlinks. It’s not the strongest Tumblr ever, so I would not register this one.

We are looking for an expired Tumblr with lots of backlinks from good authority domains.

To check the authority of the backlinks pointing to the Tumblr blog just visit the URL and use MozBar.

Check the quality of the backlinks pointing to the Tumblr

Use MozBar to check the quality of the backlinks pointing to Tumblr.

As you can see, this one is poor. We are looking for backlinks to the Tumblr from pages with high PA with backlinks pointing to them too. This will pass on some serious ranking juice.

Now let’s check if the backlinks that point to the Tumblr still exist.

Now check if the backlinks are still live

Now paste the URL into the RankSignals.com backlink checker tool. It is free to use, however you do need to sign up for an account.

This tool lets us know if the backlinks pointing to Tumblr still exist. If the backlinks have been removed then there will be no ranking juice passed onto our money site.

That’s it. Go and get the tool and find yourself some expired Tumblr blogs with loads of backlinks for free.

You have no excuses for not ranking sites no. 1 now.

Just take your time finding a Tumblr with some decent backlinks. It will pay off big time if you do.

I just found an expired Tumblr using the Expired Tumblr Hunter software that has a backlink from a PA 65 with 9000 backlinks pointing to it. This particular Tumblr has 6 more strong backlinks pointing to it. This is some serious ranking juice that I got for free, wahooo.

How To Register Expired Web 2 Tumblr Blogs

This is a quick tutorial on how to register expired Tumblr blogs. Sometimes when you buy expired Web 2.0 sites you need to register them yourself.

This is how you do it:

First of all sign up for a free email address. I use mail.com or Yahoo.

You can register all expired Tumbly blogs under 1 email address if you like.

I like to use a new email address for every Tumblr blog. This way, if one gets shut down, you do not lose them all.

You can mask your IP address when you register them, you can use a free IP masking service. I do not do this, if you are concerned about footprints then you might want to do this.

Click on the "GET STARTED" button

Click on the “Get Started” button.

Add your email, password and username to sign up

Add the email address that you just signed up for. Add your password. Now, for the username use the name of the expired Tumblr blog that you were given. So in my case here it was happyprincekoala.tumblr.com. Then hit the signup button.

Now enter your age and accept the terms of service

Now enter your age and accept the terms of service. Click the “Next” button.

Then select 5 subjects that you are into

Then select 5 things that you are into and hit the next button.

Go ahead and verify your Tumblr email address

Then you need to go ahead and verify your Tumblr email address that you used on sign up.

You will now get the Tumblr email verified page

You have now verified your email. Now go to your Tumblr dashboard. You can visit your Tumblr site URL to check you are up and running. Now you can add some content to your new expired Tumblr blog and get those Web 2.0 backlinks to your money site.

If you want to register an expired Tumblr URL to an existing account do the following:

Register an expired Tumblr domain to an existing account

From your dashboard click on the little person icon in the top right of the screen. Then click on “+New”.

Enter the expired Tumblr blog URL

Pop in your blog title and enter the URL of the expired high page authority Tumblr blog. Then click “Create Blog” and you are done. It’s fast and easy to add an expired Tumblr blog to an existing account.

This is the message you get if someone has registered the Tumblr before you

Every now and again someone will beat you to registering the expired Tumblr blog. This is what you will see if this happens. I know it’s annoying, but it does happen.

Most sellers of expired Tumblr blogs will replace them if they have already been registered by someone else before you get there. The guy that sells them for $1, as featured above, will replace them if you get back to him before 3 days after the order was delivered.

Now you have the Tumblr registered it’s time to get your powerful Web 2.0 backlinks and start ranking.

You can discover how to remove the redirect in Tumblr backlinks here.

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  1. Yes checking in google.com with serplab but will try rank tracker . another keyword just jumped from position 81 – 20th position, and am happy for this. Well since tumblr is free , I think I can outrank people with 50 pbn using 200 expired tumblrs ? What you think, thanks

    • It all depends on your competition as to how many PBN backlinks you will require. Go with the expired web 2.0 backlinks strategy first, give it three months for each keyword. If you are not ranked no. 1 after 3 months then power your site up with PBN backlinks, do them as a last resort. In most cases the expired web 2 sites will rank you no. 1.

  2. It’s awesome to pay a quick visit to this site and reading the views in
    all the comments concerning this web 2 backlinks ranking strategy, I am eager of getting experience in SEO so a big thank you. You have helped me a great deal. It’s good to see people are sharing their results here, it is a big help to know that it works. I will give it a go now. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for web 2.0 links, this is my website – web-design-chennai.in I’m building some web 2.0 backlinks for my site. thanks…………………………….

        • Sure will. There are many factors in play to consider, like the other sites listed in the SERPs building and gaining backlinks along side you adding some to your site. If you pick an easy keyword then this strategy will work for you. Keyword selection is very important, you want a keyword that will provide a good return on your backlink building investment.

  4. when you post a tumblr blog and index it, how long before you see improvements?
    my money site posts that serplab says are ranking in position 15-20 are not there when i check on google, and not even in top 100, any idea whats wrong?

    i have build over 35 tumblrs and weebly for a keyword difficulty of 19 and below and my site is 1 month and 6 days plus social signals and 10 pbn posts, with few comments and diversity , the best so far are 2 posts ranking at 18 and 17 which i dont see in google search when i search.

    • You will see real movement at the end of month one. It all depends on how many and when you build and index the backlinks. This post saw movement after one week with just 10 web 2 backlinks in place, after month one you will be at the bottom of page two, or top of page three. It also depends on how competitive your keyword is, there are many variables in play, you also need to consider the other sites around you in the SERPs gather more backlinks too.

      To answer your ranking problem, are you checking your ranking on Google.com, Google.co.uk or any other. You will be ranked in different positions for different locational Google search results. Use Rank Tracker to check your ranking (it’s free) you can select your location using this software.

      If you want me to check your ranking just email me your URL and keyword from my contact page.

      Sounds like you have built enough backlinks to that page, just rest now for a while. You should be ranked on the first page of the SERPs after month 2. Then at the end of month 3 you will hit the no. 1 spot. I wouldn’t build any more backlinks to that page for now, just wait and do a ranking check in another month. If you are on page one then add a few more expired Tumblr backlinks and you will rank no. 1 after month 3.

      If you need any help just drop me an email

  5. Hi Nick,

    Great post! I got a question, I’m building some web 2.0 backlinks for my site.
    Is it ok, if the expired web 2.0 like tumblr is not relevant to my site or not the same niche to my site?

    Thank you.

    • Your expired web 2 does not have to be niche relevant. We are only interested in the link juice. Not one of my expired Tumblrs or Weeblys are niche relevant. Just make sure that they have a decent amount of links pointing at them, get your content on there, get it indexed and your ranking will improve.

  6. Hey Nick! Another question.

    As far as using tumblr and weebly to produce content for backlinks, should we be making it as humanly natural as possible? Or do they just need to have content to avoid being “inactive” and flagged for removal?

