Check My Google Ranking

I am going to show you how I check my Google ranking using free tools. Some of these tools are online-based and do not require anything to download.

I have covered tools that do not require you to sign up for an account, you do not need to give them your email. This makes checking your keyword rankings fast and easy.

Why is it important to track your rankings?

If you do not plot a timeline of rank changes you will not know what is working and what is not working as part of your SEO strategy.

This information is very powerful, you will discover the backlinks that have worked for you and the ones that have not.

According to, they state that recent research shows that 91% of all people searching online do not go further than page 1. It is also noted that over 50% do not look any further than the first three results on the first page.

Check My Google Ranking

How do you check your ranking on Google? The very best option is to use online tools, some are highly accurate and offer desktop, tablet, and mobile rankings across all Google regional options.

I have put together a list of the best rank check tools that are free to use. Some of these tools even offer rank monitoring giving you insights into keyword rank changes over time.

If you are having problems ranking your website take a look at our starter guide to SEO. Follow it through and you will push your keyword rankings higher, sometimes just some small on-page changes can do the trick.

Tip: Be sure to track everything you change on your website. After you make changes, earn backlinks etc take a ranking check and date stamp everything in a folder. If anything that has been done has a negative effect on your rankings it can be reversed.

Rank tracking helps you understand what is working for your website with regards to SEO.

Best Tools I Use To Check My Google Ranking

Here is a list of all the tools that I use to check my Google ranking, some of the tools also track rankings on other major search engines including Bing and Yahoo etc.

#1 Serp Surf

When I need to check my Google ranking online quickly I go to This provides a fast check for up to 5 keywords at a time. The tool is 100% free to use and allows you to check rankings across all Google regions.

Add URL to Serp Surf

To get start checking your Google rankings enter your website URL. Just enter your homepage URL as shown above. You can enter your competitor’s URLs too, this allows you to analyze their rankings next to yours.

Select Region For Rank Check

Next, you need to select the region you want to check your rankings for. For my Google ranking check, I am going to use the Global option. If you are looking to check local rankings you will need to select the region related to your search phrase.

After that, go ahead and select the device you want to check the ranking for. Desktop, tablet, and mobile rankings will be different. For this tutorial I am going to check my Google ranking on a desktop device.

A recent report done by Hitwise states that nearly 60% of all searches online are done on a mobile device. Be sure to check your mobile rankings too, if they are lower than your desktop rankings you must go ahead and make sure your website is mobile responsive. This means your website will load and view easy on mobile devices as it does on desktop devices.

Check My Google Ranking Serp Surf

The next step is to enter your keywords, you can check your rankings free for up to 5 keywords each time. You can use the tool as many times as you need to, go ahead and add 5 more keywords after that if you need to check more.

Click the “CHECK SERPSURF” button to check the Google rankings.

Google Ranking Results

Now you will see your Google ranking results. You will notice:

  • the keyword
  • your ranking position
  • the ranking URL
  • the top 10 raked sites

You must click on the “Top Ten” text as shown in the image above to take a look at the top 10 ranked sites for your selected keywords.

If you are not in the top 10 yet, take a look at the top sites and compare your page with theirs. This allows you to gain insights into how to get a top ranking for your keyword.

Price:  Free

Online: Yes

#2 Ubersuggest

Not sure what keywords your website is ranking for? No problem, there is a free online tool that allows you to discover the keywords your website is ranking for on Google. This free tool is called Ubersuggest.

All you have to do is drop your website URL into the tool and it will show you all the keywords your website ranks for on Google, it will also show you the positions you rank for those keywords.

Discover What keywords You Rank For Ubersuggest

The tool will help you discover:

  • How many organic keywords you rank for
  • Organic monthly traffic
  • Number of backlinks
  • Top traffic pages and estimated monthly visits
  • Top keywords by country and rankings

This tool is free, however you only get 3 free searches per day. If you are only checking your website then this is enough to compile a list of your keywords and their rankings. You can download a file of the results to refer to later on down the line.

Price: Free

Online: Yes

#3 Rank Tracker by Link Assistant

Although this tool is free, it is not based online, this means you will need to download the free software to check your Google rankings.

