Best Backlinks For YouTube Videos

Best Backlinks For YouTube VideosI am going to show you how to get the best backlinks for YouTube videos for fast ranking.

Video embeds on high PA Tumblr blogs is the way to do this.

The more video embeds you do the better.

You can do this manual, however it is going to take a lot of time.

So to speed up the whole ranking process we are going to use a Tumblr bot.

The bot will do the video embeds for us at lightening speed.

This bot is called TumblingJazz and is available to buy for a one off payment of just $77.

It does a whole lot more than just video embeds.

If you have a lot of videos to rank it is going to come in very useful indeed.

We also offer a video embeds service in our store, just to let you know.

You get 100 powerful video embeds for just $15, let us do all the work for you.

Before you go ahead and start building backlinks to your video you need to ensure that your video is fully optimised.

We have a blog post that shows you how to rank videos here, the complete process from start to finish.

We also offer a video optimisation and ranking service in the Rankers Paradise store here.

In this service we will fully optimise your video and rank it on page 1 of YouTube fast in under 24 hours.

After that is taken care of, you can go ahead and do the video embeds as outlined below to rank your video high in Google SERPs.

Let’s get started.

Best Backlinks For YouTube Videos

Go ahead and open up the Tumbling Jazz software.

If you are completely new to the software then you are going to need to add your Tumblr accounts.

I will show you how to do this right now.

I am going to do 100 video embeds/backlinks using the software, so I will add 100 accounts.

It is quick and easy to do, you can also add secondary accounts too with ease.

Add Tumblr Accounts into Tumbling Jazz

First select the “View Accounts” button circled in red at the top left of your dash.

Then go ahead and hit the “add” button circled red, bottom right of the interface.

Add Account Details

The only details you need to add is the Tumblr account email and password.

If you are adding a secondary account you will need to add the secondary account name too.

You will need to do this process for every account you add.

Yes you have to add the accounts individually, it takes a bit of time initially, but if you have a lot of videos to rank it is going to be well worth it in the long run.

You can un-check the “Validate on save” radio box, it is not required.

Then go ahead and hit the “Save” button.

That’s it, go ahead and add all your Tumblrs into the software.

Add as many accounts as you wish to do so.

You can even assign a proxy for each account.

I don’t bother with proxies.

I have 100 accounts loaded into Tumbling Jazz without using proxies and have not lost any of my accounts.

Now let’s get those video backlinks.

Step 1

First of all you need to set up a file containing the details of the video that you would like to embed in your Tumblr blogs.

Video File Example

This is an example of what your video file should look like.

So I will go ahead and open Notepad and set up my video file.

web 2 backlinks video file name

This is what my video file looks like.

As you can see I have the video URL that I want to embed followed by a short description of the video.

After the description I have included some tags (will be your keywords) followed by the video URL again.

I should also mention that you do not need to enter all this information, you can simply enter the video URL only if you wish to do so.

However it is a good idea to get your keywords in the description and in the Tags too.

Save the file, now we can move onto the next step.

Next we need to load the file into the software so it knows which video to embed to our Tumblr blogs for us to get those powerful video backlinks in place.

YouTube Video Button

Click the “YouTube” button circled red.

Now we need to select the file we just created.

Select File Button

Click the “Select File” button circled red in the image above.

Then select the file you just created.

Import File

Now hit the “Import File” button.

If you have entered the information into the NotePad doc correctly you will see your YouTube URL, description, Tags, URL Stub and Source information loaded into the correct columns inside the software as shown above.

Next we need to select the Tumblr accounts we want to post our video to.

Select Tumblr Blogs

I have hit the “Select All” text circled red at the bottom left of the screen.

You can also select or de-select the accounts individually by clicking the radio tabs (circled red) as shown above.

Post Videos

Hit the “Post Videos” button and let the software do it’s stuff.

Check Post Progress

To check the progress of your project click on the “Processor” icon circled red above.

Run theTumblr Backlinks Project

If your new project status is “waiting” go ahead and click the “Run” button.

