How to Find Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic

how to find low competition keywords with high trafficI am going to show youΒ how to find low competition keywords with high traffic really fast.

These keywords are so easy you can get a top rank without any backlinks at all.

The fastest and easiest way to rank no. 1 in the SERPs is to find long tail low seo competition keywords.

Who wants a bucket load of keywords that you can rank on page 1 of Google search without any backlinks at all?

Sounds awesome, right?

Well it is possible to find these keywords for free, however it can take a long time to do the research.

There is a tool that can do it for you. It’s not free, but you can evaluate your ROI and certainly make it pay for you.

This tool is cloud based, there is nothing to download. You just sign up and away you go.

The tool is called Long Tail Pro. It comes with a 7 day $1 trial, believe me, it is well worth giving a go.

I am going to show you how to use this great tool right now, I have been very impressed with it so far.

You can use this Long Tail Pro with one other seo tool to create a very powerful ranking strategy.

The other tool is called SEO Content Machine. This is by far the best article writing software on the market right now.

If you only get 2 tools in your seo arsenal, these are the ones that will make your affiliate/blogging life so much easier.

This is how these seo tools can help you out:

You can use long tail pro to find long tail low seo competition keywords in under 10 minutes. If the keywords have an seo competition score below 20 you can rank on the first page of Google without any backlinks at all.

Next is where the magic happens;

Then you power up the SEO Content machine software. Use it to create 30 unique articles in super fast time, won’t even take you 10 minutes.

Then use SEO Content machine to auto post that content to your Web 2.0 blogs. Drop 10 Web 2.0 backlinks per month over a 3 month period and your site will hit the top spot for sure.

Drop content on Web 2 sites that are already indexed and your rank will soar. Make sure you use the perfect anchor text ratio and you can’t fail.

You can make these tools pay for themselves over and over.

With this strategy, your money site is getting new content on a regular basis, and it is getting backlinks slow and steady spread across the entire site on a steady flow.

Your domain authority will sky rocket. If you interlink your new posts other pages will start to rank up and the money will start to roll in.

This strategy provides the perfect balance for a one person ranking machine.

SEO Content Machine is $27 a month. Long Tail Pro is $37 a month.

For $64 a month you can certainly see a good return on this little investment.

Each tool is going to save you a lot of time and hassle.

I know it sounds a lot for anyone just starting out, but believe me, these tools are a game changer.

Keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO, long tail pro will make you an expert right away.

Let’s dive right in there are take a look at how long tail pro works;

How to Find Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic

I am going to use Long Tail Pro to find a long tail keyword to rank this post for. I am not going to build any backlinks to this page. This way you can see the power of this software and how important it is to find low competition long tail keywords.

Like I say, the software does not need to be downloaded, it is cloud based. You sign up, log in, and away you go.

This is how you find low seo competition long tail keywords:

First of all, log into your Long Tail pro account.

Start you new project in Long Tail Pro

Let’s start a new project. Enter your project name and hit the “Add Project” button.

Select language and search engine to use

Select which search engine you want to rank on, I have selected Then select the language you want to work in.

You can also add your money site domain name. This will give you a customised competition analysis with metrics, so it is worth doing.

Now for the fun part. Let’s find some easy to rank long tail keywords.

Simply enter a seed keyword

Now enter a seed keyword. Then select the number of results that you require per keyword, I have selected “100” returns per keyword.

I have also set the minimum number of monthly searches to “100”.

Then hit the “Retrieve Adwords Suggestions” button.

Now I hear you shouting, “why don’t I just use Adwords keyword planner, it’s free”. Well it will not give you the return on long tail keywords that Long Tail Pro can, Adwords always holds out on you. Also, Adwords does not have an seo competition score analysis, which is very important.

I should also mention that you do not need to do anything else to this software, no proxies, it does not even have to be linked with your Adwords account. The tool is ready to use right away, nothing else to do, and it is very easy to use too.

Simply scroll down to view the keyword results. It will take a few minutes to generate them.

The next part is fun, you are going to filter the keywords to find a ranking gem.

Use the filter to find the best long tail keywords

I used the filter to display all keywords with 3 words or more in them.

Then I clicked on the “Avg. KC” tab, this displays the low seo competition score keywords at the top of the list.

To get the keywords with high traffic click on the “Volume” tab. Then look at the “Avg. KC” column to find high traffic keywords with low seo competition.

