Rankers Casino Business Monthly Seo Package (15 keywords)



Looking for seo for gambling sites? The Rankers Business monthly SEO package is ideal for casino businesses that want to reach a local, national, or international audience. (Can be used for any keyword, local or broad) and yes we work with all countries all over the world

See the case study here on how we ranked a casino top on google which is now enjoying 1 million searches per month on google.


With this Casino Package here is what you will receive –
You can provide us with 15 main keywords , have more keywords? Check the other packages here.
Don’t have any keywords at all? We just need your website link and we can research the best 15 keywords for you.

More keywords means more traffic

Once payment has been made for this package you will receive an email from the team with your monthly dashboard where you can login and view all tasks and linkbuilding being done on a daily basis for 30 days.

You will be able to see all work on the dashboard being done everyday and you can communicate with us too on there.

We will firstly look at your on page seo of your website which means we will carry out checks ensuring its suitable for google.

We will then take a look at your competitors and a ranking strategy will be developed.

We will then start to build backlinks.

Casino websites need alot of backlinks on a daily basis to rank on google.

You will receive a large variety of different types of backlinks daily  including PBNS, web 2.0 backlinks , guest posts, whatever is needed to outrank your competitors. We will do whatever it takes to rank your business top on google.

See our case study here this will change your mind if you are having doubts in purchasing this seo package.

We have created tried-and-true ranking and marketing strategies that produce outstanding results and provide you with the best ROI your business has ever seen.

The time it takes to rank depends on how competitive your keyword is as well as the age of your site.

You will see positive results right away, but top ranking will take 3 to 6 months.

The Whole Procedure

You choose one of our monthly SEO plans. We have more packages here.


On the checkout page, you enter your email address, URL, and up to 15 keywords (depending on which package you select).


The package is then paid for using your choice of payment method.


It is a one-time payment; if you wish to continue with our services after the first month, please email us and let us know at

Are you ready to gain traffic on casino? Order this package today and sit back and relax and let us do all the hard work for you 😉

We are looking forward to working with you.


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