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Are you looking for an SEO expert located in Los Angeles near you?

Rankers Paradise offers specialist SEO services to companies and agencies all over the world.

We use our proven ranking strategies, which we rank this website number 1 for over and over again.

Just take a look around our SEO blog for the proof.

It’s time to leave your competition behind and get your website ranking higher in the search engine results pages.

To do this you need to use a top-rated SEO agency, this is where we come in.

SEO Expert Los Angeles Services

We have been working with SEO for many years, we have a small expert team ready to take on new clients at any time.

We have certifications and specialize in Google ranking for any keyword out there, easy or hard. We relish any opportunity to get more traffic to a website and boost sales.

Rankers Paradise is a little different from other digital marketing agencies.

The fact we have proven results to show you is just the start of it.

We provide daily reports, which you can track on your SEO dashboard any time you log in.

Other agencies just deliver reports once a month, you have no way of knowing they have done that work in just one day.

The secret to ranking success is a constant flow of backlinks, this is exactly what we do.

Our Los Angeles based specialists have expertise in PPC advertising too, we can lower your costs and elevate your sales.

Our search engine optimization packages are very affordable, we have packages available for small, medium and large companies.

Our keyword research goes in-depth to ensure you get a great return on your investment in SEO with us.

Why Select Rankers Paradise to Promote Your LA Business?

Nick and the rest of the Rankers Paradise team have extensive access to websites to promote your business.

We have websites with links from,, and many more. All this lovely ranking juice will pass onto your website.

We know that niche related contextual links are the best, we will get them for you.

Part of the Google algorithm is to have links from top authority sites, this is a must for any online marketing program.

Local Organic Los Angeles Keywords

Every single SEO project needs to have great keywords.

A website will win or fail based on this, we make sure we get this absolutely perfect before we do anything.

We want your website to be fully optimized for the best keywords to bring the most traffic and sales possible.

Our current set of clients have seen huge boosts in traffic from the SERP’s, this usually happens fast in around 7 days.

Many other search engine optimization companies and web designers in LA do not go into keyword research extensively, this is where they fail to deliver.

Getting low competition, high search volume keywords is a must.

Our experienced team knows how to calculate how much traffic you will receive and how many visitors will buy from you. We can calculate your return on your investment for you.

If required, our team will also produce content for your website, all optimized around those target keywords.

We analyze the top-ranking sites, we write content that is better and with links will guarantee a number one ranking.

Your visibility online will grow week on week, your sales will go up and up and you will have more business than you can handle.

Strategy to Earn The Best Los Angeles Links

We have an incredibly talented marketing team set to outreach and build relationships in your niche, in turn, we earn high-quality links.

We know that social media activity is of utmost importance, this is included in our SEO packages.

We send out laser targeted email campaigns to build friendships with other website owners in your niche. We get you the highest quality links possible.

For quick wins, we use our own Los Angeles websites for backlinks. We already have a big social media presence in LA, you can take advantage of this.

Many other digital marketing companies will need to do this from scratch, we have a head start on them.

We work on websites in many niches including dentists, real estate, legal, health, travel, e-commerce and lots more.

Daily SEO Reports and Los Angeles Keyword Rank Tracking

It’s important for you to track the work we have done and the positive results that we are getting.

After payment has been received we will email you your login details, this gives you access to your website’s SEO dashboard.

It works like a ticketing system, where the work we do is logged under each date, this allows you to track the work and when it was done with ease.

We also include rank tracking reports on the dash, this allows you to see your website climbing the Google rankings right in front of your eyes.

We are on the dashboard every day, you can send us a message on the dash and we will respond right away.

We list all your Los Angeles related keywords on your dash, including current rankings and competitor analysis and ranking roadmap.

You can follow what we do each day and see each and every SEO task that has been completed, from on-page reports (including content writing) to off-page analysis.

At the vest start to run a full SEO audit cover technical issues, this includes finding any keywords you are currently ranking for.

You might not be aware of what you are currently ranking for, we have access to many premium SEO tools to discover everything.

As I said, it’s important to note that we deliver daily reports.

SEO agencies that deliver monthly reports could just do all the work in one day and you would not know about it.

At the end of each monthly cycle, we will leave a message on the dash about what we plan to do in the next coming month. When keywords rank number one we switch them out for others and keep an eye on them to make sure they stay top.

Absolutely everything we do is completely safe, we have tried and tested our strategies over and over again.

