Free Backlinks You Can Get Right Now

Free backlinks that you can get right nowHere we have free backlinks you can get right now:

I have ranked sites number 1 in Google search with these links alone.

If you combine these free backlinks with high page authority Web 2.0 backlinks you have a very powerful ranking strategy.

I use these free backlinks for diversity, to mix up my anchor text.

My complete ranking strategy that works for any site includes:

  • Web 2.0 backlinks with high page authority
  • Social signals
  • The free backlinks shown here
  • Private blog network backlinks

You should take a look at my do it yourself seo guide for my complete step by step ranking strategy.

I have ranked a site no. 1 with a keyword difficulty of 24 using just the free backlinks shown below.

Rank keyword difficulty 24 with free backlinks

Before you go out and get these backlinks, you should always do some internal links first:

Go through all the content on your site and link back to your new content.

Vary your anchor text using your main keyword in there.

What you will need to get these backlinks:

  • Video
  • 8 unique articles
  • 8 images

I will do all these backlinks for my Web 2.0 Backlinks post on expired web 2 sites to show what effect they can have on your ranking.

Make sure that you choose a profitable keyword that has low competition to spend your back linking efforts on.

Let’s Get Those Free Backlinks:

It takes a little time and effort to get these backlinks.

Make sure that you have selected the right keyword to see a good return on your time investment.

Step 1: YouTube

I always start off with a you tube video. This is super simple. Record a short video showing the new content that you just created.

In the description area drop a backlink to your money site. Remember to surround the link with text including the keyword that you want to rank for.

Make sure your video title has your keyword in there. Be sure to save your video file name by the keyword you want to rank for.

I always make the video about one minute long, then it will not take too long to upload. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything special, just a quick shot of your website.

That’s it. You have your first free backlink. I always do this step first because I like to embed the video into some web 2 sites that I create.

That’s my video, as you can see it is nothing special. This video is purely done for the free backlink and nothing more.

You should take a look at the video on YouTube to see how I got the backlink in the description. Remember to add some content around the text. I just write whatever pops into my head on the subject while the video uploads.

Step 2: Web 2.0 Sites

Here we have 16 of the best Web 2.0 sites for seo.

For this Web 2.0 backlink strategy you are going to need to write 8 unique articles. Do not scrape or spin these articles, write them yourself, this way you are pretty much guaranteed to get your backlinks indexed and recognised by Google.

Remember, you are promoting your site here, each and every backlink that you create is an asset and should be done with care.

We are going to create 8 articles of content, these will be our Web 2.0 Tier 1 links.

Then we are going to spin these articles, they will be used as our Web 2.0 Tier 2 links.

I like to build a two tier link wheel for my web 2.0 backlink strategy.

If you build a Web 2.0 site and link it to your money site and do not build any backlinks to that web 2 site it is known as an orphaned page. This kind of backlink will not have much affect on your Google ranking.

This is why I like to build a Web 2.0 link wheel. This way you get backlinks to your money site, and all your Web 2.0 sites get backlinks too.

The image below describes how this is done:

Free Web 2.0 Backlink Strategy

This method ensures all your Web 2.0 sites have relevant contextual backlinks pointing to them.

All Web 2.0 Sites backlink to your money site, including the tier 2 sites.

Get yourself a coffee, and write 8 articles between 500 and 800 words long. I usually try to aim for around 500 words.

If you are feeling lazy, you can use a free voice to text software. This way you will never have to type an article, you just talk and the software writes it for you. I have not used these personally, I prefer to type.

Make sure each article has a different title, which includes your keyword at the beginning.

I use to get my titles. Just input your keyword, and hey presto, you have a load of titles for your 8 pieces of content. This tool is free of course.

Use to get your content titles

Now I set up some web 2.0 sites. I get a free email from yahoo or and use that one email to set up all the web 2.0 sites.

Make sure the sub domain URL has your keyword in there.

Top Web 2.0 sites for backlinks:

  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Jimdo
  • Bravesites
  • Webnode
  • Blogspot
  • DrupalGardens (closed) you can replace with one of the extra web 2.0 sites listed below
  • Angelfire
  • Yolasite
  • Blog
  • Strikingly
  • Wix
  • Sites.Google
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Webs

Some Web 2.0 platforms will remove your site, and your backlinks. The sites listed above are tried and tested, the links you create from these sites will stick.

Some will shut your site down for inactivity. The sites listed above do not.

More web 2.0 sites:


Now go ahead and add the 8 unique articles that you just wrote to the Tier 1 web 2.0 sites. Make sure you link them all as shown in the image above. I add the content to all the sites first, I then add the backlinks later.

You can also link out to another authority site, do not link out to a competitor. This is a top ranking site for your selected keyword. I usually link out to another authority site every third Web 2.0 site that I create, I do not do this on every Web 2.0 site.

We are trying to make things look as natural as possible here.

Make sure you add at least one image to each Web 2.0 Site. Make sure that the image file is named with your keywords in there.

I also add the video that we created in step 1 to some of the Web 2.0 sites.

Vary your anchor text as shown below:

  • Keyword
  • URL
  • Click Here

You need to make sure your backlinks get indexed in Google:

First add the Web 2.0 URL to This is free to use.

Then add the Web 2.0 URL to This is free to use too.

Lastly, Google “Submit URL to Google”. Then add your URL to Google search index.

If for whatever reason that does not get your Web 2.0 URL indexed, then fire a few Twitter and Facebook links at the page. You could even do a few Social Bookmarks for the site. This is sure to index your new Web 2.0 site.

Now put your Web 2.0 site URL into Google search to make sure that it has been indexed. There is no point in creating these Web 2.0 backlinks unless Google knows that they exist.

Next we need to spin the 8 articles used in Tier 1 to add to our Tier 2 Web 2.0 sites.

I use to spin articles, it is free to use. For a free spinner it is really very good, the articles it spins are actually readable.

To make a completely new article I take parts of each of the 8 original articles and fuse them togther to make a new article. Then I spin it.

Use to create unique articles for your Tier 2 Web 2.0 sites

So I would copy and paste paragraph 1 from article 1 into spin bot. Then I would copy paragraph 2 from article 2 and paste into spin bot. Then do paragraph 3 from article 3, and so on and so forth until I get to article 8. Then spin it, and there you go, you have a completely readable unique article for one of your Tier 2 Web 2.0 sites.

