Do You Have A Profitable Low Competition Keyword?

Are your keywords profitable and easy to rank?I have been asked over and over recently how to check if your keyword is easy to rank number 1 for.

I am going to show you how to:

  • Find out if you have a money making keyword
  • Add diversity to the SERPs for top ranking
  • Find out if your keyword is easy to rank no. 1 in Google Search

I am going develop a keyword competition check list for you.

If you can tick any part of the check list then you have yourself a keyword that is not so easy to rank at the top of Google search.

Keyword selection is the most important part of any project.

Get it wrong and it can be incredibly frustrating.

Get it right and you will be smiling from ear to ear making a great passive revenue stream.

There is no point in spending 3 months trying to rank a particular keyword only to fail horribly.

You need to go into a project confident that you can rank number 1 for your selected keyword.

Do not miss any of these steps.

I am going to select a random keyword and then show you how to asses the competition.

Selected keyword to asses is: “best carry on backpack”

Number of USA Google monthly searches: 1,600

If you want to know how to find kewords using free tools just check out the videobelow:

Do You Have A Money Making Keyword?

We need to find out how much money we can make from our keyword.

There is no point in spending 3 months ranking a site no. 1 if you are going to make very little money from it.

Before we analyse the keyword competition we need to make sure that you are going to make some money when you rank no. 1 in Google search.

We know that my selected keyword gets 1600 searches, but what percentage of people searching for this keyword click on the top search result?

Well this all depends on your CTR, but to play this calculation on the safe side we are going to go with 33%.

According to 33% of the traffic goes to the top Google listing, of course it could well be a whole lot higher for your site.

So lets calculate how many people will actually visit my site if I ranked no. 1:

1600 x 0.33 = 528

Now we can calculate how much money our keyword will make us each and every month.

You will know your conversion rate. My Amazon conversion is always over 5% no matter what time of year it is.

Do you have a money making keywordOf course how much money you make all depends on how you monetise your site.

For this example I will use Amazon, you can enter your own figures to determine the monetary value of your selected keyword.

Lets calculate how many people will make a sale:

528 x 0.05 = 26

Let’s calculate how much money we will make from these 26 sales.

Carry on backpacks cost roughly around $40. Of course there are much cheaper ones and much more expensive ones. You need to make an estimate here.

I know I will get at least 4% from Amazon for every sale. How much do I get per sale:

40 x 0.04 = 1.6

Here is the most important number. How much your keyword is worth on a monthly basis:

1.6 x 26 = $41.60

Of course this is a rough estimate.

This is a way to know if you really should chase a particular keyword top ranking.

Do this step before you analyse the keyword competition, saves you loads of time.

Now you need to decide if it is worth your time ranking a keyword for the monetary gains we have just calculated.

Only you can decide upon that. This will be different for evey one out there.

$41.60 is not enough for me, no matter how easy it was to rank for this keyword.

I would then bin this keyword and take a look at another.

If you can’t find a keyword that is going to make you a large profit from Amazon products then go ahead and try Click Bank.

Click Bank give you higher commission rates, you will make more money from less monthly searches this way.

Keep in mind, if the keyword is fairly easy to rank no. 1, it is going to take you 3 months to do using the web 2.0 backlinks no. 1 ranking strategy.

Using the expired web 2 backlinks strategy the first month is roughly about 4 hours backlink building work.

In the second month it is around 7 hours work.

In month three it is about 5 hours work.

Over 3 months to rank no. 1 for this particular keyword it is going to take roughly 16 to 20 hours work.

Ask yourself; is $41.60 every month worth 16 hours work?

When you find a keyword that will give you a good monetary return for your backlink time investment you can move onto the next step.

Now Google search your keyword.

Google your keyword so we can asses the competition

Are You Adding Diversity To The SERPs?

After you Google your selected keyword ask yourself;

Can I add something new here?

For example, Google loves diversity in it’s results pages.

If any of the top ten sites have the exact match keyword in their TITLE, DESCRIPTION and URL then bin the keyword and move onto the next one.

You need to be the only site there with the exact match keyword in your title for diversity. This is why I always target long tail keywords, they make this step a whole lot easier.

Also, are you adding an affiliate review site. How many already exist in the top 10?

If you have 2 or more then bin the keyword.

Or consider adding something different in there, go for an e-commerce affiliate store using Prosociate. I have used this WordPress Plugin myself and I can vouch for it.

