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New Jersey seo CompanyIf you are looking for a new jersey seo company that will always get results then check this out.

Not only do we get results, we prove what we can do.

I am going to rank this post top for 5 selected keywords.

The post will be ranked number 1 using the strategies we provide our monthly seo customers.

This is exactly what we can do for your site too.

I will place this post on our monthly seo starter package.

The package allows for 5 keywords and URLs.

Then I am going to log the ranking results here.

I will discuss everything that we do here to get a top ranking.

I will run through everything we do during our monthly seo services.

You do not have to sign a contract. They run on a pay as you go basis.

You simply pay for what you need, you can stop whenever you want.

After each month is complete we will send you an invoice for the next month.

Should you wish to continue, simply pay the invoice.

Our seo services could not be any easier.

What Makes The Best New Jersey SEO Company?

You should not hire just any New Jersey seo company.

It is important to pick a company that can prove what they can do.

Case studies are all well and good, but without real results they mean nothing.

Any seo company New Jersey can show a case study, but how do you know it is real?

This is why I am going to rank this post number 1 for our selected keyword.

Caroline our seo expertThis proves what we can do for you.

We can rank any keyword top.

To discover more about what we can do for you just take a look around our blog.

We have lost count how many number one rankings we have.

Not just on this site, but for our clients too.

So, if you are looking for a new jersey seo expert consider Rankers Paradise.

Okay, let’s get started.

Keyword Research

The very first thing we will do when you sign up is to take a look at your keywords.

This way we will get a quick overview of the competition and what needs to be done.

Some clients sign up and they have their keywords already selected and ready to go.

Some clients have no idea what keywords they need to target.

The Elements of SEOThis is okay, we will get the keywords for you if required.

For this we use long tail pro.

A good New Jersey seo company will always help with keyword selection and optimization.

We also run your site through other tools like semrush and spyfu to check for current keywords you might be ranking for.

We will run your site through ahrefs too.

This gives us a good idea of any easy keyword wins we can target for some quick traffic gains.

If you want to do some keyword research yourself, you can use a free tool called

For this post I needed 5 keywords.

I headed over to Long Tail Pro, I wanted to target a local seo search term with a decent search volume.

New Jersey Keywords

As you can see, keywords focused around “New Jersey” are pretty good.

The seo competition score is fairly low and they have a decent search volume.

My selected keywords for this post are:

  • New Jersey seo
  • seo company New Jersey
  • seo company in New Jersey
  • New Jersey seo company
  • seo services New Jersey

Now, not many seo companies help you with the next part I am going to show you.

This is, knowing the value of your keyword.

I mean, what’s the point in paying for New Jersey seo services at $300 per month if you are only going to get a return of $10 a month when you rank top.

So, to calculate your return on investment using our monthly seo services you can do the following:

Keyword Value

You can easily discover if your keywords are going to make a lot of money by using our seo services.

You can do a simple calculation.

I will show you what to do by running through the process for my selected keywords.

Let’s take my main keyword “New Jersey seo” and calculate my return on investment by using our starter monthly seo package here at Rankers Paradise.

What is your keyword worthHere are the steps you take:

  1. Get Keyword Monthly Search Volume
  2. Calculate Number of Monthly Visitors
  3. Calculate Number of Sales/Conversions
  4. Calculate Gross Return Per Sale/Conversion
  5. Calculate NET Keyword Value

My main focus keyword (New Jersey seo) for this post has a monthly search volume of 1900.

The top ranking site does not get all those visitors.

In fact, the site in top spot will take 33% of those clickers.

So, to calculate the number of visitors I will get I will need to do the following:

1900 x 0.33 = 627

That’s 33% of the total search volume for my selected keyword.

So I now know, if I rank this post number one for the selected keyword I will get 627 visitors every month.

Now I would love to know the number of sales that this is going to net me.

To do this you need to know your website conversion rate.

If you do not know this go ahead and use 1%.

All website will convert at least 1% of their traffic.

