Buy Good Quality Backlinks: Unlock Rankings For a #1 SEO Impact!



Elevate Your Website’s Authority and Rankings and Buy Good Quality Backlinks for Lasting SEO Impact! Get improved visibility and traffic.

This SEO service is perfect for any website new or aged.

Rankers Paradise allow you to buy backlinks that have been tried and tested. These links get real ranking results. We use the same links to rank our own websites.

Now let’s take a look at what you are going to get when you buy this package/backlinks.

Buy Good Quality Backlinks – Package Details

When you buy these backlinks that are of the very best quality you will receive:

Tier 1

  • 50 High DA Private Blog Website (all on different IPs)
  • 5 SideBar/Footer Backlinks (on our private blogs – real websites – NOT WEB 2)
  • 5 Guest Posts on Our Private Google News Approved Sites with MOZ DA 50+
  • 20 EDU/GOV Profile Links (we hand write the descriptions)
  • 100 Mixed Very High DA Links (Articles, Images, Web 2, Social Bookmarks, PDF/DOC, and more)

Buy Good Quality Backlinks on Google news sites with very good metrics

The image shows Ahrefs metrics for one of our Google news approved blogs that you will buy backlinks on as part of this good quality package.

Tier 2

  • 5000 EDU/GOV Backlinks – Very high authority and high crawl rate sites
  • 200+ Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • 200+ Web Directory Links
  • 300+ Social Bookmarks
  • 100+ Contextual Wiki Backlinks



We use different private blog sites for adult and casino sites. This means if you website is not in that niche your content will not be on sites with that type of content on them.

We use AI to generate high quality and 100% unique content in any language. The content that we use will be niche related and 100% unique.

We hand write the descriptions for the profile links. The links are placed on website that have a high crawl rate by Google bot. This means your backlinks are found and your rankings will change.

We give a mix of NoFollow and DoFollow backlinks to ensure your backlink profile is natural.

The majority of the links will be DoFollow.

What do you need to do to get started?

Add the Buy Good Quality Backlinks service to your cart and head on over to the checkout. At the checkout you will need to give us the following details:

  1. Your Website URL (we can split the links across many URLs)
  2. Your Keywords

At the checkout you will also be prompted to provide your Email address. We will email you the full backlink report when the work has been completed.

Delivery Time: 5 Days


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