    After finding expired 2.0s, what do you think is better to do as far as productivity and saving time

    A) Spend time to make the blog look like a real person (multiple filler post, profile photo, background, bio, scheduled post) while adding your articles/backlinks every few posts
    B) Don’t bother, just post your unique content + backlink and post once a month to avoid inactivity

    I’ve been doing option A but it gets kind of time consuming. Your guide sort of seems like option B and some gigs on fiverr (the 5/5 tumblr/weebly you recommended) seems to do option B as well so I just wanted your opinion.


    • I always go for option B. Make sure you get your unique content on the blog with an image and a video and of course your backlink. Then the most important part, get your new post indexed in Google search. I post on my blogs at least once every 3 months, I am always setting up new niche sites so I am constantly building backlinks. I always use gigs on Fiverr and SEOClerks to find my blogs, saves me loads of time. You can speed things up by writing 3 pieces of unique content and then spinning them using spinbot.com. If you are short on time just add a few lines of text on a Tumblr, an image and a video, really quick to do and easy to index too.

      • Gotcha. I’ll go ahead and start doing that then.

        So for the last part for the image and video… Is that all on one post? Or separate individual posts?

        • Coolio. It’s all on one post. Image at the top of the posts, a few lines of text with your backlink, then a video at the end of the post. I always pop a heading in there too, pop that before your few lines of text. My Tumblr posts index every time. Have fun πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will
    be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  8. I have recently started a blog, the info you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  9. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for helping me with the description portion as I finally got it fixed. I just have another question.

    I think I stumbled across a goldmine on finding my own expired tumblr account that has an extremely high PR and ridiculous amount of backlinks and I have a stupid question. Once you register the account, it’s obvious going to be blank and empty right?

    Only reason I asked is because all the expired accounts i purchased usually has content so I don’t know if it’s existing from the previous blogger or if the person who sold it added links in the past and let it age.

    • No problem Alan. After you register an expired Tumblr account the blog will be empty yes. The person that you purchased the Tumblr off will have added the content.

      • Got it.

        Just letting you know, the MOZ bar is no longer working for checking the PA of any site. After investigating the reason it just seems that it doesn’t work on certain browsers including firefox. I even tried using scrapebox and their PA checker addon and scrapebox support responded that MOZ API is now blocking third party apps.

        Is there any other sources you’d recommend for checking the PA of expired tumblr blogs? Most website that check “PA” usually checks the ROOT tumblr.com site (which is always 99) and not the individual tumblr pages which is what we’re looking for.


        • The PA of your Tumblr is something that you do not need to be concerned about, it’s the backlinks that pass on the ranking juice, it’s the backlinks pointing to the Tumblr that will improve your money sites ranking.

          To check whether a Tumblr is worth having or not you need to check how many backlinks the Tumblr has. I show you which free tools to use in my tutorial. They are:

          smallseotools.com/backlink-checker for the no. of backlinks.
          ranksignals.com to find out if the backlinks are still live.

          You can then visit the sites that backlink to your expired Tumblr and use MozBar to check their PA and DA. You can be certain that your expired Tumblr will have a high PA if it has lots of backlinks from high PA domains.

          Like I say, all you need is a Tumblr with lots of backlinks. A Tumblr with 10 backlinks will be useful in ranking your money site no. 1. A Tumblr with one high quality backlink can be very effective too.

          • Hello Nick,

            I have over 500 expired tumblr accounts i scrapped so checking them 1 by 1 would be rather time consuming. Is there a free bulk backlink checker website that you could recommend?

            Thanks & I really appreciate the help so far.

            • This one is free and will check 500 URLs at once. This one requires proxies but is free to use too. I like to check the backlinks to each Tumblr one by one, I check a few of the sites that backlink to each Tumblr using MozBar, if you get a few sites that backlink to you Tumblr with high PA and many backlinks to it you are onto a winner. It takes time but is well worth it, you won’t need to check all 500, just go through them and register them one by one. It’s worth taking your time so that you can be confident that when you use them to backlink to your money site you are definitely going to get a jump in the SERPs.

  10. hi nick,

    I have one doubt may i use this system for brand new site or any criteria is there for using this system please reply me..

    • Hi Sam, yes you can use this system for brand new sites. When I started building backlinks to this particular page Rankers Paradise was a brand new site. Build the backlinks slow and steady to new sites, no more than 3 a day. After about 2 weeks new sites might drop out of the Google index altogether, do not worry, your site will return in a much better position. This is called the Google dance, which happens to new sites every now and again. If it happens, do not panic, keep building web 2 backlinks at a steady rate and you will rank no. 1 after about 3 months. Just follow my ranking schedule and you will be okay.

  11. hey nick,

    thanks a lot bro after searching a lot now i found a good teacher here you are my hero man …awesome…..superb…chanceless…i like u very much man…waiting for your next article…

    • I did use free-hideip.com and it is free. However it makes your browser run really slow, so I stopped. I do not mask my IP anymore, I have not had any problems so far. Just make sure that you do not register too many expired Tumblr sub domains in the same account, I register 6 per account without any problems at all. You could also try hidemyass.com which comes highly rated, not used it myself though.

  12. This is so awesome TUT, many thanks i;ll implement this for sure πŸ™‚

    Just one thing that keep me wondering, sorry if i did’nt understand enough,

    1. How much article that you wrote for “each” property (tumblr, weebly, etc) and how much link did you put on each property ?

    Usualy i only put “one” link to my money site, since i heard that multiple link on the same property will only count as 1 backlink by thet great G.

    Is that true?

    2. About posting post on day 4 here :

    Are you posting those post on the “same” property or on different property for “each” post ?

    Thanks for the answer, and i definitely bookmark your site for another great tutorial =)

    • No problem Yunita.

      1. I write about 100 words for each Tumblr article post, I also put an image and video on there with one link to my money site. I write a bit more for Weebly, between 300 and 500 words.

      I only put one link from each Tumblr/Weebly to a page on my money site. You can link from a single Weebly/Tumblr blog to many different pages on your money site, if that makes sense? There is no point in using the same Tumblr/Weebly to build backlinks to the same page on your money site over and over. But you can use the same Tumblr/Weebly to build backlinks to many different pages on your money site.

      If you write a piece of content for your Tumblr and put many backlinks within that one piece of content to the same page on your money site then only one of those links will count yes. I only ever put one link in each piece of content to my money site.

      2. I am posting the content on different Tumblr properties yes. I used 20 different sub domain Tumblrs to rank this page no. 1.

      Glad I could be of help. If you have any more questions please ask. If I can help you rank no. 1 too I will. Drop me an email if you need further assistance. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. OK, its not working for me here even when I have removed and re-install, what’s the latest version you are using and also Firefox version? So I know where am going wrong

    • I am using the latest Version, which is MozBar 3.1.66 maybe you need to update your browser for it to work with the latest version? If you still experience problems then you can get help from their developers here. I am also using the latest version of FireFox.

    • Yep, it’s working for me in FireFox and Chrome. There has been an update recently. Maybe you should go to Add-ons in FireFox and completely remove MozBar and then re-install the latest version. Just tested on all browsers and it’s definitely working in the SERPs and on individual web pages.