For the second Web 2.0 site in Tier 2 I will do the same again, but this time I will use paragraph 2 from article 1. I will use paragraph 1 from article 2, I think you get the drift.

Keep going with this process until you have 8 new articles and then pop them onto your Tier 2 Web 2.0 sites. Make sure you link these sites up.

This is what my web 2.0 link wheel finished up like:

My web 2.0 link wheel free backlinks

As you can see, I have 8 web 2 sites in tier 1. I also have 8 web 2 sites in tier 2.

You should record all your backlinks in a spreadsheet as I have done. Make a note of the site URL and the anchor text used.

As you can see, I mixed up my anchor text. The green URL’s are the ones that have been indexed in Google search.

Go ahead and take a look at the content on some of the web 2 sites, you can also see how I have linked them up.

As you will probably notice, there is no in my web 2.0 link wheel, this is due to the fact that their site was down when I created the backlinks. I just added another blogspot site in its place.

Step 3: Doc Share Sites

I always do this step after the Web 2.0 sites. This is because I spin the unique content I wrote for the Web 2’s to generate new content for the Doc Shares.

Best Doc Share sites:

  • Issuu
  • Zoho
  • Drive.Google
  • Dropbox
  • Edocr

Of course there are loads more doc share sites. Believe me, I have tried them all. I now stick to these five for a very good reason. This is because these are the only sites that seem to index in Google for me.

This next part is a great time saver. I will show you how to spin your web 2 content to create new content for your doc share sites.

I only use free tools for this. Keeping this tutorial completely free to do.

Go to your first web 2 site, in my case it was WordPress. Copy and Paste the entire article into SpinBot and spin.

Copy and paste the re-written text into a text editor, I will use Apache Open Office because it is free.

Add your free backlink to your document

Make sure you add your free backlink to the document. You can also add an image in there too if you want.

If you want to link out to another authority site then do so, I don’t bother.

Now save the file as a .doc

Go to the first Doc Share site on the list above. Go ahead and sign up.

Then upload the doc file that you just created and hit the publish button.

With some of the sites you will need to make the document visible for everyone to see on the net.

Then you will have a free doc share backlink

Then you can take a look at your free Doc Share backlink.

Take not of the URL and follow the process above to get it indexed in Google.

Now go ahead and follow the same process for all the Doc Share sites.

For the second Doc Share site spin the second article on your second web 2 site.

I do not upload the same piece of content to each Doc Share site.

Take a look at how I set up my free Doc Share backlinks

Take a look at how I have set up my free Doc Share backlinks. You will notice that I have varied my anchor text again.

Step 4: Image Sharing sites


Upload the images that you added to your web 2.0 sites. Make sure you get your free backlink in the image description.

It's easy to get a free image share backlink

There you have it, a free image share backlink. Go ahead and do this for all 9 image share sites.

This is going to add some good diversity to your backlink profile.

Step 5: Niche relevant blog comments

There is a quick and rather very easy way to get niche relevant blog comments.

Free Weebly sites accept comments right away without moderation.

So do this Google search:

your keyword + weebly + comment

Go to the site and get your free comment backlink.

Always use your name as the anchor text, e.g Nick@RankersParadise, or your URL.

Go and get some free blog comment backlinks for anchor diversity

Step 6: Extras


It takes just 2 minutes to get a free Faceplate backlink

You can add any number, or all of these free links to your backlink profile.

I know that it takes a little time, but it is worth it if you have selected the right keyword.

If you do not want to do the work yourself you can buy backlinks cheap in our SEO store.

They are proven to work, they will save you a lot of time and money.

Step 7: Social Bookmarks


Get free backlinks from bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon

Of course there are loads more, I do not use them because the links get removed as spam.

Step 8: Steal your competitors backlinks

You can steal your competitors backlinks using free software called SEO SpyGlass.

First of all, go to Google and search your keyword.

Google your kewyord to find your main competitors

Now we have a list of our competitors. Let’s find and steal their backlinks. Open SEO SpyGlass.

Pop in the URL of your main competitor

Insert the URL of your main competitor and hit the “next” button.

Wait for SEO SpyGlass to collect the backlink data. Then hit the “finish” button.

Take a look at your competitors backlinks and get them for yourself

You will then be presented with a complete list of all backlinks pointing to your competitors site. The easiest backlinks to get, which you can get right away, are the ones from blogs, forums and link directories.

SEO SpyGlass allows us to take a look at these links separately.

Go ahead and get blog comment backlinks and the forum backlinks

You can click on the “Backlinks from blog & forums” tab, you can then visit the site and get these backlinks right away. These will of course be backlinks from blog comments and forum posts.

You can then click on the “Backlinks from link directories” tab, go to the URL and get those backlinks free and easy.

If you go back to the “All backlinks” tab, you can visit the remaining sites to reach out by email and ask for a backlink, either from the existing post or even from a guest post.

Let the site owner know about your amazing new content, you will be surprised at how many backlinks you can get this way.

Step 9: Grab some dead links

The trick here is to find expired sites in your niche. You then notify the sites that link to the expired site that they no longer exist.

You then politely ask the site to replace the dead backlink with a link to your related content on your site.

Let’s get started:

First of all we need to find expired domains in our niche that have lots of backlinks pointing to them.

To do find the expired domains we are going to go to The site is free to sign up for and use any time.

Enter your keyword to find loads of expired domains in your niche

Enter your niche keyword in the search bar and hit the “search” button.

Then click on the “DP” column (circled red). This gives you the sites with the most backlinks from the most domains at the top of your search list.

Now we have a load of expired web sites in our niche.

We can now find sites that link to these dead sites using SEO SpyGlass. Then we tell the site owner that their content links to a dead site. We then ask if they would mind using our site as a replacement for the dead link.

Go to SEO SpyGlass and enter the top domain into the “URL to analyse” bar and click the “next” button.

Now visit the site to grab your dead backlink

Take a look down the list to find a site that you would like a backlink from.

You can take a look at the metrics of each site using MozBar in order to analyse if it is a link worth getting.

If there are no decent sites, move on to the next site down on the list over at

When you find a site that you want a backlink from you need to visit the site.

Now you need to locate the contact page and inform the webmaster that their site has a broken link on that particular page.

Gently tell the site owner about your related content. Inform them how it would be a nice addition or replacement for the dead link within their content.

