195 High Authority Backlinks



Super mix of backlinks from well established authority websites.

If you are looking to boost your MOZ domain authority then you need these links.

Getting links from authority websites like these is a huge ranking signal.

Google will absolutely love your website if you have these links in place, you will get a ranking boost.

A high authority website will have a high MOZ domain authority score.

These websites are aged and have lots of backlinks pointing to them.

All this ranking juice filters down to your website and ranks it higher.

These days it’s not just about the number of backlinks that point to your website, it’s about quality too.

These backlinks are giving you quantity and quality all in one go.

This is proof that you can buy backlinks cheap and get a top ranking in the SERP’s.

What Are High Authority Backlinks?

Backlinks from websites with a high MOZ domain authority score over 50 are classed as high authority backlinks.

This service is going to get you backlinks from many high authroity sites.

Buy 195 high authority backlinks

A high authority backlink comes from sites like:

  • Social Websites
  • Web Profile Links
  • Educational Websites
  • Government Websites
  • Wiki Websites
  • Social Bookmarking Websites

Package Break Down

  1. 50 Social Network Backlinks
  2. 60 Web Profile backlinks
  3. 5 Edu and Gov backlinks
  4. 30 Wiki backlinks
  5. 50 Social Bookmark backlinks

Examples of Websites with Lots of Authority

These backlinks have a minimum MOZ domain authority of 50.

Social Network Websites

  1. Liveinterne – DA 92
  2. Minds – DA 96
  3. Goodreads – DA 94
  4. Foursquare – DA 96
  5. WordPress – DA 96
  6. Evernote – DA 92

Web Profile Websites

  1. Mixcloud – DA 92
  2. Issuu – DA 94
  3. Eventbrite – DA 94
  4. Buzzfeed – DA 93
  5. TED – DA 94
  6. MySpace – DA 97

Edu & Gov Websites

  1. KNU – DA 84
  2. Imim – DA 84
  3. Berkeley – DA 97

Social Bookmark Websites

  1. Slashdot – DA 91
  2. Getpocket – DA 94
  3. Tiny URL – DA 94

These website have a very high domain authority.

Get these high authority backlinks in place and your website will rank higher for any keyword.

Service Details

  • We use different content on each website (backlinks will index)
  • All content is 100% unique and readable
  • All niches and languages are accepted
  • If any of the links drop we will replace them no questions asked
  • You can give us unlimited URL’s and ANCHORS (you can split the links)

What We Need From You

At the checkout give us the following details:

  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your Anchor Text

Delivery turnaround time: 4-7 days


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