    • MozBar does not work for Tumblr sub domains. MozBar works for calculating keyword competition in the SERPs, which covers Samuel question.

      Don’t use MozBar to evaluate the authority of a web 2, take a look at the backlinks that point to the web 2. You can use MozBar to evaluate the sites that backlink to the web 2 (if they are not web 2s of course), if those sites have high page authority then you can be sure your web 2 will have high PA too.

      It’s all about the backlinks that point to the web 2 site, volume and quality. All that lovely link juice will pass onto your money site and rank you no. 1.

      It works a treat, I use it over and over. It’s a shame it takes 3 months to achieve, but if you hit the right keywords you can be raking in the cash on auto pilot.

      Give it a go and let us know how you get on. πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Nick

    Congrats for ranking no. 1. Would you please tell us how you find low competition keywords. I use keyword revealer but it is a slow process as you are not automatically provided the keyword difficulty.

    • I cover this in my do it yourself seo guide. Using MozBar alone is a quick way to give you a rough idea how easy it is to rank for a keyword. Go for long tail keywords, you are looking for sites ranking high for that long tail keyword that have low page authority and very few backlinks. Also take a look at the top ranking site, if the content is thin then you know that you can beat it for sure. If no site has the long tail keyword exactly in the Title, Description or URL then you are onto a winner. You can assess a keyword fast just with the use of MozBar and by doing the keyword Google search. You do not need to use KeywordRevealer at all. Grab a load of long tail keywords from the Adwords keywords tool, Google them and use MozBar to assess the competition, quick and easy.

  15. Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so
    I came to check it out. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Excellent blog and brilliant design and style.

  16. Hi Nick,

    First off, great article. I’ve been purchasing and using expired tumblr blogs using this guide and bought 1 expired tumblr account to experiment but I have a question and something I can’t seem to find a direct answer to if you can give me a hand and clarify.

    1) I’ve added the html code in the description to add a link to my website (without the redirect) and two things happen.
    – When i’m previewing my own blog, I see a “denied:” tag right before my targetted URL. When I click on it, it obviously doesn’t work and is just a dead link.

    – When I preview my blog under a cached browser as a guest and hover over the link, it changes to the domain of my tumblr followed by “target URL” which also doesn’t work.

    Is this something that was just updated on tumblr to combat direct backlinks or am I doing something wrong?
    the tumblr username is gobirdcagesforsaleblr.tumblr.com if you want to see and it’s really confusing me.

    2) Also I’ve noticed that tumblr does have redirects on any urls present on blog posts. Is that going to affect the amount of link juice it passes? Or does the redirect not pass it at all?

    Thanks and hope to hear back soon.

    • 1. Your code must be wrong. Send me an email of your Tumblr blog and I will take a look for you. You also need to verify your email used for the Tumblr to allow the backlinks in the description to work.

      It definitely sounds like your code is wrong, take a look over it and make sure it looks exactly like it does in my tutorial. The backlinks on Tumblr are still working I have just checked.

      Just had a look at your Tumblr. The code is wrong.

      You appear to have a link tag within your H1 tag.

      Delete everything in your Tumblr descritpion area and copy this into it exactly:

      Correct code for Tumblr web 2.0 backlink

      2. The re-direct still passes on the ranking juice, you do not even have to do the added link in the description if you don’t want to. Make sure you get your backlinks indexed to see their effect.

      • Hi Nick

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve went ahead and did the changes (seems like i forgot the

        under the header portion.

        I copied & pasted the code you provided on the blog description but I still see the same issue and I checked to make sure my email is verified on tumblr and it is.

        I sent you an email with my tumblr blog if you still don’t mind looking at it for me. I would really like to see what the issue is and I’m sure it’ll help others who may have the same problem in the future.

  17. I just noticed this morning that MOZ BAR FIREFOX PLUGIN IS NOLONGER WORKING NOR SHOWING METRICS again, bad and hard thing is happening now

    • That’s no big deal, it’s all about the backlinks anyway. Make sure your expired web 2 site has great backlinks pointing to it and you will be ranking in no time at all. Look at the MOZ Metrics for the sites that give a backlink to your expired web 2. If the sites that backlink to your expired web 2 have good metrics then your expired web 2 sure will too.

  18. OK, thanks, I just bought 5 tumblrs now but there’s no way to see the tumblrs backlinks anymore, unlike before you can use moz and see Firefox plugin and see it instantly , I have tried majestic and it fail. Any suggestion ?

    • Yep, you have two options, both are free online tools, so no software to download πŸ™‚ This one will find the most backlinks (no sign up required), just pop the URL in there and it will find all the backlinks pointing to the Tumblr. I also use the backlink checker over at RankSignals.com because it lets you know if the backlink has been removed or not, if the backlink has been removed then there is no ranking juice passed on and it will not have a great affect on your ranking status. With RankSignals you do need to sign up for an account, but it is free and is well worth doing so.

  19. let me ask this noob question about pbn and footprints, i have a 14 post wordpress website which i want to rank, will i be leaving footprints if i put all 14 posts on 1 pbn site?
    like this


    TO 1 pbn site


    maybe in 1 post on the pbn site or in different posts,

    to better understand this , example
    walmart is my website and amazon is the pbn website,
    can i put all my posts from walmart to amazon pbn ? will it leave footprint?

    • Hi Gids, I would not do that, that is a big footprint yes. You need to put your 14 posts on different sites for maximum effect. The 14 sites will need to have unique IPs, use different themes and be published on different platforms and not be interlinked. Try not to mix up the expired web 2.0 backlink startegy with a PBN ranking startegy. You can use the same web 2 site to rank different pages on the same money site.

      So putting all your posts on one site and linking them to your money site will be pointless. Use the guys that sell PBN backlinks that I have recommended on my do it yourself seo guide, I have used them successfully to rank sites. They are great, and it’s cheaper than building your own PBN. For the price of one domain name you can get 5 PBN links, they are well worth the money. If you do go ahead make sure that you mix up your anchor text as I have suggested on the site.

  20. Tumble is probably dead, PA is 97 when checked with moz bar plugin and back links is millions on each and every tumble, please tell me how to build pbn in less than 15$ for each with cloud flare. Thanks

  21. Hi Nick! I was amazed by your strategy with just less budget for seo ranking. I’ll be using this maybe next week.I have question about the expired tumblr domains. Can I used it all over again for another niche or it is only for a certain one? And Can I use this strategy for parasite sites? Thanks!

    • Hi, Donald…good question…yes you can use the Tumblr over and over to rank other niche sites, this is what I do all the time. You can use this strategy for any sites. Just make sure that you mix up your anchor text and get Tumblrs with lots of backlinks. Have fun….

      • Thanks for the response nick. One more question, Where do you get your articles for your tumblr domains? Do you outsource it?

        • I always write them myself. I first open my text document and create 50 unique headings. To get the unique headings I just pop my seed keyword into keywordtool.io. I then write a two or three sentences under each heading, sometimes I pop in a sub heading if I’m not feeling too lazy lol. Then I grab a load of related pics. Then I open Tumblr and copy and paste the text in there, add the image and the backlink. I sometimes pop a random related youtube video into the post too. I never out source my content, I need to be certain that it is unique. I will save my 50 headings and articles and then I will spin them using spinbot.com and pop them on my next lot of Tumblrs. I just get my head down and get writing, when you get cracking it doesn’t take too long. It’s certainly worth the effort if you have selected the right keyword to rank for.

