10 Types of Backlinks for SEO Domination

I am going to reveal the top 10 types of backlinks for SEO domination as seen all over the Rankers Paradise blog. We know what works, we have proven what works, you can go and do the same.

In most cases a website is going to need backlinks to rank top of the search engine results pages for their chosen keywords. This is going to be even more pertinent in the future.

There are many different types of backlinks and are without any doubt the most paramount component of SEO. Just one link from another website to yours using the keyword as the anchor text can have a big impact on pushing the site up the SERPs. A great SEO strategy will include link building, for it to work links need to come from many different sites and forms.

Be aware that you can get a DoFollow and a NoFollow backlink. Both types of backlink will help improve rankings, many consider DoFollow links to be more powerful, although it is a little more complex than that. For example; a contextual NoFollow link from a niche related high authority site in your field can be very powerful and have much more influence on rankings than a DoFollow link from a profile page on a non niche related site.

All Types of Backlinks

There is one thing that you can be certain of, a website is going to need backlinks at some point to help rankings and bring in the traffic.

Something that will stand you in good stead and remove all the link building headaches is to remember that the best backlink that you can get is from a niche related site, preferably contextual. Try not to focus too heavily on whether or not the links are DoFollow or NoFollow, focus on getting high quality links in place.

Time and time again I come across webmasters that are not happy because a link is not DoFollow, this is not what the focus should be, it should be whether or not the backlink has improved the sites keyword ranking.

Run through the list of different types of backlinks in SEO and go ahead and get them in place for your website. These links can change lives, a site can go from zero traffic to hundreds of thousands of visitors every month in just a few weeks. This stuff is worth knowing and more importantly worth doing to take your website to the next level.

All the different types of backlinks to power up a websites SEO

I will leave some tips and advice to help you get the backlinks discussed in each section. Many of these links can be put in place right now, these are free backlinks that will have a positive impact on your rankings.

Let’s see how to get the top 10 types of backlinks for free right now and guarantee higher keyword rankings. You will learn how to get the most powerful backlinks and rank up.

#1 Private Blog Network Backlinks

This is without any doubt the easiest way to get niche related contextual DoFollow backlinks. As this is the most powerful backlink that you can get, why would you choose to ignore it? Well, if you get it wrong then it can completely destroy a website.

A private blog network is basically you setting up more websites and linking them to your main website. The big problem is that they need to be on different servers with different IPs. The good news is that there are low cost solutions out there, we have used Seek A Host with much success.

All you have to do is to find some new or find aged domains in the niche related to yours, buy them, drop them on the Seek A Host hosting, use one click WordPress install, add the content and backlinks, then you are set to rank up.

This is not cheap, however it works. To cut costs you can buy backlinks on PBNs with a one off payment to eliminate the monthly hosting costs. Be careful who you buy from and always ask to see samples before you purchase.

#2 Guest Post Backlinks

Guest posting can be done for free, this is a big advantage over PBN backlinks, however many free guest posting sites are heavily spammed, and of course they will not be niche related.

Some really good free guest posting sites that you can go to now and sign up for and start posting to are:

  • Gumroad.com
  • Linkedin.com
  • Knowpia.com
  • Hashtap.com
  • Bloglovin.com
  • Zupyak.com
  • Theomnibuzz.com

What do you do if you do not want to write content for these sites?

No problem, you can generate high quality content using paid services like Article Forge and GSA Content Generator.

If you do not have any money you can use a free blog content generator, or you can take content from sites ranking on Google, mix it up and spin it using a free article spinner tool. Even if you have zero money you have no excuses for not getting these backlinks in place right now.

If you want niche related links then you can search Google to find sites like yours and reach out to them by email and ask for a guest post, this can be very time consuming so expect to send a lot of emails before you even get one positive result.

#3 Asking For A Backlink On Existing Content

An easier way to get a backlink than guest posting is to ask webmasters for a backlink to be placed in existing content. All you need to do is to make the website owner aware of your content and ask them if they will place a link to your useful resource within their resource.

This way you do not need to provide any content, you are asking for a backlink to be placed in an existing page or post. If your web page is of value and is going to be of interest to their readers then it is highly likely that you are going to get a backlink in place by this method.

Of course this is a good way to get niche related contextual backlinks without having to do a lot of work. Set an hour or two aside to search for niche sites and gather some emails, send them out and wait for the replies. Remember to follow up the emails a few days later, this will give you a better success rate.

#4 Web 2.0 Backlinks

This is another way to get backlinks for free really quickly. You can get web 2.0 backlinks from content management platforms that want you to try their website services for free first, and of course you never pay.

You simply sign up for an account and you will get a free website, the drawback is that the website will be a subdomain of the main site. In most cases you get a subdomain on an authority site, which means these links can be very powerful. In many cases you can choose a name for the subdomain, so in essence, they are part niche related links.