Progress to Processing

This will change the progress status to “Processing”.

Progress Report

To see a progress report simply double click on your project.

The software will give you a full run down of which Tumblr account it is currently logging into and posting to.

Simply sit back and wait for the software to do all those lovely powerful backlinks to your video.

To get the URLs of the of your video embeds you need to do the following.

get backlink report from Tumbling Jazz

To access your backlinks report go to help, Logs and the hit the “posted Content Logs” option.

This will give you access to the file with all Tumblr post URLs where your video embeds exist.

Here is what my video embed looks like:

tumblr video embed

As you can see, the video embed matches the information I submitted to Tumbling Jazz using the embed file option.

The software took around 30 minutes to do 100 video embeds for me.

This will help rank any video higher in the SERPs for any selected keywords.

Of course Tumbling Jazz does a whole lot more, which we will discuss at another time.

These are without doubt the best backlinks for youtube videos, go ahead and feel the power for yourself.

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  1. I did some Tumblr backlinks and video embeds as you write about in the post and my video appeared on Google, and is ranked top on YouTube too for a few keywords, my video had two views and in just over two weeks now have over three thousand views. All because of this post.

  2. I put these backlinks in place and my video ranked, thank you. I can confirm that these are the best backlinks for youtube videos, they do work.

    • These backlinks are proven to work, we rank up videos using these backlinks all the time. Thanks for sharing for experience, it helps others to know that they really do get results.

    • These backlinks work really well at ranking YouTube videos. Glad you found it useful. If you need anything just let me know.

  3. These backlinks work really well. I tried and my video ranked for my keyword and other long tail variations and now has more views.

  4. Hey Nick, would using a resource like this help or hurt our efforts when it comes to building backlinks and embeds to a YouTube video:

    Like, should we as your students use this site and its free backlink generator or disregard such generated links as spam/low quality?

    Since YouTube IS such a HIGH “PA” site, is there even such a thing as a “bad” backlink to a video (in terms of penalties and ranking both on YT and Google), LOL!??


    • That backlinks generator for YouTube videos will not hurt your video ranking, however the backlinks it generates are poor and will not help it rank. To be honest it’s not even worth getting those backlinks. The best thing you can do is to go and get video embeds as shown in this post.

  5. Thank you Nick for your reply. I have another question if want to rank a youtube video on Google do I need to do anything else besides this strategy? If I want to rank this video for example with 10 different keywords what do you recommend me to do?

    • Yes you can use Reddit to rank your video top on Google and YouTube itself. The strategy is this (and it works – we have tried it):

      1. Post a link to something in a subreddit as a text post and that will create a do follow link to whatever you’re linking to. In this case it is to your YouTube video. Create a new text submission in a subreddit of your choice. And link to the video using your preferred keyword or keywords as the anchor text.

      But you have to do it in a certain way using Markdown syntax. That would be like this reddit!

      Where “reddit!” is the anchor text you want to use and “” would be the YouTube video link you want to use.

      So it might look like this;

      You will want to wrap this around a lot of text. So just fill in the text field with as much text as you can. You don’t need to add a lot. But the more you do the better it will is.

      Then just choose a subreddit to submit it to and hit submit and you’re done!

      Now when it’s submitted you’ll have the URL for it. But there is also another URL that doesn’t show which you’ll need to get so you can index it.

      Get the main URL that shows in the address bar.

      And look to the right and you’ll see a shortened URL. Copy that in notepad or something. You’ll need to change this URL

      So for example, this submission:…/6gyniw/good_vibes_radio/ Has this short link:

      Copy and paste that below it and change it to this:

      Now you should have 3 URLS

      1:…/6gyniw/good_vibes_radio/ 2: 3:

      Now you need to index these URLS. And I will tell you about the index helper sites I use for this method.

      Go to: and write in some content. Make sure to include your main keywords as the title and paste in those URLS too. Go to: and paste in each URL at a time so that it can crawl them. Go to: and do the same here. Go to: and ping all the URLs (optional).