          • Thanks for the ideas Nick! Very informative and I commend you for being active for responding such comments. Btw, I subscribed and bookmark your blog. Thank you so much! πŸ˜€

          • Nick, I came here again because of your update. My question is can I outsource all of your steps? Like buying backlinks(expired/new) from reputable seller on Seoclerks. Thanks again Nick πŸ™‚

            • I really do advise that you do this yourself. It’s very fast to wrote content for your Tumblr blogs, you only need a few sentences. But you can use these gigs, however I have not used any of them so I can’t vouch for them. Use them at your own risk.

              This gig will create you a new web 2.0 link wheel, something that I did in month 2.

              This service will also give you a new web 2.0 link wheel.

              I always do it myself to ensure I use good expired Tumblr and Weebly blogs with great backlinks to them. This way I know that the content is unique, the article titles are all different, this ensures that the backlinks get indexed and your rank improves.

              If you try any of these services let us know if any of them are any good πŸ™‚

          • Hi. Nick. Sorry, I have 1 more question

            You said that you wrote your own content for expired web 2.0 sites. How about:

            – New web 2 site: Did you write content for them? If yes, did you write serveral articles and spinned to use?

            – Docs Share: you said you spinned from web 2.0. Was they contents of new or expired web 2.0?


            • Yes, I wrote the content for the new web 2 sites myself. You can get some one to wrote the articles for you. You can buy 30 articles (400 words each) here for just $14. I wrote 8 unique articles for tier 1, then I spun them for tier 2 using spinbot. The content for the Doc share backlinks came from the new web 2 sites, you can take parts of each of the 8 articles and put them into spin bot to make a completely new unique article. To check that you have a unique article pop it into plagium.com (free).

          • For example of ranking kw “web 2.0 backlinks”, the articles of expired web 2.0, you also wrote about “web 2.0 backlinks”.

            How about the articles of new web 2.0, are they general topics? Actually, writers cann’t write 30 articles with $14. I saw that they know some expired articles resource.

            • For the new web 2 I wrote about “web 2.0 backlinks” too, keep on topic for the page that you want to rank. You use the new web 2 sites to get the keyword that you want to rank for in the sub domain URL. This way you get a good mix of backlinks from expired and new web 2 sites.

      • Hi Nick, Im back to say to you that I rank 18 now from 92 with your method. I’m so happy that it works like a charm. By the way my niche is low competition niche. Can I rank niches with medium to high competition with your expired web 2.0 ranking strategy? thanks

        • Hi Donald, good news!!! Keep going and you will rank no. 1 in around 3 months. It works for me every time. This method works for up to Competition score of 30 (medium to high) yes, I have not tried it for any keyword higher than this. I always find low competition long tail buying keywords that are sure to covert high for a great return on my backlink building efforts. Let me know when you hit no. 1 πŸ™‚

          • hi nick, im here again. im stuck with rank 16 now for almost 5 days. any advice to make it on the first page. thanks

            • Sorry for the late reply Donald, I missed your comment. It takes time to hit the first page, it all depends on your keyword too. Like I say, check your ranking every 30 days. Keep focused on building the backlinks at a steady rate. Add 10 in your first month, do the new web 2 backlinks in your second month and then drop 15 to 20 expired Tumblr backlinks in month 3 and you will most definitely be on the first page.

          • Hello Nick, It’s okay upon waiting for your response. I’m on page 1 rank 5 now. I will rest for a while now backlinking my site. I will try to build another niche for next project. Can I ask for advice for a growing/trending niche sir nick? Thanks

            • Page 1, Rank 5, Great News!!! Keep on going…you will hit the top spot.
              Yeah no problem, just drop me an email and I will help you out πŸ™‚

          • Hi nick, thanks for the response in my email. Good news! The niche I was ranking was already rank 3. I rest it for 2 weeks. I will try to add some expired 2.0. I’ll be updating here again if it goes up to page 1.

          • Hi Nick, Im back here. I got #3 for the one I ranked but sadly I got hit by google. I am trying to 301 redirect my site hope I can get back to the position. What are your thoughts of latest googles algorithm?

            • I have not been penalised by Google using this method at all yet. I think that your site will return to the index if you have only just started building backlinks to this particular site you are trying to rank. The latest Google algorithm changes have not affected the web 2 backlinks method, it still works.

              Quick question. Do you have a mobile friendly site?

              Also, have you been mixing up your anchor text and made sure that all the backlinks are getting indexed. Remember to build the backlinks slow and steady over 3 months.

  22. I love this strategy for ranking my sites. Thanks for this info, I have seen some good movement in my rankings in a week. I can’t thank you enough.

  23. Hi, Really amazing article for complete procedure on how to rank site with web 2.0 links. I have one question, As you mentioned for $1 or $3 they give us more than 28 PA tumblr and weekly blogs but on what niches are they? If they are expired then too isn’t it necessary to be of same niche or related niche of our money site?

    • Hi Brij, they do not need to be in the same niche as your money site. We are not bothered about the PA either, it’s all about the backlinks and the ranking juice that they pass on to boost your site up the rankings. You need to get expired web 2 sites with backlinks, any backlinks will do, they do not have to be niche related. Of course if you get an expired web 2 with a backlink from Huffington post or some other high authority news site, snap it up, it is going to rank you like crazy. Give it a go, I am rocking it with this method as are many other people. Be sure to mix up your anchor text. I am working and ranking no. 1 with:

      40% unique long anchor
      30% Brand
      20% URL – use the different variations eg http://www.rankersparadise.com and rankersparadise.com
      5% Webmasters name – use your name in blog comments – check my free backlinks page to get them right now
      4% Click here or go here or visit site etc
      1% Exact match keyword anchor

      Don’t get too hung up on the exact match keyword anchor. I have ranked sites with 5% and a lot higher exact match keyword anchor.

      It certainly works, don’t miss out. Tumblrs are fast and easy to do, just pop an image on there with a few lines of text with your backlink and you are good to rank.

      You are going to need at least 30 to see movement unless you have a really easy keyword.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Hey Nick thanks for these tips,

        I have one more question what if I use new web 2.0s for tier 1 and expired web 2.0s with backlinks as tier 2? How does that sound to you?

        Even I’m confused with social signals, do I have to give social signals to my money site or to tier 1 or tier 2 sites? Please explain…

        Thank you.

        • The concept of using expired web 2.0 sites with backlinks pointing to them eliminates the need to create tier 2 links, they already have backlinks pointing to them and are ready to go. Using web 2 with backlinks speeds up the whole ranking process, you do not need to create a second tier of links.

          If you want to use new niche relevant web 2s for tier 1 and expired web 2s for tier 2 go ahead, it will certainly not hurt your rankings. However I don’t have the time for that, I just drop a link to my money site from the Tumblr that has decent backlinks pointing to it.

