The 301 Elevator Effect

ThisThe 301 Elevator Effect Ranking Strategy is a dirty little ranking boost trick that I like to call the 301 elevator effect.

I was thinking one day; “how can I boost my site up the SERPs with very little effort and just 20 minutes work?”.

I decided that I would use 301 re-direct backlinks powered up with a load of spam GSA SER backlinks.

Do not worry if you do not have the GSA SER SEO software, you can use a $1 seoclerk gig to cover this step.

I did not want the 301 re-directs with lots of spam backlinks pointing directly at my money site.

So I decided I would point the 301 re-directs at a high domain authority site, these sites can take the hit. There is nothing better than a web 2 for this.

So basically the 301 elevator consists of:

  • 1 web 2 site with a backlink to your money site
  • 3 new exact match domain names (EMD) which 301 re-direct to the web 2 site
  • Lots of GSA SER backlinks pointing at the 3 new domains

I was amazed at how effective this little ranking boost method was on my money site.

How The 301 Elevator Effect Strategy LooksAfter just three days my site shot up from page 2 to Google rank 5.

As the GSA SER backlinks indexed over the following two months the site hit the number 1 spot.

So it pretty much took me 20 minutes to 1 hour to rank my site No.1 in Google search. Although I did have to wait just under 3 months for it to happen.

This is a set and forget ranking method.

I had been so impressed with the results that I was not going to do a post on this, I thought I would just share it with my subscribers by email. But then I thought, why not give it to everyone.

I waited a further month before I wrote this post to make sure that the ranking sticks, and it has.

So let’s get started:

Step 1: Setting Up Your New Web 2 Site

You have to do this step first.

You can use any web 2 site for this, I used WordPress.

Go ahead and set up your free WordPress blog

You can also use Tumblr, Jimdo, Weebly or any of the other web 2 sites featured in my free backlinks post.

You need to make sure that you get your exact keyword in the sub domain URL or your web 2.

So your web 2 url will be:

If the exact keyword URL isΒ taken use a stop word before your keyword.

Google ignores a stop word, it will just register your keyword and pass over the stop word.

For example:

If your keyword is “best breast pump” use;

You could also use something like: or

I think you have got the message:

Make sure that your keyword is in the sub url.

Now you need to add 500 words or more of unique content to your new web 2 site.

Make sure that:

  • Your keyword is in the main heading (H1)
  • Your keyword is in a sub-heading (H2)
  • Add an image to the post (put keyword in ALT tag)
  • Add a related video from YouTube at the end of your post (does not have to be your own)

Then do a backlink from the web 2 to your money site.

Make sure that the anchor text is the exact keyword that you want to rank for e.g “best breast pump”.

This next part is very important, do not miss this step.

You have to get your web 2 site indexed in Google search.

So head on over to Google search and type in “add url to google”;

Get your web 2 site indexed in Google search

I used the second option shown above. If you have selected the correct option you will see a URL submit form like the one below.

Simply pop your web 2 URL into the Google Search Console

Pop your web 2 URL into the form and hit the “submit request” button.

Now you need to sit back and wait a few minutes. Go and make a coffee.

Done that, great. Now pop your web 2 URL into Google search. If your site appears in the search results you are indexed and ready to roll onto the next step.

Add your web 2 URL into Google search to check if it has been indexed

As you can see, is indexed in Google search. Your new web 2 site should be in the Google search results.

If the site does not show it is time to do this process all over again.

You need to go to another web 2 site, create an account with the keyword in the sub domain URL.

Then add the content and try to get the site indexed. Keep going until you get a web 2 site indexed.

If you write unique content your first site will get indexed for sure.

Remember to write down your web 2 URL, we are going to 301 re-direct our new domain names to it in the next step.

Before we move onto the next step we need to consider mixing up your backlink anchor text. We are going to use web 2.0 backlinks for this.

If you just fire the exact match anchor text at your money site it could well hurt your ranking. So this next part is very important.

If you have an aged site with an existing backlink profile that has a good mix of anchor text you can miss this step.

However, this step is quick and easy, my advise is to do it anyway.

We are going to use Tumblr blog posts to mix up our anchor text. You can use expired ones, which will help improve your ranking a little more than a new one will.

You can use a new Tumblr blog too, just sign up, register 3 new or expired Tumblr blogs under one email address. If you are using new Tumblr blogs make sure that your keyword is in the sub domain url.

Do a post on each Tumblr blog with a backlink pointing to your money site.

The posts do not have to be very long, we are just doing these backlinks to mix up our anchor text profile.

Quickly add a few sentences, a related image and a video. That’s it, this will only take you a few minutes to do.

This is the anchor text that you need to use on each Tumblr blog post:

  • money site URL
  • Click Here
  • Brand (eg Rankers Paradise)

Now you need to make sure that you get the Tumblr blog posts indexed in Google search using the “add url to Google” method mentioned above.

It is very important that each and every backlink is indexed in Google search.

If one post does not get indexed simply do another using the same anchor text until you have 3 posts indexed with the backlink anchor profile listed above.

Well done, step one is now complete.

Step 2: Buy Some Super Cheap Domain Names

Now we need some domains that we can 301 re-direct to the WordPress web 2 site that we have set up.

I used 3 domains, you can use 2 or even 4 or 5, use as many as you can afford. I have only ever tested this method with 3 domains.

This is not going to cost you a lot of money.

Any domain extension will do the job, just get the cheapest available.

You can pick them up for just $0.88. I used, and

To buy your super cheap domain names go to I use this site because they offer free WhoIsGuard subscription, which is required for this little ranking strategy to work.

Each domain has to have your exact keyword in there. So if my keyword was “best breast pump” I would purchase;


Go ahead and buy the cheapest domain names that are available with your keyword in there.

Add them to cart and make sure that you have the free WhoIsGuard subscription selected. This ensures that we do not leave a footprint for Mr Google to find and slap us down. We do not want anyone to know who owns these domain names.

Now we need to 301 re-direct the 3 domain names to our free WordPress web 2 site for the 301 Elevator Effect to have a positive impact on your ranking. They will re-direct to our WordPress web 2 site that has the exact match anchor text backlink.

First of all log into the NameCheap account where you registered your 3 new domain names.

Click on domain list

Click on “Domain List” on the left hand side menu panel.

Then click the "manage domain" button

Now click the “manage” button (circled in red) for one of the domains that you registered earlier.