      And that’s it! Now check in Google for your keywords that you used.

      It should be showing quite high within about 5 minutes time as Google ranks Reddit high.

      If it doesn’t show in the top 10 results then maybe top 20 but usually definitely in the top 100 somewhere depending on the toughness of the keyword.

      And that’s basically it!


  6. Great post Nick this is what I was looking for. About the content it doesn’t matter to put the same content inside the 100 tumblrs? If I do it step by step as you explained will rank #1 my video on Google and YouTube.?

    • yes you can use the same content, you can use a free tool to add spintax to your content so it reads different on all blogs. These backlinks will rank your website top on Google and Yahoo for your keyword, of course this depends on your competition, more links might be required on harder search terms.

    • No, of course it’s better to use Tumblrs that have backlinks pointing to them, the juice will pass onto your video, which will help with Google ranking. For youtube ranking you can use brand new sub domain Tumblr blogs.

  7. Hey Nick, can you please answer a few questions Tumblingjazz?

    I’m doing 2,000 videos on YouTube in the next 6 months so I’m putting a ton of effort into this project. Not that it matters but these aren’t BS videos from some automated software, I am on camera in every one of them… so I need to make this work!

    Mac or Windows?

    Can it process 10 to 30 video embeds a day, on 100 Tumblr accounts?

    With 2,000+ videos it seems like the perfect solution for me, do you agree?

    Thank you sir!

    • Hi Scott, Tumbling Jazz is a windows software, however you can use it on a Mac:

      “Tumbling Jazz is a native Windows application. You can run it easily on a VM on your Mac / Linux box if you so wish. Using VMWare, Parallels, Virtual Box, Boot camp etc.”

      Yes it will easily process 10 t0 30 + video embeds per day no problem at all. Just load in your accounts, set the post schedule and let TumbblingJazz do it’s stuff.

      It is very much so a good solution for you, FC Networker is another option, however it takes credits off you and has a monthly fee, whereas TumblingJazz has a one off payment and you are set for life 🙂

      If you need any more details just let me know.

    • no, you can register more than one tumblr under one email. Go ahead and put ten Tumblrs in each Tumblr account with one email if you want to. You can add the secondary Tumblr blogs into the Tumbling Jazz software.

  8. Hey nick nice and great content after a long wait. Do we need to create tumblr accounts manually by ourselves or does this software creates them automatically??

    • SAPE is a PBN but the links are not great, they can work on easy keywords but you should note that the links are mostly in a sidebar or in the footer of a site and not contextual. You are better off trying to find contextual niche links, the best you can get. It’s a monthly fee with SAPE, it’s much more beneficial to go after niche related conextual links, it’s even cheaper to set up your own PBN.

    • Yes you can add secondary account, add the email and username and then put the web 2 sub domain name into the “Secondary Account Name” section, leave everything else.

      • Add seconday Tumblr accounts into Tumbling Jazz

        Enter the details highlighted in red to add secondary Tumblr accounts into Tumbling Jazz.

        So yes you can add other secondary accounts that are registered under one email into Tumbling Jazz.

        So for the example shown, my secondary Tumblr blog URL would be “”.

        That’s all you need to do. It’s easy to add accounts, takes seconds.

  9. Hello, Nick. Could you explain what’s wrong with Google now. I can no longer index new Tumblr pages. It used to take several minutes to index the Tumblr page after sending it to Google Search Console. Now nothing happened for a few days or even weeks.

    • Yes Google Console is not indexing links anymore like it used to. You need to do it another way, drop a backlink to the url you want to index from a page that is already indexed, either from Google Plus, Facebook or even another Tumblr blog that you have indexed already. Also, you can do a blog comment blast using GSA from sites that are indexed, this will guarantee your links get indexed 🙂

    • I used these backlinks using the TumblingJazz software and I got my video ranking on the first page of Google Video and top of YouTube for some mighly searched for keywords. Very happy, thank you for sharing this Nick.


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