How to Get Your Website on Top of Google

How to Get Your Website on Top of GoogleThis is how to get your website on top of Google for any keyword.

We have ranked many websites top of Google using this strategy.

This has worked on very hard search keywords.

We know it will work for any keyword out there.

How to Get Your Website on Top of Google

Follow the guide step by step and you will rank top.

This is exactly how to get at the top of google search for any keyword.

Before you start, test if your URL is indexed.

Pop your full open URL into Google, if it appears in the results you are indexed.

If not, you can index your URL using Google webmaster tools.

I show you how to index your URL here, scroll down to the heading “Index Your Post/Page” and follow the simple instructions.

That’s how to get your website on Google. The next step is to start ranking it higher.

On-Page Optimization

The first step is to make sure your content is worthy of a top Google ranking.

This is very easy to do:

  1. Make sure your keyword is in the META TITLE and DESCRIPTION tags, the closer to the start the better (what is Meta Data in SEO?)
  2. Make sure your META TITLE TAG has a positive or negative sentiment for increased click through rates from Google search results pages. Use this Free Google CTR tool to test your META DATA
  3. Make sure the META TITLE TAG uses a power word like “Top” or “Guaranteed” etc
  4. Add a number to your META TITLE TAG if possible, it will improve click through rate
  5. Make sure your keyword is in the H1 TAG and one H2 to H6 Tag (what are heading tags?)
  6. Add a table of content to your post
  7. Ensure your content is readable using short paragraphs, make sure your spelling and grammar is perfect (use this free tool)
  8. Make sure your keyword is in the URL extension trying to keep it as short as possible (keyword in URL extension example)
  9. Ensure your keyword is within the first 10% of your content above the fold, preferably in the first paragraph
  10. Make sure your keyword density is between 0.5 and 1%
  11. Add your keyword to one image ALT TAG (what is an image ALT TAG?)
  12. Make sure your keyword is in BOLD font and ITALIC font once
  13. Try and make sure your content is at least 600 words long (TIP: pop your keyword into Google and take a look at your competitors content. Try and write more in depth content)
  14. Link out to high authority sites related to your niche and make sure at least one is dofollow (do not link to other sites ranking for your focus keyword)
  15. Add internal links, if you don’t have a lot of content then link to your homepage (what are internal links?)
  16. Make sure you only use the focus keyword one time on each website (don’t write two posts focused on the same keyword)
  17. Make sure you add at least one image to your post (add a video too if possible)
  18. Add bullet points and number lists to your content if you can

Take your time on this, it is very important if you want to achieve a top ranking.

You can let our team handle this for you, use our on-page seo service here.

Go through your content, internal link to your new post using exact match anchors.

Going forward:

Add two new posts a week to your website.

The content does not have to be long.

Make sure the content is related to your main focus keyword that you are trying to rank.

From these new posts internal link to the page you are trying to rank using exact match anchors every time.

These internal links are very important, do not miss this step.

If you need help writing content we have a service for this here.

How to get your website on top of google:

In some cases all you need to do is on-page optimization.

This is all you will need to do for low competition keywords.

Optimize your content for your target keyword and do the internal links with exact match anchors (two will be enough to get started).

Off-Page Optimization

The backlink strategy you use depends on your keyword seo competition score.

You can check your keyword seo competition score here for free.

The keyword seo difficulty score is rated between 1 and 100.

The higher the score the more difficult the keyword is.

  • 1 to 30 – low competition keyword
  • 31 to 50 – medium competition keyword
  • 51+ – high competition keyword

The keyword we ranked top using this strategy is classed as a high competition keyword.

To rank low and medium competition keywords you can use web 2.0 backlinks.

You can also mix in a web 2.0 link wheel to push ranks further down the line.

You can buy the link wheel in our seo store.

A 5 site web 2.0 links wheel will rank low competition keywords.

A 20 site web 2.0 link wheel will be required to rank medium seo competition keywords.

To rank for tough keywords it is going to take between 6 and 12 months.

It takes time, but is well worth it if you target the right keywords.

So, before you waste a lot of time ranking your new content, make sure you have a profitable keyword first.

Always start off slow and steady.