Make sure that you use Namecheap BasicDNS service

Make sure that “Namecheap BasicDNS” is selected, which is next to Nameservers (circled red) at the bottom of the image above. We can use the BasicDNS, this means we do not have to pay for any hosting for our new domain names.

Then click on “Advanced DNS” (circled red) at the top of the image above. From here we can set up the 301 re-direct to our WordPress web 2 site.

Set up the 301 elevator in hosts records

Now we need to change the “host records” as above to 301 re-direct our new domain name to our web 2 WordPress blog.

You should have;

  • TYPE: URL Redirect Record
  • HOST: @
  • VALUE:
  • TTL: Permanent (301)


  • TYPE:Β URL Redirect Record
  • HOST: www
  • VALUE:
  • TTL: Permanent (301)

Now do the same thing for the other two domain names that you purchased. We want the 3 new domain names to re-direct to your WordPress web 2 blog.

That’s it, you can now log out of your NameCheap account.

Step 3: Get Thousands Of Backlinks To Your New Domain Names

Here comes the fun part.

We can now spam the hell out of our 3 new domain names that re-direct to our web 2 WordPress blog.

How do we do this? GSA SER πŸ™‚

Do not worry if you do not have the GSA SER software, we can use an seoclerk gig for this step.

Basically we use GSA SER software to blast thousands of backlinks at our 3 new domain names.

I actually have the GSA SER software, but I prefer to use an seoclerk gig for this step because they are really cheap and it saves me loads of time.

First of all I blasted 20,000 varied backlinks at my 3 domain names using this gig for $1.

I ordered a separate gig for each domain, it is buy 2 and get one free, so it only cost me $2 for 60,000 backlinks.

These are the backlinks that I got from this gig:

  • blog comments
  • forum
  • guest book
  • URL shortener
  • contextual wikis
  • article

They also use a Premium Indexing service, this is done to ensure the backlinks are drip indexed over a few months. This is what makes this ranking strategy a set and forget method, you set this up and leave it to do its thing. Your ranking will continue to improve while you work on other things.

The second gig that I used on seoclerk was for 30,000 blog comments. This gig was $3, I used one gig on all three domain names because they accept unlimited domains. They also use a drip feed Premium indexer, which is very important for this tactic to work.

Make sure that when you order both of these gigs you use exact match keyword as your anchor text on every backlink created. I told you we were going to spam the hell out of them πŸ™‚

Of course if you have the GSA SER ranker software you can blast away at your 3 new domain names. Vary the backlink profile using wikis, blog comments etc and you will be onto a winner.

You can take a look at the video below for information on how to use the GSA SER software.

Now anytime you fancy a little boost up the SERPs you can blast away at the 3 domain names that link to your WordPress web 2 site.

All this lovely backlink juice filters down to your money site without any harm, the high authority web 2 site takes the hit keeping your site safe and free to rank without any penalties.

Of course I only used this tactic because it is future proof. If for any reason the Google algorithm changes and this tactic has a negative effect on your ranking we can simply remove the backlink from the WordPress web 2 site and stop the 301 re-direct on the 3 domains.

A word of warning, do not do this too many times on the same money site.

You can blast away and build more and more backlinks to the 3 domain names, however, it is a bad idea to buy three more domains and use the same tactic on the same page of content on the same site.

You can use this tactic on other posts on your money site, just be sure not to blast too many 301 re-directs at the same page.

The 301 Elevator Effect Review

Let’s review the 301 Elevator effect and take a look at why you would want to use it.

The strategy involves setting up a WordPress web 2 blog and doing a 301 redirect on three brand new exact match domain names to the web 2 site.

Then you build thousands of backlinks to your new exact match domain names using GSA SER.

Is it safe?

I have used this tactic recently and it works, and the ranking sticks.

I have also used a similar tactic last year with no problems at all, the best part of all is that the ranking holds.

The only thing that could possible hurt your site is using an exact match anchor text backlink to your money site from the WordPress web 2 site. However, we make this safe by building Tumblr backlinks using a different anchor text each time.

I can’t stress this enough, make sure that you do not miss out any of the steps, always make sure that your WordPress and Tumblr blog posts are indexed in Google search.

You now have no excuses for not ranking no. 1 in Google search. This tactic is very powerful combined with the expired Tumblr backlinks ranking strategy, the new web 2.0 link wheel and the PBN backlinks shown in my do it yourself seo guide.

I use the 301 Elevator Effect tactic because it is a set and forget ranking system. This strategy saves me loads of time, of course it is cheap to do too. This strategy alone will rank low competition keywords without any problems at all.

277 thoughts on “The 301 Elevator Effect”

  1. Hi Nick,

    Hope you doing great.

    I used your 301 article step by step and within approx 15 days I have started to see result. The web 2.0 has DA of 98 as per moz and my main site is also improving as per serplab . I actually didn’t checked anything. Just created the web 2.0s , ordered the gigs on seo clerks which you recommended and forgot. Day before yesterday my website which was earlier not in top 100 was at 71 then yesterday it was 69 . I will wait for some more days to check again. I understand it will depend on the keyword competitiveness too. My keyword has a diff score of 42 as per kwfinder. I actually used this for my teachable school and not money site. I would also like to rank a new Amazon affiliate site . What step would you recommend for a new amazon affiliate site approx 10 days old. Or if you can just list down the articles of yours that I should follow in the appropriate sequence. I have read all your articles but asking to avoid any risk of being sandboxed/penalized.

    Thanks a ton.

    • I am really good thanks Himanshu, that’s good news, the 301 elevator does work if you do it right. That’s right what you did, this is pretty much a set and forget ranking strategy. I would do backlinks to a new Amazon affiliate site very slowly, just 10 backlinks in your first 30 day cycle will be enough. Do 5 high page authority Weeblys and 5 high page authority Tumblrs. Go with my web 2.0 backlinks startegy, however I recommend using long tail exact match anchors instead of exact match. Build the backlinks slow and steady, but don’t stop after one month….keep going at a steady rate and you will be set to rank high.

      • Hi Nick,

        Howz Life. The 301 strategy I implemented for the website has now reached 15th Position. I have been regularly checking the SERPs. It has been fluctuating in 60s then in 40s then it stayed at 25 – 26 for few days and now today it is at 15. Its been a month now. I will wait for 3 months as you have recommended. If it reaches No 1 , I will give you a blowjob man.