Most decent websites will convert at around 5% to 10% of their traffic.

Of course this all depends on your niche, and it may go up and down through different periods in the year.

I always air on the cautious side of things.

This website has a very high conversion rate.

I will use 5% as the conversion rate for this, I know it will be much higher.

627 x 0.05 = 31.35

Now I know, if I rank top for this keyword at least 31 people will order per month.

Next I will calculate my gross return, which is the number of sales times by the product price.

The basic package here is $300.

31.35 x 300 = $9,405.00

To calculate my net return I would need to subtract the cost of the seo services.

9405 – 300 = $9,105.00

That’s a pretty good return on investment each and every month by using this New Jersey seo company.

But that’s not it, on the basic seo package we do 5 keywords/urls.

So, in theory your return on the $300 could be five times this amount.

So you can see, you can get a very good return on your investment by using our seo services.

On-Page SEO

Now that we have your keywords in place we go ahead and take a look at your site.

We need to make sure that your website has the best possible content for your selected keyword.

So we go ahead and analyse your sites on-page seo.

If you are using WordPress I highly recommend using the seo plugin Rank Math SEO.

The plugin is free to use and will help you optimize your website for a top ranking.

It will give you a run down of all on-page seo factors that need to be taken care of.

For example:

Basic SEO

You will need a green tick next to all basic on-page seo factors as shown above.

Additional On Page SEO Factors

The plugin will help you with keyword density and other on-page factors like URL length.

I will need my keyword density to be under 1%, anything around 0.61% is good.

So I will need my keyword (New Jersey seo) to be in the content enough times to achieve this.

META TAG Optimization

We will help you get your META TAGs perfect for a top ranking.

Your META details are super important.

We need the searcher to be 100% compelled to click on your listing.

The TITLE TAG must be relevant, this will ensure bounce rate remains low.

I always put the keyword at the start of the TITLE TAG.

SEO Content Analysis

We will also analyse your content.

We will improve readability if needed and recommend any changes to be made.

You can rest assured that we can make the changes on your site for you, this in turn will reduce your work load.

However, if you are not comfortable with us going into your website we do give a full report for you to follow.

This way you can make the on-page changes yourself.

After all on-page seo changes are complete, we always run a check to ensure everything is correct.

The on-page seo factors we look at include:

  1. META DATA – Keywords in title and description tags
  2. Keywords in body – make sure keyword density is perfect
  3. Word count – should be over 2000 words (depends on the niche)
  4. Keywords in Headings – should be in one H1 TAG and one H2-H6 TAG
  5. Keyword in ALT TAGs – should be in one image ALT TAG

Those are the basics to on-page seo.

Of course on our monthly seo service we go into a lot more detail.

We compare your site to all the top ranking competitors.

We take a look at their on-page aspects and get yours the same and even even better.

Each and every project is different and will be handled accordingly.

There is a free tool you can use to check your on-page seo yourself.

The tool is called WebSite Auditor.

On-Page SEO Factors

The tool will help you optimize your META TAGs.

Image Alt tags on-page seo factors

You will also be able to optimize your body content and images.

This tool combined with the Rank Math SEO plugin will help you rank top.

To discover more details about on-page seo ranking factors see this video:

We will also run a speed test on your website.

You can do this yourself for free using a website called

A fast loading website will reduce bounce rate considerably and can have a massive impact on rankings.

We will also optimize your website so it loads lightening fast.

We have in house experts that are absolutely amazing at this.

Certain aspects of your on-page make up could be affecting your load times.

For example, your image files may be too large.

Or you may have browser and javascript problems.

We can identify and correct all of this for you.

If your website runs on WordPress you can add a few plugins that will help improve website load times.

These plugins include:

  • Autoptimize – To optimize javascript and css.
  • BJ Lazy Load – Lazy image loading makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth.
  • Comet Cache Pro – Advanced cache to improve page load time.
  • Real-Time Find and Replace – Set up find and replace rules that are executed AFTER a page is generated by WordPress, but BEFORE it is sent to a user’s browser.
  • Smush – Reduce image file sizes.