The Rank Tracker software is brought to you by Link Assistant, you can download the software for free if you follow the link provided.

After you have downloaded the software fire it up and let’s get started:

Rank Tracker Choose Site

Enter your site URL, I am going to check my Google ranking for this website once again. Then hit the “Finish” button.

Rank Tracker Keyword Rankings

The next window will show you a list of keywords that your website is ranking for. If you want to check the ranking for a particular search term click the “Add new keywords to this project” button as shown above.

Price: Free

Online: No (software download)

#4 SpyFu

When you want a bit more data than just your Google rankings use SpyFu.

You can discover your competitors Google Ads, find competitors organic keyword rankings, monitor PPC competitors, track your SEO keyword rankings, and much more.

To get started head on over to their homepage and enter your website URL or even a competitors URL. This tool is great for uncovering new keyword targets for your own website.

Keyword Rankings SpyFu

Hit the search button to discover your:

  • Organic keyword rankings
  • Keywords your competitors also rank for
  • Estimated monthly SEO traffic
  • Estimated monthly SEO click value
  • Keywords that have just made it to the first page
  • Keywords that have just fallen off the first page

Using the site for free you will discover limited data, you will get 5 results from each category.

Price: Free (limited data) $33/month

Online: Yes

#5 Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers a free keyword rank checker tool. Head on over to the tool to get started right now.

Ahrefs Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Enter your keyword, your website URL, and the country. Then go ahead and hit the “Check rankings” button.

You will then discover your:

  • Keyword ranking
  • The number of backlinks the ranked page has
  • Estimated traffic
  • The number of other keywords that URL ranks for

You can use tool to discover keywords that you did not know about, a page that you thought was ranking for something may also be ranking for many other keywords, this tool will reveal them to you.

Price: Free – $7 trial for full access (rank tracking included)

Online: Yes

#6 Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools offer a free keyword rank checker tool, it is done online, with nothing to download. Head on over to the website to get started.

Small SEO Tools Keyword Rank Checker Tool

I can check my Google ranking for up to 10 keywords per run. You can enter your keywords to check rankings, or you can enter your URL and let the tool discover the keywords the site is ranking for.

Go ahead and enter your website URL, select the search engine, choose the device, enter your keywords.

Then hit the “Check Position” button. If you want to discover keywords without entering them yourself hit the “Get Keywords Insights” button.

Small SEO Tools Keyword position

Scroll down the page and you will discover your keyword position on Google. You can also view the top 99 ranked URLs for that keyword.

Price: Free

Online: Yes

#7 Keyword Tools Org

For a very basic free online ranking check head on over to the website.

Keyword Tools Org Rank Tracking

Enter your keyword and website URL and hit the “Research” button, could not be any easier.

Keyword Tools Org Ranking Results

You will see your ranking result, the number of searches the keyword has per month, and the SERP snippet showing the top 100 ranked sites.

Price: Free (5 searches per day)

Online: Yes

Not Happy with your Google Keyword Rankings?

So, your site isn’t ranking at the top and you want it to be there, what do you do now?

Remember that not all keywords are equal, some have high search volumes, with that comes intense competition from an SEO standpoint. The key is to pick out the battles that you can win, select the keywords that will not only bring you traffic, but will bring you the traffic you want. Long tail keywords are much more targeted, have a lower SEO competition score and convert highly. There is a simple calculation you can follow to establish if you have a profitable low competition keyword, follow the link to get started.

If you are unsure about what to do moving forward get us on live chat, or get your website ranking by signing up for the rankers starter monthly SEO package. After I check my Google ranking I always log the results in a Google doc, this goes next to the date and a log of any changes that have been made to my site. If you sign up for our monthly SEO package we take care of everything for you, this leaves you time to run your business.

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  1. Hey Nick! greatly appreciated, very well-articulated and the detail is superb. I appreciate your informative article. I agree with you that is “If we do not plot a timeline of rank changes we will not know what is working and what is not working as part of your SEO strategy. So that’s why Check My Google Ranking is important.

    • Thank’s for dropping by, it is incredibly important to note all changes and track rankings to know what is and is not working as part of your SEO strategy.


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