Roofer SEO

Roofing companies require roofer SEO and online roofing marketing to maximise lead generation.

If your roofing company has a website then you can 500 X customer intake over night with a few simple tweaks.

If you do not have a website, then you are missing out big time. Your business is losing business and should get this sorted immediately.

Follow our SEO for roofers guide to improve your roofer website rankings with just a few simple changes.

If you have a small budget then you can conduct roofer SEO yourself completely free.

I will show you which tools you can use to get this done, everything is completely free to use.

If your roofing marketing is done right, you can explode customer intake in a few hours from now.

Roofer SEO: Online Marketing To Maximise Lead Generation

You can follow the step by step guide below to discover how you can maximise lead generation.

 I will tell you how powerful roofer SEO can be.

Right now you probably do not have many visitors to your roofing business website.

If you undertake a few SEO basics you can completely change this.

You will learn how to uncover search phrases AKA Keywords (the words people type into Google to find your services).

Keyword research is very important, it will help you uncover search phrases that people are using to find roofing businesses like yours. Most importantly, you can also uncover how often people make these searches each and every month.

Remember that the longer you take to get started on this, the further away your competitors are getting. It is never too late to get started, right now is the best option.

You must take action to get results, if you do not have the time to do it yourself then you must use a roofing SEO company.

You are about to discover exactly how many people use Google to search to discover roofing services like yours in your area.

When you know this you will understand just how important it is to be at the top of the search engines.

The top ranking site will get the majority of the traffic, the top 5 sites takes around 90% of all traffic. This means you have to be up there to get any leads at all.

Of course there is also another option called PPC (pay per click), but you will need to pay for this. It can be very expensive over time. Roofer SEO can be done quickly and give results in days and can be very low cost, even if you choose to hire a roofing SEO company.

Being at the top of Google for roofing related keywords also imposes trust onto your roofing business, something that is invaluable when converting visitors into customers.

You must do roofer SEO the right way, if you make any mistakes this can harm your website ranking, all will be explained in detail below.

Follow the step by step guide below or get us on live chat for a talk on how you can get things moving right now.

What Is Roofer SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are two parts to the SEO process. We call them on-page and off-page optimization.

The process will help drive more traffic to your website from the organic search results pages, the local 3 pack and the featured snippets.

How does this relate to a roofing business? Well, the difference is within the most important aspect of SEO: which is keyword research.

You will need to discover roofer related search terms (keywords), not just any keywords, but ones related to the area your roofing business is operating within.

Can SEO Harm Your Roofing Business?

If you decide to do SEO for your roofing business by yourself then you should be aware that it can do harm to rankings if you do it incorrectly.

Knowing what can harm your rankings will actually help your roofing business succeed in the digital online world.

After you have completed your SEO keywords research you will need to add these search phrases into the pages/posts on your roofing website. If you over stuff keywords into the pages your rankings will suffer.

If your roofing business drops down the rankings the website will get less traffic and will also lose trust. There are other factors that Google algorithm analysis, this includes social media posts about your business and also reviews.

If you roofing business receives negative reviews from Yelp, Google and Facebook as well as all the other sources rankings will suffer. A good online roofing SEO company will cover this, they will manage your online reputation and help bury poor reviews forever.

Very poor SEO leads to poor rankings. Your META DATA must match the page/post content, if it is misleading then customers will return to the SERPs (search engine results pages) and rankings will be lost.

The last part that can harm your rankings comes from the off-page side of things, if you choose to buy backlinks cheap rather than earn them it can lead to big problems. You must understand that Google do not want people building backlinks to their own websites, this is against their terms. If you are discovered doing this you will get your website penalized.

When Will I See More Visitors To My Website After Doing SEO?

If done the right way, SEO can generate increased visitors overnight. This can be achieved through on-site optimization alone.

Each and every roofing search term is different, some are more competitve than others. This in turn means that seeing more visitors to your website depends on many variables and giving a time frame impossible to be exact.

We have ranked sites for local roofing search terms in 3 to 4 weeks, taken completely brand new roofing websites from zero to ranked 1 on Google. It is possible to get fast results and you can do it by doing what is listed below.

