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The ultimate mix of backlinks we like to call the Rankers Rank BOMB.

In this service, you are going to get very high-quality tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks.

The service includes Guest posts, web 2.0 backlinks, PBN backlinks, image backlinks, and high authority Google re-directs.

These are quality backlinks at an affordable price as they get results.

We did this exact package for a recent client and now they have a number 1 Google ranking:

Rankers Paradise Ranking Results Proven

The client was stuck at rank 6, we did these links and within 15 days they had a top Google ranking.

Why do these links work so fast?

The links work fast and get results because we ensure we index all the links, this is made easy by using our aged web 2.0 sites and PBN blogs that are already indexed.

The ranking power is here and is waiting for you to take advantage of it.

We have thousands of aged and indexed web 2.0 sites and PBN sites ready to help your website too.

Put the Rankers Rank BOMB to work for you too…….

In this package you are going to receive:

Tier 1

  • 5 guest posts
  • 5 web 2 link wheel (on aged web 2.0 sites already indexed)
  • 5 PBN links (CF DA PA 10+) all indexed no spam and different IPs
  • 5 image links on indexed blogs
  • 20 Google Re-Directs (proven to increase MOZ domain authority)

Tier 2

  • 4 Blogger Posts to Index Tier 1 links
  • 100 Indexed High PA Web 2.0 backlinks (spread across all Tier 1 links)

The Blogger posts and Tumblr Posts guarantee the Tier 1 links will index.

If your backlinks hit the Google index your keyword ranking will improve. We make sure that this will happen.

All the links will be dofollow and will pass ranking juice to your website.

If your backlinks hit the Google index your keyword ranking will improve.

The 5 guest posts will be done on aged accounts on high domain authority sites like (DA – 93).

We will also post 5 backlinks on 5 different aged web 2.0 sites from our network (you do not get the login details). These sites are already indexed and ready to pass juice. Backlinks will be done on sites like (DA – 94).

We then link up the web 2.0 posts into a powerful web 2.0 link wheel formation to guarantee they index and pass juice.

Then we go ahead and do 5 backlinks from our powerful PBNs. All our PBN sites are indexed and have not been penalized and guaranteed to pass ranking juice.

After that, to mix things up, we do 5 image backlinks from 5 blogs in our network.

To finish the tier 1 backlinks we do some very high DA google redirects, these are proven to increase MOZ domain authority.

On tier 2 we combine indexed Blogger and Tumblr blogs to index tier 1 backlinks.

The Blogger and Tumblr blogs are aged and indexed, this ensures Google bot will find all the links on tier 1 and tier 2.

The Blogger and Tumblr blogs have lots of backlinks to them and have high DA/PA MOZ ratings.

After that is complete we deliver the report to you.

The report includes every link that we build including start rankings for your target keyword.

What We Need From You:

At the checkout give us the following details:

  1. Your Website URL (one URL only – we do not split the links)
  2. Up To 20 Anchors/Keywords to use (not sure? just give us your main keyword and we will do the rest)

We accept any website for this service and we will work in any language.

After we have completed the links we will send the full report to your email. The report will include all URLs for all the backlinks we have done.

We accept any website for this service, we will do 100% unique indexable content in any language.

Delivery Time – 3 to 5 Days

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Nick asked me to review as that is my website mentioned in the description. My website was stuck in position 6 for a long time. I got it to 6 rank and then it would not move, the SEO agency I was using just could not get it any higher. I came to Rankers Paradise and Nick suggested doing what has been listed in this service, my website went to the top and has stayed there. We are in the Casino niche and our keyword has a high SEO competition score with a big monthly search volume, I spent a lot on SEO getting ranked 6, and a lot less getting to rank number 1 thanks to the help of Nick and the team. I have now ordered this service for another page on my site and I am sure I will get the same results. Thanks Team!

    • Nick

      Thank you for doing the review William, your next order is underway and is already going up in the rankings 🙂

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Rankers Rank BOMB
Rankers Rank BOMB