The keyword results show:

  • list of long tail keywords
  • an option to add a keyword to your favourites list
  • monthly search volume
  • cost per click to advertise for this keyword (important for keyword value when using Adsense to monetise your money site)
  • advertiser competition score
  • number of words in the keyword
  • rank value (calculated on Adwords cost per click. Of course this will be different if you choose to monetise your site with Amazon or ClickBank links) Go here to learn how to calculate the monetary value of your keyword.
  • keyword seo competition score

As you can see, “long tail pro discount” has a very low seo competition score of 20.

Also, “long tail pro review” has a low seo competition score of 27.

Both keywords get around 110 searches per month. They are not going to drive massive amounts of traffic to a site, but it is an easy way to rank, a way to start pushing some traffic to a site.

A good seo strategy is to add lots of valuable content to a site focused around easy to rank long tail keywords.

Lots of content like this will bring in a significant amount of traffic, it will generate some nice commission cheques in the right niche.

After you have decided on a long tail keyword you can drill further into the metrics to help you decide if you can rank number one for it.

This is how you do it;

Get more keyword ranking metrics

Click on the keyword to see the top 10 ranked sites for that keyword. This will help you understand if you can rank for the keyword or not.

Easy way to do keyword competition analysis

Now you can see a whole load of seo metrics to evaluate the top ranking sites.

Each site has an seo competition score, you can even see how many internal and external backlinks each site has.

The entire list of metrics include;

  1. seo competition score
  2. domain seo competition score
  3. trust flow
  4. citation flow
  5. number of external backlinks
  6. number in internal links
  7. site age
  8. number of URLs the site has indexed

Within the list you can also see the TITLE TAG and URL extension of the page. This is incredibly important.

If you can find a keyword where none of the top ranking sites have the exact long tail keyword in the TITLE TAG or URL extension you are sure it is easy to rank for.

For the keyword “long tail pro review” five of the top 10 ranking sites have the exact keyword in the TITLE TAG. I am most definitely not going to after this keyword.

I will do some more research to find an easy to rank keyword to use for this particular post.

Easy way to get more long tail keywords really fast

Click on the blue spy glass button (circled red) to find even more long tail keywords.

The keyword I have decided on for this post is “how to find low competition keywords with high traffic”. This keyword has an seo competition score of 28, there are sites ranking on the first page of Google for this keyword with very few backlinks.

All I need to do to rank on the first page of Google search for long tail keywords like these is to make sure the keyword is in the page TITLE TAG and URL.

Combine this with some decent content and a few backlinks as suggested earlier and you are set to hit the top spot.

Imagine how much money you can earn through Amazon affiliate commissions by using Long Tail Pro as your keyword research tool.

Yes you can find these keywords without Long Tail Pro, however it is going to take you a lot longer. Long Tail Pro is a massive time saver for me.

It is well worth giving a try at $1 for 7 days, if you don’t like it then cancel your subscription. In 7 days you can find a serious amount of low seo competition score keywords for your niche, you are going to get a good return on your $1.

What else can Long Tail Pro do?

The video below explains a little more about what Long Tail Pro can do for you:

I have absolutely no doubt that you can make the monthly fee pay for itself.

The tool is certainly going to help you find an easy to rank niche many times over.

Watch me find a new Amazon niche that looks promising in a few minutes;

First go to and do an Amazon keyword search.

Use to find Amazon buying keywords

Select a “best” keyword from the list.

I will pick one of the results at random; “glucosamine treats for dogs”. Now enter that seed word into Long Tail Pro.

In less than 10 minutes I have found a new niche. If you spend a few hours on this you can find a highly profitable niche that you can rank no. 1 for with hardly any backlinks at all.

This is the best keyword research tool I have ever used

In a few minutes I have found “bestΒ glucosamine for dogs”. It gets a whopping 880 monthly searches and has a low keyword competition score of 29.

I found this keyword at random in a few minutes. If you take your time to use the software you can find some real money making keywords.

I will select another keyword at random from the tool to analyse using Long Tail Pro.

Let’s go for “humidifier”. Pop that seed keyword into Long Tail Pro.

More long tail keyword results

Within a few minutes I now know that “electronic cigar humidifier” is a decent long tail keyword within that particular niche. The results also reveal that there are very few long tail keywords in that niche, it is not one that I would be looking to go into.

I think you can probably tell how incredibly useful Long Tail Pro is going to be to you.

The free way to do this kind of keyword research would be to use these 3 tools;

To generate lots of long tail keywords go to This will generate lots of long tail search phrases that you can use to get actual Google search terms using the keyword tool.