If you can’t add diversity to the SERPs then bin the keyword and start the process over again.

Yes it is time consuming, but it is well worth the effort.

When you find a keyword that makes $1500 a month and is easy to rank you are laughing.

Think different. How can you add some new and unique to the SERPsSo take your time to do it right.

The more research you do in the beginning the more confident you will be at making a success of your project.

Never go in there blind, you are asking to fail and in most cases will.

Some might be lucky, but you will never be able to do the same thing again.

This way you can rank sites over and over making money online with ease.

Well it’s not that easy, finding a good keyword can take days, but that time is well worth it.

Take it from me, doing your research first will save you a lot of stress and heart ache in the end.

It might seem like a long boring task, but if you keep focused on the money and what you want to achieve then you will get there.

So write down a figure that you would like to earn from a particular keyword and then get cracking finding one.

You should now have a profitable keyword.

Now let’s find out if your keyword is easy to rank no. 1 for.

This is what we need to be looking for.

You need to run this check list over the top ranking sites for your selected keyword.

Of course if you only run this check list over one site, do it on the no. 1 ranked site for your selected keyword.

Easy Keyword Checklist

#1 Does the exact match keyword appear anywhere in the URL (even sub domain).

#2 Is any part of the keyword at the beginning of the domain name.

#3 Is the exact keyword in the TITLE TAG. (it’s more powerful at the beginning)

#4 Is the exact keyword in the DESCRIPTION TAG.

#5 Is the exact keyword in the H1 TAG.

#6 Does the exact match keyword appear at least 3 times in the content.

#7 Does the exact match keyword appear in the first paragraph on the page.

#8 Do the sites have over 2000 words of content and is it useful.

#9 Do the sites have bullet points and numbered lists within their content.

#10 Do the sites have the exact match keyword in an image ALT TAG.

#11 Do the top sites link out to a related authority site in the niche.

#12 Do the top sites have lots of content. Easy to out rank think sites with a few pages on there.

#13 Do the top sites have 3 or more images within the content.

#14 Do the top sites have at least one video within the content.

#15 Do the top ranking sites have short URLs. Long URLs are not so good.

#16 If any sites have high DA and the content page is close to the homepage.

#17 Do the top sites have more than 20 backlinks from different C-CLASS IPs.

#18 Are the backlinks from niche related sites.

#19 Are the backlinks diverse e.g from comments, forums, guest posts etc.

#20 Are the backlinks from authority sites with quality content on them.

#21 Is the backlink from a page with the exact keyword in the H1.

#22 Do any of the top sites have backlinks from a high DA homepage.

#23 Do the sites have contextual backlinks from long 1000 word plus posts. Links from a side bar have less power.

#24 Do the contextual backlinks come at the top of the content. Is the content well written.

#25 Is the backlink anchor text mixed.

#26 Do any of the top sites have an SSL certificate. URL starts with HTTPS.

#27 Do the top sites have over 500 social signals from Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

#28 Do the top sites have lots of comments.

#29 Are the search engine results diverse. Google loves diversity, if there is already a site like yours then don’t bother.

I Will Run This Check list Over My Selected Keyword

Pop the keyword into Google Search (make sure it is for the country you are targeting eg orย “best carry on backpack”

For this tutorial I am using

#1 One site, the top ranked site has the exact match keyword in the URL. I would not pursue this keyword any further. But for the purpose of this tutorial I am going to finish all the steps for you.

Is the exact keyword in the website URL

#2 Not one of the sites have the keyword at the beginning of their domain name. If I was to go ahead with this keyword I have found a weakness that I could exploit to try and out rank the top sites. I would buy a domain like or

Is any part of the keyword at the start of the domain name?

#3 Just the top ranking site has the exact match keyword in the TITLE TAG. If you start your TITLE TAG with your exact match keyword it is more powerful. I would not target this keyword because if I used the exact match keyword at the start of the TITLE TAG it would appear too much like the top ranked site, this would not add diversity to the search results. Keep the word “DIVERSITY” at the front of your mind when performing this step.

The exact match keyword at the beginning of the TITLE TAG is more powerful

#4 Just one site (ranked no. 10) has the exact match keyword in the DESCRIPTION TAG. This is not a massive ranking factor, but you are much more certain to rank no. 1 if you are the only site that has the exact match keyword in the site description area.

Remember you are looking for a weakness in SERPs that you can exploit.