You can view our web 2.0 blog list or take a look below at some of the most popular platforms:

  • Weebly.com
  • Tumblr.com
  • Wix.com
  • WordPress.com
  • Strikingly.com

You can go and get a backlink from those 5 sites right now. Simply sign up, add some content and get the backlink, that’s all there is to it.

#5 Sponsor Event and Charity Backlinks

You may have sponsored an event or given to charity, if so, it is always worthwhile to ask these sites to place a backlink on their website in return. In many circumstances you will find that these sites have a partners pages where they will link out to sites like yours.

To find sites that offer these backlink opportunities you can perform these Google searches:

  1. “become a sponsor”
  2. “website donation”

Here is an example of an event website where you can post content and of course the all important backlink: https://www.seattlebusinessmag.com/node/add/event

To find more sites like this you can perform a Google search like: inurl:event inurl:submit which would be: New York “Submit Your Event”.

#6 Free Website Analysis Backlinks

There are many free sites that you can add your website too for an SEO analysis or to discover sites that are like yours. After you submit your site it will be added to the list and you will get a free backlink.

An example of a free website analysis site would be: https://www.sitelike.org/similar/rankersparadise.com/

You can visit that website and add your website too, the backlink will be added automatically. These backlinks are quick and easy to get, they are not very powerful, but everything counts.

#7 Profile and Social Backlinks

You can sign up for an account on many high profile sites, as part of your profile page set up you can add a link to your own personal website. This allows you to go ahead and get backlinks on some very high authority websites like Amazon and Ted.

Here is a list of websites that you can go to right now, sign up for an account and set up your profile, don’t forget to add your backlink:

  • https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/profile
  • https://www.behance.net/
  • https://soundcloud.com/
  • https://us.community.sony.com/s/profile/
  • https://edex.adobe.com/community/member/
  • https://www.mixcloud.com/

Let’s not forget social media sites:

  • https://myspace.com/
  • https://www.pinterest.com/
  • Twitter.com
  • Facebook.com

As a special treat here are some education and government websites that you can get free profile backlinks from:

  • https://torgi.gov.ru/forum/user/profile/
  • https://www.eduvision.edu.pk/counseling/index.php
  • http://ict-edu.uk/user/
  • https://lib02.uwec.edu/ClarkWiki/index.php
  • http://onlinemanuals.txdot.gov/help/urlstatusgo.html
  • https://independent.academia.edu/
  • http://www.kzncomsafety.gov.za/UserProfile/
  • http://jobs.ict-edu.uk/user/

Just head on over to the websites listed and sign up and grab those backlinks. You have a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links.

You can also get backlinks from bookmarking websites like Pocket. These links have little impact on rankings from an SEO standpoint, however they are very useful at getting your backlinks discovered and crawled by Google bot.

#8 Searching For and Replacing Broken Links

You can search for broken links on niche related sites and email the website to notify them, they will be happy for the help and in many cases will replace that broken link to another resource, like yours.

Simply Google search your keyword and run the top ranking sites through a broken link checker tool, this will identify the broken links on the website and you can replace them with a link to your website.

You can even search for broken links on high authority sites like Wikipedia and fix the broken links by adding a link to your website in place.

#9 Blog Comment Backlinks

Another easy way to get backlinks quickly from niche related sites is to Google search your keywords, visit the sites and leave a comment. Many of the sites will allow you to add a link back to your website.

Remember to try and find quality sites that are niche related, this will ensure they have a very big positive impact on your rankings. Blog comment backlinks still work today and are very much worth doing.

To find sites that will accept blog comments and are related to yours do the following Google search: “Add comment” Your Keywords.

Head on over to the sites and leave a comment, try and add value to enhance your chance of the blog comment being approved and moved out of moderation.

#10 Press Release Backlinks

If you have a new post, new product, new tool to market and get out there then you can write and distribute a press release. As part of the press release you can add your website details including the URL and backlink.

You can write, generate, or have someone write the press release for you and then use a press release distribution service to get the word out there. Do not worry if you are working on a low budget, there are free options available.

We have a press release service available in the Rankers Paradise SEO store, we will write and distribute your content to all the major news platforms.

Keep Going

Backlink building is always on-going with the best results coming from consistent link building. Building links everyday will pay off, just remember to keep patient and to most importantly to keep going and NEVER QUIT.

There is only one thing guaranteed if you quit, you will fail. If you keep going then success will come your way.

Do not be afraid to get all those different types of backlinks in place. If you have very little or no traffic right now, what’s the worst that can happen? There’s no point sitting and waiting for the links to come in, get your website out there and promote, promote, promote.

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  1. You can search for broken links on niche related sites and email the website to notify them, they will be happy for the help and in many cases will replace that broken link to another resource, like yours.


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