It’s good to keep in mind that any SEO campaign is always an ongoing process, even when your roofing website is at the top the work needs to continue. If you stop, your rankings can drop fast.

If you have a roofing website then you have to keep in mind that you must keep at it, the results are really worth the effort. You can go from a failing business to the phone ringing off the hook very quickly from implementing roofer SEO. We know this because we have done it, and we can do it for you too.

How Do I Know If It Will Work?

Like with everything in life SEO is no different. If you are prepared to stick at it then you will always get results. If you quit then there is only one thing guaranteed, you will fail. If you keep going the success will come.

You will know that it will work because you are going to be clever about which keywords you focus on. This is why I always say that keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO.

At the keyword research stage you can calculate your return on investment, you will know how many visitors you will get if you rank top. You can even calculate how many visitors will turn into paying customers.

Depending on how much you charge for your roofing services you can regain any money/time spent on SEO just by getting at least 4 or 5 new leads/customers each month.

If you select the right keywords you will be generating hundreds and in some cases thousands more leads per month, all completely on auto pilot from the visitors you are getting from the organic search results pages on Google.

If you choose to hire a roofing SEO company you will see a return on your investment as quickly as 4 weeks. Of course this all depends on the SEO service price and your roofing prices. This can be calculated at the keyword research stage, do not go into any project blind.

How Will I know If SEO Is Working?

At the start of any SEO project you will uncover your current keyword rankings, and also select new keywords.

You can then use free tools to track your website rankings for these roofing related keywords. This will give you trust that what is being done is working, you can actually see the results each and every day.

Most keywords take around 3 months to rank top, of course this is a guide and the competition is the major factor in this. If your competitors have a lot of customer reviews, good quality well optimized content and great niche related backlinks it can take longer than 3 months be aligned with them. However, you can select keywords where the competition is less fierce and you will therefore always see top rankings in 3 months or less.

A great place to start with any roofing website to get some quick wins is to discover the keywords it is already ranking for. This way you can optimize those pages, resubmit these posts/pages in Google Webmaster tools and see huge ranking gains overnight. Believe me, this is possible.

Tracking your rankings each day helps you to understand what is working and what is not, this way you can adjust what has been done to bring back rankings or to keep things going up.

As your roofing website climbs the rankings you will see more traffic, you can monitor your traffic using a chat agent, this will also help you to communicate and turn those leads into customers.

You will also need to be aware of other stats in your Google Webmaster Account like bounce rate and time on your site. This is where site architecture comes into play and perfect call to action buttons/forms.

If your roofer website has a high bounce rate then you MUST rewrite your TITLE and DESCRIPTION TAGS and also make some on-page changes. It means your site does not solve the visitors problem, you must correct this or your rankings will not improve.

Understanding The Search Engines

A searcher types in a search phrase and Google returns the websites that are most appropriate for that term. If you have that term in your META DATA and within your content you are much more likely to rank for that keyword. That is the very basics of on-site SEO.

Of course then you need to take into consideration off-site SEO. This takes into account the number of backlinks a website has had, their social engagement and reviews. Websites with good on-site and off-site optimization rank higher.

Roofer SEO improves Google rankings

It is important to know that you should not target any old keywords, some may have very low search volumes and will not give you any return on your time investment into SEO.

However, the very first thing you must do is to go ahead and write down some search terms that you think customers are using to find your roofing service. This will be something like “hire roofer + your local area”. These will be used as seed search terms to conduct keyword research using a free keyword research tool online.

Before you go any deeper into keyword research you must understand how the search engine results pages are made up. The search engine results pages are compiled as follows:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Local 3 Pack
  3. Featured Snippet
  4. Organic Search Results

You can actually pay to be at the very top of the search engine results pages, you will need a Google account to get started on this. You will need to select the keywords you want to show for and set a budget for your cost per click. This can sometimes work very well combined with SEO as it can insert trust to prospective clients.

The local 3 pack will show if a searcher has entered a place name within their keyword. This can be achieved very quickly if you optimize your Google Business Page, it will need correct keyword placement and great reviews. This is a very good way to get more free traffic and even more leads for your roofing business.

The organic search results is where SEO on your website creates the most impact. If a website ranks at the top of this area it will receive a huge amount of traffic, as long as you have selected the right keywords.

