Is It Safe To Buy Backlinks?

If you go ahead and purchase some backlinks will it hurt your website ranking?

You are not the only person asking this question.

Everyone with a website has thought about buying backlinks at some point, it saves time.

Let’s look at why people will buy some backlinks for their website.

The thing is, they can hurt your website ranking for many different reasons.

But, on the other hand, backlinks can help your ranking in a big way.

Even if you go ahead and buy them.

So Why Would You Buy Backlinks?

Website owners get backlinks because they help improve keyword ranking in the search engines.

The reasons people purchase them include:

#1 Means Less Work

Many website owners do not have the time to work on their website and build backlinks at the same time.

Say you are a small business owner working on your eCommerce website.

How can you rank your website higher if all your time is taken adding new products/content to your website?

You need to outsource some of the work, that’s a given.

It basically comes down to time.

This is why link acquisition takes up a lot of time:

  • You need to write and optimize your content
  • Look for niche related link options
  • Spend time contacting link opportunities
  • Ask for backlinks on niche sites
  • Ensure all links are in place and remain there
  • Create content for the sites the link is to be placed on
  • Go through this again for every post/product on your website

There is so much more you need to know:

If you hire a content writer then they must optimize the content.

You must be careful about what anchor text to use.

Each and every person you hire will need to be trained to know exactly what you require from them.

All of this takes up a lot of time indeed.

As always nothing will ever finish on time, hiring freelancers never works out as it should do.

So, when you are buying backlinks you are actually getting a whole lot more.

You get everything mentioned here, including the content writing and anchor text placement.

So what about the darker side of seo:

If you do things the right way, you will create quality content and wait for the links to come in naturally.

This would be done through getting eyeballs on your work through social media promotion.

Should you really buy backlinks?

The darker side of seo includes taking action yourself and getting those links in place on your own.

Or even better, outsourcing the link building work.

Using backlinks is a great way to get your website top on Google.

You can build PBN’s (Private Blog Network) yourself, or have them done for you.

If you choose to do the work yourself it involves money and a lot of time including:

  • Searching for expired domains that are niche related and have lot of backlinks
  • Analysing the domain; must be indexed and not have a spam backlink profile
  • Go ahead and bid for the domain or purchase outright
  • Buy hosting; all PBN’s must be on different IP’s
  • Set up the website including the CMS (Content Management System)
  • Add all relevant pages like “About Us” and “Contact Us”.
  • Add a logo and make the site look real (must pass a manual inspection)
  • Add categories and a menu
  • Make sure the domain loads fast
  • Start writing content for the website (or purchase/generate content)
  • Add your links
  • Create additional content without link placements to look natural
  • Share the content on social media to make everything look like a real site

If you choose to rank your website yourself it can get very time consuming.

Doing all this work would dominate your day and you would not give sufficient time to your own website.

All the listed work has to be done over and over again, you just don’t include one site in a PBN.

So you need to repeat the process again, the more niche related backlinks you have in place the higher your ranking will be.

These backlinks do need to be from quality sites, so be careful.

Once your network is complete, it does not stop there.

You have to keep up the domain name registration payments, pay for the hosting, keep the sites up and running.

Continue to add content to the sites and ensure they do not get hacked, it’s endless really.

To save all this hassle and time you can use a service, so keep in mind that they have all these problems and you don’t.

So buying links is a huge time saver.

Of course there are many other reasons why people buy backlinks.

#2 Quick Keyword Ranking

If you are trying to gain backlinks yourself, through outreach or by using PBN’s the ranking time is relevant to the time it takes you to get the backlinks in place.

So, if you are a one man operation your website ranking time for specific keywords will be lengthily.

You can considerably reduce the ranking time if you outsource this work.

The links will come in much faster and your ranking will improve sooner rather than later.

Buying backlinks will help you get fast keyword rankings.

With others taking care of your backlink building you can spend more time adding content to your website.

Buying links can still throw up problems, this will come down to where you purchase them from.

There are good sellers and very poor sellers out there.

The poor sellers will get your website into ranking trouble.

Here are some more points you really need to think about.

They Are Harmful

Buying backlinks goes against Google Webmaster Rules.

How to follow the rules:

You are NOT supposed the get backlinks by outreach or by using PBN’s.

The backlinks must come on their own naturally.

Buying backlinks means you are trying to cheat the Google bot system.

You are trying to manipulate the rankings.

This means that if Google bot discovers you have been building backlinks to your website you will get penalized.

If your site is penalized it could lose all it’s keyword rankings and traffic completely over night.

It does happen, so be very careful in your quest for quality backlinks.

It’s worth putting the effort in for long term ranking success.