        I have started the same strategy for another website, wherein I have bought an expired domain with existing backlinks . When I purchased it, the DA for domain was 7 , I built 4 web 2.0 backlinks few days back to it as in the above article. WordPress is new but for remaining 3 anchor text I have used PA 28+ Tumblr blogs. The DA is now 12 and have ordered the GSA and Comment backlinks gig yesterday. I have also ordered the social signal gigs few days back . Will update soon about the results.

        • I’m good thanks Himanshu,

          It’s good to hear your site is on the rise, sites always jump around a lot at first…it’s totally normal….get some more gsa links for a further boost in month 3 if you need a final push.

          Let me know when you hit the top spot πŸ™‚

          I am interested to know how it turns out for you…

  2. This doesnt work anymore after Fred… site took a big hit from this had to remove the backlinks as i had a ton of spam links…..sadly

    • It does work, you have to make sure you use a web 2.0 as a buffer. Don’t do the 301 re-directs at your money, I have done that too and it worked for me, although I don’t advise it any more. As long as you have quality on tier 1 you will be set to rank. With this method every single campaign is different, the anchors you use are important, the quality on tier 1 is important, every counts, so it all depends on how you use the strategy.

  3. Hi Nick, lets see how this is going to work. I did exactly like you said for 2 pages on my first money site and 1 time for another site. I have targeted keywords sitting at places 6, 21 and 42 so it will be good Case after 2-3 month.

  4. Hi Nick!

    IΒ΄ve been reading your blog for couple of months now and tried your methods for some sites. I have previously ranked sites with my PBN with good results but Im always looking for new ranking tips to diversify my ranking strategies. I try to be in a situation that if google hits penalty to some tactic I have used I still have other sites ranking.

    Today I launched this 301 tacttic to one of my sites that I have kinda been following your web 2.0 strategy. The page sits in position 10 with 20 expired web2.0 and docshare links + youtube video + one PBN link. I have not used exact match anchor from any of the backlinks just naked url, url and long tail partial match anchors so I am skipping the anchor diversification part.

    I made wordpress exactly as you described and made exact match anchor text link to my moneysite. Indexed it and bought the EMD domains and did 301 redirects. Now I will buy the gigs you suggested and lets see what happens. I will report back when I have some results.

  5. can i use maybe 25 indexed pbn links as my buffer to raise their PA? the pbn’s PA are all 1 now. other sites ranking top has great pbn with good PA metrics, some PBN has their PA at 15, some 13. mine is one

    • That could be a little tricky trying not to leave a footprint. I would find high PA expired Tumblr blogs and drop backlinks from them to my PBN posts, the juice will pass and boost their PA fast. Definitely use high PA web 2s and not 301 re-directs on Tier 2.

  6. Hi Nick,

    I have a question about this 301s technique: Can I use an expired web 2.0 before brand new web 2.0 to use as a buffer? Like this:

    GSA SER –> 3 x EMD –> Web 2.0 (contain keyword in URL) –> Expired Web 2.0 –> MNS.

    Is it reduce the affect of backlinks?

  7. Hey nick how has it been going? So I tried this 301 elevator technique on 3 of my pages. 1 is doing great sitting at second page…Did the 301 with few links for anchor text diversification. Another two pages which I recently did 301 elevator I’ve been facing a problem(or that’s what I think). My tumblr is falling our of index(Im sure the content is is not the problem) and instead my domain are indexed. Will the link juice still pass?

    Have a great day :D.

    • Good thanks Fahid, hope you are well too. Are you using the Tumblr as the buffer (the site that the 301 point to)? If so the link juice will not flow to your money site even if the domains are indexed, you need to have the Tumblr indexed. You can re-blog your content onto a different Tumblr, try and find an expired one where the index page is already indexed in Google search….then drop the content on there, re-direct the 301s and the rank juice will flow πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Nick,

    Seems like a good technique. My only concern would be that the wordpress site outranks my money site or even gets within the top 10 or 20 and cause some issues with competitors noticing. Do you optimize your wordpress site for the keyword (i.e. title, tags, images, etc.) and have you had this issue. How have you handled this or would you handle it if it were to occur?


    • It’s highly unlikely that the Web 2 will out rank your money site if you have great content on the money site and decent content on the web 2. I do optimise my web 2.0 sites, however the content is thin compared to what is on my money site. I have not had any issues at all with this ranking method. If you do get any problems you can log into the web 2.0 site and remove the backlink, or even remove the 301 re-directs, you control the power here….

  9. Hi Nick, Thanks for all the awesome info here. I have already set up campaigns for 5 of my websites that have been stuck on page 2-3 for months now and am really hoping your strategy will be what makes the difference and gets me to page 1. I wanted to make sure I set up my web 2.0’s correctly. You say to have the keyword in the title & H1 H2 tag, if I put JUST the keyword in these spots would that be ok? Or should I have some text around the keyword as well?

    • You really do need some text around the keyword, especially for the web 2 that has the 301 re-directs pointing at it. I would drop a good unique article on that particular web 2.

      This strategy will certainly give your sites a boost. Drop me an email if you are having problems, happy to help πŸ™‚

  10. ok!
    Instead of using this service on my site that is ranking #10 I decided to use it on another that is ranking #22 to see how it does before using on the one that is #10.

    So, I went ahead and ordered all two gigs using exact match Keyword that I am trying to rank for as anchor text.

    I will report back on my result.
    Here is current status:

  11. Hi Nick, I need some clarification on your post where you said…

    “Make sure that when you order both of these gigs you use exact match keyword as your anchor text on every backlink created. I told you we were going to spam the hell out of them”

    the exact match anchor is it on the web 2 we are linking to our money site?


    • It is different every time, all depends on when those GSA SER backlinks index….also depends on whether or not those sites ranking above you are gaining backlinks too….there are many variables in play here. Sometimes I see a rank jump within a week….most of the time within three weeks. As the backlinks index your site will push further up the SERPs at a steady rate.

  12. Hi, Nick it’s a superb article.actually your every stuff is awesome. hi man i need your suggestions badly. i am planning to create 20 fresh web 2.0 using 10/20 platform and make it brandable for home niche. i also use this same properties every time for my 5/10 niche site. right now i have one niche site and 1 is need 1/2 week to publish and 3 is pending though every niche is not home category but i want to create this properties for targeting home niche. because my future plan is i am working with only home niche. now my planning is:

    1. Tier 1- create fresh 20 web 2.0 using 10/20 platform. started 2 unique content and try to continuestly updated every month.

