Buy Links for SEO – 250 Powerful PBN Backlinks


250 powerful PBN backlinks.

  • The average Page authority and Domain authority is 10+.
  • The average trust and citation flow is 10+.

What we need from you:

  1. Your URL’s (unlimited – split allowed)
  2. Your anchors (unlimited – provide as many as you like per URL)

Delivery turnaround time: 7-10 days


Buy Links for SEOIf you are looking to buy links for seo you can get nothing more powerful than PBN backlinks.

Here we are offering 250 PBN backlinks for sale.

Is it safe to buy backlinks?

It is recommended that you use these backlinks on tier 2.

You can fire these backlinks across your tier 1 web 2.0 sites or tier 1 PBN or Guest post links.

Not only will these links help your tier 1 links index, they will pass powerful juice down to your website and rank it top.

  • The average Page authority and Domain authority is 10+.
  • The average trust and citation flow is 10+.

These backlinks work really well at boosting your website ranking.

Are you struggling to index your tier 1 backlinks in Google?

If the answer is yes, you need to purchase these backlinks right now.

We are always adding new blogs into the network, this ensures you can buy over and over and you will receive backlinks from different domains each time.

It is recommended you use these links on tier 2 and tier 3 to pass juice down.

The links leave zero footprints and are 100% safe, you can use them on your main site however they volume of links may cause a red flag in the eyes of Google bot.

Important information:

  1. All blogs are indexed in the SERP’s
  2. All domains have backlinks pointing to them
  3. All domains have social signals
  4. All blogs on different IP’s (no footprints)
  5. You can give us unlimited keywords/anchors
  6. You can split the links over as many URL’s as you like

Good ahead and get your tier 1 links indexed.

Remember a backlink is a waste of time if Google does not know it exists.

So go ahead and index your backlinks using these powerful backlinks.

The next time Google bot crawls these indexed sites your tier 1 links will be found and indexed.

Then your website will rank higher in the SERP’s.

The blogs are not used in any other network.

The blogs are located on many different A-CLASS and B-CLASS IP’s.


We do not provide a report to help protect the network.

However you will see the backlinks show on a 3rd party link tracker like SEO SPYGLASS.

The content is generated, it will be readable and will include images and videos.

For this particular service we do not accept adult websites or gambling sites.

All content will be done in English, however we do accept foreign keywords/anchors.

Delivery turnaround time: 7-10 days


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