Rankers Starter For Newbies Monthly SEO Package


The Rankers Newbie Starter monthly seo package is recommended for businesses targeting local, national or international audience. (works for any keyword, local or broad)

This is what you are going to get:

  • Up to 5 Keywords researched
  • Client Dashboard Set Up (see daily reports and ask us questions any time)
  • On Page SEO Analysis
  • On Page Optimisation (including content if required)
  • Site Architecture Audit
  • Competitor Analysis (ranking strategy developed)
  • On-Going Link Building

Time Frame: 1 Month Website Ranking.

This is payment for your first month.

If you wish to continue with our monthly seo services you just come back here after the month and pay again with your chosen payment method.

This could not be any easier, no contracts or reoccurring fees.


The Rankers Starter for newbies monthly seo package is recommended for new businesses targeting local, just starting out who have a new website and don’t have any keyword or have had any seo done before (works for any keyword, local or broad). IMPORTANT INFORMATION – IF YOU OWN A WEBSITE YOU NEED THIS PACKAGE. DOING NOTHING FOR YOUR WEBSITE WILL NOT BRING TRAFFIC OR CUSTOMERS TO YOUR WEBSITE. EVERY WEBSITE IS A FULL TIME JOB – YOU NEED SEO AND BACKLINKS AND THIS IS WHAT THIS PACKAGE WILL PROVIDE.

This is what you are going to get:

  • We will do keyword research and find Up to 5 Keywords for your website with low competiton. The keywords are what people will type in on google to find your website.
  • Client Dashboard Set Up (You will be able to login to your dashboard and see all of the work going on for your website)
  • On Page SEO Analysis of your website and the keywords we find applied to your website which means we will need login to your website so we can make it google ready. If your keywords aren’t applied to your website in a certain way you will not rank on google. We sort all of this for you.
  • We will add content to your website if required. Google loves content and content is what helps it rank.
  • Site Architecture Audit (a full check on your website ensuring everything is good for google)
  • Competitor Analysis (ranking strategy developed) for the keywords we want your website found for on google. This means looking at the competitors in your industry, checking their backlinks out, ensuring we can outrank them on google and other search engines.
  • On-Going Link Building to help the keywords rank on google and go higher. Every website needs backlinks – backlinks and links from other websites to yours. These are what we call social signals to google, telling google your website is popular. The amount of backlinks and type of backlinks you will receive daily all depends on what type of backlinks the competitor has. We want to win and outrank so we do everything in our power for you to do this.

You will definitely see a huge return on your investment here and be happy with the work.

We have achieved page 1 results on Google for many clients across a wide range of industries.

We have developed proven ranking and marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results and give you an amazing roi your business will ever need.

The ranking time frame depends on how competitive your keyword is and also the age of your site.

You will see good results right away, top ranking takes around 3 to 6 months.

The Full Process

You buy this package.

On the checkout page you give us your email and website link

You then pay for the package through your chosen payment method.

It is a one off payment, if you want to continue with our services , just come back on after a month and pay for the service again.

It is as simple as that. No contracts, and no reoccurring fees to cancel.

After payment you will receive your seo dashboard client login details by email.

You can log into your account any time to see all seo reports.

From your client dashboard you will be able to view backlink reports any time and also send us a message any time of the day.

It could not be any easier than this.

Simply sign up today and let us rank you top.

Stop dreaming about being ranked number one on Google, we will make it happen for you.

FAQS – Is this really necessary for my website? The answer is YES. Sitting waiting for customers doesn’t work when it comes to websites. Websites are full time jobs. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

Do you work with all languages and industries? YES WE do ,all languages accepted and all industries.



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