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Buy high PA Tumblr accounts with backlinks.

What you are going to get:

  1. 10 registered Tumblr accounts
  2. Minimum page authority of 50
  3. Lots of backlinks
  4. All login details provided
  5. Tumblrs registered on separate accounts (under 10 different emails)
  6. 10 different themes without Tumblr redirect

Get your very own high PA 50+ Tumblr blogs today.

Start ranking for low, medium and even hard competition keywords now.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days


Buy expired Tumblr with the very best metrics.

Buy Expired TumblrWe will search for the best Tumblr blogs for you and register them.

This is the very best Tumblr service you will ever find.

Each and every Tumblr will be registered under a different email address.

We will provide you will all the login details.

Why Buy Expired Tumblr?

You add content to them including a backlink to your website.

The backlink will help you website rank higher in the search engines for any keyword.

You can see the proof that these backlinks work by taking a look at our web 2.0 backlinks strategy.

Backlinks from Tumblr really do work.

See the proof:

This page is now ranked no. 1 on Google search using just web 2.0 backlinks

What You Are Going To Get

You are going to get 10 High PA Tumblr blogs registered.

These are not just any old Tumblr blogs.

These Tumblr blogs will have lots of backlinks to them.

Because these Tumblrs have backlinks, they have high page authority too.

So, you will get:

  1. 10 Tumblr blogs registered
  2. All registered under a different email address
  3. All Tumblr will have a minimum PA of 50
  4. Different theme on each blog (themes do not have redirect on them)

That’s right, we will find you 10 Tumblr blogs with a minimum page authority of 50.

Then we will register all 10 blogs under different emails.

So, you will get 10 email login’s too.

Not only do you get 10 new Tumblr accounts, you get 10 fresh email accounts too.

It takes time to scrape and find these Tumblrs.

If you want to know how to find expired Tumblrs yourself take a look at this post.

Then you will realise it is a long drawn out process.

Not only do we find you Tumblrs, we find you good Tumblrs.

Because these Tumblrs have a high page authority they will help rank your website top.

The ranking juice from the backlinks that point to the Tumblrs will flow to your website.

These Tumblr blogs have some serious ranking power.

To add the the quality of this service, we put a different theme on each Tumblr blog.

Add to make this even better, the themes we use do not include the Tumblr redirect on them.

This means every backlink you place on the Tumblr blog will open up the rank juice flood gates to your website.

You will now not only be able to rank for low seo competition keyword, but for medium and high competition keywords too.

You can use these Tumblr blogs to rank many different sites over and over again.

You can even use the same Tumblr blogs to rank different pages/posts on the same website.

If you need to buy expired Tumblr with more than 10 the quantity, add two of these to your cart here at Rankers Paradise.

Then we will register 20 expired Tumblr blogs for you all under different emails.

What We Need From You

To get started just add the product to your cart and pay.

That’s it, we take care of the rest.

After we have found you some amazing Tumblr blogs we will email you the report.

The report includes all Tumblr URLs and Tumblr login details.

We also give you the email login details to the email used to set up the Tumblr accounts.

This way you can go ahead and change the Tumblr passwords should you wish to do so.

Please note we do not provide niche related Tumblrs, they are not needed.

All you need is the ranking juice from these powerful Tumblr accounts.

Also, all blogs will have a MOZ rank of 2 plus.

Each blog goes on it’s own separate account.

After you add the content and the backlinks your website ranking will sky rocket.

Backlinks from Tumblr are safe for new and aged sites.

All the blogs will have very good backlinks, great ranking juice for your website or your clients sites.

Buy expired Tumblr blogs right now with up most confidence.

We only deliver blogs that we would use ourselves.

Get the blogs right now while this service is still available.

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days


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