          You need to have the social signals pointing to your money site, Google Plus and Facebook are the most influential. Social signals are a ranking factor and will boost you up the SERPs.

      • U really don’t understand what you mean by don’t get too hung up on exact match keyword. Some where at the post beginning, you said and I quote you

        This is what works really well for me:

        Click Here

        So your first backlink from a Web 2.0 site will contain your keyword in the anchor text.

        Your second lot of content on your second Web 2.0 will use your money site URL for the anchor text.

        The third Web 2.0 backlink will have β€œclick here” as the anchor text. Your fourth Web 2.0 backlink will use your brand name as the anchor text.

        On your fifth Web 2.0 you will go back to the beginning of the process and use your keyword as the anchor text and so on and so forth until you have used all your Web 2 sites.

        Now my question is , how does this correspond with the % you are giving us. Some people say URL,main keyword(which is exact match) and generic(click here) should be kept at 33% each, do you agree with this? Am confused with your % of anchor text

  24. Great write-up, I’m going to be a regular visitor for a long time. I am going to go ahead and try these web 2.o backlinks tomorrow and see how it goes. I am sure that it will work.

    • Great, get cracking, this method certainly works. Make sure you mix up your anchor text to make things look as natural as possible. Happy ranking.

  25. hi thanks nick for this very good post.

    i just scraped few expired domain but due moz not showing PA of web 2.0 i am not able decided which matrics to look.
    Few tumbler blog has 500+ backlinks and referring domains.
    is this tumblr blogs are good?

    • Hi, MOZ PA is not showing for web 2.0 sub domains. All we are concerned about is the backlinks anyway to pass on the ranking juice. There is no other metrics to consider other than the amount of backlinks the site has, they do not even have to be niche relevant.

      If you want to look at metrics you could use https://majestic.com/ and sign up for a free account. Go to “site explorer results” and enter your Tumblr URL and make sure that you select “Subdomain” after you hit the search button. You will then get a “Trust Flow” and “Citation Flow” score, however, all you need to be concerned about is the no. of backlinks from many referring IPs, which is also displayed.You get all this information from the “Summary” tab.

      Tumblrs with 500 backlinks are great, get some content on them and a backlink to your money site. Remember to mix up your anchor text, I am having some good results using unique long anchor text e.g (find out how to use web 2.0 backlinks to rank no. 1 on Google). All of this text would be used in the link, it’s working a treat at the moment. Use some open URL anchor text and a few (click here, go here etc) and you will be good to rank.

      All Tumblrs with backlinks are good. Give them a go, remember to track your ranking and keep note of all your backlinks. Use Rank Tracker to keep track of your ranking improvements.

      Good Luck.

      • Hi Nick, Do you have any suggestions on where i can get tumblr blogs with at least 500 backlinks please. The ones I got from the link you provided above are betwen 12 to 99. Thanks in advance.

        • I use these guys….they advertise as 10+ backlinks but I always message them before I order. I have had Tumblrs from them with over 5000 backlinks. Tell them what you want and they will try and do it for you. It all depends on the quality of the backlinks anyway, if you get a Tumblr with 10 quality backlinks pointing to it from authority sites they are more powerful than a Tumblr with 500 poor quality backlinks. I just put the order through and I get what I get, you can’t go wrong for $1.

  26. Thanks Nick,

    Your advice is appreciated, now it is clear to me about expired web 2.0. I will surely try this on my own sites and client sites I have and see how it gives me the result.

    Thanks again.

  27. Hi,
    It was nice to go through as I have been thinking of Web2.0 links and have been thinking how to use. Your article has given me a good insight of how to use and I will definitely try it.

    But I do have a confusion, all you have told here is expired tumblr blog, does that mean a free blog on tumblr domain like “AnyBlogName.Tumblr.com” or a direct domain using Tumblr like “AnyBloname.com”?

    Also, you have mentioned a overview but does this suits for all the niche? I mean should we use the niche specific tumblr blogs or we can use a general niche for any niche and get the ranking you have mentioned?

    I tried to search through both on Seoclearks and Fiverr to get niche specific expired tumblr blogs but it was difficult to get.

    Instead how if I create a new blog on tumblr, wordpress, weebly, blogspot say “mykeyword.tumblr.com”, mykeyword1.wordpress.com and so on for about 10 to 15 web 2.0 links and then blast some tier 2 links for these web 2.0 and use some other links like DocShare, Videos, PPT without any PBN? If not got the results then getting some PBN?

    Your advice is appreciated.

    • Yes it’s a free to register expired Tumblr blog that has been dropped e.g backlinkstoday.tumblr.com, use expired web blogs because they have backlinks pointing to them, which of course will help you rank. You do not need to use a Tumblr or any web 2 that is niche specific, just grab a web 2 site that has lots of backlinks pointing to it. You do not have to worry about the backlinks, as long as the blog has high page authority you will be good to rank. People will not get you niche specific expired web 2 sites on seoclerks or fiverr, it does not matter. All we are bothered about is the backlinks that pass on the ranking juice.

      Yes you can rank sites using brand new niche specific web 2 sites along side doc share and image share backlinks, it just takes a bit longer. If you have a low competition keywords you should be expecting to hit the no. 1 spot after about 3 months.

      I would definitely go down the free new web 2 sites route first, if you feel you need a ranking boost then hit your site with some PBN links.

  28. Hey Nick,

    The site wouldn’t let me reply to your last comment on our comment thread for some reason. The big dips were a bit concerning to me, but I’m just moving forward. I’m varying my anchors a good bit with the URL, keyword variations, and the primary keyword. I try to use my properties with the highest PA for the main KW and the others for bare URLs, generics, and KW variations.

    I’ve actually used a similar strategy in the past to rank sites. The only difference being that I actually created brand new web 2.0 properties, put up a unique content with my links, and then built links to those properties. Some are now in the 35-40 PA range and the sites I’ve used those for do pretty well.

    Do you have any suggestions for building tier 2 links to the expired web 2.0s? In the past I’ve basically just used contextual GSA blasts to get everything indexed and provide link juice boosts. I’ve also used PBN blasts. A guy I’ve bought from many times does 300 blogposts on a 4-30 day drip for $21 and that’s always done well for passing link juice for me. Just wanted to know your thoughts?

    I’m also going to diversify the backlink profiles with high PR web 2.0 profiles, videos, PDFs, infographics, high PR bookmarks, and perhaps some manual comments on good relevant properties. I’ve always found these to be a solid base, especially when used just for partial match keyword variations, branded, and generic links.

    • I only ever build backlinks to my expired web 2s if they do not index, and I only use new web 2 sites. If that does does not index them I will throw a backlink to them from my private blog network that I have.

      Are you using shared hosting?

      There is a sweet little trick I learned to add a few sites to the same shared hosting. You use cloud flare to change the DNS. So the site sits on your shared hosting but big G thinks that it’s on a different server. You can find out how to use cloud flare to build a private blog network here.

      I do not use GSA any more, it’s just spam really and does not have a massive effect, and in the end it will have a negative effect. I do everything manually now. I suppose it all depends on how you use it.

      It sounds like you are on the right track.