You are much more likely yo rank high if no sites have the keyword in the description area

#5 Now it is time to visit some of the top ranking sites. Do they have the exact match keyword in their main heading. If no sites do, then you can be certain that you can rank no. 1 for your selected keyword. The top ranked site in this case does have the exact match keyword in the H1 TAG. I would not waste my time trying to outrank this guy when the monetary return is so low for this selected keyword.

Does the top ranked site have the keyword in the main heading?

#6 The top ranking site is well optimised for my selected keyword. It does have the keyword mentioned at the top of the content, somewhere in the middle and at the end too. I would have ditched this keyword ages ago, but I will continue with this process for you to see how simple it is to pick out easy to rank keywords.

Is the keyword mentioned at least 3 times in the content

#7 As you can see from the image above, the top ranking site has the exact match keyword near the top of the content. He has optimised the page perfectly for this keyword.

#8 The top ranking site has well over 2000 words on the page and would certainly take some beating. The content is not thin at all. We are looking for thin content, preferably under 1000 words. The site sitting in spot 2 has lots of quality content too, I would certainly not target this keyword.

#9 The top ranked site does have bullet points and lists within the content. I could outrank this site with fresh content, but it would take a lot of hard work and some very good powerful backlinks. I would most definitely not pick up this keyword, it would be a waste of my time.

#10 Take a look at the top ranked sites source code. If you are in Chrome, go to Tools and then View Source. Then look for the ALT Tag on the images, do they have the exact keyword in there? The top site does not have it on page anywhere, this is one small thing that this webmaster could improve on. It’s such a small ranking signal that it’s not something I would use to try and out rank him, although we have found a small weakness on the top site here.

Take a look at the image ALT Tags, is the keyword in there?

#11 The top ranking site for my selected keyword does link out to an authority site with related content. It actually links out to a wikipedia page, which most SEOs do these days to add some authority to their content. You can certainly see why this site ranks no. 1, everything has been optimised to perfection, apart from the ALT Tags of course.

Does the top ranking site link out to an authority site?

#12 The top ranking sites are loaded with content. We are not just talking about the page we are trying to out rank, I mean does the site have a lot of pages loaded with content on there? The top ranked site does for my keyword, it would take a while to catch up with this guy, it would not be a good time investment at all for me to take on.

Do the top ranking sites have lots of related pages of content on the site?

#13 The top sites have loads of images within their content. This is something I would not be able to compete with.

Does the content have lots of images in there?

#14 The top ranking site is well optimised with media, it has lots of images and useful videos on there.

Is there a video within the content

#15 The top ranking sites have short and concise URLs, you know what the page is about even within the short URL. The top ranked site has been optimised really well for a top ranking spot. As you can see in the image below, the site sitting in spot no. 5 has long URL, this is what you are trying to avoid if you want to out rank them.

A short concise URL is a good ranking move

#16 The top ranking site does not have a really high DA, it is possible to achieve a DA 17 in a few months. The problem is that the page that sits in the top spot has a PA of 17 that is close to the DA 17 homepage. The site architecture has been cleverly thought out, keeping the content with the keywords that you want to rank no. 1 for close to the homepage, just one level up. You need MozBar to check a sites DA and PA.

Is the content close to a high DA homepage?

#17 Now it’s time to check the top ranking sites backlinks. This part is very important, if I was going to out rank the top ranked site I would need to improve on the content and then would need more backlinks of greater quality, ย preferably contextual backlinks.

MozBar shows that the top ranking site has just 3 backlinks, the site in spot no. 2 has zero backlinks. The problem with using MozBar alone is that it does not pick up on all backlinks. So I like to use SEO SpyGlass for the section too.

How many backlinks does the top ranking site have?

You can visit each of the sites that backlink to the top ranking site and check whether they have different C-CLASS IPs using this tool.

You could also use to check C-CLASS IPs, which is free to use too.

Check the no. of backlinks from different C-CLASS IP's

As we can see, the top ranking site has 127 backlinks from 24 domains and 17 C-CLASS IPs, which is not so good. I could out rank this site if I wanted to. But it’s not worth my time, I would look for an easier keyword.

We then need to take a look at the sites that backlink to the top ranking site.

#18 In click on the sites that backlink to the top ranking site. Are the backlinks within the content, from comments or even in the side bar. Does the site look like a real site, or a PBN site? Use MozBar to check the links that point to the sites and also to check PA and DA, all of this passes on ranking juice.