Believe it or not, these plugins will push your site up in the SERPs.

They are really useful to have on-board.

A good fast website will load in 3 seconds or less.

Many people hit the back button on their browser if it takes longer than this to load up.

This will ensure you have a high bounce rate, which you do not want at all.

Competitor Analysis

The next step in the ranking puzzle is to complete a competitor analysis.

I need to take a look at all the top ranking sites for the keyword New Jersey seo.

This step is very important.

This must be done before you go ahead and start your backlinks.

SEO Competitor AnalysisThis will give us a complete idea of what anchors to use for our backlinks and also help us set out a backlink road map.

I will talk about this later in the backlinks section.

Every good New Jersey seo company will do this.

This will give us an idea of what needs to be done to get a #1 ranking for any keyword.

So, let’s take a look at the competitors for the selected keyword.

We use many tools for this, most of which are paid premium options.

These give us the best insights into what has to be done.

For this tutorial, I am going to run over a quick competitor analysis using free tools.

This way you can go ahead and do the same for yourself right now.

I mentioned the other tools that we use earlier.

They include ahrefs, semrush, spyfu and similarweb.

For this we are going to use a free tool called SEO SpyGlass.

Of course if you go onto one of our monthly seo packages, we will do a more in depth report.

You can see all our New Jersey seo monthly seo packages here.

The package you choose depends on the number of keywords you have.

The prices go up accordingly, and are very reasonable.

We do not like to leave any stone un-turned.

Anything that can give us an advantage we need to know about.

And we make sure we do know about it too.

So, first of all you need to find your competitors.

Go ahead and pop your first main keyword into Google search.

Competitor Research on Google

Ignore the Ads, now you can see who your main competitors are for your chosen keyword.

Now we are going to pop the top ranking site URL into SEO SpyGlass.

If you do not have the software go and get it.

Believe me it is very useful, and best of all it is completely free.

SEO SpyGlass Analyse Competitor URL

Open SEO SpyGlass and enter your competitors url as shown above.

Then go ahead and hit the “Finish” button to analyse your competitors URL.

Competitor Backlinks Report

I get the results that I wanted to see: “no backlinks found”.

If your competition have very few or zero backlinks then out ranking them will be so much easier.

Of course, no one seo tool will discover all backlinks.

So it is absolutely possible that this URL does have backlinks pointing to it.

It has got to number one for a reason, and usually it is down to great content and very good niche related contextual backlinks.

Okay, so I will take a look at the site ranking in position 2 for the keyword New Jersey seo.

The site in second spot has 41 backlinks.

These backlinks are from just 16 IPs, so again very few backlinks in place.

Backlinks Analysis Report

As you can see, just 21 domains link to the site ranked in second spot for the keyword.

Now, to plan out my backlinks for this post I need to see the sites that link to this site.

I also need to take a look at the anchor text that they have used.

To see what a perfect anchor text ratio should look like see this post.

Find Competitors Backlinks

To see the backlinks hit the “Backlinks” button circled red.

See Competitors Backlinks

As you can see, the website has backlinks from web 2.0 sites and forums.

These are backlinks I can go ahead and get myself for free right now.

You can see a list of other free backlinks you can get right now by following the link.

I will also need to know what anchors to use for these backlinks.

Discover Competitor Anchor Texts

Click on the “Anchor Texts” button (circled red) to discover your competitors anchor texts used.

Competitors Anchor Texts Used

Now you can see the exact anchor used by your competitors.

This enables you to plan your backlinks road map and anchors you are going to use.

The site in second place for my selected keyword has used exact match anchors (New Jersey seo) 17 times.

It is only used on one dofollow backlink, which is why the site has not been penalised for over use of exact match.

The anchor used most times on dofollow backlinks is the full open URL.

This is a good indicator of what anchors I need to be using for my backlinks.

You can go ahead and run all the top ten ranking sites through SEO SpyGlass.

