Buy Blog Posts and 3 Month Ranking


We will write one in depth blog post and rank it top for the selected keyword in 3 months.

You are going to get:

  • Keyword research (if required)
  • One ultimate fully optimized blog post
  • 3 month ranking of the new blog post

We will write one piece of content that is better than all the rest in the SERPs for the selected keyword.

The content will be longer and of higher quality than the top ranking websites.

What we need from you:

  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your Niche
  3. Provide Your Keyword if You Already Have One

Delivery turnaround time: 3 Months


buy blog postsBuy blog posts and 3 months ranking.

You are going to receive:

  • Keyword research (if required)
  • One ultimate fully optimized blog post
  • 3 month ranking of the new blog post

So let’s break down the package and let you know what you will receive in more detail.

If you already have a keyword in mind for the blog post we will not do the keyword research.

If you are unsure about a keyword we will do full keyword research for you.

This is the full package right here for you.

And you are paying up front for three months ranking, which I will explain below.

Buy Blog Posts and Keyword Ranking

First of all we will look at the keyword we are going to write the blog post about.

Keyword Research

If you already have a focus keyword in mind we will skip this step.

If not, we will conduct full in depth keyword research in your niche.

We will find a good keyword for the blog post.

The keyword will be one we can rank high in the months seo you are going to get in this service.

So, when you order, all we need from you is the niche you are working in your website URL.

We will find you a brand new keyword that you have not used before.

When we have the keyword approved by yourself we will move onto writing your blog/website content.

We will look for the highest possible search volume keyword with the lowest seo competition score that will rank top in 3 months.

We know what keywords will rank top in this time scale.

One highly Optimized Blog Post

When we have the keyword agreed we will move onto writing the content.

The length of the content depends on the top ranking sites.

If the top ranking sites for the keyword have three thousand words, we will write four thousand words.

Basically, we will write more and better content than the top ranking site.

We will make sure your new web content is the best on the net and worthy of a top search engine ranking.

This way we can be 100% confident we can rank you top when we start the link building.

No matter what niche you are in, you can be certain we will write at least 2000 words.

If we need to write 5000 words then we will, we will make sure the content is top class.

The content will be well researched, handwritten and 100% unique.

Don’t buy blog posts of poor standard, buy ours, content that is guaranteed to rank top.

We do not require access to your website.

We will send you the content by email for you to put on your site.

You will receive all image files too.

Also, we can add the content to your site for you if you wish.

If you choose to do it yourself, the file will include all instructions to get it done fully optimized for a top ranking.

We know how to write good content and how to rank top, take a look here.

3 Month Ranking

When the content is complete we will move onto the next step in the ranking process.

We will look at the backlinks your competitors have for our chosen keyword.

Over the following 3 months we will get those backlinks in place.

You will get link building done every day over 3 months.

For you to keep track of the work done we will set up an seo dashboard for you right here on Rankers Paradise.

You can log into the dashboard any time to check the backlinks being done.

We will also log the keyword ranking as we go, sometimes daily or at the end of the week.

This will show you the ranking progress of the new keyword.

We are available on the dashboard every day, you can send us a message on there any time if you need to know anything as we go.

For more details on how to write quality blog posts take a look here.

What We Need From You

To buy blog posts and 3 months ranking we need the following from you, which you provide at the checkout:

  1. Your Website URL
  2. Your Niche
  3. Provide Your Keyword if You Already Have One

The keyword research and content will be complete within 7 days after you place the order.

The content will most probably be complete as soon as 3 days after the order is placed.

Buy blog posts and ranking right now and get traffic to your website fast.

Delivery turnaround time: 3 Months


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