If the site that backlinks to the site that you want to out rank has lots of backlinks too, these backlinks will all pass on ranking juice the top ranking site, improving their search ranking. You need to look at all the backlinks down the chain. The more backlinks that you find, the harder it is going to be for you to out rank them.

Take a look at the quality of the sites that backlink to the top site

I can see right away that the backlinks are not very good, the anchor text used does not match the keyword. I could out rank this site with some decent free backlinks alone.

#19 Take a look at all the sites that backlink to the top ranking site, is there a diverse set of backlinks from comments, backlinks within content etc. The top ranking site does have contextual and backlinks from comments and other sources. It is possible to out rank this site, my do it yourself seo guide would see to that.

#20 Take a look at the content on the sites that backlink to the top sites. Is the content thin? Does the backlink come from within the top of the content or further down the page? The content on the sites that backlink to the top site for my selected keyword is very thin and the backlinks are at the bottom of the page. This could be out done for sure.

#21 Now you need to asses if the backlink comes from a page with related content to the top ranking site. Is the keyword in the main heading? A backlink from a page with the exact match keyword in the H1 Tag will be very powerful. The top site for my selected keyword does not have backlinks from any page with the keyword within the H1 Tag.

Is the keyword in the H1 Tag from a site that backlinks to the top ranking site

#22 Check the DA and PA of the sites that backlink to the top ranking sites. The top ranked site for my selected keyword has a backlink from a PA 16 and DA 40 with one backlink pointing to it. The backlink is contextual, it is a pretty good backlink. The question is – Can you beat the quality of the backlinks that point to the top ranking sites.

Check the PA and DA of the backlinks

#23 The sites that backlink to the top ranking site for my selected keyword are contextual. It is possible to match and get more backlinks than this.

#24 The content where the backlinks sit is not that long. I would be able to get better backlinks from more C-Class Ip’s from related and longer articles for sure. Is this keyword worth my time, absolutely not.

#25 You can check the anchor text of the backlinks using SEO SpyGlass and Monitor Backlinks. Is it mixed up, if not you have found a weakness that you can exploit.

Is the anchor text used in the backlinks mixed up?

#26 Not one of the top ranking sites have an SSL certificate. It is a small ranking factor that will give you a boost up the SERPs if you have one.

#27 You can use MozBar again to check social signals of the top ranking sites. The top ranking site has zero Facebook and zero Google Plus social shares. I could certainly out do this little ranking factor with a simple SEO Clerks social signals gig. You could also useย to check a sites social signals quick and easy.

Check social signals of the top ranking sites

#28 The top ranking site has zero comments, this is something that I could improve on if I had decided to go ahead and choose to rank this keyword. A site with a lot of comments means visitors are engaging with the content, this is a small Google ranking factor.

A site with a lot of comments is a small ranking factor

#29 Take a look at every site. Are the Google SERPs diverse. Are you adding another Amazon affiliate site? The top ranking site for my selected keyword is an Amazon Affiliate site, I would not bother adding another. Diversity in the SERPs is what Google needs to achieve. Adding more affiliate sites to an already saturated market is a bad idea, you are certain to lose.

If you are going to add an affiliate site make sure there isn’t any already in the top 10 rankings. If there is, then go down another avenue, add something unique and new to the SERPs.

You need to add diversity to the SERPs. Too many affiliate sites is bad.

Do You Have An Easy To Rank Keyword?

That’s it, I know that it is a long drawn out process, but if you do this step the right way you are sure to find an easy to rank keyword.

Taking your time to find a good keyword is the key ingredient to online money making success.

Before you even look at the competition you need to roughly estimate how much money your keyword can earn you.

When you get a keyword that will give you a good monthly income, you can then move onto the next step.

Finding an easy to rank keyword that is profitable takes time, I can work on this for days and days.

The good news is that you will find one. If you complete these steps you will be confident that you can rank no. 1 for your selected keyword.

Always do your research before you begin a project and your chances of success are much higher, in most cases they are guaranteed.

Have fun ranking.

Get Someone To Do The Keyword Research For You

Run in depth keyword research:

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If anyone uses this gig please drop a comment below to let us all know if it is the real deal.