You are doing the site owner a favour, you have located a dead link on their site. You will get a backlink as a reward. Well that’s the theory anyway.

This step is a little time consuming, but you can get some pretty powerful backlinks using this method.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Step 10: Find niche targeted directories

Do this Google search string:

keyword + directory

keyword directories

keyword + “submit site”

Get some free directory backlinks if you can

Step 11: Find niche relevant forums

Again this is another simple Google search string:

forum + keyword

keyword + forum

Go and get some free forum backlinks if there is something available in your niche

That’s it, a whole load of free backlinks for you to be getting on with.

I only use these free backlinks to add diversity to my anchor text.

If you use these backlinks, the expired web 2 backlinks and private blog network backlinks you have a very good ranking strategy.

You can always start your backlink mission with these free backlinks, remember to log your ranking position. I have ranked sites with these links alone, so it is possible.

Get Someone Else To Do All This Work For You

If this sounds like too much work for you, then there is a great service that I have used myself and know is really very good.

This particular gig will get you a lot of these backlinks here, and more actually, for just $20.

Get these free backlinks done for you:

Get all these free backlinks done for you

This is a very good service, you get a whole lot of work done here for just $20. It will save you loads of time.

I have used this service myself many times when I have been strapped for time.

The service will create you social bookmark backlinks and web 2.0 backlinks.

You will get Doc Shares done for you, web 2.0 sites done for you with log in details provided.

You even get social signals, which is worth the $20 alone.

Pretty much all the backlinks talked about here are done for you and you even get wiki backlinks thrown in there too.

I know that they also provide backlinks from high page authority web 2 sites too.

Yes, you can get these backlinks yourself for free. But if you are short on time, then this is the service for you.

You can get this done in the Rankers Paradise store, get it here.

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    • register a domain (branded) based on your keywords. You can also use to find a decent domain that already has backlinks pointing to it to give you a little head start. Make sure you do not get a spam site that has been removed from the index, do this by checking the backlink profile using SEO Spyglass, an over optimised site with lots of exact match anchor text or Chinese anchors is one to stay away from.

  1. Thanks a lot bro, maybe I will go for PBN in my next project now cause am not seeing Enough rank spike with tumblr though this is first month

    • Keep going with the Tumblr backlinks, you will get the results after 3 months…index them slow and steady…don’t be tempted to index too many or it will hurt your rank. Patience is a massive part of the ranking game, try and go too fast and you will only hurt your site. If you drop unique content to your Tumblrs you will improve rank. If you want some extra help drop me an email…

  2. Please I need your help with the site to create a youtube video with just a compilation of pictures and music. Just tell me the sites name to create youtube short video with picture and music

    • It’s just a step to index those links, I don’t bother to ping backlinks anymore, the index rate is very very low…it’s basically a waste of time. If you don’t want to use Google Console to index backlinks you can drop backlinks to your backlinks on heavy crawled sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus…it is highly likely Google spiders will find your backlinks then….if you use only one go for Google Plus 🙂

  3. Nick, I found that the link on the cannot be openned directly. When you click the link, it directs to a page shows the message below.

    You are attempting to visit a page that is not a BlackPlanet website.”

    Then our post link will be at the bottom of the page and needs to click once more to access our post. I think this is not suitable for our link wheel structure because the link juice can’t flow, am I right?

    • Yeah I have noticed that one just recently, it’s not the same as the Tumblr redirect….the link takes you to a stop page that has another link there to follow to get to your money site, which is not good at all….definitely avoid the site for backlinks from now on…

  4. Hey Nick, this is the second time I go through this post. It is very informative. I have some questions.

    When I create docs and bookmarks, blog and weebly comment, etc, etc. I point to the money site alone or I point to the money site+ tier 1,2 web 2.0? This is bugging me since I don’t know where to send those backlinks.

    Also, I should index the bookmarks, docs, that are no web 2.0?

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Hey Nick,

    Quick question, if i am targeting a site with 5 posts (5 keywords) like the Amazon case study you did, do i need to create 5 different linkwheels (8 tier 1+ 8 tier 2) for every post? Or they can share?

    Likewise for the Image sharing sites, Doc sharing sites, Extras etc, do i need to create 5 profiles for all 5 posts?

    Many many thanks in advance 🙂

  6. hi nick

    thee weebly blog comments url hyperlink or not if that link hyperlink how can add hyperlink i am trying add the code like this

    123 here i removed the (F) its not working for me

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  8. Hi Buddy,

    I just come across your website and find it very useful. I quickly bookmarked your posts the one I read. Your methods are extremely helpful and easy to implement. You just spoonfeeded and help the newbies and those who have confusion to create a SEO stratgey. You just give them complete recipe with exact details and quantity.

    Thank you so much and keep posting the great stuff 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Usman. Get the strategies in action and let me know how you get on. I will keep pumping out the content. Good to have you here….keep coming back for more 🙂

  9. Great find Nick! Maybe it would be a good idea to have a section where everybody could share any good finds in terms of gigs or even software that could help us all rank better. Forum? This gig looks great, perhaps I will also use it for month two. Thanks again for your hard work.

    • No problem. I have just purchased that particular gig. It has good feedback so I know it will be okay to use. I have been thinking about a forum here on Rankers for a while now, if you guys want it then I will make it happen asap. It would be good to have a place where people can share feedback on gigs and seo software they have used.

  10. Hi Nick, thank you for all of the amazing content. I’ve just noticed something small that has now put some doubt in my mind as to who to outsource the work to. I’ve noticed that you changed the link of the $5 gig that you recommend. It previously linked to a Fiverr gig by sugeng_rawuh but now links to an seoclerks gig by josyseo. Do you mind shedding some light as to why you changed your recommendation. Did you have a negative experience or is one gig better than the other? Thank you!

    • Hi Malvin, the Fiverr gig is still good, both are good actually for the price, it’s really up to you which one you choose. I want to keep the site fresh so I will change the gigs every now and again when I find a good one. I just discovered this great gig today, you get a lot done for just $5. PDF and Doc shares, press release, web 2.0 sites, 10 video sharing (with video creation), image shares, social bookmarks and more and it has great reviews. I am going to use this on my epilator review site in month 2 🙂

  11. Nick thank you so much for your reply.. The problem is that alexa and Ranksignals are not showing my all backlinks created, as I created about 200 and both tools are showing 44 backlinks so I thought may be all of them are still not indexed, that’s why the tools are not showing all links. Due to this traffic of the site is also very low. So what should I do?