Any time you need advice from one of our experts you can leave a message on the dash, get us on live chat or give us a call, we are happy to help.

Lead Generation in Los Angeles

We know exactly how to drive leads to your website without having to spend money on advertising.

This is done by targeting social media groups on Facebook and Linkedin, we do this for all our clients on a daily basis.

This way you get traffic all the time from social media and the search engines.

Do not worry if you do not have any keywords or even have a website yet.

We design websites too and cover all keyword research.

Getting your website developed by an SEO agency is a wise choice.

We know how to build a website for fast rankings, websites need to load fast and be minimal on javascript.

With perfect web design and keyword placement, your organic rankings will go up and up fast.

We do not specialize in any particular niche, we have clients in all areas and have top rankings right across the board.

Doesn’t matter if you are in the home improvement niche or you have a franchise, we can do the work for you.

Mobile App Development and Promotion

Best SEO Expert Los Angeles
Our experts don’t just stop with the promotion of your website.

We can develop and promote a mobile app for your business, driving new downloads and traffic to your website.

If you have an Adwords campaign that is not getting results we can optimize at no extra cost, you will get more clicks for a lower price.

We can get your app thousands of downloads in days.

The fastest way to increased visibility is to be available on all platforms. We are here to get that done for you.

Free SEO Website Analysis

Not sure where to start or how many keywords you have.

No problem, you can take advantage of our free SEO analysis report.

You can get this on our homepage, just scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

We just need your email, website URL and niche or target keywords.

Is your current SEO agency in Los Angeles letting you down?

Get in touch with us today, we are always on live chat if you need any help.

Los Angeles SEO

SEO is an ongoing effort to grow your business and brand in the Los Angeles area.

With improved search engine optimization the traffic that goes to your website will increase.

SEO can change the fortunes of business overnight.

Online search is not going away, the longer you leave it the further your competitors are getting away from you.

More and more people are searching for local businesses online, even before they go into the store.

A person will go online to look at brand reviews, or to find out if there is a business in a particular niche is located close to where they live.

If a person searching the web is looking for your product or service and you are not in the results pages, you are losing money.

To start with, you need to know what these people are searching for and how often.

Then you can optimize your site and get it visible to them.

If your company is behind in any area the Rankers Paradise SEO team in Los Angeles will find it.

Doesn’t matter what stage your business is at, we can develop a ranking strategy to get traffic and sales.

Our company is rated the number one SEO agency in Los Angeles, no one can even come close.

Keep reading to discover more information on what Rankers Paradise can do for your business.

How To Hire An Expert In SEO

First of all, take a look at online reviews. You need to know that your SEO expert really has achieved good results for others.

If you want to chat with some of our current clients before you sign up with us it can be arranged.

If you know how many keywords you have then head on over to our monthly SEO packages page and sign up for the relevant service.

If you are unsure, go to our homepage and get your free website analysis.

What is SEO?

It’s good to know the basics before you sign up with any SEO expert.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of finding keywords, optimizing web pages and ranking those pages in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

A Search engine has an algorithm to determine which websites should be ranked higher than others. You can see the top 7 most important ranking factors here.

If your website is optimized for keywords it is more likely to show in the search engine results pages.

Marketing your website, be it through social promotion and guest posts helps your website earn backlinks and rank even higher for those search terms.

It’s good to practice to follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure your website does not get penalized.

You can target low competition keywords to rank top in a short space of time, you can use tools to find these.

Finding and targeting low competition search terms with high search volumes gives you a quicker return on your investment.

On-Site Optimization for Los Angeles Search Terms

Now that you have good target keywords it’s time to optimize your website.

The search engines use a specific formula to rank pages given keyword density and work placement.

Ranking factors include having your search terms in your Meta Title Tag and Description Tag.

The more ranking signals you hit the higher your website will rank.

Keep in mind that 33% of all searchers click on the top-ranking website. So, not all the traffic goes to the top-ranked website.

Rankers Paradise will help your website become fully optimized on-site for ultimate rankings of local and any organic search terms.

In SEO there are well over 200 ranking factors, we know which ones are the most important and get everything in place for you to rank high.

Local SEO

It’s good to practice to have your Los Angeles website/business Name, Adress and Phone Number on every page of your website.

This information should be consistent all over the internet, including your Google Business Page.

We people search on Google for your “Keyword/Niche + Los Angeles” your website will be visible.

This happens when you get the right wording on your web pages.

Targeting the right words ensures you get the most traffic from your efforts.

