How to Use AI Article Spinner?

The trend of article spinner has been increasing recently. The primary reasons are the features that it gives to the writer. We know that it’s challenging to make our content unique over a specific topic for several times. For this, the writer usually uses an article rewriter to obtain a fresh copy of the original content.

You can get content from a free blog content generator source and then spin it to make it unique and to create many more articles using a free article spinner online. This makes the whole process completely free, you can get unlimited free content using free online tools (nothing to download).

Today, we are going to review a popular article spinner named “AI Article Spinner“, and you will know the following things after reading this review:

  • Overview of AI Article spinner
  • Features
  • It’s support for foreign language.
  • Pros & Cons
  • Pricing

How to Use AI Article Spinner – Overview

AI article spinner offers two tools on its website, including the following:

  1. Article Spinner
  2. Paraphrasing Tool

Article Spinner

AI article spinner is a spinner that replaces the words with its synonyms to create the difference between the original and spun. However, the process is done in a way, preserving the actual meaning of the sentences.

How to Use AI Article Spinner? put article into software

This tool is usable online and instantly. This tool requires no registration or any subscription; instead, it provides unlimited usage.

Whether you want to generate a fresh copy or you want to remove plagiarism in your content, the AI spinner will help you. It uses the synonyms that remove the similarities and provide a plagiarism-free article.

You can use the content to get free web 2.0 backlinks and as it is unique and plagiarism-free, it is guaranteed to index in Google SERPs.

Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool helps the user in rephrasing the content that you enter or upload. Through direct upload, the device will automatically extract the text out of the file to paraphrase it.

Its primary benefits include the use of high quality of language, whatever you use. Moreover, it doesn’t blend your idea or theme of the sentence; instead, it remains the same even after the paraphrasing.

It uses its algorithm to replace the word with its synonyms and idiomatic languages that make the content unique and free of plagiarism. In the below picture, you can see the colored text that is paraphrased and marks the difference.

The paraphrasing tool helps the user in rephrasing the content

When opening the website, it doesn’t require any information neither as it shows in the popup. However, it displays some ads on the main page from which they are earning revenue.

If you know how to write content that will rank top then you can optimize it after the spin and it will rank high in the SERPs for your target keywords.

We have listed out the best features of this tool that makes this tool amazing:

Features of AI article spinner

Free Spinning with no Registration

Whether you are a writer or a blogger, this tool is free for everyone. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any registration or any subscription to use. You need to open the website and paste or upload the documents directly. If you need help on how to start a blog we have you covered, take a look at our in-depth guide. You can start a blog for free too.

Unlimited words

Many tools over the internet, restrict the spinning for 1000 words, but this tool is different. This tool allows for endless queries with infinite words. In the below picture, we tested out by spinning 13000+ words.

Free article Spinning unlimited words

Keep Sentence Structure Same

One of the critical factors in an efficient spinner is keeping the sentence structure the same. However, this spinner is amongst them and doesn’t change the actual meaning of the content.

Direct Upload

The two options of spinning the text are through pasting the text or upload the file directly. The tool is capable of extracting the text automatically from your data. The file can be uploaded in pdf, doc, Docx, or txt file.

100% Search Engine Optimization

Who doesn’t want to index its article in search engines? This spinner generates the article that is according to the guideline of SEO. If you know how to index backlinks in minutes fast in Google then the content generated will go into the SERPs instantly.

Secure & Safe

The spun article is entirely safe to publish as it is entirely free of plagiarism. You can publish it in a newspaper, books, or blogs.


It supports the multiple languages for Spinning, and this way, this tool is used in your desire language.

Foreign Language Support

Following are the language that is supported by this tool:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish

free article spinning in many languages

Using this feature, you don’t need to translate your desire language as the tool automatically does this.

You can use the tool to spin your content that has been done by the GSA SEO content generator tool.

How does AI article spinner work?

Before using any paraphrasing tool, you should note the technologies it contains. This is the fact on which the efficiency of the tool depends on. However, this tool uses artificial intelligence that maintains the meaning of the content.

This tool contains unique and efficient algorithms that replace the words with the synonyms. These algorithms are updated and use the most relevant and potential to be placed in the sentence.

The algorithms of this tool are efficient enough to change the maximum wording by modifying the sentence structure. However, some of its further pros and cons are discussed below for your consideration:

Pros and Cons of AI Article Spinner


  • It provides a web interface with instant use.
  • It has Unlimited Spins without any restriction.
  • Lifetime Use
  • It bolds the spun text for comparison.
  • It offers Deep Spinning for all the articles.
  • It contains video and text tutorials for a way of using.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Contains modern and high-quality algorithms
  • Single click Spinning
  • It doesn’t need any credit card or payment information (As it’s free)
  • It entirely makes your content free from plagiarism.


  • It doesn’t have a desktop version neither it can be used offline.
  • It doesn’t integrate with other relevant tools.
  • No HTML Formatting
  • No grammar or spell checker
  • No protected words option
  • No custom synonym features
  • No URL extracting spinning

You can use this tool as part of your SEO checklist, it is free to use and produces amazing results.

Is AI article spinner secure to use?

Every user and search engine demands a secure website. Whether you are using a tool, reading a blog, or downloading a file, you need to ensure the security of the website.

However, this website is secure as it contains SSL. The content that is generated through this tool is not detectable on any search engine or spun detector.


If you are looking for a free paraphrasing or a spinner, then this tool is best for you. This is an instant and quick tool that requires no registration or information.

With its free services, it offers SEO friendly content, and this will let your writing look better for publishing over the internet to get backlinks. Without any registration, you can easily make your content fresh, unique as well as free of plagiarism.

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