    2. Tier 2- 20 TF 10+ tumblr, 40 PBN and 20 301 redirect link that’s mean per web 2.0 got 1 tumblr, 2 pbn and 1 301 redirect link.

    3. Tier 3 – i just bulding mass link pointing every tumblr pbn and 301 redirect url.

    now what is your opinion about that? is it good for long time. when i create any niche site i am taking backlink to use this 20 web 2 properties.Obviously i am updating this web 2 regularly with 500/1k word unique content every month and my plan is 2 content is natural and 3rd one is my niche site link. So is there any chance to getting penalty from google for that? I am totally newbie in this sector so i need your awsome suggestion regarding this plan or you can give me some better plan how can i make it better. waiting for your valuable reply. Thanks again nick.

    • That’s a good ranking strategy, be sure to let me know how it goes….playing it safe with fresh web 2.0 on tier 1 filled with unique useful content is a great idea and is a good long term strategy. It sounds like a lot of work for you there, as you are a newbie I would keep things simple….follow the expired web 2.0 backlinks strategy to start off with then you do not require a second or third tier.

  13. Hi Nick, thanks for the help. I’ve tried what you said and it did not work. Take note that this is a page and not a post, so there is no post url to change. The problem is that wordpress seems to be redirecting me from my chosen url of to β€œ After I get redirected, I then get an error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS saying that my site has been redirected too many times. This makes no sense to me as it set my page url and canonical url to be

  14. Hi Nick, I was just wondering if you’ve encountered this problem that’s currently driving me crazy. I set the permalink on a page like so: Yoast is setup to keep stop words and my canonical url is set as the same thing. However, when I click on the link to the page on the sites menu I get redirected to The permalink structure for wordpress is set as /%postname%/. I really don’t know what else to do about this. Hopefully, you can help me out with this.

    • Go to your WordPress Dashboard:

      Appearance – Menus

      Make sure that you have the “Menu Structure” for “Header Navigation” selected.

      Then click on “Custom Links” from the left hand side menu.

      Enter your URL: and link text and click the “Add to Menu” button.

      Remember to hit the “Save Menu” button after that.

  15. Hi Nick. Really helpful post. Can I skip the 301 redirect part? I want to know if the following will work for ranking a specific keyword on a page within my website:

    1) set up about 3 web 2.0 sites with unique content, images, videos and backlinks to my money site.
    2) use senuke to build other backlinks and bookmarks etc. to the 3 web 2.0 sites i set up in the beginning. Therefore, making the web 2.0 sites strong and giving me real website some authority?

    The reason why i want to do it this way and not use senuke directly on my money site is i don’t know if it is spammy or not and i don’t want my real site penalized. Will this help me to rank for a specific keyword?

    • You can skip the 301 re-direct part of this strategy and blast away using GSA SER at your Web 2.0 site.

      That is a great strategy, never use Senuke direct to your money site unless you know exactly what you are doing. Your way is the safe way to do it, use the Web 2.0 sites as buffer sites.

      Let me know how you get on πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your commitment to helping all of us. Would you like me to drop a link here or send you an email regarding the strategy? I don’t know if you want other visitors to leave your site so just let me know.

    I’ll sign up for the forum in a bit.


  17. Hi Nick! I have been glued to your site for the last week and am immersing myself with all the nuts and bolts you are teaching here and will be applying some of these strategies soon. I have read and applied another strategy on another popular blog which works tremendously well but is quite expensive and will rank almost any keyword within 2 weeks time from start to finish.

    You have very thorough explanations and case studies which shows how much you truly want to pay it forward. This is certainly refreshing to read with straight up solid content with no fluff. I also like the fact that you are very interactive with people posting comments on here. Great stuff!

    One question I have though is the use of the expired Tumblrs and other Web 2s. Are there certain metrics that you look for such as Majestic Trust Flow or is Page Authority the only metric that matters? I just purchased one of the recommended gigs on Seoclerk for 15 links on High PA Tumblr accounts and plugged the pages into Majestic and they have low to zero Trust Flow but they do have High Page Authority. Just wondering if that is a possible issue.


    • Hi Richard…good to have you here πŸ™‚

      I would love to know what the other strategy is….any strategy that can rank a site in 2 weeks….even if expensive I would love to know about….be a good ROI used on the right keywords.

      I only look at PA on expired Tumblrs….my main concern is the number of backlinks that point to the Tumblr. Don’t worry too much about metrics, Google only gives a toot about the backlinks….when the backlinks flow your site will move up the SERPs. I’m not even too concerned about PA, I just want live backlinks pointing to the Tumblr…the more the better. You can find Tumblrs with some pretty powerful backlinks too…

      Hope to see you in the forum πŸ™‚

  18. This content is really interesting. I have bookmarked it.
    Do you allow guest posting on your website ? I can provide hi
    quality articles for you. Let me know.

  19. Thanks Nick…Just checked the backlinks and there are useful niche relevant backlinks mixed with spammy ones. However, there are a ton of backlinks. Do you think I should ignore this one or could it be put to some other use?

  20. Hi Nick, I recently found an expired domain that’s in the same niche as mine..It has thousands of backlinks and I was wondering if it’s worth doing a 301 redirect straight to my money site to pass the link juice on? I’ve read somewhere that it is safe to do this with sites with similar content..Whats your opinion on this?

    • It’s most definitely a good idea if the site has niche relevant backlinks. It is safe to do and will pass on all that ranking juice onto your money site πŸ™‚

  21. Ho Nick,just like to add my 2 cents. nowadays is a no no.T hey just wanna you to pay for an account.plugins??, Again third party plugins.
    Index by Google?? Very it out how many blogs are indexed.Dont include the WordPress support and forums of course.M miserable index
    Tip : click search tools(chrome) to adjust the date to last week or month not last year or anytime.u will get the picture.

    I always check using semrush input web 2.0 and click organic research .u want to look at the Traffic.make sure it’s stable or surging.not declining of course.