The best place to start is to promote your content on social media.

Social Promotion

You should do this once a month.

Make sure you post on the main social platforms.

The main social platforms include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest

It’s a good idea to join niche related Facebook groups.

Build up your list of niche groups and post in them all once a month.

For all social promotion use full open URL as your anchor text. This looks most natural.

For more information about promoting your website on social media take a look at this video:

Web 2.0 Backlinks

I have been asked over and over: how to get your website on top of google?

My web 2.0 backlinks strategy shows you how to do this step by step for low competition keywords.

Each month you can do a round of web 2.0 backlinks.

Take a look at this web 2.0 blog list for sites you can get backlinks from.

Always make sure you keep a note of the backlinks you build and the anchor texts you use.

The perfect anchor text ratio is a mix of Brand, TITLE TAG and URL anchors.

To rank our clients top for hard search terms we do around 20 web 2.0 backlinks per month.

These web 2.0 backlinks come from new accounts and from aged accounts (dropped web 2.0 sites that already have backlinks pointing to them).

You can find these expired web 2.0 sites for free doing a simple Google search.

You can discover how to find expired web 2.0 for free without software by follow the link provided.

To see all other sites you can get free backlinks from follow the link to a previous blog post we did.

Every now and again you can add a backlink from an image, this can be done within the web 2.0 site post.

You can see all image sharing sites for seo here.

Niche Related Blog Comment Backlinks

Everyday you should be looking to post a comment (including backlink) on niche related blogs.

To rank websites top, we do between 5 and 10 niche blog comment backlinks per day.

We do this many because not all get approved right away, and many do not get approved at all.

But, because they are niche related, if just a few get approved they are incredibly powerful.

We have a niche blog comment backlinks service available to buy in our seo store.

To get those backlinks in place yourself for free do the following:

  1. Go to Google search engine and enter (blog: your keyword or leave a comment + your keyword)
  2. Work your way down the search engine results pages (leave a comment on each site plus a backlink)

Remember to mix up your anchor text profile, it’s something you need to know on how to get your website on top of google.

PBN Backlinks and Guest Posts

The final step is top drop a few PBN backlinks and guest posts into the mix.

You can do between 5 and 30 of these per month, this really does depend on your keyword and current rankings.

You can set up your own PBN network.

Or, you can buy PBN backlinks from the Rankers Paradise seo store.

You can do some guest post backlinks from the sites featured in the link.

Or you can buy them from the same link.

If you continue to do this month on month and stay consistent your website will get to the top of Google.

Rank Tracking

Keep track of your progress, do a rank check at the end of each month (at least once a month).

You can check your website keyword ranking for free here.

How to get to the top of google summary:

  • Good on-page seo with exact match internal links
  • Niche related backlinks from a mix of referring IPs

How to get your website on top of google Fast?

There is a fast way to get your website top on Google.

This will only work for established websites.

Head on over to

Take a look at what keywords your website is already ranking high for.

Then go ahead and get some of the backlinks to them as suggested above.

It might only take the 5 site web 2 link wheel to push your site into the top position.

What are the top search engines?

It’s not just all about Google.

You can get some serious traffic from other search engines too.

The top search engines in the world include:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

Getting to the top of search engines is not a hard task, it’s a test of patience on how to get your website on top of Google.

The key is to stick with it, have a plan and follow it.

Above all, keep the backlinks flowing and never quit.

There is only on thing guaranteed if you quit, you will FAIL.

If you keep going, learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again you will succeed.

As always, if you have any questions leave a comment or send me an email.

If you see me on live chat drop me a message, I am happy to chat any time.

For further research on how to get on the first page of Google follow the link.

So that’s how to get your website on top of Google in a few easy steps.

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    • Have you tried changing the content to index the web 2’s? Do tier 2 links from sites that are indexed like blog comments and social media.

  1. I updated my content as you say in the post to fully optimize for my keyword and my ranking has gone up from page 2 to the bottom of page 1 so thank you very much for this. I will start the backlinks and now, I am certain we will get number 1 on Google soon.

    • Now that you have your content optimized you can get the backlinks in place, and yes you will get top of Google when you do. Let me know how it goes 🙂


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