We know how to find what people are searching for, we can even check where your competitors are getting the most business from and replicate for you.

Meta Data

Making sure your local Los Angeles words are in your Titles and Descriptions is highly important to rank high.

This is the information a visitor will see first in the search engine results pages.

This needs to be well written for a high click-through rate.

Using local keywords in your Metadata sends a strong signal to the search engines as to what your page is about.

If a user searches for “flower show in Los Angeles” then you must have those exact words in your Meta Data to rank highly for them.

Our Meta specialists use reactive words in Title to entice clicks from the search engines.

We know which words to use to get users to click, we know exactly how to tickle their emotions.

Internal and External Links

The very start of any SEO link campaign is to tackle internal links.

These are links from page to page on your own website.

The text used on the hyperlink sends a strong signal to the search engine bots as to what your page is about.

These are very important and should not be overlooked.

The number of external links a website has will help rankings.

This means other sites on the internet link to yours, these act as a vote for your website.

The more votes you receive the higher your site will climb.

However, these links need to be niche related.

There is a difference in link quality, earning links is the best way to go.

Search engines know when a link has been built to manipulate the rankings, this can get your website removed from the results altogether.

If your website is mentioned on a high authority site then it can pass traffic to your website too, so this stage is very important to growing your brand online.

As your website grows with word across the internet your organic rankings will go up too, everything works hand in hand.

Visitor Engagement

Search engine optimization includes visitor interaction on your website.

If a visitor lands on your website from the search engine and immediately clicks back to the SERPs this has a negative impact on your rankings.

If a visitor clicks on your website from the SERPs and stays on your site a long time, looks at other pages, this has a positive impact on rankings.

All of these things need to be monitored, we look at all this for you.

It’s also a good idea to keep adding content to your website.

We have packages for this.

More content equals more traffic targeting different keywords.

This sends a positive signal to the search bots that your website is cared for.

If you are adding quality content on a regular basis you will become the go-to resource in your niche and be regarded as the specialist in that area.

For current clients we publish at least two articles for them per week, this has shown massive growth for them in many ways.

Constant Tracking

It’s good to keep looking over everything we have mentioned here.

Here at Rankers Paradise, we will develop an ongoing plan for you, this was you don’t have to handle web optimization on your own.

Our strategies work at making the best use of our time, we analyze every detail and take care of the most important things first.

It’s important to keep track of changes in search engine optimization, the bots are changing on a regular basis and we keep an eye on this.

We change our strategies to fit these new ways, we are constantly testing for new ways of working to get things done better and faster, you can be part of this.

Why Does Your Website Need Search Engine Optimization?

Without search engine optimization your website will not have any targeted traffic.

A well put together strategy will completely change your business forever.

You might be getting one sale a day online right now, an optimized website could mean 300 sales a day in less than a month from now.

The number of searches done on Google, Yahoo and Bing is growing day by day, it’s time to take advantage of this.

The chances of your business being on the first pages is low without SEO.

SEO will increase your traffic and also boost sales through a perfect call to action placements.

More Organic Traffic

It’s well known that when most people search for something online using Google they never go past the first page of results.

If you are not on the first page then you are missing out on visitors.

The higher your website is listed the more traffic you will get.

Optimizing your website for specific search terms is the best way to get higher rankings in a short space of time.

As the website goes up, so does your traffic and the amount of business you will do.

Reputation Management

As part of our daily SEO routine, we check online reviews, we want to ensure your brand gets great exposure.

A negative review can significantly impact your business and reviews fo affect rankings.

We will work at reaching out to existing and past customers to leave reviews for you, building your brand.

The more brand exposure you receive the more trust is placed on your business. With high trust comes high sales.

When your business gathers momentum in this way it can become viral and business can become life-changing and not just a lifestyle.

Search engine optimization goes hand in hand with brand awareness, we have to protect it to ensure rankings go and stay high.

We have many very happy clients here at Rankers Paradise, our brand and online reputation is growing too. We have done it over and over and will do the same for you too, we have proven what we can do.

Customer Satisfaction

Being available for your customers when they need you to build trust as we said, increases sales.

When you have a satisfied customer you will start to receive great reviews, your business will grow online very quickly.

If your website is well optimized then it will rank higher.

We will look at your website architecture to ensure high conversion rates and also a high customer interaction rate.

We want people to be sending you emails about business every single second of the day. Business will never have been so good for you.

Working with an expert in SEO located in Los Angeles is a good choice, our results are fast and very worthwhile.

