SEO Strategy

I am going to show you an effective SEO strategy that I use over and over again to make money from websites online.

SEO strategy without the need for backlinks

I have tried this strategy recently on two websites, both have lots of traffic and have made me a great return on my time.

I purchase two brand new domain names in December 2020, and in January 2021 I have one top ranking and one number 3 ranking.

The first domain name was purchased on 10th December 2020, it has a 16,000-month search volume and is ranking number 3 on Google. The website is monetized by Google Ads and this has been achieved in just over 3 weeks.

The second domain was purchased on 12th December 2020, it has a 1,200 month search volume and is ranked number 1 on Google. The website offers niche services that I make a great return on. This too got a top ranking in just over 3 weeks.

How was this done?

Well, the most important part was the research, which I will share with you below.

The ranking was achieved by writing amazing content, nothing more. That’s correct, there was not one backlink involved in any of the websites.

If you do this right, you too can be making a great passive income online from building keyword rich websites.

I am also delighted to share with you that the 16,000 a month keyword is a one page website.

The 1200 search volume keyword website has 9 pages, of course the page count depends on the keyword.

You can actually implement this strategy on any website and increase it’s rankings and traffic without any backlink building.

What Is The SEO Strategy At A Glance?

This particular SEO strategy revolves around keyword research and writing long in depth content focused around one keyword with a high monthly search volume.

This is very effective, it does not require any blog outreach or long projected promotion tactics to earn backlinks.

This strategy is proven to work and will do the same for you if you follow everything I have laid down here for you.

You can go ahead and implement this strategy on any website, aged, or brand new. The most important part of the strategy is the keyword research section, take your time and you will be very successful.

Here are the most important steps to this SEO strategy:

  • Keyword Research (current top 10 ranked sites content analysis)
  • Content Development
  • Content Optimization
  • Get The URL/New Content Indexed
  • Rank Tracking
  • Promotion
  • Keep Adding to the Content

Keyword Research – (Spotting Gaps In The Market)

Spotting gaps in the market is crucial, over time this comes as a 6th sense as you do this more and more often.

I will explain how this is done. If you are starting from scratch, a completely new website, then you need something that is relatively low in competition.

Recently I have been working a lot with “Near Me” related keywords and buying exact match keyword domain names. These can be 1 page sites, that 1 page must have well optimized content and it will rank high.

The other website that I developed was in the services sector, I noticed that some niche sites were popping up and were recording yearly net profits of $3.3 million. So I decided I would look into this and discover any gaps that may be available. I found a gap and developed the website, it is now ranked top. I had to write 18, 329 words on the homepage, but of course it has been worth it, the rewards are amazing. I added the content over time, so to get started you can add 2000 words and build it up over the month. As you add the content the rankings will go up and up.

For now we are going to find some gaps in the market by conducting keyword research, we are going to be looking at “Near Me” search terms. You will tailor this for the niche you are working in.

My go to keyword research tool is Long Tail Pro, however, I want to make sure that everybody can follow this, so we will be using the free tool Ubersuggest.

Start keyword research

Enter a seed keyword, as you can see I am going to look into “gym near me” and work from there.

Keyword ideas

Now you will receive a list of keyword ideas. You need to place particular attention to the “SD” column, this is the SEO competition score, the lower the better.

However, many people make the mistake of taking the keyword research tool SEO competition score as gospel, you must do a manual check before you move on.

So, “gym near me open” looks great at first sight, the monthly search volume is 8100 and the SD score is low, it is just 12.

Check SEO competition score

Now we need to look at the top 10 ranked sites for that keyword, click the arrow button circled in red as shown in the image above.

Keyword research is the most important part, to be successful and make money online it is good practice to put effort into this section. Take your time, find a keyword that has very low competition from an SEO stand point.

This means that the competition not only has thin content and is not optimized for the target keyword, but the top sites have few backlinks too. This makes ranking super easy, results will be very quick.

Like I said, I started two brand new sites in December 2020 and they are ranked top in January 2021 without backlinks, just quality content. If you select the right keyword the rewards are well worth putting the effort into writing great content.