    • No problem 🙂 You need to index the backlinks using Google search console. First of all make sure that your backlinks are indexed in Google, pop the URL into Google search. We don’t care if Alexa or Rank Signals know or don’t know about our backlinks, we want to make sure Google knows that our backlinks are there. If your backlink is indexed then great, you are set to rank. If your backlink is not indexed then add it to the Google search console, only add three per day per account. I would only index a max of 5 backlinks per day per page on each site.

  12. Wow amazing article. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative post. I have a question, do we also need to ping backlinks made through blog commenting, guest posting and profile linking to get them indexed?

    • You don’t need to ping any backlinks that are already indexed 🙂 So any blog comments that are done on pages that are already in the Google index do not need to be pinged. You will need to get a guest post indexed, use Google search console to get it indexed quickly. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. If one of the posts in the link wheel do not index, does it mean the whole link wheel loses its power?

    Also, a few of the sites on your list don’t work anymore as far as I can tell, like DreamWeaver. Do you have any recommendations for other Web 2.0 sites we can use?

    • If one of the posts in the link wheel does not index do not worry, the link wheel does not lose any ranking power. All the links will eventually index, that is the power of the link wheel. The big G spider moves around the sites and finds all the posts following the links.

      Yeah a few of those web 2.0 sites have either shut down or are very slow to load up. I simply replace them with another Tumblr blog or Blogspot. It doesn’t matter if you have two of the same sites in the link wheel.

      You can find a huge list of web 2.0 sites here.

  14. Hey Nick,

    I’ve started creating the link wheel you posted.
    Quick question, do we vary the interlink between each tier 2 web 2.0 properties?
    Also the link between tier 1 and tier 2, do we vary the anchor text as well?
    If so, will the ratio matter (since its between tier2 and tier 1).

    • Each tier 2 web 2.0 site will link to your money site (vary anchor text), will link to the next tier 2 site in the link wheel and will link to one tier 1 site. The anchor text to your money site will be mixed, do not use your exact keyword for anchor text every time. The anchor text for your links to the tier 2 and tier 1 web 2.0 sites use exact match keyword, you do not need to vary it. You do not need to vary the anchor text between web 2.0 sites, use exact match every time.

  15. Hey,

    Sir here i have one question. i am confused if am use free method should give back links to each post separate? or give to main URL of website. i.e
    POST A 5 back links form different sources
    Post B 5 back links form different sources
    or Main URL link to only
    Also I have an affiliate site according to keyword keywordrevealer difficulty of keywords is 24-29. Please tell me what method i test to rank these keywords also i have low budget. Thanks in advance.

    • You do the backlinks to the post you are trying to rank number one for. If you are trying to rank your homepage for a particular keyword then direct your backlinks to the homepage. If you are trying to rank an inner page, then drop the backlinks to that page.

      If you have a low budget you can use new web 2.0 sites only, i have ranked keywords with Keyword Revealer difficulty score of 24 with these links only. Do the new web 2.0 link wheel in month 1. Then do the doc share and image share backlinks in month 2. You can do another web 2.0 link wheel in month 3. Just make sure you add decent content to your web 2 sites to make this happen.

  16. Howdy would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re utilizing?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different browsers and I must
    say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you recommend a
    good web hosting provider at a honest price?
    Thanks, I appreciate it!

  17. Hey Nick,
    Here as per your strategy you are using web 2.0 and pbn links both, right?
    I am confused between these two. By PBN backlinks do you mean web 2.0 expired pbn? or the regular PBN?
    so if that is web 2.0 pbn then we need two types of web 2.0 properties, one is expired ones with authority which can used as PBN and other is fresh ones made for tier 2 backlinks, right?

    • I see web 2.0 and PBN as two different entities. I use both in my backlink strategy, yes.

      By PBN I mean self hosted blogs and not free blogs.

      I use expired web 2s that have backlinks and new web 2 for relevance. I use the power of the backlinks that point to the expired web 2 to push my sites up the SERPs. I use new web 2 sites to get my keyword into the sub domain URL to make it clear to Mr Google what my money site is about, it’s a good combination that works will for me.

      You can also use PBN (self hosted sites) backlinks for harder to rank keywords for that final push into the top spot if you need to.

      The link wheel shown on this page is made up of all new web 2.0 sites, none of which are expired web 2s. I don’t use the new web 2 sites as a tier 2 for the expired web 2 sites.

      Hope this clears it up 🙂

  18. We absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your post’s to be
    what precisely I’m looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content available
    for you? I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you write about here.
    Again, awesome weblog!

    • No one has asked me to guest write before. I would accept a guest post if it is in keeping with the rest of my content. Drop me an email with your thoughts and ideas on a post and we will take it from there. Thanks for dropping by.

  19. Hi Pro.
    you said, All Web 2.0 Sites backlink to your money site, including the tier 2 sites !!!
    I followed your links i saw that in tire 2 you gives your money site direct backlink, great, i got the idea.

    so, i have to index all my topics in google first and then insert the backlinks to be sure that the circle will close with indexed urls. this in tier 1 and same thing in tier 2.
    but you recommend to create tier 1 by my self to insure urls with my keyword, and i can purchase web2.0 in tier 2.

    any web2.0 site not indxed in google i have to break it out of circle before insert backlinks. do i understood this point well?

    • That is correct, even the tier 2 web 2.0 sites backlink to your money site. Link them all up as I have shown in the post to make them super powerful.

      You do not need to index the posts before you add the backlink to your money site, it is what I did. I think that it is the best idea to get your site live with content first, and then add the backlinks later. You can do it as you build them if you want to, it does not matter. It is the same with tier 1 and 2, add the backlinks to your money site whenever. I stagger it, to ensure my money site does not get too many backlinks too quickly over a set period.

      You can purchase web 2 for tier 1 and tier 2 if you do not have the time to do them yourself. This appears to be a good gig for creating the web 2 sites for you. You get the login details upon completion, you will just then need to link each web 2 blog up as shown in my tutorial.