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    • Hi Vijay, yes everything on the site is still working right now in 2020, if anything changes I always update the posts to fit ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi there. Should we do the math if we target adsense earnings? I have a keyword with 22K monthly search volume and $0.11 CPC. There are below DA20 sites on the first page. From your experiences, is that keyword worth to follow? Sorry for my English ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The math for Adsense is tricky, the CPC is hard to judge because the ads shown to a person is dependant upon their cookies, so your site could be about loans but that doesn’t mean an advert about loans will be shown, they may have been on a dog breed website before that and it may show an advert about dog food which has a much lower CPC should the user click on it. You can do a very rough calculation, a keyword with 22K search volume is good and is definitely worth going for. You can judge this based on experience, a keyword with a monthly search volume of 250 make me between $170 and $250 a month, but it all depends on the visitor, that’s just on one page on one of my adsense sites. It’s hard to put a figure on those sites, so it’s good to go for high search volume keywords.

  2. Thank you Nick, your article is Awesome and very helpful
    i have only one question .. as you know google search results in 2018 depends on solving the search query.
    So, Do you still confirm that i can go for a keyword if i did not see any websites with ( the exact match keyword ) in the top 10 results??

    I will give an example to clarify my question:
    if i take your keyword example “best carry on backpack”
    and i see results like “Top 10 carry on backpack”, “The best 20 carry on backpack” … etc
    in this situation and if all other factors are good, can i consider it as an easy keyword?


    • Yes definitely go for a keyword that does not have any exact match in the results. Make sure you check competitors content and backlinks. If you do not see any of the top ten with the exact keyword in the TITLE TAG you are onto a winner. You can do the all in title search string to check quickly: simply Google this – allintitle: “your keyword” – if you do not show any listings or very few then it is highly likely that you will rank top for that keyword if you have good content and put the exact keyword at the start of your TITLE TAG.

  3. Hi Nick, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. I got few queries,

    1. While accessing the number of backlinks and social signals for top ranking website, do you consider number of backlinks and social signals for whole website or for that particular webpage on that top ranking website?

    2. If my competitor has DA 30-50 but they have certain weakness on all these above check list. Can we beat them with new website of 6 month old website with DA 1 in span of 3 months considering mid competitive keyword.

    3.I am more concerned about DA of ranking sites. Should we consider them as well and should not hope to get our site ranked till we beat their DA. ?

    • 1. It’s for the particular webpage on the top ranking site.
      2. Yes you can beat them, however it will take a little longer than 3 months for a new site…around 4 to 6 months for a medium seo competition keyword.
      3. Don’t worry about DA, just a metric that has nothing to do with Google ranking. Use it as a loose guide, you need to look at your competitors backlinks and concentrate on having good content highly focused on the search term, have a good highly clickable TITLE TAG to ensure high click through rate and make sure you have good calls to action throughout your page to ensure visitors move through your site to avoid having a high bounce rate.

  4. My second competitor has PA:17, DA:25, links:12. Can i beat him as a beginner ? What is the PA, DA number of a low competitive website?

    • Can’t be 100% without taking a look at your keyword, however that is not a very competitive site. You can get your money site to have a PA 17 in no time at all just with passing on link juice from high PA Tumblr blogs. Any site with PA and DA under 30 is low competition. What is their content like? Do they have thin content? Do they have the exact keyword in the TITLE TAG and URL extension?

  5. Hi Nick, I have 3 word keywords on my new site, it’s pretty thin in the top 10, mainly ebay, smaller online stores and even Amazon is ranking low top 10. No reviews of the products for one of the pages, but products are priced from $4000 to $55000. I have 11 pages in total, with more to be added, the products are between $100 to $600, more low competition keywords than with my other site. I know how the sites are ranked with my the first niche which I sold, which is why I copied it, I’ve added better content and more web 2.0 links.

    I’ve been looking at added some expired domains with part of the keyword in the domain name for both sites. The tumblr hunter software is excellent, found some great finds on there with pa of 32, good heads up on that, cheers! I have bought expired tumblrs on fiverr before, but this is better.

    I stumbled into my first niche by accident and new one is better thought out, and after reading your article, it would seem to be better, time will tell lol

  6. Hi Nick, I thought I better read this post after reading your web 2.0 article. I sold an Amazon affiliate site a couple of months ago, but I created a new one in the same niche. After reading what you say about not to be bother if there is 2 or more affiliate sites in the top 10 and more than one with TITLE, DESCRIPTION and URL, well there is 2 affiliate websites and 4 with TITLE, DESCRIPTION and URL. Mine was in the top 10, but has dropped out to 11. I’ve already back linked 20 keywords over 26 web 2.0s, I was going for a first page approach and make money from all the keywords, not too sure now after reading what your strategy is.