Competitor Analysis

NOTE: Keep in mind that long-tail keywords (4 words or more) have a low search volume, however they are highly targeted and in most cases have a much lower SEO competition score.

Do not worry about the number of backlinks the sites have, you can rank top by adding quality content to your website, this has worked for me, even on brand new domains.

You need to visit the top 10 ranking sites one by one, this is what you are looking for:

  1. Do they have the keyword, in my case “gym near me open” in the Title Tag and Main Headings on the page?
  2. How in depth is the content?

As you can see, the top ranked site for this keyword does not have the exact keyword in the Meta Data and the content is thin.

If I purchased an exact match domain for this keyword and added some in depth content to it then it will outrank this website, no problem at all.

HINT: Buy the exact match domain name and pop some thin content on it, add the main keyword to the Title Tag and the Description Tag and in the H1 and H2 headings and publish. This will take 10 minutes max to do, if your website ranks on page 3 down to page 5 then you are onto a winner, add more content and it will rise to the top.

Work your way down the list, the keyword “gym near me open” is very much something I would look further into. Of course there are more long tail variations on this that have even weaker competition. Like I say, “Near Me” search terms provide good opportunities to make money online from small one page websites.

Content Development

In the initial stages, you can drop a few hundred words on your page and make sure your keyword is in the Title and Description Tag and the H1 Tag, and one H2 Tag. If the page drops onto Google SERPs 3 to 5 you are onto a winner. You know that if you add some more content it will rise up the SERPs quickly. If the site does not drop in, move onto another keyword, this way you do not waste a lot of time writing in-depth content.

Basically, no matter what keyword you are working with, you are going to write much more in-depth content than the competition. If you do not know a lot about the keyword you are working on, do not worry, there is an easy way to overcome this. You just go to the top 10 sites one by one and rewrite their content into your own words. This way you know 100% you have more content than all the top 10 ranked sites put together. It is a guaranteed way to rank top without backlinks.

As you re-write the content you will get new ideas of your own, you can add this into your content. This not only gives you in depth content, but it also makes it a little different to what is already available, something that will get you ahead.

In the end you will have a piece of highly optimized in depth content that offers something different to the other sites. Your one piece of content will rank top, this is guaranteed if you target the right keyword.

If your content is good, as it climbs the SERPs it will get noticed, this means it will earn backlinks without any work on your part. However, the two sites that I worked on ranked high (one no. 1) without any backlinks at all.

So in the initial stage of content development it’s all about the word volume and adding something unique into the mix.

  1. Go through the top 10 sites and re-write the content in your own words
  2. Use their headings, but re-word them
  3. As you write if anything new comes into your mind add it into the mix

At the content development stage you do not need to worry about keyword placement. Just get to work and get those words down. Make sure everything is in your own words, do not copy anything.

If you are creative then you can turn anything into your own, doesn’t matter what the subject is, just get it done. If you have selected the right keywords then the return on your time investment into writing this up will be well worth it. As you write, keep in mind the passive money you will make from it, that will keep you going.

I know that people bang on and on about just how important backlinks are, but in this case, with the right keywords, you can rank top without them, I have done it many times.

TIP: add some stats into your post, people love to link back to studies that show some kind of stats. For example, if I was writing content around the keyword “gym near me open” I would add a fact into the content like: people on less than £20,000 a year use the gym for an average of an hour a week and 50 per cent said they only go the gym to check out the opposite sex or meet friends. This will help your content earn backlinks and have a good dwell time and low bounce rate.

Your ultimate guide will earn backlinks on complete auto pilot, the content will be better than anything else out there. This way, anyone writing about it in the future will link back to your useful resource because they don’t have the time to add it to their content.

Now that you have a higher word count than the top 10 ranked sites for your target keyword, it is time to optimize that content for a top ranking. We want Google spiders to fully understand what your content is focused on.

Content Optimization

Many so called SEO experts try to over complicate On-Page SEO, it’s not difficult. We want the search spiders to know what your content is focused around, you do that by adding the main keyword into the body content, it’s that simple.

TIP: If you create more than one page on your site, add a content page and a privacy policy page, make sure you link back to your main content with an internal link using your main keyword as the anchor text. Also make sure you use the keyword as the anchor on your main menu, even if it is your homepage. Do not use “Home” as the anchor if your homepage is written to rank for the keyword “gym near me open”. You would use “gym near me open” as the anchor.

