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Get MOZ – DA 90+ backlinks right now.

Not only are these very powerful, we make sure they work.

We will have the links crawled by Google Bot.

Your rankings will improve. We have used these links and tested this strategy over and over. It works.

We will do the links for any website in any language.

Select if you want a:

  • 5 Post link wheel
  • 10 Post link wheel
  • 20 Post link wheel
  • 30 Post link wheel
  • 40 Post link wheel
  • 50 Post link wheel

Each link wheel includes a Tier 2 Blogger Post (submitted to Google Console) to have the links crawled.



If you are an avid follower of the Rankers Paradise blog you will know how effective a web 2.0 link wheel is.

The website has a very high MOZ domain authority of 90.

You do not get the login details to these accounts because you do not set up an account to post on this platform.

This makes it incredibly easy to get these backlinks in place.

We tried using posts in a link wheel formation and was very surprised at the results.

We started doing link wheels to our monthly SEO client sites and they had an amazing effect on rankings.

We know that these backlinks work, you can read more about how they have worked in some of our case studies:

Backlinks from really do work.

The key is to link the posts up into a link wheel, use good readable content, and have the links crawled using a Google Blogger web 2.0.

You can see how this is done here:

The process:

  1. We post a different piece of content on each post. The content will be 100% unique and readable. Top quality content is a must.
  2. Each post will link to your website.
  3. Each post will link to the next until the last one, the last post will link to the first post to close the link wheel.
  4. We will drop all the post URLs onto one Blogger Blog Post and have that crawled using Google Console. This ensures the posts are crawled, they might not index (this does not matter from our tests), as long as they are crawled the backlinks (votes) are counted and your website’s keyword rankings improve.

We have achieved top Google rankings using these links alone.

Why let us do it?

We know exactly what works. We will use the right content, use correct link placement in the posts and most importantly get the links crawled by Google Bot.

What we need from you:

At the checkout give us the following details:

  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your Keywords/Anchor Text

You can give us as many URL’s and Keywords as you want to. We will work with any website in any language.

Delivery Time: 3 Days

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