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Purchase 9 very powerful PBN backlinks.

Very high metrics, lots of backlinks, lots of rank juice.


Was $130, a whopping $100 OFF.

Price to rise soon, so act fast while the last remaining spots are available.


All our PBN blogs are indexed in Google.

This ensures your links will be found and guarantees a rank improvement quickly.

Each and every blog has a different C-CLASS IP.

This gives you a vote from different referring domains.

PBN Backlinks – The Metrics

These PBN’s are very powerful, they have a lot of rank juice to pass onto your site.

Links from domains with high metrics like these help your website gain authority.

With higher authority come higher rankings.

Ranking is easier when your website has a high authority score.

The metrics for these PBN’s are:

  • PA 40+ (this is the homepage, where your link will sit permanently)
  • DA 15+
  • TF 40+
  • Dofollow (this is to ensure the rank juice passes)
  • 500+ Links (the domains have at least 500 backlinks pointing to them)
  • No comments/Advertising (this ensures all rank juice passes to the limited outbound links like yours)

PBN Trust Flow Stats

We limit the number of outbound links to just 25, these will not be available to buy forever.


Of course the metrics change slightly over time, however you can be certain the blogs will have a PA 40+ and a TF over 40.

When they are gone this service will be closed until we find other domains of the same quality to put into the network.

These are great metrics and will help rank any website higher.

PBN Top Ranking Results

As you can see, a client used these and went from rank 7 into the number 1 spot.

Doesn’t matter where you are ranking, they will boost your up the SERP’s.

They can be used successfully on any niche out there.

We cover all footprints, you will not get penalised for these links.

9 PBN Backlinks High Metrics

They have been registered privately, all have different owners.

All sites look natural and will push your website ranking.

**NOTE** To keep the blogs clean we do not allow adult, gambling, drugs or anything to do with music or movie downloads.

What We Need From You

At the checkout we need you to provide us with the following details.

Do not worry if you forget, you will be asked for them at checkout.

  1. Your website URL
  2. Your Anchors (please provide 3 only – this achieves best results)

Delivery turnaround time: 3-5 days


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