You can use the keyword research tool for keyword search volume data.

Then you can use for seo competition analysis.

Of course you will use as mentioned earlier for niche selection.

Long Tail Pro does all of the above in one, the seo competition score is very useful. Keywords that I currently target with a Long Tail Pro seo score below 20 will rank in the top ten of Google SERPs without any backlinks at all.

Not only does it show youΒ how to find low competition keywords with high traffic but also reveals their monetary value.

Why is Long Tail Pro the best keyword research tool:

Long Tail Pro generates keyword competition score on auto pilot for all keywords in the list. You do not need to press a button to generate an seo competition score for each keyword individually. Β This is going to save you a lot of time.

Many other keyword research tools require you to select an individual keyword for analysis to reveal the keyword seo competition score, which gets rather tedious in the long run. Long Tail Pro does not require you to do this.

Compared to others on the market it is very reasonably priced, you are certainly going to be able to bring a good return on this little investment. Find one niche with lots of low seo competition keywords and you are laughing all the way to the bank.

If you already have a niche site then it is worth giving Long Tail Pro a $1 trial for 7 days, if anything you are going to find a hell of a lot of information about your niche that is certainly worth a lot more than $1.

If you do decide to give it a go drop me a comment or 2 below to let me and others know how you found it.

Is this the best keyword research tool for affiliate marketers? I think so πŸ™‚

Feel The Power of Long Tail Keywords

Just a quick update to really help you understand the power of long tail keywords.

I published this post yesterday on 28 November 2016. Today 29 November 2016 the page is ranked number 5 on Google search.

This page has got a first page Google ranking in just 1 day targeting a long tail keyword without any backlinks at all.

My keyword rank check

The keyword has an seo competition score of 28, I believe you can rank and get traffic without backlinks. Keyword research is very important.

Long tail keywords are a great way to start to get traffic to a site, and most importantly start making some money.

Do not underestimate the power of long tail keywords, do not dismiss them just because they have low search volume.

Keywords like this are very easy to rank for, if you blog everyday it is a super easy way to get some traffic flowing.

61 thoughts on “How to Find Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic”

  1. Thank you Nick for an amazing reply. So normally when you target over 200,000 searches volume per month keyword. Let say you have ranked 200K keyword on top then how much traffic you get from that one huge volume keyword including long tail. I know the long tail traffic is more than the actual keyword volume but overall after combining everything what is the number of traffic it hits in the end and if we have Google ads on our site then how much revenue it can generate generally.

    • The traffic will be 150K plus per month, the last 200k keyword I ranked top brings the site just over 174k traffic. The revenue is completely different for each site depending on how you monetize it. Google Ads are different depending on the niche, some sites I make between $2k and $3.5k per month, other sites much higher depending on the niche and CPC.

  2. Hi Nick again,

    Nice post. You have talked about high volume keywords. What’s the highest volume keyword you have ranked till this date. I mean have you ranked keywords of any clients which has like above 200K or 300K searches per month. What strategy you usually follow to rank high volume keywords specially that falls in easy or medium difficulty category according to semscoop or kwfinder. What things you do differently for high volume keywords. Does it require different sort of backlinks. How you go about it.

    • I have ranked keywords #1 with a search volume of over 200,000, done for my own sites and some clients’ sites. The strategy is exactly the same for all keywords, check the competition and then do what is needed to be done regarding the content and backlinks. Nothing special, get the content correct, get the backlinks that are needed and you will go top. Can’t be specific because every keyword is different, good well-optimized content combined with niche links always works, even on new sites.

    • Thanks for dropping by Deepak, let us know how you get on with your own keyword research and if you have anything extra to throw into the mix.

  3. Wow! What a great post it is. The info you have provided is really valuable. And this post is very helpful for me. Thank you

  4. Awesome article. This explains everything about using Long tail Pro. I am using this software . I have never used SEO content machine. I am thinking to use it. Thanks for suggesting this . Great info πŸ™‚

  5. Hi,
    I have find some lowest competition keywords. The keywords average competition is 6-8 and average search 100-1k. Should I choose those keyword or I should choose 20-25 competition keywords.

    • Definitely go with the low competition keywords, however you need to make sure you don’t just rely on seo competition tools. Check the SERPs yourself and pick keywords where top sites have few backlinks and the content on those sites is thin.