To track your rankings you can use the free keyword rank tracking tool online at There is also a free software you can use to track keyword rankings called Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite, just Google search it and download, it’s free.

To check your keyword rankings simply enter your website URL, enter your keywords and hit the “Check” button. You will discover if your website is ranking for any of those search terms.

Perform Keyword Research

The very first thing that you need to do is to discover if your website is already ranking for any keywords. This can get you more traffic and leads overnight, all you need to do is to optimize the ranked pages and BOOM, your ranking will go up.

There is a free and very easy to use online tool that will help you discover the keywords your roofing website is already ranking for. Head on over to to get started.

This will help you uncover what people are typing into Google to discover your website. You will also obtain valuable information, like the monthly search volume for these keywords. This lets you know if you should peruse them any further, or not.

Remember that there will be many variations on your keywords and some options that you might not have thought about. Make sure you uncover keywords related to all your services, you may do gutter cleaning too as well as storm damage repair etc.

Do not worry if you do not rank for any keywords, you can now enter some keywords into the same tool to discover keywords for roofing businesses.

It’s not about having a set number of keywords, it’s all about the search volume that the keywords return.

You may need to uncover 30 to 40 roofing keywords that will collectively return 1000 searches per month. On the other hand, if you live in an area with a wider scope, you will get one keyword that will return 1000+ search volume per month. The key is to get the highest search volume keywords in play. This will return bigger rewards for your efforts in organic SEO.

Like I say, keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO, really take your time with this and it will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

To ensure you have great keywords you need to be looking for:

  • High Search Volume
  • Low SEO Competition Score
  • Low Quality Thin Content (competitor sites in the top 10)
  • Low Number Of Backlinks (competitor sites in the top 10)
  • Reviews (poor reviews will help)
  • Social Engagement (number of social media shares)

Look at all this data. Pick your keywords carefully, choosing keywords with competitors that have not put SEO into action the right way will be easy to pick off. Follow the bullet points above and you will be good to rank top in the fastest time possible.

Keep in mind that if these keywords do not feature within your website content and in your META DATA then you will not rank for them. Look for sites that are ranking high that are not very well optimized, this means there is an opportunity for your website to be there.

Google will read your website data using their crawl spiders, they understand what your content/business is about through keyword placement. This is important on-site and off-site. A website that links back to yours is called a backlink, this is a vote for your website and will help it rank higher. The text they use within the link is called “anchor text” and if they use your keywords in them it helps the Google spiders know what your content is about. This in turn helps your website rank higher for those terms used.

Another powerful aspect of off-site SEO in the roofing industry comes from social media and reviews. If your roofing business receives great reviews and has great social media presence the spiders will track and evaluate this and in return will rank your website higher in the SERPs.

You must also promote your business and keep your business Name and Destination address the same across your website and on other platforms. Setting up social media pages on Facebook and Twitter and linking them to your website is just the start. This can and will drive traffic and leads to your business in time, if you keep your social pages engaged.

Both on-site and off-site go hand in hand and not one or the other is more important. You must get both aspects correct for a top ranking to be achieved and maintained. Top rankings can be achieved with few backlinks and poor on-page SEO for some keywords, but it’s true that they will not last as SEO optimized sites come into play.

To get the maximum effects from SEO first and foremost on-page SEO must be taken care of. This can be a fast way to get more leads from your website, especially if you optimize pages/posts that are already ranking.

To get rankings higher and to ensure they stick you must ensure off-site SEO is an on going process and that you are always engaged with potential customers online across social media and other outlets.

For a local roofing business to be successful from any SEO campaign they must get their on-site and off-site optimization in progress and keep on top of it each and every day they are in business.

How To Complete On-Site Roofing SEO

You will now know what keywords your roofing website is rankings for, or have have a list of keywords that you want to rank for.

It is now time to add these search terms (keywords) into the content on your website, or you may need to write new content around these keywords.

Site architecture is also a follow on from this, where you will want to filter traffic through your site to the capture/sign up pages. Clear call to action buttons within your content will get this done, it will reduce bounce rate, improve number of page views and ensure visitor time on site is longer. These are very important things to keep in mind when conducting roofer SEO.