    Last thing please check your internal competition by using site: whateverweb2.0(example only) .com your keyword or niche.again adjust the time to last week or month or eVen 24 hours.
    U will want to see Google Visiting the blogs but u definitely will not want pg after pg with your keyword(competition).
    Yeah.serp analysis is still important when choosing the web2.0 platforms
    In short,
    U want good traffic(your web2.0 may rank as well,who knows??)
    Fresh blogs(your competitors but only first 5 results ) and the rest are irrelevant to your niche.
    If pg after pg are all your niche or keyword competition then u got to make a judgement call.
    For me I will abandon that web,2.0 and look for others.
    Last tip: consider leeched sites like Facebook Y T or less known sites that aren’t spammed to death for link pyramids.Thought of slideshare Before? How bout high da profile link site like behance(contextual of course)??
    Consider all this as your tier 1 and diversified the hell out of it.
    Don’t always settled on blog types.Think of other platforms as well

    We need to think out of the Google box at times.

    Ahh sorry just my thoughts and little experience with web2.0 properties.

    Nick u are the turn to nowadays for link building with a budget.oh I drop a comment here targeting”link building with a budget” lol.
    But where’s my hyper link?? ????

    • Thanks for the details about WordPress Jeff, I will stick with Tumblr for this method in the future.

      Some good info, thanks for the share πŸ™‚ It is better to try and rank those web 2.0 sites in the SERPs if you can, it certainly helps push your money site further on.

      Using other platforms is a great idea, this gig drops content on many other web 2.0 platforms.

      Great to have your input…keep it coming…all help is much appreciated by everyone here.

      You can email me the link and I will drop it where you want it….just send me the details πŸ™‚

  22. Hello Nick,

    I followed your method but the wordpress blog with my link was deindexed 5 days later!!. No changes to the money site. The wordpress blog got a 500 words unique handwritten article with images and a video. With unique theme and contact us / about us page. Quality manual stuff.

    • Hi Jac, that’s unfortunate….it does happen sometimes. Simple fix, pop the same content onto another web 2.0 site….don’t use WordPress again. Then change the domain re-direct to your new web 2….it’s frustrating I know, it hasn’t happened to me yet with this method.

      I have re-directed the cheap domain names directly to my money site in the past without the web 2 buffer, which is also another option if you do not want to set up the web 2 site again.

  23. Hey Nick,
    Yasir mentions that this domain from Namecheap should be index, but when I try to do this, like with Tumblr blog they still no index.

    • The domains from namecheap will index naturally as all those GSA SER backlinks index Google spider will find your domains. If your Tumblr will not index you have a spam one, just re-blog the content onto a different Tumblr sub domain blog and try to index again. Some expired Tumblrs do not index at all.

  24. hi nick you helping me lot of thank you very much nick.

    just now i finished this 301 elevator effect to one of the my keyword and i update you her my about my rank and i explain what i did if go wrong please help me

    my keyword difficulty score was 37.2 as a rank tracker
    monthly searches 90.500
    present my keyword rank not in 50

    web 2.0 site 1
    i created 1 email and created word press web 2.0 site like “” posted 650 words unique article with 4 images 1 video and linked with my money site exact match keyword and indexed google

    web 2.0 site 2
    new tumbler blog like “” posted 150 words unique article with 1 image 1 video linked with my money site URL like “” with hyper link and indexed google

    web 2.0 site 3
    new tumbler blog like “” posted 150 words unique article with 1 image 1 video linked with my money site URL like click here and indexed google

    web 2.0 site 4
    new tumbler blog like “” posted 150 words unique article with 1 image 1 video linked with my money site URL like “” and indexed google

    i didn’t hide my IP address
    google all links are indexed
    i used one email address for this 4 web 2.0 site and you tube video also
    posted 150 words in you tube video description i didn’t linked any hyper link here
    in this 4 web 2.0 posts i didn’t linked any top related authority site link
    i purchased 4 domains exact match keyword very cheap price and Redirected perfectly working good
    i order 80,000 varied back links and 30,000 blog comments to my 4 domain name and used anchor text exact match keyword. waiting for orders author reply

    purchased domains like this

    let me see what happen and how much time will take to hit on 1 and i update you here if i get any good news
    Thank you very much nick

  25. Hi Nick,

    Great Post. If we do in another way like instead of using new domains and then build GSA links, we find the expired domains that have a lot of backlinks and authority and then register it and 301 redirects to our tier one web 2.0 link. Is it ok?

    Please one more thing. You don’t mention about getting index those domains and if they don’t index so how they pass link juice to web 2.0 sites.

    • Yes that would be another way to use this strategy Yasir. You definitely need to index those links, thanks for bringing that one up. Use the usual methods to get the job done.

  26. Hi Nick, this maybe slightly off topic but I have a question about updating old blog posts and old pages. So, since reading this blog I have learnt more about how to track my posts in the SERPs and I recently looked at some of my older keywords, which are very much still relevant today. In my line of work I often repeat work months or maybe a year later and like to blog about that experience again. Basically I am a photographer and I shoot at the same venue over and over again, also as my skills improve. Now, wanting to showcase this latest work I will create new blog posts to that particular location and hopefully people will see it.

    However, tracking my keywords it looks like I have some older posts and pages which are doing really well on google with minimal effort. They haven’t been touched in a couple of years and even Yoast SEO doesn’t look all green! So my question is:

    * Can I update the posts and replace all the images and most of the text without it making any effect to the position in google?

    Just a quick bit of advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Updating the post and replacing the images will affect your ranking, not right away, maybe after about 3 weeks or so. If you go for all green in Yoast SEO it will improve your ranking for sure. Get the keyword in the content, Title tags, ALT tags and your ranking will improve πŸ™‚

    • Good question, yes you can spam the WordPress directly if you want to. I like to add the 301 re-drirect to affirm to big “G” what my keyword is. I like to get the keyword in the URL of the re-direct domain. It’s also another level of protection for your money site, keeping it a little further away from all that spam. You can fire away at the web 2 if you want to πŸ™‚

      I have also tried it without the web 2.0 site in the middle, and spammed the hell out of the 301 re-directs that point directly at my money site. This did not hurt my site, I popped the web 2 in there for a little extra protection.

  27. Hey nick.I have been following you blog for some time now.Great posts!
    So I was wondering if I use a set of fiverr Pbn including some expired tumblr and weebly and top it off with 301 elevator…Will it be possible to rank a KW having a KC of 25(Kwrevealer)?

