Rankers Ultimate SEO Entity Package


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The most powerful backlink strategy. This is a winning combination of the most authoritative backlink types available. Using a cutting-edge new technique called ‘entity stitching’, they are blended together for maximum results.


“The fastest results we’ve ever seen!” – Owner, Video Conferencing Software

“Some of our keywords jumped entire pages in Google” – Owner, Real Estate Agency

“Amazing. We’ll never do standard backlinking again.” – Marketing Manager


3000+ Blend:

–         Tiered Backlinks

–         Contextual Backlinks

–         Web 2.0 and Social

–         Syncopated-deployment and Drip-feed over 30 days

–         Brand Mentions + Blog Comments


Due to recent changes in Google’s algorithm, an increase in backlinks must now be accompanied by an increase in social proof and brand mentions and need to be drip-fed and syncopated in order to avoid Google’s spam recognition. This blend has been carefully designed over time with proven results on hundreds of websites.


Multi-type entity-stitched backlinks, syncopated & drip-fed over 29 days with performance guarantee.


Please provide us with the website url and 5 main keywords


Report provided in 30 days


How can you guarantee results?

The way Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm for natural search operates, it is unable to identify these links as anything but natural. Google is unable to do anything except pass SEO value.




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