Of course you will start with your homepage, which of course will be focused around your major and most important keywords. These will be the keywords that have the highest monthly search volume, then you will work lower search volume keywords into your inner pages, all of which should be accessible from your homepage.

You should be aware that pages will be optimized first and foremost around one main focus keyword. That keyword may have long tail variations, which can also be used on the same pages. A short tail keyword will be 2 or 3 words long, a long tail keyword will be 3 + words long.

An example of a short tail roofing keyword is “roof repair”. A long tail variation of this keyword will be “roof repair in New Jersey”. Long tail keyword will have a lower search volume, but they are more targeted and will have higher conversion rates.

You will need to note down short tail and long tail keywords and put them into groups, make sure you get the right long tail keywords grouped with the right short tail main focus keywords. This will help you optimize your website page by page in a much easier way.

Crucial Step: Write Content or Optimize Existing Content

You will now need to work out which keywords are going to be used for your homepage and which keywords will be used for your inner pages. Your most important keywords should be used on your homepage.

Now you can go ahead and write content or optimize your existing content around these keywords. Writing great content will ensure visitors stay on your site longer and will also install some trust in what you can do.

To be known as an authority roofing company in your area you will need to show customers you know what you are doing. This can be achieved in what you write on the page and through existing customer reviews embedded on the pages.

It is good to add a blog to your roofing website, this will help you add content on a weekly basis to cover all long tail keywords. This is also important for internal linking, remember that the text used in hyperlinks helps tell search bots what the landing page is about.

Adding a blog will enable you to establish a content writing strategy that will help you rank and bring in customers that want your extra add on services, like guttering cleaning, or roof cleaning services etc.

Keep in mind that adding more content to your website not only installs confidence in your visitors and helps turn them into paying customers, it also brings more traffic to your website from the SERPs.

A typical roofing contractor will probably have a website set up like this:


>>Roofing Services

>>About Us




>>>Blog Posts

If you do not add a blog you are losing the opportunity for much highly targeted long tail traffic. It is also an option to show the work that has been done, which of course builds trust and leads to a higher conversion rate.

You may be a roofing contractor that does not operate in one area alone, so you can work these other areas into their own sections on the website. You would add an “Area” section underneath the homepage. This way your URL structure will have the area in them featuring the city followed by the area of that city.

The content needs to be developed with your keywords in mind, you will need to bring out your keyword list that you developed earlier to get started.

You can now start writing your content or optimize your existing content in the following steps:

  1. Meta Data: Ensure your main focus keywords are placed in your Title Tag and Description Tag. For an example of what works, take a look at the top ranking site.
  2. Headings: Put your keywords in the H1 Tag, make sure they are also placed in a few H2 to H6 Tags too.
  3. URL Structure: Make sure the keywords are in the URL extension, of course this will not be possible on your homepage, unless you buy an exact match keyword domain name.
  4. ALT Tags: Put the keywords in one Image ALT Tag. Do not overdo this, or you will get your site penalized for overoptimization.
  5. Body: Work the keywords into the pages body text, use the main focus keyword near the top, in the middle and then again at the bottom. Try to ensure the keyword density is below 1%, although writing naturally works best.
  6. Internal Links: Make sure you link to other pages on your website using keywords as the anchor text.

Remember that the Meta Data is very important, take some time writing your Title and Description Tags. You must give the searcher a reason to click, you do this best by appealing to their emotions. This will be easy if you are selling emergency roofing services.

Be sure to make the Meta Data accurate, if this is not the case then a visitor will return to the SERPs fast after visiting your website. This will mean you get a high bounce rate, which will hurt your rankings significantly.

Only use your keywords in the Title and Descriptions Tags once, anymore will result in over optimization and will push rankings down.

The Meta Description Tag gives you another chance to use your keywords, make sure you use them once only. Be sure to appeal to the Google surfers emotions and give them a reason to click on your website rather than your competitors.

A good Title and Description Tag will include your main keywords followed by a reason for them to click, something that will appeal to their emotion. If you have 5 star reviews then say that, if you are a 24 hour services, then say that.