    • There are many variables to consider, like the other sites that rank in the SERPs for your selected keyword gaining backlinks too. However, if you have an easy keyword then it will work yes. Remember to build the backlinks slow and steady over a 3 month period. Do the fiverr PBN links in month one, index a few each day using Google console. Month two do some expired Tumblr backlinks and in month three do the 301 elevator. If you have an easy keyword the Fiverr PBN backlinks will drop you onto page 2 of Google search. The expired Tumblrs will push you onto page one. The elevator will have you into spot 1,2,3,4 or 5…if you are not in spot 1 after month three drop some more PBN backlinks in month four, that will have you in the top spot for sure.

  28. Just done this so will let you know how I get on. Currently my site ranks at no 18 for my chosen keyword, but not the full post actually ranks, just a photo from the post! Let’s see what happens. Fingers crossed.

      • Thanks Nick. Yoast SEO for wordpress says it is all green under the content analysis section. Not one red or amber warning. So I’ll sit back and check from time to time.

          • Will do! Had conformation that seo clerks has completed by backlink order to the 3 cheap domains I bought. So now the wait is officially on

          • Here is a nice little update. I was checking my other keyword rankings and couldn’t help but check this one as I have a couple of posts related to the keyword I am ranking using the 301 elevator effect. Anyways, the 2 other blog posts have climbed up to 4th and 5th in google: from page 2. Winner. No idea why as I hadn’t touched them.

            The post I am using this 301 elevator effect for isn’t there yet. But interestingly my web2.0 site is sitting at position 24. It is using one of the .xyz namecheap domains and it is clearing doing a 301 redirect to the wordpress site I set up. So I guess that is good. Now, with that sitting at page 24 am I right to assume that all is well and soon my money site should hit and overtake this one?

            I had a look at the backlinks on my site and none are showing my web2.0 site pointing at the money site. Maybe this takes a while for the SERPs to pick up on?

            • Your other posts will have climbed because of your internal backlinks I would think. I take it that the post that you have used the 301 elevator effect links to the other related blog posts, all that lovely link juice is flowing around your site, as are your visitors. I bet your bounce rate has gone down too, you visitors will be sticking on these particular blog posts that have seen the rise in rank.

              It’s great that your web 2 is ranking in position 24. It’s guaranteed that your money site will overtake the web 2 in the SERPs soon enough. If I was you I would build some expired Tumblr backlinks to the web 2 that is ranking, get some expired Tumblrs with lots of backlinks pointing to them and blast em at your web 2 site. All that sweet juice will flow to your money site.

              It doesn’t matter if the web 2 does not show in your sites backlink profile, it’s most important that it is indexed in Google, and it is. Sometimes it takes a while to take affect, 3 to 6 weeks, but it certainly will. It will be different for everyone. Just depends on when Mr Google spider finds those GSA SER backlinks that you blasted away at. Keep me up to speed on how it goes.

          • Another update. So morning came and I thought again I’d check it, not expecting anything. So the name cheap xyz domain is at 21. Not gonna lie, I would prefer it not there as it potentially shows what method I have used.

            However, my money site (which is a blog post) with the targeted keyword has gone from not being visible on google to number 13 in a matter of days! It has also pushed up another post with a similar keyword to number 14.

            I am expecting the google dance but this is exciting!

            • That’s great. It is pushing ranks for me too. I have used it recently on some tough keywords and it’s landed them on page one in position 5. I do like this little boosting method. If you do it right it will always work πŸ™‚ You will probably experience the Google dance but it will eventually settle in a position and you can then start pushing forward again. You can blast more GSA SER links at the exact match domains any time you want a little boost up the SERPs. Keep me informed, I love to know how people are getting on.

          • So a quick update since the last post 3 weeks ago. I had the google dance and this post (plus a relevant one) fell off google. I was expecting that. Now the post has gone straight back to 13 with the other post (which I did not use 301 effect for) back to 14. So, just a day ago I have hit it with some social signals to see where it will get me to.

  29. Thank u , Just i have 1 question about 301 redirect ..
    i bought 4 domain and i have 2 wordpress blog and 1 tumblr blog

    domain 1 -> wordpress blog 1
    domain 2 -> wordpress blog 1
    domain 3 -> wordpress blog 2
    domain 4 -> wordpress blog 2

    and what about tumblr blog redirect anchor text to my money site?

    • Your first WordPress blog will be an exact match anchor (your keyword). This blog is what you will do the 301 re-directs to.

      Your second WordPress blog can have a URL anchor text to your money site.

      Your third backlink, from the Tumblr can have “click here” as your anchor text. Just have the backlink in the post, it does not matter about the blog redirect that Tumblr does these days. It is okay to have the backlink in the post, we are just doing this to mix up our anchor text and nothing more. Make sure that all get indexed.

  30. Hi,
    Thanks for the great article.
    A quick question – could this method be used to de-risk aggressive links such as sape? ie use the redirects and the web2.0 to channel the link juice, but with a quick way to ‘cut the cord’ if anything goes wrong (ie remove the link to the money site on the Web 2.0)?

    • Hi Chris, yes it can be used as a safety line for any links. You could use SAPE links to the re-direct URLs, the juice will flow down the line to your money site. If things don’t work out in the future you can pull the web 2 backlink to your money site πŸ™‚

  31. Hey Nick! It’s been about a week and I still don’t have one buckling pointing to my website with a hrefs. Has Google caught on this method and not included that backlink? Also, on my WordPress site (the Web 2 that I setup) I keep getting numerous emails about subscribers to that WordPress blog. Is this normal? Is that part of a set gig you mentioned that I didn’t catch or does that mean people are finding me? Is LinkedIn a good Web 2 I could use? Also I started getting high quality back links from the Hoth and then I got some good backlinks (about 200) on fiver with in 30 days of my website. Will Google penalize me for this hotel? It’s been like 30 days since I hosted my website

    • Hi Trent, the 301 elevator effect will take affect on your rankings in about three weeks, it all depends on when the GSA SER links index. Sounds to me like your Worpress web 2 might well be ranking for your selected keyword (or even a long tail related keyword) and it is getting some traffic. You can use Linkedln for social signals to your site, I would stick with Tumblr or WordPress for the 301 elevator and not Linkedln. I would never build 200 or more backlinks to a new site in it’s first month, however it is possible that it will be okay if you have mixed up your anchor text. Did you do the social signals before the backlinks?