      I just ranked a keyword difficulty 26 no. 1 without expired web 2s, just used new sites.

      It only took:

      2 Youtube videos
      4 private blog network backlinks
      2 academia.edu posts
      10 new web 2 sites: wordpress, jigsy, weebly, jimdo, bravesites. 2 posts on each site.
      12 doc shares: issuu, google drive, scribd, app box, mediafire, docdroid all done twice over.
      105 Google Plus shares
      8 Niche relevant blog comments
      15 PR 2+ blog comments
      2 image shares: imgur and flickr
      200 social bookmarks

      Tier 2:
      3000 wiki articles to the new web 2 sites and the doc shares. You can get the 3000 wiki articles done on seoclerks here for $1.

      That’s all it took. I added completely unique articles to all web 2 sites. Now that particular Adsense page is popping me a few hundreds bucks a month.

      Not loads of money, but if you focus down on one keyword and keep at it until you rank no. 1 it will happen. Get loads of these keywords ranking and you have a nice monthly passive revenue.

      I do not build any more backlinks when I rank no. 1 unless I slip. But I never do, because when you hit no. 1 backlinks then come natural and the ranking always sticks.

      Hope this helps. I have provided links to who you can use on seoclerks to speed things up.

      • I haven’t hit the expired web 2.0s with any GSA or anything other than some bookmarks yet. I don’t own a PBN right now. I don’t have the cash for it at the moment. I do plan to do that once I have some extra money, though. I already have a list of viable domains. I’ll probably just pick them up one at a time. They’re all expired and ready for registration so it’d only cost ~$10 a pop. And, yeah, I’d be using shared hosting for them. I think that’s the most natural anyway. Just have a different package for each with a unique IP / server.

        I’m also going to start spreading my links out to more inner pages within my sites, too. Noticing on one site that pages that aren’t even getting links are dipping which is odd. I think it may be because I’m focusing all the links on two pages which may look unnatural. So I’m going to toss a few to other pages as well just to spread it out a bit.

        Definitely going to forge ahead with the expired web 2.0s, social signals, profiles, videos, PDF submits, and such for now. I’ll work on getting some pages ranked that way, collect the profits, and invest in a real PBN and such to keep building up passive income.

        Are you using unique content on all of the doc sharing sites, too?

        • I use cloudflare for PBN and then use $1 hosting, freecpanelsharedhosting.com and quickclickhosting.com are few that I use, very cheap. Just Google “$1 hosting” for more :-).

          When I build out a site I have one main keyword in mind that I want to rank no. 1 for. I always power all backlinks to that one page until I hit no. 1. When one page on your site gets to no. 1 the rest of your pages will get backlinks naturally and they will start ranking too. It does look more natural to have links pointing to all pages on your site, yes.

          For my doc share sites I spin the content that I wrote for my web 2 sites. I use spinbot.com which is pretty good for a free spinner.

          It’s time consuming writing unique content all the time, but it certainly pays off in the long term. It’s worth doing.

          Use my do it yourself guide, it works for me :-).

          • It’s not too hard writing up all unique content, but it definitely takes up a good amount of time. Nevertheless, it has been proven to be much more effective than spun content, especially for tier 1 backlinks.

            I’ll try to do readable spins using the software I have for the doc shares and such. I use SpinnerChief. It’s free, too.

            As far as sites go, I usually make a site for a general niche and put up a ton of content and target several different keywords using different pages. They act more as authority sites than micro-niche sites. I typically have no fewer than 30 pages on any given site. Not all are targeted at keywords. Some are general niche content that I use for getting internal links to posts I want to rank.

            I do, however, have specific keywords that I want to rank more than others due to their profit potential. I’ll work on those first and then work on the lesser ones later down the road. But I think I will point the occasional link or two toward other inner pages just to have a more natural backlink profile.

      • Thanks for sharing gigs Nick.But I think wiki links are nofollow right ? If yes how they will power up the new web 2.0’s ? And how many day it took to rank for keyword competition 26 keyword ?

        • Wikipedia and other Wiki links are no-follow yes, it’s still a great backlink to get from a high authority site, it also helps mix up your backlink profile (need no-follow and do-follow backlinks). They will help let big G know what your content is about and give it some extra authority. It will take around 3 months to rank for Keyword Revealer keyword competition 26, possibly 4 months depending on the quality of the content and backlinks that the top ranking sites have. It also depends whether or not those sites also get backlinks while you are getting yours, it could take longer…too many variables to be precise.

  29. Nick, how do tumblr or any web 2.0 sub-domains become expired,
    and how can this be prevented.

    also, how much content should we add to the web 2.0 so it will last a long time as a good back link.


    • Hi Jeremy, good question. Web 2s become expired due to inactivity or spam. The web admin team over at Tumblr, Weebly or whatever web 2 site you use will decided to drop the domain. The sub domain then becomes up for grabs, it’s available again, and if they have lots of backlinks and high page authority they are perfect for backlinks.

      The key to success with web 2 sites is to only publish unique content on them, add a video, picture and a heading. I add about 100 words to my Tumblrs, I go for about 300 to 500 words on Weebly.

      If you use your web 2 sites to rank many sites, use them as an asset, you will not get them dropped for inactivity, you will be posting on them on a monthly basis.

      Also if you add unique content it will not get removed as spam.

      It’s good to build up a portfolio of web 2’s with awesome metrics, lots of backlinks and use them like a private blog network to rank all your affiliate sites.

      They are great because you have nothing to pay, no domain name renewals or hosting costs.

      Grab some and give it a go.

      Take a look at my do it yourself ranking guide, if you use these links in the right way you can utilise the power of them to rank no. 1 for your selected keyword.

  30. Thanks for the reply, Nick.

    And, yeah, I try to out-do the competition in terms of content quality all the time. My real question, though, is how long does it take just to hit page one with this strategy? I know #1 is the ultimate goal, but my short-term goal for each piece of content I put out is just hitting page 1 in general.

    I’m mainly targeting KWs with competition scores in the 10-25 range to keep myself from having to fight for months for spots (I need those affiliate sales now lol). I’m using a mix of properties, too. A good 20+ strong Tumblrs, plus some strong Weebly, Blogspot, etc.

    In addition to that I build social signals of my own (branded FB pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, etc) and a few bookmarks for every page.

    I’m also testing this strategy on a newer site (~3 months old) and have built about 15 expired web 2.0 links to the pages for it. These are for very low competition KWs (in the 5-10 range). I was building about 3-6 links a day for about 2 weeks. I saw some nice bumps, but haven’t made it past page 3 yet. And, yes, the links are indexed. I’ve checked manually on Google.

    So, yeah, my ultimate question is how long does it take for this strategy to push you just to page 1 (position 8, 9, or even 10)?