Of course if you are on our monthly seo package, we do this for you, and much more.

We like to know absolutely everything your competitors have done to rank top.

This information is absolutely invaluable.

If you fail to do this research then you are going to fail to hit the top.

Anything at all that can give you an edge you really need to know about.

Doing this research before you start building backlinks really does save you a lot of hassle in the future.

We help our clients that have had poor seo done on their site in the past.

We will find and disavow all links that have a negative impact on your ranking.

When we have everything we need to know about your competitors we move onto building backlinks.

By this stage we will have done a full on-page analysis and made the necessary changes.

We will have completed competitor analysis.

Your site will now be fully primed for a top ranking, just the backlinks remain to get your website there.


After competitor research is complete we will know exactly what backlinks are required to rank your website number 1.

This post is going to need a mixture of web 2.0 backlinks and forum backlinks.

These are the type of backlinks my competitors are showing up to be using.

Link buildingBut to really give the site a boost, I will use the best backlinks any site can get.

The very best possible backlink is contextual from a niche related site within a niche related post.

The content must be hand written, this will ensure the URL/Post will index.

After all, if Google is not aware the backlinks exist, then why have them?

It’s a waste of time building backlinks that do not index.

So putting time and effort into building quality backlinks is a real must and is very important indeed.

To get these amazing backlinks in place we have two options:

  1. PBN Backlinks
  2. Guest Post

Now, one option is a lot easier than the other.

Doing an out reach programme for guest post backlinks can take a long time with poor return.

So, for quick results we normally go with our own PBN backlinks.

Some clients do not want this, and with respect we do not use PBN backlinks for them.

However, the PBN’s we set up are very good indeed.

We do not leave any footprints at all.

We go ahead and find aged domains that are niche related to your site.

We set them up on different IPs and hosting and put hand written content on them.

Of course we add the backlink to your website too.

To find niche related expired domains you can use a free website at

We set up the blogs as if they are our own money sites.

This ensures that they will pass any manual review and that they look like any normal website out there.

This part of the system is very important.

It’s good to find expired domains for your PBN with your exact keyword in them if you can.

Head on over to and pop your keyword into the search bar.

Finding Good Expired Domains

As you can see, there are many expired domains for sale with my exact keyword New Jersey seo in them.

Popping these into my blog network will be super powerful and will help rank this post top.

So, I know a combination of web 2 backlinks, forum backlinks and PBN backlinks will rank this top.

I will use a mix of dofollow and nofollow links using mostly URL and TITLE TAG anchors.

Index Your Post/Page

Your page/post needs to be indexed to rank it top.

You can index your post or page using Google and Bing webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster ToolsSo immediately after publishing this post I will submit it to Google for indexing.

Google needs to know that I have new content on my site ready for indexing.

To make things easier you can log into your Google webmaster account and get this done instantly.

To index your URL using Google webmaster tools do the following:

Select URL Inspection

First of all log into your Google webmaster account.

You will need to add and verify your website property before you can index a page manual like this.

After you have added your website go ahead and:

Select “URL inspection” as shown above.

Enter your URL for inspection and you will see this:

Request URL Indexing

Hit the “Request Indexing” button.

That’s it, if your content is unique then it is guaranteed to index.

Indexing a url can take a few minutes.

Wait 20 minutes and go ahead and check that your URL has been indexed.

Simply copy and paste your full URL into Google search.

If your URL shows in the SERPs you are indexed and ready to rank top.

Track Your Ranking

If you go onto one of our monthly seo packages we will track rankings for you.

If you want to track your own website ranking for selected keywords there are a few free options available to you.

Free Rank Tracking Tools:

  • Rank Tracker (by seo powersuite) – Free version only tracks top 50 SERPs
  • Serp Surf – free online rank tracking tool. Check all positions in SERPs, even over 50 places

Just pop your URL into Serp Serf, your keyword, select search engine and you can track your rankings.

How to Track Your Keyword Ranking

As you can see, we are ranking in spot 4 for that particular keyword.