      If any web 2 sites does not index you can leave it in the link wheel, it will eventually index. That’s the beauty of the link wheel, Google spider will follow your links and eventually pick them all up. You only really need to make sure that one site is indexed, the rest will follow as Google spider moves through them.

      • which do you prefer ?
        if i have 4 money site all are talking in same services can i point group A (tier 1&2) to each site. or you recommend gives privet link wheel to each site ?


        can i give each site out link from tier 2 ?

        • It is okay to backlink from tier 1 and 2 to all 4 of your money sites, it will save you time. You do not need to do a separate link wheel for each site. This is okay as long as your 4 money sites do not link to each other.

  20. Hi bro,

    Please clarify my doubt’s,

    May I use single IP for link wheel.
    How many gmail accounts need for indexing in Google..

    I usually link out to another authority site every third Web 2.0 site that I create, I do not do this on every Web 2.0 site. Clarify this statement.

    My kW and URL is same now how I use anchor text

    May I build daily 3 links for new site…

    Or how often give gap for free links

    Please clarify this

    • Yes you can use same IP for link wheel, I do and have not had any problems.

      The no. of Gmail accounts required all depends on how many URLs you are going to submit each day. For one account I only submit 3 URLs per day.

      Link out to an authority site in your niche, most seo’s go for a wikipedia page. Drop a link to the relevant wikipedia page related to your content. Only link out to another site that is not to your money site on every third web 2 that you create.

      If your keyword and URL are the same you do not need to have any branded anchor text backlinks. Go for:

      exact keyword
      random words (click here, go here, visit this site)

      3 links everyday to a new site is okay. You will experience the Google dance at first, your site will drop and then rise a few places, just stick with it and your ranking will improve over a 3 month period.

      Build 3 links and get them indexed every day until the link wheel is complete. I have a ranking schedule on my web 2.0 backlinks post that will be useful to you.

  21. Hi, nick! Thanks for your excellent post. I am beginning to be your fan from the two post I recently read. I am using a review website that has a huge search (18000) for the first keyword, and decent search (around 3500) for the second one. My first keyword is ranked in 29-32 position in google and the second one is at 16. I don’t know if I am being a bit cautious, but if I create my own web 2.0 then use the web 2.0 gigs from fever to backlink those (my created) web 2.0s? Will it work?

    I am an article writer, so writing quality of unique articles is not a problem. I just want to write my first tier web 2.0 with a fresh start and ranked those wb 2.0s with the bought gig web 2.0s. Hope, you have understood what I am trying to tell. I just want to take you suggestion. Thank you again.

    MD Muniruzzaman

    • Hi Munir, You can build your own tier 1 web 2’s and get tier 2 with the fiverr gig yes. Just make sure that you mix up your anchor text. The web 2 link wheel will certainly give you a ranking boost. If you use some expired Weebly and Tumblr blogs too it will definitely get you onto page one for your selected keywords.

      You could try this gig, it is only $1 for manual web 2 properties.

  22. Hi nick,

    Thanks a lot for giving brief explanation its clear my case any trouble I met let u know…

    P.S: your loving fan

  23. HI Nick,

    I have a big doubt in image posting i am unable to make anchor variation in first 3 sites unable to add ahref in description or to vary anchor text in image posting websites..

    P.S: Your loving fan

    • Hi Sam, Good to hear from you again.

      In you get your backlinks in the comments section, it will be a URL anchor. the image goes in the description that is overlaid on the slide share / image type video. Just copy and paste your URL into the description area, it will show on the slide share. You can only add your full URL as the anchor again. I do not use deviantart anymore, the images and links get removed too often, it’t not worth doing anymore. On Deviantart go to “submit art” then choose a file to upload and then upload. Then drop your URL into the description area under your image and hit “submit”. You will get your free backlink (URL anchor) under the image. These are great for getting URL anchor text backlinks. Let me know if you need any more help. Remember to get them indexed 🙂

  24. whoah this weblog is fantastic i love reading your posts.
    Stay up with the great work! You recognise that a lot of people are hunting around for this info, you could help them greatly.

  25. Sweet web site, super design, real clean and apply friendly. These free backlinks are going to come in handy for my new affiliate site. I am new to seo and this will help me out a lot. Thank you…

  26. Thank you for another wonderful article. Where else could anybody get that type of info in such an ideal way of writing?

    I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such info.

  27. Hey Nick,forst of all,i am drooling over the quality and research of your article.It is exceptional.

    Next,i have a question for you.Can you advise me on the number of words you write for each site.E.g. I have read articles where they mention that you need atleast 20k words on a niche site to rank.

    I have made a similiar plan for my site whcih i am planning to start in a week.It goes as :

    7 Product reviews of the top performing product in that Niche (around 800-1000 words each)
    5 General articles pertaining to that Niche ( around 500 – 700 words)
    1 Product comparison article,which will sit on my home page (around 2000 word)

    Do you think this strategy will work fine,or should i do some changes to it.
    Also,mostly,i will write the product comparisons myself and will hire someone to write the general article.Drop in someone you know who writes good articles,if you know.

    And again,really,this is like the ultimate resource for Link-building using Web 2.0.
    Bookmarked it straight away.

    • Thanks Abhijit. That strategy sounds great, it all depends on the no. of keywords that you have that you think that you can rank no. 1 for. A good site architecture helps you rank with internal backlinks, you need to get the sale funnel right, which will determine your site architecture. Go for keywords that are at the end of the sales funnel, buying keywords that are product numbers and long tail product names. Make sure that the keywords that you are trying to rank for are the top level on your nav bar. I always write my own content, let me know if you find anyone that is worth using.

  28. Hai Nick,
    Thanks for writing such an detailed guide on free authority backlinks.Your blog posts are alwayd engaging to me.
    I had sent you a email three days back using your contact page.But I didn’t got any reply from your side.Please once look into it.

    Sarybil Elder

  29. Awesome article Nick.


    1. I understand the uselessness of orphaned pages but isn’t it unsafe to link your different Web 2.0s to each other like a network? That is blatantly leaving footprints isn’t it?

    2. Now that Moz doesn’t show PA for Web 2.0s, is the gig you recommend on your Web 2.0 backlinks article (5 Tumblr, 5 Weebly expired blogs, PA28) still useful? And how can we check the authenticity (i.e PA) of the domains?

