Here we have the ultimate backlinks package.

Take a look below to see the amazing ranking results that these links have achieved.


Today we bring you an SEO package that has the full range of backlinks to get a #1 ranking on Google.

The good thing is that we can show you proven results for this service.

Proven ranking results for a gambling website

Before we do that let’s take a look at what you are going to get. We are going to give you some very powerful backlinks.

We use a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links so that the backlink profile looks natural. For best results the majority of the backlinks will be DoFollow.

Tier 1

  • 200 Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • 80 Contextual Wiki Backlinks
  • 2 contextual EDU backlinks
  • 300 Social Bookmark links
  • 12 Quality PBN links
  • 30 Big Brand profile links
  • 20 Edu/Gov profile links
  • 1 Post on Tumblr
  • 1 Post on Weebly
  • 1 Post on Medium
  • 1 Post on WordPress
  • 5 Guest Posts on cirandas.net – DA 47,  zupyak.com – DA 53, gotartwork.com – DA 71, launchora.com – DA 51, telegra.ph – DA 92
  • 40 Forum posts
  • 20 comment links (niche sites where possible)
  • 200 contextual article submission
  • 30 image submission (links in description and image where possible)

Secret Sauce

  • Google links – Google Site, Blogger, Google doc, Google MAP citation
  • 50 Quality PBN links
  • 200 Web Directory Links
  • 10 Classified Ad posts
  • 30 Evernote links
  • 30 Strikingly links

Social Shares

  • Facebook post
  • Twitter post
  • Linkedin Post
  • Pinterest Pin

Tier 2

  • 80 Contextual Wiki Links
  • 400 Web 2.0 backlinks
  • 1000 blog comments

Tier 3

  • 1000 Mix Forum Profile Links
  • 200 Web 2.0 backlinks
  • 10,000 GSA Mixed Links

Let’s take a look at some more amazing results that these backlinks achieve:

Proven Google keyword ranking result

If you have already spent a lot on SEO and have not got results then this service is just what your website needs.

This SEO service always gets good results. Make sure your on-page is good and these backlinks will push some great ranking results.

These links are NOT DANGEROUS, we have tried and tested them over and over again. The links give good steady and very reliable long lasting ranking results.

You can this service over and over again and achieve huge traffic from the search engines for free.

Now take a look at some more results that these links have achieved:

More top Google ranking results

As you can see, these links work for any website in any niche. Lot’s of links from top quality websites and different IPs always returns good keyword ranking results.

When you get this service you do not need any other. This service covers every backlink that you can think of.

Boosting your rankings will bring your website more traffic and give you a good return on your investment in SEO.

For safety we use 100% original and unique content on each site that we post on.

We follow best SEO practices mixing up your anchor text and getting links over a week from different IPs.

The links then get crawled naturally over a month or so and everything looks natural.

These links have been built up over time and come from our aged accounts and PBNs, this means you can’t get these results/links from anywhere else.

See more results:

Top Google ranking proof from using this SEO service

These are just perfect for brand new sites with no rankings at all. As you can see they push rankings for sites that have zero presence on Google.

These links also work well for aged sites too pushing sites from Google page 2 to Google page 1 in weeks.

Top Google ranking results for any niche

This service took a casino site from page 4 on Google to position #3 in just over 4 weeks. As you can see, the links get very good ranking results.

Ranking results for travel niche

The links push rankings really well in the travel niche too.

Keyword/Anchor Distribution:

  1. 25% Main Keyword
  2. 15% Brand and Naked URL
  3. 40% LSI keywords
  4. 20% Generic anchors

Go ahead and dominate the search results for any niche.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please read these before you order, it is important.

Q: How many keywords will be used? (IMPORTANT!)
A: It is good to give us just 1 main keyword. From this we can take come LSI, you can provide those if you want to. This service is to push rankings for 1 keyword, however you can give up to 4 keywords.

Q: What sites do you accept?
A: We will work on any website and in any language.

Q: Do you accept new websites?
A: Yes, as you can see from the ranking results above, the links will work for any website.

Q: Can I use foreign keywords like German, Korean, Chinese, etc?
A: Yes, we will write content in English and then translate to the language that you want us to work in.

Q: Do you provide an on-page suggestion?
A: No, follow our on-page SEO tips in our blog and get it right. We will take a look for you if you need us to and recommend the changes that you need to make.

Q: What will the content be like?
A: All unique and hand-written, we also use AI and in house tools to create 100% unique and readable amazing quality content in any language.

Q: Do you give guarantee for Google Page 1 Rankings?
A: No, we do not know what links the other sites are going to get, this is impossible. However, if you do nothing then you will get nothing. These links are top quality and always do give good ranking results.

Q: In How much time we can see results?
A: After we deliver the report you will start the see results in weeks as the links start to get crawled by Google bot.

What do we need from you?

At the checkout give us the following details:

  1. Your Website URL (one only)
  2. Your MAIN KEYWORD (give LSI too if you want to)

At the checkout you will also leave your email address, we will email you the full report when the work is complete. All the links will be put into a Google doc and a DropBox file and a spreadsheet for you to see.

Delivery Time: 7 to 14 Days


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