    • The Cloud version of Long Tail Pro is awesome, it pulls Keyword Competition scores within a few seconds for every keyword, you do not have to select the keywords individually for the software to analyse keyword competition. I have found some really low competition keywords in my niches under 15, you can find a lot around the 15 to 30 mark, which is awesome. Definitely a big time saver, that’s all it is though, you can find these keywords for free, but it takes a lot longer to do.

  6. Hi Nick,

    I am thinking to use Long Tail Pro for 7 days on a $1 Trial basis so can I stop using it after that because I have no plan to go for monthly or yearly subscription. I mean I just have to use Trial period so I just had to ask one thing that they will not deduct money automatically after using LTP for 7 days as a trial.

    • Yeah, you can cancel through Long Tail Pro dashboard with ease. Simply click on your email in the top right hand courner of the screen, then select “Billing Information” and then click the “Cancel Account” button. This will cancel the account before the $37 monthly fee kicks in. On the 7th day do that and you will not be charged the full regular amount.

  7. Hi Nick,

    The keyword that you have chosen to rank for this post has a low competition according to Long tail pro and you are ranking on the 1st page but Kwfinder is showing 41/100 and Keyword Revealer is showing 27/100 that makes me think twice that how every keyword research tool works on a different factor and algorithm.

    • Goes to prove my point, never solely rely on an seo competition score tool…you need to check the top ranking sites yourself….Google the keyword:

      1. Look at the quality of the content on the top sites
      2. Does the exact keyword appear in the TITLE TAG
      3. Does the exact keyword appear in the URL extension
      4. Do the top sites have contextual backlinks from authority sites

      That’s pretty much it….each seo tool will have a different system to check seo competition…

    • Yeah, all of these keyword tools have caveats. You should use them as a general guide only.

      I have a few pages ranked in the top 5 for keywords with 40-50 as competitive scores on KWfinder. You really need to evaluate the competition manually once you find a decent looking keyword with the tools.

      As Nick said, check for the basic on-page elements. Check out the length and depth of the content of the top 5-10 results. Look to see how much content the site has overall and if they’re doing any interlinking.

      If the sites look even remotely weak – on-page elements aren’t 100% there, content is lacking, thin content on the overall domain, etc – take a stab at it.

      Most of the keyword tools utilize metrics such as DA, PA, and MozRank without factoring in content, relevancy, or on-page structure. I can tell you from experience that KWfinder focuses heavily on Domain Authority, Page Authority, and link COUNT (important to note that it’s count, not quality).

      Utilize your keyword tools to find great long tails and phrases you wouldn’t think of on your own – use your knowledge of SEO and common sense to determine if you can actually rank for something.

      Another important thing to keep in mind – don’t let listings like Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, or other shopping sites scare you off, either. You’d be surprised how easy it is to outrank those pages.

  8. If you install free keyword everywhere chrome extension it automatically inputs vol, cpc and comp on many searches like kw shitter, ubersuggest, etc.

  9. thanks for article nick. i have ltp but never really use it. i use keyword revealer. i found a keyword there with 17 keyword difficulty and 260 searches (enough for 1 keyword in my niche) but the sites listed in the top ten all have a lot of backlinks. if they have so many backlinks why is the competition so low?

    • No problem Shannon, it’s probably because they have poor quality backlinks…I can’t tell you for sure unless you email me the keyword. Also, sometimes SEO tools get it wrong….only use them as a guide…the best way to know if a keyword is easy to rank or not is to look at the top 10 sites in the serps yourself….do the top sites have the keyword in the TITLE TAG and URL extension? Is the content really thin….500 words or less? If so, you have an easy to rank keyword….doesn’t really matter how many backlinks a site has if they have poor content….look for the weaknesses and exploit them πŸ™‚

      • You’re right. I definitely need to look at those things as some of the sites in the top ten have really good content and a lot of it. i will experiment with this keyword with the given information that i have and see if it ranks or anything. thanks.

          • I actually moved away from that keyword because the sites are not thin affiliate sites. However I found another low competition keyword. The only thing is that it is not per say a buyer keyword.

            Say for example the keyword is ‘Playstation 4 system’ but ‘best’ or ‘review’ is not in the keyword. The sites that have them sell Playstation 4 systems, they don’t have a lot of content, high domain authority, page authority or backlinks. Do you think I can rank number one based on those factors? It looks like i will be one of the few affiliate sites with ‘playstation 4 system.’ Is this a good idea?

  10. Hi Nick,

    There are so many “Keyword Research” software or website in the market right now that tells difficulty level and all other sorts of things to rank 1 in google and every other keyword research tool shows different results in terms of ranking.Some tool shows that particular keyword is easy and some not so it is really overwhelming for the beginner who just enter into keyword research.