        • I usually get social signals first, before I get any backlinks. Makes it look a little more natural. A site that has many social signals will naturally pick up backlinks as your money site post gets more popular, well appears more popular. You can buy some if you want to, it is what I would do, it certainly isn’t going to do you any harm.

  32. I wouldn’t be dumb to play down such a great help from you if I have not applied everything as you said step by step. My site is 2months, I have a lot of mixed anchors from your tumblr thread and method.

    • Sorry it did not work for you Sab. Like I say, it has not had a negative effect on any of my sites. It should not have a negative effect…have you been building any other backlinks? You can’t hit a young site with too many backlinks straight away. I am sure your ranking will improve, have you had any seo work done for you? I am sure it is not the 301 re-directs that have caused the problem. The 301 re-directs will not affect your ranking until around 3 weeks after building and indexing them. It is unlikely that this caused your drop in rank.

  33. This method has really hurted my site ranking from no 10 to 75th now in under 4days of applying. My labor is gone. Don’t use this method, I repeat don’t, it will definitely hurt your ranks.

    • I you sure you did it right? It has not ever had a negative effect on any of my sites that I have used it on. Did you also build the Tumblr blog posts to mix up your anchor text? Did you get the web 2 backlinks indexed?

  34. Awesome post you have got here!! Well I already have a diversified link profile. So what you would recommend me to keep as anchor text if I only want to have a Tumblr link and not the Web2.0? Should i keep the exact anchor text in that case?

    • If you already have a mixed backlink anchor text profile just do one web 2 with exact match anchor and do the 301 re-directs to it.

  35. Hai Nick,

    I want to try this strategy but in a slight different way.Please share your thoughts on this.I selected a clickbank product to promote with this method.Keyword revealer competition for this Keyword was 36.I will build a EMD site with static homepage & send gsa links to the site with main secondary LSI Keywords through redirect links( link shorteners).

    Do you think this strategy work for this Keyword ? KC36 & two YouTube -Two Pinterest pages were ranking on first page ? Share your thoughts…

    • It’s always a good sign if pinterest and youtube pages are ranking on the first page for your selected keyword.

      The strategy of sending GSA (LSI anchor text) through link shortener redirect links to your money site will work. For a KC 36 it will definitely not rank you no. 1 in my experience, however it should get you onto the first page.

      I only really use this method as a boost when I am already ranking on the first page and I need a blast into the top spot.

      Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

      I am interested as to how it will turn out πŸ™‚

  36. So does this method essentially build up the PA of the web 2 site and then that juice goes to your site that you exact match anchor?

    • sure does, you end up with a very powerful web 2 site (WordPress) that can take the hit with all the exact match anchors flowing its way. All those lovely backlinks filter down to your money site without doing it any harm.

  37. Hi nick,

    I have 5 low competitive kws for amazon niche site Now only I done my article writing may I use this for brand new site 1week age…

    • Yes you can use this method on a new site. I would do the WordPress web 2 backlink first, then do the Tumblr backlinks and get them indexed and wait a few weeks. Then buy the new domains and do the 301 re-direct and wait a few weeks. Then blast them with GSA SER backlinks. Your site will do the Google dance and might even fall out of the index altogether for a few days, do not panic, it will return in a much better position. Make sure the GSA SER backlinks are indexed slowly over 3 months, it will work a treat.

  38. Good one, Nick. Glad to see more awesome posts coming from you.

    I’m going to give this one a go with some of my older websites.

    • Good to hear from you again Brad, how are your sites ranking?

      You should definitely give this one a try, works really well on sites that have been sitting on the first page in position 4 or 5 for a while and need that final boost into the top spot. Great little set and forget ranking method.

      • On the rise. Most of the pages I’ve been working on are moving up slowly, but surely. Continuing to push more expired web 2.0s to them right now. Even some of my more competitive keywords are on the move.

        Planning to incorporate some high TF links from a couple highly recommended sellers here in a month or two to give them a big boost, but I’ll definitely give the 301 method a try, too.

        • That’s good news. I’m pushing ranks with the expired web 2 method too with 5 new affiliate sites. All sitting in positions 3 to 5 just coming to the end of month two. They are on target to land in the top spot in month 3. I will blast them with the 301 trick if any get stuck πŸ™‚

          • Yeah, I have a few sitting in the 6-10th positions right now. Working on getting others up to page 1, but its only been about 3 weeks on those so I’m sure in a week or two they’ll be there.

            Slow and steady wins the race. Just going to keep adding links to these pages over the next few months until they settle in the top 3.

            Still focusing on building authority sites, though. They perform the best – sometimes even without backlinks.

            • Yeah it makes sense to build an authority site, although it’s very time consuming. That’s when you need a team, or at least a few decent content writers working for you.

          • By the way, Nick… quick question for you.

            Do you find that you can beat out sites ranking with PBNs using the methods you’ve described? i.e. expired/new web 2.0s, 301 redirects, etc

            Just curious because in a couple of my niches there are other affiliate sites ranking in the top 5 that have used PBNs to get there.


            • It all depends on the quality of the backlinks (and how many) that point to your expired web 2 sites (Weebly and Tumblr). You can out rank the niche sites ranking with PBN backlinks using the web 2 method, although you do need to find some pretty good Tumblrs with loads of backlinks pointing to them, they are in most cases better than a PBN backlink. If you need a boost then do the 301 re-direct trick.

              If you see sites ranking with PBN backlinks, do the same, and also add the expired Tumblr and Weebly backlinks in there too. I had a site recently ranking no. 1 for my selected keyword with 261 PBN backlinks, I hit my site with 300 PBN backlinks of similar quality and mixed up my anchor text using expired Tumblr backlinks, needless to say I hit the top spot. The bugger is now hitting his site with more PBN backlinks so he will probably knock me off unless I keep on top of building the links to my site, just don’t have enough time at the moment. It’s probably his only site so he has the time.

        • Sure can, it will be possible using a 301 re-direct on aged expired domains with lots of backlinks pointing to them whether they are niche relevant or not, of course niche relevant backlinks will be more powerful. Power them up with GSA SER and you will be shooting up to the top spot in no time at all πŸ™‚

    • Okay Nick! This will be good. Hope I can rank any niches with theses method. Btw Nick, How many days,weeks or months would the GSA links will be indexed?or do you recommend indexer to index the links?