The headings on your pages will need to include your keywords. You will have one H1 heading followed by many H1-H6 headings.  Break up your content into sections through headings H2 to H6, work your main keywords into them.

A great SEO strategy for any roofing company is to include customer reviews throughout the content, this increases trust. At the end you should include a FAQs section followed by a big call to action button.

When it comes to the website URL always make sure your keyword is in there. Keep in mind that shorter URLs are neater and look better and most importantly are easier to remember and share.

The page will also need to be image and if possible video rich. To close a sale it is good to show photos and videos of happy customers and the work from previous jobs. You can work the keywords into the image ALT TAGs, do not over do this.

It is a great idea to have your customers on video stating what you did for them and how pleased they are with the results. These videos can be added to your roofing YouTube channel. You can pull a lot of traffic and leads through this avenue too. Remember that social media is just as important as Google rankings.

Quality Over Quantity

The quality of your content will give you an advantage over your competitors. If the content helps solve the searchers problem then you will rank top.

It’s also good to know, but not always the case as this depends on the keyword, that longer content 2000+ words ranks best. Show customer reviews and go in depth on your FAQs section and you will have no problems getting a high ranking.

Always add call to action buttons throughout the content, you must keep at the front of your mind why you are doing it, to turn those extra leads into customers.

Try and work your keywords in the body content, we have much success with 0.6% keyword density. However, the most important thing is to write naturally.

If you service a huge area then you will need to break your content up into different sections/pages on your website. This will mean that you need to write more content for each area your roofing business operates in.

You will need to build out content around different locations within the area that you operate in, the content takes time to develop, but if you have selected the right keywords the results will be worth it. A good roofing SEO company will write and develop the content for you.

As time rolls by the competition is getting more fierce, which means getting started right now is more important than ever. Keep in mind that your content must be unique, if it is copied then it will not rank.

On-Site Summary

To ensure your on-site work is complete you need to answer yes to following:

  • Are your keywords in the Meta Data, Body Content, Image Alt Tags and Headings?
  • Do you have posts/pages for all long tail keywords?
  • Do you have separate pages for different locations in the area you cover?

Every roofing website must have their on-site work done, without it they will suffer. Make sure you cover everything discussed here and you can improve rankings quickly. When changes have been made remember to resubmit the changed pages to Google for crawling through your Google Webmasters Account.

How To Complete Off-Site Roofing SEO

Even though on-site SEO is ongoing for any roofing website, that statement is even more correct for off-site SEO. Any work done off site really does need to be a daily on-going thing, take your eye off the ball and your competitors will be in there. Hiring an SEO agency will help you do this, and it will allow you to get on with the all important roofing work.

To ensure Google believes your roofing business to be the best in the area it must have great social engagement and not just a lot of reviews, but a lot of good reviews. These reviews should be on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others.

The Google ranking algorithm also includes backlinks, these days it’s not about the number of backlinks, but about the quality of the backlinks. A quality backlink will be a link from another roofing website and will be contextual. There is nothing more powerful in ranking terms than a backlink from a niche related site.

Backlink building in SEO is a little misunderstood. Even experienced SEO professionals split link building up to whitehat or blackhat, in reality all link building is blackhat as it goes against Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Backlinks should be earned, you should not build backlinks yourself. For some keywords you can rank top without backlinks, but as time goes by this is becoming less and less possible.

How to earn backlinks? You can share your content on social media, set up a YouTube channel and get your roofing brand out there. A good roofing SEO company will do all of this for you.

SEO for Roofers: Summary

Breaking your roofing SEO down into sections helps gets things done. Take care of your on-site SEO first and ensure you put a lot of time and effort into keyword research. Improving your roofing website rankings will bring more traffic, which in turn will lead to more customers and more money in your pocket.

Any SEO campaign will be developed over several months of careful planning. With a bit of effort into roofing marketing online the results can pay off big time. Writing quality content combined with great promotion will bring higher rankings and more traffic. Your roofing business can be on the rocks, but with a bit of effort put into on-site and off-site SEO it can turn it around into something very different, in most cases it can be life changing amounts of money. It’s never too late to get started, start getting more leads today. If you need more SEO coaching take a look around the Rankers Paradise SEO blog.