Rankings stick, the work we do adds value to your website, we always deliver more than what you pay for that’s for sure.

Website Performace

It’s not just about getting the traffic, we also ensure that traffic goes to the sales pages on your website.

We analyze every aspect of your website performance, this includes navigation and load speeds.

A slow-loading website has a huge impact on rankings, we know how to get a blazing fast website.

If your website does not deliver on what it says, people will leave and never come back.

A website must be user-friendly, it must be mobile optimized and more and more people search on their phones and tablets.

Dwell time means how long people stay on your sites, if people are on a long time your ranking will be higher.

The bounce rate is the stat that measures how often a visitor clicks back to the search engine. This needs to be low for good high rankings to be maintained.

To ensure a low bounce rate and high dwell time the site must be clean and very easy to navigate.

We know exactly how this can be done, it’s what we do.

Help with SEO

If you fancy having a good at SEO yourself you can take a look at our SEO checklist for help.

You can use free SEO tools like SEO SpyGlass to understand where your website is at the moment compared to your competitors.

If you are unsure about what to do at any stage you can drop us an email, we are only too happy to point you in the right direction.

Every single aspect of SEO is important, if you miss any point then you know exactly why you are not ranking in the number one position.

Our free SEO report will establish this for you.

Rankers Paradise Los Angeles SEO Agency

Rankers Paradise has been helping clients succeed in Los Angeles for many years.

Nick started this as an SEO blog, it has grown into an agency serving many happy clients worldwide.

Search engine optimization does not have to be a daunting task for your business anymore, we will get the results for you.

We work on every single website on the monthly SEO package daily, your website value is guaranteed to increase.

Not sure where to start? If you have just 5 keywords you can go with our starter package, it’s just $300.

Los Angeles SEO Packages

We have already mentioned our starter package. This is just perfect for all small businesses located in Los Angeles.

Here are our other plans:

  • Starter – up to 5 keywords
  • Advanced – up to 10 keywords
  • Business  – up to 15 keywords
  • Gold – 30+ keywords

We also do website design and development.

If you are looking for something customized to your needs you can get in touch at

We are very flexible in the way we work.

We will help with any Los Angeles keywords in any niche.

Let our experts take your business to the next level.

We also have a content development package, this is called our complete SEO package.

On this package we write and publish content on your website for you, this is done twice a week.

We find new keywords and write great content fully optimized around these search terms.

We include internal links to all relevant pages, in turn increasing keyword rankings right around your website as a whole.

Getting Started

If you are ready to sign up with Rankers Paradise you can go to our SEO packages page.

Remember we have an SEO store too, you can buy individual services if this is what you are looking for.

For example, we offer one-off services for on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Our current clients have increased their search engine visibility and sales by over 500% in the first month.

Let us do the same for your business.

We have hundreds of thousands of keywords ranking top across many different niches.

We are certified SEO experts on Google and Bing.

We have clients published on huge traffic websites like BBC, Huffington Post and more.

Don’t forget what makes us different. We give daily work reports, other SEO agencies do not do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

Our packages are priced on the number of keywords/content we work on. The starter package, which is up to 5 keywords is priced ar just $300.

Is this for businesses in Los Angeles only?

No, we work with many companies and businesses located worldwide. We are available all the time for you on chat, or on the SEO dashboard.

How do we get you backlinks?

Backlinks are absolutely essential is SEO, without them it is highly unlikely your website will rank top. We promote your website on the net in order to get eyeballs on your website, in turn, it will earn links naturally.

Do you have a content writing service?

Yes, we do write content and have a service just for this, which includes keyword research and ranking. This is called our “Complete SEO Package”.

Do you build websites? 

We also offer website design services, we will build a website for you that is fast loading and ready for a top ranking.

Client Reviews

Ella Rimming

I own a dog grooming business in Los Angeles and Rankers Paradise got my website more walk in customers after just a week. They optimized my Google Business page, it got placed in the Google local three pack and buiness has been booming every since.

Harry Higgstern

We hired Rankers Paradise after being involved with five other SEO agencies previously. The other companies were not delivering results and only gave is a report every month. Rankers Paradise is 100% transparent in how they work, give us daily reports and are available for us any time we have a question. Our rankings were top after a month with them, can’t recommend them highly enough. Simply the best!

Let Rankers Paradise be your Los Angeles SEO specialist.

Results only come from taking action…..

Be the next success story.

Take a look at our seo packages