That being said, if you are buying links from a great source the results are amazing:

Buying them on quality sites is not risky, so make sure they look real.

You can buy backlinks cheap that have proven results, this way you know they are tried and tested and will work for you too.

Always be careful:

Any kind of link buying carries a risk of a penalty.

Your job is to make it hard for Google bot/team to ascertain whether the website is real or fake.

If you can do this then you will never get penalized.

Using private blog networks is tricky, leaving a footprint can get your website banned.

The PBN’s in our network go undetected because we are very careful to ensure the sites will pass a manual check.

If you decide to do a PBN yourself take your time, one small mistake could get you into big trouble down the line.

Keep things simple, ask yourself does it look like a real site:

Backlinks on websites that look real are safer than ones that look fake with lots of unreadable content on them.

Don’t let this scare you, the results can be phenomenal.

Is it safe?

Yes and no.

This all depends on quality.

It is a really good question.

Should I Purchase Them?

This all comes down to minimizing risk.

If you have a lot of trust in the place you buy the links from then you are going to feel safe.

If you purchase from us, we ensure links can be removed for safety should anything ever happen.

Things change quickly in the world of seo.

We have contingency plans in place for any problems that may occur further down the line.

#1 Take Action – Risk Analysis

At the end of the day, if you do nothing then your keyword ranking could take a very long time.

Does the risk outweigh the benefits?

In most cases it does not.

Taking action and getting links is the best way to get a fast keyword ranking.

If you sit back and just hope for the links it may never happen.

Even with super quality content it may never happen without some work involved.

As long as you understand the risks involved in link building then it’s okay.

It is possible to lose all your traffic overnight.

On the other hand, if you do nothing you might never get any traffic ever.

It’s certain this is a decision you have to make on your own.

I certainly don’t believe in doing nothing, that’s for sure.

Remember that you can reduce risk by buying links from reputable sellers.

PBN’s pose a high risk, but the rewards are good too.

Like everything in life, where there is a risk involved there is something worth having from it.

#2 Do Nothing At All

Doing nothing at all is not an option in my book.

A less risky way to gain backlinks is to share your content on social media daily.

This can also be outsourced to save time.

As expected, this is time consuming too, but will never get your site penalized.

This way is very hit and miss, it’s really a shot in the dark, it’s not the way I work.

This method might yield results, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

That’s something a lot of people do not want to do.

#3 Create Content Not Links

You could invest your time into continually adding content to your website.

This way you can inter link the pages on your website.

The links can use exact match anchors, it’s a great way to help website ranking.

However, this alone will not rank a website for high seo competition keywords.

You should be adding new content to your website on a regular basis anyway.

SEO can be a hard and be a very long drawn out process, but it doesn’t have to be.

You will need to decide quickly how best to use your time.

Do you create the content and hire an seo company to handle the backlinks?

Or do you hire a content writer and handle the seo work yourself?

The answers depend on your knowledge for each area.

If you are new to seo then it’s better to outsource, but also doing it yourself is a good way to learn fast.

But this could well be at the expense of your website, so be careful.

Adding content and sharing it should always be your first move.

SEO is the next step to improving the traffic flow to your website.

The first thought in your mind should always be about creating quality content.

Or promoting a quality product if you are starting an eCommerce website.

If you are working on an affiliate website then it is of upmost importance that content is top quality and well optimized for the target keywords.

Other areas where you could invest your money instead of buying backlinks include:

  • Content/product improvement
  • Site user experience
  • Extra blog content creation
  • Technical website analysis (load speeds, click through rates etc)
  • Content optimization/analysis
  • Website funnel analysis for ultimate conversion
  • Social media promotion
  • Building your brand (new web design and layout)
  • Advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Buy Sell Ads)
  • Influence marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Set up affiliate programme for your business

Those are the other options you have available to invest in your website further outside of seo.

It’s important to budget so you get the most out of your money when promoting your business.

Get The Most From Your Budget

It is very important to get a good return on your investment in seo.

You can do this by working out how much your keywords are worth.

There is no point investing a lot of money ranking a keyword to realise when it’s ranked top it will yield little traffic or sales.

You need to know which keyword to invest your seo budget into, this way you can make big money when you hit the top.

If you have a new website it’s best to invest your money into keyword research.

The next step is to write or invest in quality well optimized content.

If your content is poor you will be wasting your time and money investing in link acquisition.

You must have the foundations right before you get started.

The process takes time, but the results are well worth it if you target the right search terms.

So what’s important to know when buying backlinks:

Buying quality backlinks is important, it can be expensive but for the right keyword the return on investment will be great.

The best backlinks will be contextual and niche related, these could be anywhere between $150 to $2000.

Make sure your keyword is worth the investment.