    • When I first publish a new post I usually hit the top of page 3 or bottom of page 2 without any backlinks at all, that’s just pure on page optimization. With a few internal links I push up to the middle of page 2. To get on page 1 with this strategy it takes me around 1 month, this page took exactly 1 month to hit the first page with just 10 high page authority web 2.0 backlinks and some social signals.
      Have you got Google analytics on your site? I was having a problem moving a site recently and noticed that I had an 80% bounce rate, so I purchased some keyword target traffic to bring it down, and sure enough I saw a jump onto the first page. With 15 expired web 2s pointing to a page with keyword competition 5 to 10 you should be on the first page. Is your on page optimised? Without taking a look at your site and reviewing your keywords I can’t be exact what the problem might be.
      It does sound like you are spreading yourself a little thin. Pick out one keyword that you are going to get the best return on and focus on that until you hit no. 1. If it is an Amazon affiliate site I always go for products over $100, you can then work out what monthly return you will get on your time investment. To do this you just need your keyword monthly search number and your Amazon conversion rate. You also have to bear in mind that the top ranking site gets 33% of that traffic, no. 2 gets 17%, no. 3 gets 11%. You can see all the google traffic position stats here. This is why keyword selection is so important, you need to evaluate if it is the best use of your time. My advice is to focus on one keyword and try to rank that first. You need to look for an opportunity in the search results, is there a weak spot on the first page…a site with poor content and very few links that you can knock down. If you follow my do it yourself seo strategy step by step you will be able to hit the first page every time. If you need any further help please feel free to email me.

      • If that’s the case I may just need to wait it out a little longer to see results. I initially started this strategy back on April 26th. So, it’s been roughly 2 1/2 weeks. One of my sites that I’ve been working on (an aged site with good content) is bouncing around a lot. Another has had subtle movements. On another I’ve literally seen no movement at all. So perhaps I’m being a bit impatient.

        I’m able to write up a lot of unique content relatively quickly for these web 2.0 properties and I have about 10 sites that are fleshed out already. Most are already sitting on page 2-3 mainly from, as you said, good on-page efforts.

        So, I’m just trying to start shooting quality backlinks at my pages to get them moving up. Testing this strategy out on a few different sites to see how it pans out. I’ll probably wind up doing the entire DIY SEO plan that you have written up as it sounds like a cheap and effective way to do things.

        I will, however, take your advice and try to focus on the most profitable non-competitive keywords first. Hopefully that will lead to some quick success and good sales. I’m working with a few different things in terms of monetization. Some Amazon, ShareaSale, Clickbank, and even Adsense. I like to keep my portfolio diverse.

        But, yeah, looks like I mainly just need to keep chugging along, tracking results, and being a bit more patient. I just need to get sales rolling so I’m being a bit quick on the trigger probably lol

        • Yeah, keep chugging along and you will see the results soon. You certainly have to be patient when ranking sites, it’s a long term goal. You definitely need to focus your time on one profitable keyword. Stick with it, never quit…just one good backlink can change the game big time. Try step 9 on my free backlinks page, you might get lucky and find a powerful ranking boost backlink. It’s a bit labour intensive, I have had some good results with it. If you wait you will hit page one, it sounds like you are on the right track at the moment….give it another 2 weeks and let me know how you are getting on…it’s pretty certain you will be on page one by then, you will be asking me how to make that final push into the no. 1 spot. I always find that a site that bounces around a lot is a good sign, right after the Google dance I always see a massive jump in ranking. Your ranking will then settle, then it all starts again, good fun though. My diy seo plan is definitely the cheapest way to go, the PBN network links are an awesome price considering the price of the ones here for $200. Keep on trucking, the sales will come, never quit and you will succeed…don’t make the same mistakes twice and don’t keep doing the same thing over and over if it isn’t having any effect. Hope you rank no. 1 soon…let me know how you get on.

          • Yeah, I’m hoping the big dips on one of my sites is just the Google dance and it’ll bounce back big time soon. Just in the past day or so it dropped nearly 20 positions. Sometimes that’s a bad sign, other times it just means you need to keep going and it’ll come back stronger than ever. Hopefully in this case the latter will happen.

            I’ll keep going at it. Might toss some more social signals, bookmarks, and such at it to diversify the links and just keep chugging along. May give the targeted keyword traffic a try, too. I’ve never used anything like that before, but it sounds like something that could definitely help.

            I’ll report back with my results in a week or two. Hopefully everything works out for the best.

            Thanks again for the tutorials and for the replies. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog for future updates. Your content has been awesome and provides a lot more value than most other sites. Cheers for that.

            • If you have been varying your anchor text then your ranking is sure to improve after the Google dance. Don’t worry about the big drop, if you have been building the backlinks in the right way you are going to see a big improvement in your ranking shortly. I would not use targeted traffic on Adsense sites, might get banned. I use it on all other affiliate sites. Let me know any developments, I am glad to help.

  31. Hey Nick,

    First off… cheers for the awesome tutorials. I’ve been reading all of your content and loving your blog so far.

    That being said… I have a couple questions pertaining to this method.

    1. What’s the MAX competition score you would recommend going after if you’re only implementing the expired web 2.0 technique?

    2. How long does it take to achieve rankings on an already established domain using just this method? i.e. sites with 20+ DA, good amount of content, etc.

    • Hi Brad, thanks for stopping by. The max competition score I would go for is 30, you would need anywhere between 30 and 40 Tumblrs to rank no. 1. I know you can go up to around competition score 40 and rank no. 1 with around 40 Tumblrs. The trick is to use quality expired Tumblrs with lots of backlinks pointing to them, the links pass on the ranking juice. An expired Tumblr with high page authority but no backlinks is useless, the page authority will drop too. It’s all about the backlinks. To achieve a number one ranking it takes 3 months tops, it all depends on how many backlinks you build each day and the quality of those links. Domain authority helps, but it’s more important to publish in depth quality content, quality over quantity is better. You need to build a good variety of backlinks to add some diversity in there. Take a look at my latest post to see my weekly backlink building schedule that works: https://rankersparadise.com/do-it-yourself-seo-guide/ if you need any more help feel free to ask. Remember, never quit, jumping from one project to another is a big mistake, stick with it and you will rank no. 1 eventually.

  32. Hello,

    LinkCentaur is a great tool, thanks for the recommendation.

    The campaign thats in LinkCentaur is all complete with filled “green” rows (i.e., my links have been crawled).

    Should i be able to see these crawled links back in my Google Search Console?

    • I love LinkCentaur too, I use it everyday. You will not always see the backlinks to your site in Google Search Console. I use SEO SpyGlass to check backlinks pointing to my site, it’s awesome and free. It picks up on so many more backlinks than any other backlink checker that I have ever used. If you want to know if your backlink has been indexed just pop the URL into Google search. Hope this helps.

  33. Thanks for the tut Nick! Just one question: I tried adding my direct link on my new Tumblr site to my money site (using the “edit theme” trick) but when I save it, and test the link it just redirects back to my Tumblr site. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Alex, the code in your “edit theme” – “description area” of your Tumblr can’t be right. Check it, the code should look like this:

      Tumblr Backlink Code

      This trick still works, I have just tested it on one of my Tumblr’s. All is good, give it a go.

      • Yes, it’s exactly like that – check it out here: posihellokitty.tumblr.com and check out the source code. I’m not sure what the issue is – maybe they made some recent changes?