So, when you sign up with us you will get an seo dashboard.

After sign up we will send you the client login area and login details.

You can log into your account at any time.

On the dashboard we show daily link building reports and log any other work we have done.

It works like a diary, you login and view everything we have done.

You can even leave messages for us on the dash if you have any questions.

We are available all day everyday on the dash, we are on live chat every day too.

If you need us at any time we are just a click away.

You can learn more about the basics of seo by following the link or by using our blog.

Remember we have an seo forum too if you need extra advice or help.

Don’t just use any New Jersey seo company, use the best.

Our working hours are:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

(Available on Phone Live Chat until at least 10pm everyday)

We are here:

New Jersey SEO

Phone: 0034642432173


Take a look at our customer reviews to discover how good we are.


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Ranking Results

I will log the ranking results of this post here.

Everything that I do to rank this top will be listed here.

If you sign up for a monthly seo package with us we will log the results on your seo dashboard.

You can get ranking updates at any time too.

If you have any questions about any of our seo services New Jersey please feel free to contact us at any time.

If you need an seo company in New Jersey give us a try.

27th March 2019

Post published.

Rankers Paradise monthly seo dashboard set up, to track all work done and ranking.

Monthly SEO Dashboard Set Up

This is what our monthly seo dashboard looks like.

If you sign up with us you will get one of these to track work done on a daily basis.

An internal link was done today with exact match anchor text used.

URL posted on Rankers Paradise Facebook and Twitter pages, full URL anchors used.

URL Submitted To Index

URL submitted to be indexed using Google webmaster tools.

How To Index Your URL

Indexing of the URL has been requested.

URL is Now Indexed

In less than 5 minutes after submitting the URL to be indexed it is indexed in Google SERPs.

Just moments after indexing the URL it is now ranking for all 5 keywords.

Ranking Results Day 1 first 3 keywords

The post is showing ranking for all 5 chosen keywords.

Ranking Results Day 1 last 2 keywords

As the backlinks start to flow the site will rise to the top.

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    • It was on path to be no. 1 yet someone yet again has hit Rankers Paradise with a GSA run, some of my posts now have 250,000 backlinks pointing at them. So I noe have to disavow the links to get the posts back on track. All services work if people don’t go out of their way to destroy what I am showing you for free, obviously someone has taken offence to what I am doing.

  1. I see you are now page 2 after just one month, very good work. Looks like you will hit the top in month 2 or 3. If you do I will definitely be signing up my company that is located in New Jersey. I would like to get these seo results for my website too.

    • Yes that’s correct, we are jumping between page 2 and 3 right now. Another 4 weeks and we will be first page, probably top 5, we have everything going on in the background to ensure we hit the top taking it nice and steady. I will reveal everything we have done at the end when this post in ranked #1.

  2. Nick,

    How much estimated time to take keywords “New Jersey SEO Company” on 1st page? Will target any other cities of USA?

  3. Hi Nick

    I have tired to find result on this keyword “SEO Company in New Jersey” as you mention this keywords is on #136 position but i can not find your website anywhere in 150 result in

      • The keywords are in and out of the SERPs at the moment, this is natural. It did exactly the same thing for another local search term I did recently. The site ranked and then fell from the SERPs and then came back stronger, it’s what happens.

    • Hi Wasim,

      Yes the keywords are jumping in and out of the Google SERPs at the moment. One day they are ranked, the next they are nowhere again, it’s natural at this stage. I am letting everything settle and then I will start backlinks, I have not done any yet, I will start end of this week or early next week 🙂

      • It is back ranking for the keywords, currently 149 for main keyword, some backlinks have been done which is why 🙂 as the backlinks keep coming in the post will hit the top.

  4. Really good to see you can rank just from good on-page seo. Thanks for sharing, I will keep coming back to check ranking changes.

    • Get the keyword density right and use the keyword in the Heading tags and you will rank without any backlinks. Make sure the content is hand written and unique and it will index in Google right away too 🙂


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