If you are putting this new content on an inner page within your website make sure the URL has the exact keyword in it, for example it would be If you buy an exact match keyword domain name then you can put your content on the homepage.

More Traffic Traps: You can sprinkle other long-tail variations on your keyword into the content. For example, if my keyword is “gym near me open” I would also work other long-tail variations of this into the content to rank for those too and to drive even more traffic to my website. So, I would go for other search terms like “gym near me open now” and “gym near me open 24 hours”. There’s a lot more to choose from, I would develop the content around these and work them in there.

The main things that you need to do so that your content is optimized for a top Google ranking is:

  1. Add Your Keyword to the Title Tag
  2. Add Your Keyword to the Description Tag
  3. Add your Keyword to the H1 Tag
  4. Add your Keyword to a few H2 to H6 Tags
  5. Add your Keyword at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of your content
  6. Add your Keyword to one image ALT Tag

That’s all you need to do. Try and make sure your keyword density is below 1%, 0.6% works really well for me.

As you write your Title and Description Tags make sure they are highly related to your content. Use some emotional words in there to improve click-through rates. This will ensure your site moves up because the visitors do not bounce back to the SERPs.

Try and take some words from your content to develop your Description Tag, this will ensure Google uses it and does not take an exert from your page to use in the SERPs as your webpage description.

Because you have written your content from what the top 10 sites have developed you will have something that is completely relevant to the searchers intent, you will solve their problem.

Think about what that searcher requires, solve the problem. If the searcher is looking for “gym near me open” then that is what you will give them. For “Near Me” search terms I always include a Google Map Search Embed, this allows the visitor to enter their Zip Code or Post Code and find the gyms that are close to them that are open.

This is why it is super important right at the beginning to look at the top ranking sites, you need to view their content strategy and work it into yours so you can outrank them.

If you drop 200 words of content on the new website or webpage and it ranks then you can keep adding to it as often as possible and you will watch it rank up as you keep adding. Then you will know first hand, as I do, that you can rank higher by developing your content without the need for backlinks.

There is one other thing to consider, make sure your website loads fast. You will not get a top ranking with a slow loading website. There is low cost hosting out there that does deliver fast loading websites. For my small niche sites like these, I use, the sites load quickly and they make it very easy to get started, you can have a WordPress website up and running in less than 5 minutes from now.

The hosting does not have to cost a lot, it just needs to deliver fast loading websites, and from my experience I have had some great results with brixly. The last two sites that I developed are hosted with them, so it is a good option if you do not have anything in mind.

Also, it is important to choose a well-coded WordPress theme, some themes load very slowly. You do not need to buy a WordPress theme, on the latest “Near Me” site that I developed I used the “Sparkling” theme, it is completely free and it has got me a top ranking. Make sure you use a mobile-friendly theme, if you do not know any then go with this one.

I also ensure that all my sites are SSL enabled, this is known to help with rankings. It’s not a massive thing, but anything to give you that edge is worth doing. I think I purchased my last SSL certificate for around $10. It’s worth the investment if you want to get to the top.

Make sure that you only use images and videos in your posts where absolutely necessary, these will slow down your load times. Of course, you need at least one image in there to ensure you have your main focus keyword in the ALT Tag.

Get The URL/New Content Indexed

You can go ahead and add your new website to your Goole Webmaster Account. This will most definitely get your URL indexed overnight.

Index your URL

Drop your URL into the “Inspect any URL” section, then hit the “REQUEST INDEXING” button as show in the image above. This will get your new website/content indexed quickly, it will be done within a few hours.

There are some other things that you need to know How To Index Backlinks In Minutes Fast In Google. Just follow my other blog post on this, in most cases it will not be required.

Having problems indexing your new domain/content?

If the new content will not index, this is 100% because it is not unique. Go ahead and change the content, alter the Meta Data and submit to Google Webmaster Tools again. The content will index if it is unique, ensure you add to the content and it will hit the index. I guarantee that it will index if you make the changes, so go ahead and get it done.