Do you have a profitable keyword?

Other places you could spend your money instead of backlinks:

  • Purchase well written content fully keyword optimized
  • Keyword research (find low seo competition highly profitable search terms)
  • Marketing on social media
  • Web development for increased seo value
  • Social media platform set up (drive traffic from video including YouTube)

You know that there are lots of other ways to get traffic to your website outside of buying backlinks.

SEO can be very risky and done the right way will always take time.

You have to be patient to get results, doing your research is very important.

It’s good to have other traffic avenues while you wait for your organic search results to improve.


You can get traffic outside of SEO.

Getting backlinks is something that is risky, but done right can be incredibly rewarding.

There is one thing for certain, if you sit back and wait for things to happen it won’t.

Take action and analyse the risk for maximum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about backlinks and seo.

Do backlinks still work in 2019?

Yes, backlinks help with website ranking in 2019. There is no point getting backlinks to poor content that is not optimized. Backlinks are an important part of the ranking puzzle, buying them is risky so be careful how and where you get them from. Waiting for them to come in naturally may never happen, so the choice is yours, make an educated decision on this.

How do I buy good backlinks?

The best backlink you can get will be contextual and niche related. For example; if you have a website about soccer, the best backlink will come from a link placed within the content on another soccer related website.

How do I buy links to my website?

You should be aware that buying links goes against the Google webmaster guidelines. Many seo companies sell links, you need to consider the risk involved before you purchase them. Some links like social media ones pose zero risk and will never harm your website. Be sure to use the correct anchor text profile.

How do I get high quality backlinks?

A high quality backlink is different for every website. You will need to look at the backlinks that point to the top ranking website for your keyword. You can do this using a free tool called SEO SpyGlass (search for it on Google). This will give you an idea of what backlinks it takes to rank top for your keyword, these are quality backlinks for your website.

How do I get free backlinks?

You can follow our proven web 2.0 backlinks ranking strategy. It is completely free and is proven to work. You can get free backlinks from other platforms too like social media, forums, edu and gov websites, video platforms, doc share sites, image sharing sites, blog comments, social bookmarks, directories and more. For further details on how to get these free backlinks follow the link provided.

How do I get more backlinks?

You can get backlinks in place right now completely free. Or you can purchase them from the Rankers Paradise store or any other seo website. We have free proven ranking strategies to follow in our blog like this web 2.0 link wheel tutorial.

How do I get Facebook backlinks?

Log into your Facebook account. Simply drop your website URL into a new post and submit. To get a free dofollow backlink from Facebook follow this guide.

How many backlinks per day is safe?

The answer to this question very much so depends on your website. Building backlinks is just the first step, you could build 1000 backlinks per day, but if Google does not know they exist then they will not have any impact. The real question should be: how many backlinks should I index each day? If your competitors have a great deal of backlinks in place then you will need a higher backlink velocity than other sites. A lot of backlinks to a new website looks unnatural and will get you a penalty, especially without any promotion on social media beforehand. If you have an aged site then it’s possible for the site to get a lot of backlinks per day quickly. Think about what looks natural and you can’t go wrong.

As always, if you have any further questions just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you 🙂

13 thoughts on “Is It Safe To Buy Backlinks?”

  1. I always buy backlinks from you guys and always get good results, it’s safe when you buy from reputable suppliers.

    • That’s totally correct and if you buy backlinks from some sellers you can get penalized, so be careful who you buy from. Of course, all our services here on Rankers Paradise are tried and tested and completely safe.

    • Depends on the links, if they are poor quality then they most probably will not index anyway. It’s good practice to build thousands of backlinks over time of months rather than days.

  2. I purchased backlinks from a well known freelance website and my ranking tanked. I luckily found this website and managed to disavow the links. I have since bought backlinks here at Rankers Paradise and they are good and have helped my rankings come back. Thank you for all your information on the blog it is amazing and has helped me a lot.

    • That’s the key to success in this game, make sure you buy backlinks from a reputable source and always read reviews online to check. Really pleased I have helped you and that our service have got your site ranking higher again. Like always if you need any help we are on live chat or just a quick email away 🙂

  3. Like you say you can buy backlinks, you have to make sure the source is good and you use the correct anchors. Thanks for sharing Nick.

    • That’s correct, if you have a good source for backlinks and the anchor text you use is like what your competitors are using that are ranking high for your keywords then you will not have any problems.

  4. I purchased backlinks on your site months ago, my website went up in ranking and the rankings are still the same now. I know the backlinks here are safe.

    • If you choose to purchase links you need to be 100% certain of the seller, take a look at the sellers website, do they give you confidence? Read their reviews too 🙂 The links we sell are safe, we use them for our clients, we know they work.


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