        • Apologies for the late reply, I missed your comment. Everything is still working okay on Tumblr. I have just checked your Tumblr blog and the code is incorrect:
          This is what you have done:
          Correct Tumblr Code
          I have highlighted in red where you have gone wrong.
          Your quotation marks are incorrect and your domain name is wrong. Only one “d” in there and not two.
          Change it over and let me know if you have it working.

          I have also noticed that your Tumblr is not indexed in Google search.

          My advise is to add an image to each post together with a video. It does not have to be your video, just grab any related video off YouTube. Make sure your content is unique too, then you can be certain it will get indexed in Google search.

          I only add around 100 words to each Tumblr post, with an image and a related video off youtube. They get indexed everytime without fail.

          If your Tumblr does not get indexed it will have no affect on your money site ranking.

          Your Tumblr has a serious amount of backlinks, that’s some super ranking juice you have right there with a PA 94….good find.

          • Thanks a lot Nick! I missed that! And thanks for the additional advice…I appreciate it : ) Keep up the good work here…we all appreciate the time you take to reply to our questions – no matter how stupid they are. Cheers!

            • No problem, happy to help. No question is stupid, it’s stupid if you don’t ask for help. Good luck ranking your site :-).

  34. Hi Nick,

    Great TUT and well written, it has helped me a lot. Thanks for your efforts.

    Would you mind to elaborate a little more on social signals? What is the procedure for these?



    • Thanks Alen, social signals let Google know that your content is popular. Social signals are a ranking factor, I have seen improvements in ranking with social signals alone. You can buy social signals cheap enough, or you can have a crack at adding them yourself using this site: addmefast.com/. Hope this helps.

  35. Your article is very good and detailed. I’ll get to work building your links now and experience the results. Thank you for sharing this very useful! I hope that you constantly update the results!

    • Thanks for the feedback Harold. You will certainly improve your ranking if you build these backlinks steadily in the right way. I will certainly keep the results updated. Keep checking back for more. Thanks for stopping by.

  36. Hi, thanks Nick for the case study .

    I have a question,

    I’ve some 30+ expired tumblr blogs ,5 weebly , i want to rank a site that has competition of 12 on keyword revealer . The site sits at #6 without SEO done ( its more 3 years old site ) .

    I’ve built some High authority Profile links, ( with URL, generic ) anchors,

    I’m creating tumblr blogs with Keyword variations and some exact match keywords , as of now i’ve not seeing any SERP movements.

    I’ve added some social signals too , regarding Tumblr links, i’ve not added it to google to index .

    Can i add URL on single google account ? i mean, 3 tumblr blogs on google site submitter per day ?

    Thanks .

    • Hi Mani, You need to get your web 2.0 backlinks noticed by Google. This means that you need them indexed. Just pop your web 2.0 site URL into google search to find out if they are indexed or not. If they are not indexed then use pingbomb.com (free) and linkcentaur.com (free). I also pop the web 2 url into alexa .com. Then I add the web 2 URL to “submit Url to Google”, I have 11 Google accounts that I log into alternately to submit my web 2 URL to. I never mask my IP by the way, it works for me. So, you need to submit your web 2 URLs to Google search. Set up about 5 google accounts and get cracking. As Google acknowledges your backlinks your ranking will improve. It is a long process, and can take around 2 months to rank no. 1. With a keyword difficulty of just 12 ranking no. 1 will be very easy. Just keep building the backlinks and it will happen. Make sure that your content is superior to the rest of the top 10 ranking sites too. Hope this helps. If you need any more help feel free to ask any time. You can add 3 Tumblr blogs on Google site submitter per day, no problem.

  37. Hey Nick,
    Great article! Lots of info, Thank you!
    I am a little bit surprise because i just checked your site and this domain is brand new, So what about the google sandbox theory? I have 3 new Amazon niche site and i am thinking about build link slow because of the sandbox? I have 1 month old website with 30k great original content and my main keyword did not show up all in the GSRPS, But i will star build web 2.0 links to my site, I think i will twist the method a little bit for each site, For my old site (3 months old) I will use NEW web 2.0 for Tier1 and expired web 2.0 for tier 2, (Maybe around 30 Link) Will update you my result


    • Hi Akram,
      Yes you need to take things slowly with new sites. I would most definitely start with free backlinks. Like you say, go for new web 2.0 in tier 1. Try to make things look as natural as possible. Add some doc share and image share backlinks in there too. If you build backlinks slowly to a new site you will not hit the Google sandbox. I recommend no more than three links a day. Also, don’t use your keyword as anchor text for new sites, stick to your URL. Then when your site has aged a little, around 3 months will do, hit it with good private blog network backlinks using your main keyword as anchor text only. This works a treat. Let me know how you get on. Good luck.

  38. Hey Nick – Excellent write up here.
    Is there any way to NOT have the tumblr redirect links in the actual posts/articles on the tumblr blog?
    I’m not sure if I read/understand your post correct here… is the only good (for seo backlink) link the one you add in your actual description area? Or can you continue posting natural looking articles with keywords, anchors etc. linking to different parts of your money site?

    • Thanks Bo. There is no way to not have the re-direct on the links in the Tumblr posts. As I understand, the re-direct links still pass on the juice and will help your search engine ranking. I just add the link in the description to make sure my site is certain to get a boost. I have got improved my ranking with just links in the blog posts and not in the description area. Yes you can continue posting articles linking to different pages on your money site on the same Tumblr blog, I do this all the time and it certainly helps improve my search engine ranking. Take a look at my free backlinks post and use those links with the Tumblr links and you will be ranking no. 1 in no time at all. If you need an extra ranking boost, if you are trying to rank a difficult keyword you will have to then get some private blog network links, my next post will let you know how to get this done. Thanks for stopping by. Hope I have helped.

  39. Great post indeed! I am really surprised to see this Nick because people have almost written off web2.0 backlinks and their efficacy citing as dated, but I would just like to see some more case studies to rank Amazon niche sites with keyword competition around 30. That would be really interesting. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Kajol, thanks for stopping by. I have ranked Amazon niche sites. Takes a bit of work. I am going to write a tutorial as soon as I can. The process is pretty simple. You are going to need more expired Tumblrs, around 30 or so, it’s important to make sure that your expired Tumblrs have backlinks to them otherwise they are useless. Then of course you add the social signals. After that I usually add some free backlinks for diversity (which is what my next post is about). Then finally I add private blog network posts, how many of these you will require all depends on how many backlinks the top ranking sites have and the quality of these links. With a keyword competition of 30 or below you might only need 10 decent private blog backlinks. I will let you know who I use at seoclerks for this in my next post. Web 2.0 backlinks work really well, if done the right way of course.

    • Thanks Mark. I have some gold to come, some real good ranking techniques that you can utilise right away for free. Keep checking back for more.

    • Yes you can, I do not mask my ip and the method works for me. If you want to remove all footprints, then you can hide your ip. I do not, however there are some good free ways to hide your ip. I have used free-hideip.com, I stopped because it makes your browser run too slow.

  40. This is a really good tip especially to those
    fresh to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate
    info… Many thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

    • Thanks for the feedback, it’s a great way for beginners to rank their sites. Those people operating on a low SEO budget will find this method very helpful.


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