Rank Tracking

There is no point in doing this if you do not keep track of your rankings. After indexing your new content it will be ranking for your keyword right away. In most cases, it will drop onto Google page 3 at the start, as you add to it the ranking will improve over the coming weeks.

The free tool that you can use to track your rankings is called Simply enter your website URL, add your keyword, and hit the “Check SERPSURF” button. Take note of your rankings, you will notice that as you add the content your rankings will improve. Keep going until you hit the top spot.

Track your keyword rankings

After you hit the search button you will discover your keyword rankings.

Keyword ranking results

This is what you will see when your website is ranking top on Google SERPs.


A great way to ensure those sites move up the SERPs is to do a little promotion. This does not take a lot of time and it helps push ranks.

I did this for just one of my recent websites, the one that is ranking number 1 on Google. All I did was set up some social accounts including the backlink. This is not always necessary, as it is free and takes little time, it is worth doing. In many cases you can earn backlinks from doing this, people will discover your website and link to it. This step is required if you are having problems indexing your domain.

For the website that I ranked top I set up the following social pages, the link back was using the full URL homepage:

  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Linkedin Account
  • YouTube (Uploaded One Video with backlink in the description)
  • Pinterest Account
  • Instagram Account (one post)

Get those pages and accounts set up, make sure you get the backlink in place. This will help index your page/content too.

Competitors Backlinks

If your content is ranking and not moving then you can take a look at what backlinks your competitors have and get the ones that are available right away.

To discover your competitors backlinks for free go to

Competitor analysis strategy

As you can see, the ranked number 3 website for the keyword “gym near me open” has 21 backlinks. Make sure you hit the “Find Page Backlinks” button, you want the backlinks for the ranked URL and not the entire domain.

View competitor backlinks

Scroll down and you will notice their backlinks. You will see the backlink URL and the anchor text that they have used. Go ahead and get those backlinks in place too, you can get the web 2.0 backlinks right away, some will have a comment area and you can get a backlink from leaving a blog comment too.

For any backlinks that you can’t get you can go ahead and match their backlink count by doing a web 2.0 link wheel, these links still work, contrary to what many people are saying online, blog comments work too. I know they work as I do it everyday and I see the results.

Take a look at the sites that link back to the top sites, go through them and discover if you can add your link to the page. In many cases you will need to reach out to the website owner by email asking for a backlink as it will add value. If you do not think they will link to you, then do not waste your time contacting them.

Keep Adding to the Content

As you develop and add to your content over the coming weeks and track your rankings you will notice that your website is climbing at a steady rate. Publishing and adding to high quality content is the best strategy to reach the top, it just takes your time and does not require you to spend any money.

This will always work, if your website content is the most in depth and you have it well optimized for your focus keyword then it will rank top. There is no reason why it should not, if your site loads fast and is secure you are in business to make a lot of passive revenue online through small niche websites like these.

As time moves on and your website hits the top it is important to ensure you keep track of rankings, if you drop from the top take a look at the top sites. A new site may have entered the SERPs with better content, then you can update your content accordingly to take back the top spot. It is an ongoing process, in most cases it is well worth the effort.

That’s everything you need to know. Spend some time on keyword research, develop quality content over time and you will get a top Google ranking. This can be done for any keyword, forget backlinks right now and look for opportunities where you can rank top with good content alone. These keywords are out there, this is a great SEO strategy to pull traffic quickly from the SERPs for any website. Get on it right now and let me know how it goes for you by dropping me a comment below.

This is a proven strategy that I use over and over again, I am happy to share it with you guys so that you can make passive money online too and to help grow your online presence. Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions along the way just get in touch, I am happy to help.

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  1. This is good technique . I didnt knew about this . For 16k keyword website, do u have legal pages (terms of service, privacy policy, cookie policy) on it ? You used google adsense right ?

  2. Sounds like a good strategy! Did you monetize both sites with ads? How much are they making per month (approx)? Also, the article that you make, do you make it as a page or a post? Do you set that page/post as the static homepage in wordpress?


    • One site is Ads, the other site services on sale. Both sites make over $2k per month, well significantly more. The content is on a page, the homepage on each site with exact match keyword domain names. The site with extra pages has blog posts with internal links.


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