    I do have another site which I will follow your strategy with.

    • Hi Graham, this guide is to help you find the perfect keyword, however it is highly unlikely that you will ever find the perfect keyword that ticks all the boxes mentioned here. If there are already two affiliate sites it is not a massive problem, the main question to ask yourself is “Can you deliver better content?” Can you produce something different to what is already there. If there is affiliate sites already for a particular keyword and some with keyword in the TITLE TAG then it is going to be harder work to rank….take more time and require more powerful backlinks, it’s not that you won’t be able to do it, I just think it is easier to find keywords that have low competition…eg sites ranking in top 10 with thin content and few backlinks. It is hard to find these keywords, I can tell you that they are out there. It is very important to put in the research time before you start a project.

      Little tip: look at long tail keywords (4 words or more) with high value products attached to them…make sure content is thin on the top 10 sites and that none of them have that exact long tail keyword in their TITLE TAG.

  7. Hey Nick, love your blog! Your contents are so informative. For those who needs help with keyword research, I usually outsource to a guy here at which has lots of recurring buyers. Hope this helps.

  8. Nick, if top pages are high in DA and PA but do not optimize the keyword in the URL, domain, title tag, description tag, and H1 tag. Would you go after this keyword?

    In other words, which factor do you give more weight when comes to keyword analyzing? PA, DA, and backlinks or URL, domain, title tag, description tag, and H1 tag?

    • I don’t look at DA at all. The main things that I am concerned with is the number of backlinks that the ranking page has, and if the keyword is at the beginning of the TITLE TAG. Of course if the main keyword is in the URL too it is hard to outrank them, but you can do that too. I would go for the keyword if I can match the number of backlinks that the top sites have and if I can match the quality too. The main thing for me is the number of backlinks that the top ranking sites have.

      Don’t put too much weight on PA and DA, take a close look at the backlinks. Can you match them? You know that you can match all the other ranking factors. Is it worth your while building the amount of backlinks that the top sites have?

  9. Add diversity to the SERPs for top ranking.

    But if i see an affiliate website in the serps i became confident that i can rank my website like spencer haws says

    • That’s true, as long as there isn’t too many of them. If there is already 2 or 3 in the top ten would Google really want another one in there?

  10. I can rank for easy keywords pretty easily, but I’m in a competitive business niche already. I do SEO for my business not for affiliates and such things (yet.)

    The thing that expired domain PBNs have over expired web2.0 is higher trust flow values. So I wonder how I can build TF into my web2.0’s? I know it’s off topic but I thought I should ask.

    Thanks for all the great info!

    • First of all…quick definition of trust flow: “simply the quality of the backlinks that point to a page or domain”.

      Improve the quality of the backlinks to your web 2 sites to improve trust flow. Get yourself a few niche relevant backlinks from Wikipedia, you can get them on seo clerks here. To improve trust flow you need backlinks from sites with high trust, old sites have lots of trust, Wikipedia is perfect. Writing a press release will also have a positive impact, you could try and get a backlink from New York Times or even try to help out a reporter. You can get this done on seo clerks too pretty cheap.

      • So just to confirm and quantify, for your basic recommendations you recommend 5 expired web2.0 per week for 3 months which will be 60 links over 3 months?

        • The no. of backlinks that you will need all depends on the keyword that you are trying to rank for. If you have a low to medium competition keyword you are good to rank using the web 2.0 backlinks strategy, which is:

          month 1:

          5 expired Weebly and 5 expired tumblr backlinks.

          month 2:

          The new web 2 link wheel shown on my free backlinks post. Also do 5 Doc share backlinks and a few image share backlinks and blog comments for diversity.

          month 3:

          15 to 30 expired tumblr backlinks, all from different sub domains with at least 30 backlinks pointing to them.

          Do a rank check every 30 days. Everything is explained in my web 2.0 backlinks post.

          If you are not no. 1 after 90 days, refer to my do it yourself seo guide post and maybe consider getting some PBN backlinks for that final push into the top spot.

  11. So you can use mostly just web2.0’s for high comp. keywords? Do you have a method for determining how many backlinks for high comp keywords?

    Also I’ve seen that web2.0’s might get a high PA but it’s difficult to get them a decent TF. Do you have a method to get a free blog post a good TF like 20-30+?

