Google #1 Ranking [Using Proven Links]

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In total you are getting around 1000 backlinks.

These backlinks got us #1 Google rankings, see the images below for the proof.

We are giving you the chance to rank your website using the same links.

Took a look at the backlink package details below.


Use the links that got Rankers Paradise a Google #1 Ranking for these keywords:

Get #1 Google Rankings

Here’s a quick snap shot of the links that got those Google #1 Rankings:

The types of backlinks for a Google #1 ranking

Go take a look for yourself for free over at the Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool.

We are giving you the opportunity to buy the same backlinks that got us those Google #1 rankings.

Here is a list of the backlinks that you can buy in this SEO package:

Tier 1

  • 10 Classified Ad Posting
  • 10 Image Social Posts
  • 10 Doc Share Links
  • 10 Guest Posts
  • 20 Edu/Gov Profile Links
  • 20 Big Brand and Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks
  • 20 Blog/Forum Niche Comment Backlinks
  • 40 Manual Formum Post Backlinks
  • 20 Blogger Backlinks
  • 5 Links
  • 1 Medium Blog Post
  • 100 Social Bookmarks
  • 100 Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • 100 Directory Backlinks

Tier 2

  • 200 Web 2.0 backlinks
  • 200 Social Bookmarks
  • 100 Directory Links

If you took the time to look at the Ahrefs backlink report then you will know that these links get crawled and get Google #1 ranking results.

What we need from you?

At the checkout give us the following details:

  1. Your website URL
  2. Your Main Focus Keywords (up to 3 for best results – you can give as many keywords as you desire)

We will work in any language and will work on any website.

Delivery Time: 7 to 10 Days

1 review for Google #1 Ranking [Using Proven Links]

  1. 5 out of 5


    Does this still work in 2023, especially post- Helpful Content Update that just went through?

    • Nick

      Yes, still working in 2023. We do these links non stop and they get results.

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