      • You can leave the GSA SER links to index naturally. Also you can use any premium indexer that will drip feed index them over three months. If you get a lot of blog comment backlinks from pages that are already indexed there is obviously no need to index them, when Google spider re-visits that page it will acknowledge your backlink. Forum posts will not need to be indexed either, your backlinks will eventually be found by big G. New contextual wikis and articles will need to be indexed using an indexer. I use the SEOCLERK gig, so it is all done for me, saves me loads of time, it’s worth it at such a cheap price.

    • Thanks Siddhesh, the expired web 2 backlinks technique does work really well. The 301 elevator will blast your site into the no. 1 spot.

  39. Another great post Nick!

    Just wanted to clarify one step. So from the WordPress site you have some ( or all? ) keyword anchor text that point to some tumblr posts, and those tumblr posts point to the actual website?

    Also would it be better to buy a local domain for this strategy like a to rank on

    Can’t wait to try this πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Shannon. The WordPress blog does not link to any Tumblr blogs. The WordPress blog only links to your money website, the Tumblr blogs only link to your money site. The Tumblr posts are done to mix up your anchor text. Make sure that all your web 2 blogs are indexed in Google search.

      Then 301 re-direct all three new domain names to the WordPress web 2 blog. It does not matter about using a local domain, you just need to get 3 domain names with your exact keyword in there. You could use a “” for one of them.

      Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

        • Re-direct the 3 new domains that you purchased to a free WordPress web 2 blog. The WordPress blog has a contextual backlink to your money site.

          Then do some Tumblr posts to your money site to mix up your anchor text.

          So the anchor text that you will use is:

          WordPress (exact mact anchor)
          Tumblr post 1 (URL anchor)
          Tumblr post 2 (click here)
          Tumblr post 3 (brand name)

          If you have a mixed anchor text profile to the page that you are trying to rank then you do not need to do the Tumblr posts. Make sure that the WordPress and Tumblr posts get indexed.

          Enjoy πŸ™‚

          • Hello Nick,

            I will just did this idea on the weekend. Can’t wait to tell you how I go!

            Just some quick questions:

            – Can you have 3 different domain names with three different keywords in them pointing to one page? I have been optimizing a page with 3 keywords on it. I was thinking can I add 3 anchor texts on the WordPress site with the keyword back to the money site?

            – Do I need to Link Centuar the links myself as well ?

            Thank you

            • Good to know that you are giving it a go πŸ™‚ Let me know how it goes….

              Yes you can buy three different domain names with three different keywords in them, although I would 301 redirect each one to a different WordPress site with the exact keyword as the sub domain URL, I would only have one backlink per post to the same page on your money site.

              You will need to add the WordPress and Tumblr sites to Link Centaur or Google submit them. You can let the GSA SER backlinks index naturally. If you use the SEO Clerk gig mentioned in the post then they will use a premium indexer to get the backlinks indexed.

          • Hello Nick,

            Me again! Sorry to bother you.

            Can we have the same content on all 3 WordPress sites? Would that be ok?


            • It’s no bother Shannon. I would not put the same content on all 3 WordPress sites. If you are short on time just write one article and spin it for the next site using this free article spinner. You could then spin that article for your third site, or scrape some content and spin it for your third site.

          • Hello Nick,

            How are you? Just to give you an update since we spoke last.

            It has been about 3 weeks and I have seen some HUGE improvements on some of the keywords where keywords on Page 2 of Google have shot to rank 5 on Page 1. So far very happy with the results.

            Had a quick question, we have setup this strategy on the homepage which is optimised for multiple keywords. Can we create a 2nd WordPress site with a different target keyword? Can you have multiple WordPress sites directing to the same page on your website targeting different keywords?

            Thank you

            • Good news Shannon. The 301 elevator effect works well if done right.

              You can certainly set up a second WordPress site focused around a different keyword and fire away with the 301 re-directs and GSA SER blasts. You can have as many as you want pointing at the same page, that’s the beauty of this model. The web 2 site takes the hit, not your money site. If you do enounter any problems you just remove the WordPress backlink and all is good again. I have not tried it with multiple WordPress at the same page, but it will not be a problem. I would not do more than 3 to the same page just to stay on the safe side.

          • Hello Nick!

            Thanks for the reply, I will try 2 WordPress sites to one page and let you know how I go.

            How long does it take to get all the redirects and GSA working their magic? Would it be around 3 months?

            Thank you

            • Let me know how it goes. You will see some ranking improvement in the first 30 days. If the GSA links index slowly over 3 months you will see the result of its full power after about 3 months. Good to hear from you again, have fun πŸ™‚

          • Hello Nick,

            How are you? Looks like you may have answered this question but I will ask it just in case.

            Are you able to buy more GSA SER backlinks after the intail first one? Would this be an ongoing process until we are ranked first?

            Thank you

            • Hi Shannon, I am great thanks. You can buy as many GSA SER backlinks as you want to. Fire away, every time you need a bump blast away with GSA. Keep going until you hit the top spot.

          • Thanks Nick!

            Quick question does Cloud Flare hurt SEO ? I have been doing some testing and I have taken one of my sites off Cloud Flare and it has suddenly improved rankings.


            • I don’t use Cloud Flare for my money sites, I only use it for some of my PBN sites to mix up my nameservers. I would not think that taking your site off Cloud Flare was the reason for the rank climb.

            • I don’t need to, I use BlueHost for many money sites which I do not have a problem with. I will then add PBN sites to shared BLUEHOST hosing and change up their IP and NameServers using CloudFlare. CloudFlare hide my BlueHost server behind their IP…therefore you can sit quite a few PBN sites on one BlueHost shared hosting account. You just point the PBN domain to the CloudFare servers and you are good to go.

        • That’s not good, I have not had any drops in ranking with any of my sites. All my sites are on the up, a few more keywords have jumped into the top spot. What backlinks have you been building lately? What seo services have you used? Are you mixing up your anchor text? I like to do most of my seo myself so I can guarantee results. You can email me, we will find the cause of the drop and reverse it πŸ™‚

      • It all depends on your current anchor text profile. Check it here: for free. You should be looking for something like this:

        exact 30%
        partial match long tail 34%
        Naked URL 13%
        General (click here, go here etc) 8%
        Brand 15%

        If what you have already is too high an any area then even it out. If you are going for 5 PBN backlinks then go for all exact match. Even your ratio out with some Tumblr backlinks using URL and Click here etc.

        Make sure you are not over 30% for exact match.


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