    • You can use SEO SpyGlass to take a look at how many backlinks the top ranking sites have, then use MozBar to determine the quality of those backlinks. This will give you a rough idea of how many backlinks you need.

      Don’t worry too much about metrics, be more concerned about getting yourself low competition keywords that will be profitable. Then get on with building the expired and free web 2 backlinks. Track your ranking and if needed power up your ranking with some PBN backlinks.

  12. What about for high competition and medium competition keywords for self hosted domains as the money site? Do you have a guide to use web2.0’s to rank for them? For example: new york web design

    • It’s the same principle, it just takes longer, you will require more backlinks. You can use the strategy shown on my web 2.0 backlinks post. Do for three months, check ranking after third month, if you are not no. 1 then rinse and repeat. Just keep going until you hit the top spot.

  13. Actually, for a DA 17 site to outrank is a very impressive feat. If you take a look at the site, except that particular page on carry on backpacks, the rest of the side has pretty weak content.

    I’m guessing that the site is actually using PBNs that blocked spiders crawling. Which brings me to my question, if a niche has many sites that are using PBNs, for eg, entirely new sites ranking first without any visible backlinks, how would you take this into consideration while doing keyword research?

    I realize this is very common in my niche and it was kinda a bummer. Keyword tools aren’t that accurate if the backlinks are blocked from crawling.

    • Hi Owen, that’s a good point. You can find out if a site is ranking using a PBN with this free software. I am glad that you brought this up, you should use this software to check if sites are ranking no. 1 using PBN sites that block most crawlers out there. The software will find the PBN sites for you, this will give you a more accurate idea of whether or not to pick a particular keyword to build a niche site around.

        • Many will be hard to discover. You can only work with what you have, just make sure that you build backlinks at a steady rate, add diversity to the SERPs and you will hit no. 1 if your content is good.

  14. ” can you find a weakness to exploit in the SERPs to knock them off the top spot?”

    Ya, i think this is the ESSENCE of what this post is all about.

    Well said Nick!

    I had copied this to my notepad in a new folder i created.

    In this folder i titled”Worthy Quotes From Rankersparadise”

    You should add a tweer box for this man!Haha!

    Bet You got of lots of Rertweets!

    o Boy!i seldom leave such a comment!

  15. AHH,Thank you Nick.

    You never fail to reply despite your busy schedule.

    What else can an audience ask for?

    I gotta learn from you man!.Commitment is the key here.

    Thank You Nick!

    I will be back to pester you(oops!i mean asking relevant questions)!

  16. Hi Nick,

    Thank You for bringing up the ROI factor which ppl like charles floate and chris lee also advocates a lot on it.

    I will say this is the Number 1 considering factor when deciding to jump in to the competition,especially its a tough one to rank.

    After who will want to rank on pg1 after buiding links day by day for at least 3 months then making a miserable 10 or 20 bucks??It just doesnt make sense.

    Looks like i am sticking to your blog for a long time after being a vagabond for searching worthy blogs to follow.LOL

    By the way,i like to add in amount of traffic to competitors site is also a keyfactor.Especially if we want to gauge the ROI(conversion is baesd on our own skill)and those Adsense wanabes.

    • Yeah ROI is key to success, most people give up because they miss this step out.

      That’s true about traffic to competitors sites. I have not found an accurate site to establish this stat. The closest is (free), try it for one of your sites, it’s not that accurate either.

  17. Tough!Ouch!Thanks for writing this post. ITs like a rude awakening to ppl who thinks we just need to target low competitition keywords with easy keyword difficulty.

    Nick,What do u think of allintitle ?and quoted search results?

    if a keyword has 10 over milion of search results in google yet according to google keyword planner the avg monthly searches is only1800,shall i give it a go Or No?

    Because i see search results as supply and monthly searches as way over demand i think it not wise to target the keyword.Whats your take?

    Is putting qutation marks round a keyword when searching in google correct?I ve read that its accuarate to go to the LAst page of google with quotation marks like”best carry backpacks” rather than without the quotation marks.Then use the last page result as Vs the monthly search as a guage.
    Sigh!when it comes to keyword research,too much confusion.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yeah using an online tool or software to check keyword competition is just the start.

      Just so everyone is clear:

      If you Google search:

      allintitle: keyword

      (you will be presented with the number of pages listed in Google search that have the exact keyword in their title tag)


      (finds pages containing the exact keyword in the content)

      Thanks for brining this up Jeff.