    3. Lastly, is Tumblr less powerful now, that you use it as a Tier 2 instead?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Owen,

      1. I would definitely not link up PBN sites that link to your money site, that is a big no no. But Web 2s are slightly different, it’s a small footprint yes but it’s nothing major that is going to have an affect on your money site. How will the Google algorithm detect that it is not natural, you can’t penalise a site that has backlinks from many web 2s linking to each other, it happens too often. I use the web 2 link wheel tactic all the time and it works a treat. Just don’t build many linkwheels to the same page, the same site is okay, just not the same piece of content.

      2. The 5 Tumblr and 5 Weebly gig is still useful yes, I have just used her gig recently. It’s not about the PA of the web 2 that you need to be concerned about, it’s the backlinks that point to the web 2. When you order the gig ask for many backlinks pointing to your expired web 2 sites, it’s what I do, she always comes up trumps for me. You can check the backlinks pointing to a web 2 site using the free tools mentioned on my web 2.0 backlinks page. Then use MozBar to check the site that backlinks to your web 2, if the many sites that backlink to your web 2 have high PA then you can be sure your web 2 has high PA too without having to use MozBar. Don’t worry about the PA metric, just be concerned about the no. of backlinks that point to your web 2, the more the better. Of course even just one quality backlink to your web 2 site will pass on some sweet ranking juice to your money site and have a positive effect on your ranking.

      3. Tumblr is as powerful as it ever was, I use it for tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks depending on the project I am working on. A Tumblr with many backlinks can help rank your site no. 1.

  30. I want to start my own website. Are there any places I can do this for free with minimum advertising on them? Or all free places have heaps of advertising?.

    • There are no places for free without advertising or having a sub domain that I know of. Buy a domain name cheap and get some very cheap hosting. Google: “$5 hosting”. You can get hosting for $5 a year, it’s very cheap to set up a single site these days.

  31. Nick. you dont have to reply for my question abive.
    Already got the answer in one of your reply above.
    Seriously i don wanna get on your nerves. lol
    I will follow your strategies.
    50Backlink with only 1pbn no exact anchor text.
    Then see how it goes.
    You awesome!????

    • It’s no problem at all Jeff, I am only too happy to help. If you use these strategies you are guaranteed to improve your ranking. It works for me every time without fail. Happy ranking. Make sure you log your backlinks and ranking position to keep track on movement in the results pages.

  32. Thank you very much Nick.
    Ok i promise. this is my Last question.
    Pbn links. if i m not wrong u mentioned we can use exact anchor text, meaning same exact targeting keywords.
    Say if i purchased 50 pbn domains from your recommended service provider, whats the strategies like?
    I mean to rank a keyword with keyword difficult in kwrevealer like 40 with 1000 seraches monthly.
    Ok i know u will advice me to go for an easier keyword but i really want to rank this keyword .
    How to exploit on the pbn in this case?
    Btw, is it advisable to even insert even 1 exact anchor text?
    O i never use pbn in my life buy always wanted to test it out.
    I know its at my own risk but i also know if used Correctly pbn is powerful. theres right way and wrong way to use pbn.
    Whats the right way?
    Once again Thank You.

    • Jeff you can rank any keyword competition that you want to with these PBN tactics, it just takes a bit longer to achieve. Going for a harder keyword is worth going for if the ROI is going to be high. Is the time it takes to rank for this keyword going to be worth all the effort? You need to estimate your monthly return when you rank no. 1.

      You could use 50 PBN backlinks to your page, just make sure that you mix up the anchor text as described. Be sure to only do one exact match keyword anchor every 50 backlinks created.

      The right way to use a PBN is not to interlink them, and to not leave any footprints. The PBN needs to be set up on different servers with different C-Class IPs. The domains need to be registered with different registrars – the WhoIs privacy needs to be on. If you can’t get WhoIs privacy then you need to register the domain under a fake name. You also need to mix up the server location. The sites need to be set up on different platforms and use different Themes and Plugins.

      If you are a beginner it’s not advised to set up your own PBN. This is why I have tried and tested some for you and recommended them for you here. I have used them and know that they work.

      Ask as many questions as you need to, I don’t mind at all.

  33. Thanks man.
    So you see what think below is right or wrong.
    First, create own unique valuable content related to my Niche.
    Secind, find seoclerks fiver or peoplesperhour to check for guest post url for sale.
    Once i checked out some good ones via good reviews comments and the seller has a high level seller badge, i asked them to email me their url.
    Third, i iuse OSE or any backlink tools to check out the links pointing towards them to make sure its high quality and non spammy.
    Finally if i m satisfied i buy.
    Is all steps above correct?
    Now what puzzles me is the relevant niche thing.
    Is it important to note the anchor text for the liNks that are pointing to the url?
    Lets say i wanna target main keyword “Portable camping gadgets” then the liNks that are poiNting to the guest post are like using same anchor text as well, is this ok?
    Oh btw, can i input exact keyword”Portable camping gadgets” in the guest post or not advisable?
    My common sense tells me the saftest bet to place exact anchor text is in this guest post.
    My plan is to get only 1 guest post to link to my main page then link internally to spread the link juice as well as to rank other longtail keywords easily without building links for Every Longtail keyword.
    Please advice me, Nick.
    Oh what a problem child i am.
    Any feedback appreciated.

    • That is correct;
      1. write your content
      2. find a site for your guest post
      3. Check there are no spammy backlinks pointing to the site
      4. Purchase and get your backlink

      Don’t worry about the anchor text pointing to the site, just make sure the site has some decent backlinks pointing to it from decent looking sites that look real.

      I only ever use exact match anchor text on my guest posts. I use all the other free backlinks to vary my anchor text. Go for an exact match anchor text of around 1 or 2%. The key is the have 40% unique (all different) long anchor texts e.g “these portable gadgets for camping make life so much easier” the idea is to get your keywords in there.

      To get started, open excel, write down 50 anchor text down one column. do:

      20 long unique anchor text
      25 URL anchor text
      2 webmasters name
      2 random words (click here, go here)
      1 exact match anchor text

      That’s 50 backlinks. Do all your keyword variations before you do the exact match anchor, which will be from the guest post, which will be niche related from a decent domain.

      Get the other 49 backlinks from expired web 2s, free new web 2s, image shares, doc shares and even PBN posts.

      This will work a treat. When you have finished this, repeat until you rank no. 1.

      It’s not problem. I am happy to help.

