Get 50 – 4 to 8 Year Old Age PBN Backlinks Using Quality AI Generated Content



Get 50 backlinks on the Rankers Paradise most aged PBNs. These blogs have been in our network for at least 4 years, some domains are over 8 years old.

All of these sites are on different IPs and mixed hosting, they are 100% safe, we have used them to rank our own sites.

We have well over 300 blogs that are over 4 years old. We are giving you the chance to use them to rank your website too.

All the backlinks will be DoFollow.

We will generate 50 high quality AI niche related articles to be posted to the blogs. This alone is super unique.

  • The Post’s proprietary AI creates all of its content.
  • Then we use our own AI Spinner to give it a little spin. This means the search engines can’t detect AI content, appears 100% hand written. We have tried and tested this.
  • Artificial intelligence is used to generate blog post titles that make use of the keywords and topics you provide.
  • Each blog’s posts will be sorted according to their respective categories.
  • Please provide any media that can be embedded (videos, slideshows, maps, etc.)
  • All blogs use top-level domains (TLDs) and are hosted independently. There is no subdomains used here.
  • In-depth report at project conclusion including all backlink URLs.

The Proposal

  • You get fifty or more articles on blogs with a variety of top-level domains.
  • Embedded objects and up to three connections are allowed per task.
  • To fill the three available link slots, you may send an infinite number of URLs and keywords (in spinning style).
  • Then, ALL POSTS will use the same amount of links and url/keyword combinations.
  • Keywords in languages other than English will be integrated into their English-language contexts.
  • Keywords like “porn,” “adult,” and “gambling” are not allowed. Feel free to ask us anything before placing an order.

Linked System

  • The Typical DA/PA Ratio Is 20+
  • Over 300 referring domains is considered “normal.”
  • There is no free hosted blog service. These are all on quality paid hosting.
  • There are too many factors outside my control for us to promise a certain ranking boost. But if you do not get the links nothing will happen.
  • We are unable to alter the urls/kws once an order has been started.
  • Once the posting process has begun, no refunds will be provided.
  • To account for domain outages etc., we always provide extra content.


When and how many times should I use keywords?

Long-tail keywords are more effective in the long run; aim for 2-6 of them for every 100 posts, with 1 or 2 links each post. The “backlink juice” from a PBN is diluted when there are too many keywords. Similarly, keep your list of URLs to no more than three (your homepage plus two or three further pages)

The definition of “long tail keywords”

Long-tail keywords, also known as low-volume keywords, are phrases of three to five words that are very unique to your specialty. Compare “tree cutting” with “tree cutting service in Maplewood” for example. Seventy percent of all searches are longtails. Since there is less competition for longtail keywords, you have a higher chance of getting a good ranking for your target phrases.

When Should I Anticipate a Rise in My Search Engine Rank?

Your search engine ranking will vary depending on the parameters used by each individual website. Age, authority, content quality, on-page SEO, niche competition, and other factors all play a role in your ultimate results.

What do we need from you?

At the checkout give us the following details:

  1. URLs
  3. EMAIL ADDRESS (where we will email the full backlink report when the work is complete)

Delivery Time: 8 Days


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