      It’s presents a quick way to see how many sites listed in Google search with your keyword on page and in the Title Tag. This could be performed as part of your keyword difficulty ranking check.

      I just perform a regular search of the keyword, I need to see what sites rank high for that keyword so that I can add diversity to the listings.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about how many search results show, yes the more that show the more you have to compete with. But we are only concerned really with the top 10 sites. You need to look at the no. 1 site closer, try to understand why they have got the top spot. Performing my check list helps with this, I would give the keyword a go if the top sites have thin content and few or poor backlinks yes.

      It’s not necessarily easier to rank no. 1 if there is less competition (supply). Your keyword might only return 150K results, but the top ranking sites might have some powerful backlinks that you are highly unlikely to match. I don’t worry too much with the amount of results (supply), you need to think about if you can add something new in your content (diversity) and then beat the no. of backlinks and the quality of those backlinks that the top sites have.

      I don’t use quotation search, just do it as I have shown in my tutorial. Quick and easy, you need to be clear the quality of the top ranking sites, can you find a weakness to exploit in the SERPs to knock them off the top spot?

  18. hi nick,

    you are amazing thanks a lot nick for giving a brief explanation i love your guidance very well.

    I am going to start a niche website nick if i have any doubt i will let u know please support me in your free time…

    your loving fan

  19. Hi Nick,

    Again sam here, i have doubt if i am planning to start a micro niche site how many keywords i need to find. For example if i am going to sell backpack i found 1st keyword “best carry on backpack” this met all your criteria then what nextstep may i select another keyword like “Best Backpack for truckking” if its passed our test and find “Best Backpack for family tour” like this i found 5 keywords may i go to start a website or need to find 15 keywords.

    I am confused here so please clear how many keywords i need for micro niche website, how relate to the main keyword..

    Please give me brief example, i am eagerly waiting for your reply.

    If you show the way i am ready to travel on the next minute…

    Your loving fan

    • Hi Sam,

      How many keywords you target will all depend on how much money each one makes you and how easy they are to rank no. 1 for.

      For a niche site if you can get 1 keyword that makes $1000 month then you will need 4 more keywords to fill the site out with related content for internal backlinks to the killer money keyword page.

      You might only find keywords that will make you $300 a month, but you might get 5 of them so you will need to rank 5 pages and inter link them all.

      You do not need 15 keywords, I would do at least 5. Remember it’s not about the no. of pages that you have, it’s about the quality of the content and adding something new to the SERPs.

      All keywords used for each page do need to be related so that you can inter link each page eg

      best carry on backpack
      carry on luggage size limits
      backpacks that open like a suitcase
      backpacks for travelling abroad
      backpack suitcase with wheels

      That’s it. You could find 5 keywords that make a low monthly amount but when combined make a nice little passive income. Or you can find one keyword to rank no. 1 that makes around $1000 or over and then just fill the site out with related content as shown above for internal backlinks.

      For your main keyword “best carry on backpack” for can add some LSI keywords into the content and into the title and description tag.

      LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is basically those keywords you see when you type into Google your main keyword. You will see them flash up when you type into Google your keyword, they are also at the bottom of Google search results page in the “searches related to….” section.

      So I would add these keywords into the main page:
      best carry on backpack for europe
      best carry on backpack with wheels
      best carry on backpack for travelling

      Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Awesome write-up, Nick.

    This is definitely a golden way to find easy keywords. You literally covered every aspect of it from on-page to off-page to everything in-between.

    Keyword research is insanely important. Perhaps more-so than content and backlinks combined. Because if you’ve picked a phrase that’s too competitive all the content and links in the world can only get you so far.

    I knew most of this already, but there are a few things I didn’t think about in there as well. I’ll definitely keep this checklist in mind whenever I’m researching keywords for future projects.

    Keep up the great content, Nick. Your blog is rocking it.

    • Thanks Brad. It’s good to know that some people are finding my content useful. Most people will probably know some of this already but they tend to miss steps out, which does come back to bite you when you are trying to work out why your aren’t no 1 yet. I have done it a few times, rushed into a project without covering all the steps and then had to settle for ranking no. 5. This is the check list I go by now, so I thought I would share it for you guys to use too. It helps me find keywords that are profitable and easy to rank no. 1 for. When you get in the swing of it you can actually find easy to rank keywords fairly quickly.


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