  34. Hi Nick, sorry i just asked a dumb question regarding guestpost.
    Yeah i figure out that you mean buy it.
    I think this is one good way to score a quality backlink and its white hat.
    So how do we go about to choose the right ones or sites that provide sich services?
    And can u share what sorts of guidelines you will give to the writer ?
    Finally do u have some regular ones to recommend which you engaged before with trustworthiness?

    Thanks once again.

    • A guest post is a great way to get a niche relevant backlink. There are sites out there that link you up with people looking for guests posts. You submit your content and people let you know if they want it on their site or not. I do not do this because it takes way too long for me, I just buy niche relevant guest posts on Fiverr and seoclerks to get things done fast. Be sure to check the site before you buy, message them for the URL and use MozBar to check authority and the quality of it’s backlinks. You could Google: YOUR KEYWORD “guest posts”. You could also use MyBlogGuest which is a community of guest bloggers, I have not used this so I can’t recommend.

  35. Yeah, I think my sites are in desperate need of backlinks.

    I had awesome success on one site I started last year using similar strategies that you’ve described on your blog – mostly web 2.0s, niche relevant blog comments, etc (all boosted with tier 2/3 links) – and I rank in the top 5 for keywords with 30-40 difficulty scores in Keyword Revealer even now.

    So I think I just need to get out there and build the links, boost them, and keep going until everything is in the top 3.

  36. Sigh. i do understand the low competition stuff. but nowadays low competition also mean low searches. imean for commercial intent keywords.
    Also i kinda struggle to build authority in a niche or lots of micro niches just to make some pennies.

    Some say why 10 micro rather an authority site. some say 10 micro faster to rank and see results though not much .

    Whats your advice Nick?
    Also if i m not wrong your web2 backlinks keyword is only 110 searches per month.

    So say a keyword with slight difficulty but 1000 serches, how many web 2 we got to add?or i shall say how many pbn needed and how long it can last?

    Read about horror stuff of the google pbn deindex donkey monster.

    Thanks in advance.

    • It’s really good to hit long term buying keywords even if they do not have a lot of monthly searches. You have to evaluate your ROI. You need to estimate what you are going to make on that keyword when it ranks no. 1. You will know your conversion rate, you should also have a high value item price. If you are struggling with Amazon then try clickbank, you get a better return on your affiliate sales. The higher the return the less traffic you need to convert to get a good return on your time investment. Look for long tail keywords that have low competition.

      I don’t think a site needs to have loads of content, the content just needs to be really good and useful. My advice for a beginner going into affiliate marketing would be to really do your homework on a niche before you go into it. Take the time to build a keyword list that you can be confident to rank for. Try to get 5 awesome keywords per niche at least and then build a site around them. Then go to town on building your expired web 2 backlinks and get it ranking.

      I chose the keyword “web 2.0 backlinks” because it was low competition, yes, and because I will see a result on my time investment on that piece of content. I did not have to do a lot of work to rank it on the first page. This keyword does only get 110 searches a month, but it also brings in some traffic from long tail keywords too that actually convert high, so I don’t need a lot of traffic to see a return on my time for that content. It’s all about research and using your time wisely.

      If a keyword has 1000 monthly searches and has medium difficulty I would add 47 web 2 backlinks, 2 blog comments backlinks and 1 PBN backlink. This all depends on the top ranking sites for your chosen keyword.

      I am just ranking a site now with a medium strength keyword with 6,600 monthly searches. I know that 50 backlinks will rank the site for sure. This is how I am distributing my anchor text:

      20 backlinks will be unique long anchor text (e.g I love this web 2.0 backlinks strategy, it really works)
      12 backlinks will be URL
      13 will be domain name
      2 will be webmasters name from blog comments
      2 will be (click here and go here)
      1 will be exact match keyword and this will be the PBN backlink.

      You could also add some branded anchor text backlinks in there too, I did not do it for this project because the URL is the keyword. I don’t normally use exact match keyword URL but I had this one there for a while and decided to put it to use.

      I started this project 5 days ago and I am on page one for my selected keyword already.

      PBN can be dangerous, it all depends on how well they have been set up to avoid leaving footprints. You definitely only use them at your own risk.

      For my one outsourced backlink for my current project I will get a niche relevant guest post from a decent site on fiverr or seoclerks. You will not have any problems if you do your research well before hand.

      Good luck. If you need any help just send me an email.

      • Nick, what do you consider to be medium competition and high competition in terms of Keyword Revealer difficulty scores?

        Also, for the keyword you’re talking about – how many backlinks did you make within the first 5 days? That’s really fast for hitting page 1.

        • Hi Brad, good to hear from you again. I say medium competition on Keyword Revealer is between 24 and 30, 30+ is high competition. It’s really important that you only use Keyword Revealer as a starter for your keyword research. If you get a pretty low competition score you can then move onto the next step, take a look at the top ten sites for your selected keyword, most importantly the top ranked site. Pop the Top ranked site into SEO SpyGlass, take a look at their anchor text distribution and the quality of the sites that backlink to them. You need to spot a weakness that you can exploit, most recently I found a good “best” keyword, the top ranking site had around 60 backlinks, when I looked at the backlinking sites the backlinks were all from non related sites (not niche relevant – definitely a cheap PBN), I found a weakness and knew I could out rank them with 60 niche relevant PBN backlinks, and I did. I just had to evaluate how I would get those niche relevant contextual links and how much it would cost me, which was pretty low considering how long that particular site will bring me in affiliate commissions.

          For the site I am currently working on I got 58 backlinks in 5 days. First day I did 4 backlinks, second day 12 backlinks, third day 11 backlinks, fourth day 12 backlinks, fifth day 19 backlinks. This is actually more than I planned to do, I got a few extra blog comments for good measure. I will leave this page now, see how it climbs the rankings. I would say that I will not need to add any more backlinks, if I do I will only add niche relevant guest post links, it will rank me no. 1 for sure, certainly within two months.

          You must bear in mind that this is an aged site that I registered in 2013, it had content on there until it got hacked and had some malware injected into the files. So I took the site down for at least a year, it had dropped out of the search engine index. I knew I would would most definitely rank high quickly for the selected keyword, the top ranking site is an affiliate site with very thin content on there. I was just waiting for an opportunity to use that aged domain again.

          You can achieve the same results if you buy an aged domain, you just need to check it’s backlink profile to make sure it’s not a spam site. You can also check to see the quality of the previous content that was on the site over at Wayback Machine. Getting an aged domain that has been dropped in the last 30 days and is still indexed in Google search is a good sign that it’s not a spam site.

          • Yeah, the majority of my sites that I’m working on are at least 1 year old. Some are 2-3 years old. They’re established, have a good amount of relevant content, etc. The DA/PA scores are decent as well (i.e. 20-25+ for both). A lot of them are already ranking on page 2-5 with no links built.

            I’m basically going back and building links to these sites to bump them up the rankings and get them to actually earning decent sales. They’re in niches I know do well. I just need the rankings to get traffic for sales.

            Right now I’m working on building a bunch of new web 2.0s, expired web 2.0s, niche-relevant comments, and bookmarks to them. Plus, for the tougher ones, throwing in a few PBN links.

            Starting to use the anchor strategy you mentioned by using long phrases with partial match keywords in them as the anchors. I think that’s really smart and will be great for long-term sites since it’s a lot more natural.

            Also going to try and keep my exact match anchors around 3% or lower. I did 8-10% on the set I started last month and now, after 30+ days, I’ve seen some dips to page 5-7 which I think is due to over-optimization penalties. I’m pushing a bunch of generic, branded, and URL anchors to those properties now for the next month or so to hopefully recover those rankings.

            But now I’m working on other sites and sticking to a 3% or lower exact match rate and, as I said, using a lot of the long-phrase partial matches as anchors, as well as bare URLs and generic phrases.

            • Sounds like your sites are just crying out for backlinks, you are all set to start ranking. You have the hard part taken care of, sites are all set up and content is done. My latest site only has one page of content, the rest of the site is made up of the contact page and about us etc. You do not need a lot of content, it just needs to be useful. When you hit the first page backlinks come naturally and ranking improves by itself.

              You need to have a plan, pick out the keywords that you think will be most profitable and work on those pages first. Sounds like you are on the right track with your backlinks. If you are only going to have a few PBN backlinks make sure they are niche relevant.

              The long phrase anchor text is working well for me at the moment, it helps you rank for other long tail keyword phrases too. Keeping exact match low is critical, but I wouldn’t get too hung up on percentages there. The best move is to check what the top ranking sites are doing for your selected keyword. For my latest project my exact match anchor is 2%. I have sites with a lot higher than this ranking no. 1, every project is different for me.

              Anchor text ratio like this is good:

              40% unique long anchor
              30% Brand – Google has a stonk on for brands 🙂
              10% URL – HTTP
              10% URL –
              5% Webmasters name
              4% click here and other random words
              1% Exact match keyword anchor

              This is a good starting point. Monitor your rankings and if you need a boost then add another exact match PBN link in there. Nothing in seo is exact, keep experimenting and the ranking will come. If you don’t see a change then it’s important to change what you are doing, do not keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.

              Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep on going, you will get there.

        • Hi Nick, when you mentioned getting niche relevant guest posts fiverr or seoclerks, what exactly does it mean?
          Buy or write a guest post or its create own content then outreach to fiverr or seoclerks relevant site for backlinks?

          Kinda confused here.

          Thank you in advance

          • My latest site is in the health niche, so I go to fiverr or seoclerks and find guest post gigs in that niche. I will write the content and then purchase the guest post gig. Always ask to check the URL first, check the backlinks to the site. There is a lot of rubbish on there. A niche relevant contextual backlink works wonders.

            A guest post gig should be better than a PBN gig. The Guest Post site will have high domain authority and lots of regular content on there and real visitors passing on traffic to your money site.

            A PBN is a link from a site that will more than likely have lots of spun content on there and is just there for quick backlinks. It is a little confusing when you are purchasing the links.

            Hope this helps.

  37. Sorry Nick. i mean why you dont appear earlier in the scene?
    But now i wish you dont have many audience to this blog.
    Call me

    • I started out many years ago in affiliate marketing and have only just had the time to share my backlink strategy. I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I want to help people succeed too. It is very hard at the beginning, I wasted a lot of time making many mistakes, so I will help people here to save time and not make the mistakes that I did.

  38. Extremely stunning! I dont wanna sound like a broken record but, why nick you dont appear in the scene for niche marketing?
    I just wanna ask : so you mean for every post on my money site i need to create 8,related posts and follow your steps above?,
    Or its 1 web 2 article for 1 money site post?
    Pardon me Nick.
    I know web2 is powerful but kinda confused.
    Last question: if say i really wanna rank a keyword with keyword revealer showing above 40 which means difficult to rank, what is your advice?
    My dream is to be an authority niche site but not a micro niche one.
    Say example Camping Gear?
    Pretty difficult in keyword revealer.
    Thank you a million. omg thank you again. you are a gilmpsr of light in this every niche is competitive internet marketing world.


    • If you are working around a particular niche all of your posts will be related.

      If I understand you right, you do one article on your money site based around one keyword. Then you publish more unique articles based around the same keyword on other sites for your backlinks.

      If you have a keyword difficulty above 40 I would recommend doing guest blog posts on niche specific sites. Your backlinks have to come from relevant sites and be contextual.

      I would highly recommend finding keyword with low competition. Taking your time finding a good niche is the most important step, rushing this part is the be all and end all of being successful or not.

  39. Hey Nick – great article as always.

    The weebly comments for backlinks. Is that the name that’s being linked or can you drop one in the actual comment. Tried putting a link in a comment, but it was just the text without the a href.

    What about the image sharing sites (pinterest for example). Let’s say an article has 5 pictures – do you pin all 5 pics linking to the article or just one representing the article.
    And do you upload the same picture to the image sharing sites or mix it up?

    • Thanks Bo. For the Weebly comments backlinks it’s the name where your link comes from. Use them for diversity in your anchor text, use your Name for the anchor so everything looks natural. I only use Weebly for quick comment backlinks because they are not moderated, they go live right away.

      With the image shares I use a different image each time, you can use the same image every time if you wish. If you have 5 images in an article I would definitely put all 5 on Pinterest and drop a backlink in the description.

      It’s definitely good to mix up the images you use on the image share sites, makes it more likely that they will get indexed. You could even use the same image but change the file name :-).

      Thank’s for stopping by. If you need any help just drop me a message any time. Good luck ranking.


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