    • That’s true, Long Tail Pro stands out for me because you don’t have to click on each keyword to get an seo competition score….you can also analyse the top ten ranked sites with the click of a button….take a look at important ranking factors in an instant…keyword in TITLE TAG, URL and also internal and external links that the site has.

      Long Tail Pro is very easy to use, it is perfect for a beginner…however the cost might put most people off. The free version of Rank Tracker is good…you are not limited to monthly search quota and the seo competition score is very accurate.

      A beginner should be looking for long tail keywords with at least 4 words in them, the more words the better….no need for backlinks to rank and it will start the traffic flow into your site.

  11. Hi Nick,

    Thank you for your reply. Let say you are ranking a word called “body building tips” and you set up the 10 web 2.0 property so do use same sub domain URL in all 10 web 2.0 property with the keyword that you are trying to rank. I mean you will use anchored text only in post not in the sub domain URL.

    • I don’t use same sub domain URL on all web 2.0 properties. I will make sure that the keyword is in the sub domain URL together with other random words like “bestbodybuildingtipslist” “bestbodybuildingtipssite” “bestbodybuildingtipschoice” etc. Remember to mix up your anchor text and you will be set to rank up πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Nick.its been a while I visited your blog.
    You really provide many alternate ways of keyword research both free and paid
    My current favourite free tool is …..
    Sorry if you about to take dinner.lts Keyword Shitttter lol.real awesome! But no volume provided.
    By the way for keyword search volume just pop it into terms of my favorite as well and comes with keyword difficulty metric.
    Chrome extension called Keyword Every where and keysearch( an awesome keyword research tool by a blackhatworld member).free.
    U pop your keyword into Google search and the extension will show volume and keyword difficulty.good for the budgeted .
    My current paid Keyword research tool is Seo spyglass from Seo power suite.
    It’s time to rank my Amazon affiliate site and look forward to your new post soon!
    I am currently testing using GSA ser to blast at my tier 2 URL shortener to tier 1
    Web2.0 blogs and also testing blasting at hub pages which I had created my content.
    Cheers!Wish fellow rankers here a happy fruitful new year ahead!
    I love this blog!

    • Hi Jeff, Good to have you back at Rankers πŸ™‚

      Wow, is awesome….thanks for the share πŸ™‚ I will certainly be using that one from now on….combined with Long Tail pro of course LOL. You can get the search volume stats from for free….copy keywords into from keyword shitter….awesome….will take a little bit of time….but definitely worth doing. I will be importing keywords from keyword shitter into Long Tail Pro to get seo competition score…great tool πŸ™‚ looks good too…great keyword tool for free….perfect for those doing keyword research on a budget. I had not used term explorer before, just signed up…looks good.

      I have used Keyword Everywhere before…works well showing keyword search volumes in the Google SERPs. looks good too….free account is limited to daily searches….but it is a good option for people on a budget.

      I love SEO Spyglass too…only ever used the free version though.

      Hope those affiliate cheques start to roll in big for you πŸ™‚

      Thanks for dropping by again and leaving a useful comment we can all benefit from….

      Here’s to a great year ahead for all affiliates out there…..

  13. Hi Nick,

    Recently I had build 6 web 2.0 backlinks to rank one of my post ( Newly created by me so no expired web 2.0 property ) and every backlink got indexed in Google by using google webmaster tool but after 4 days, 2 of them got de indexed. I am really confused what went wrong. Is it name of the sub domain that I pick up in that web 2.0 or it is the content or what. I am really really………..really confused right now what things went wrong.

    • Hi Tushar, this can happen from time to time. It’s nothing to worry about. If the content is not unique on the Web 2.0 site then it will drop from the index….if the web 2.0 site has just one post on there then it is considered to be an orphan page and will drop from the index unless it has a or some backlinks pointing to it…this is why I recommend the link wheel strategy when building new web 2.0 properties. My free backlinks post shows you how to set up the link wheel. To get the two sites to index that have dropped from the index simply drop a backlink to them from the 2 sites that are indexed. Also, backlinks from Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest help index web 2.0 sites, high profile social sites like these get crawled on a regular basis by the Google spiders to find new content like our web 2.0 sites…as long as the sites have unique content on them they are sure to index at some point with the link wheel strategy in place πŸ™‚

  14. Another good post! I am going to use it for my keyword research, I may update how it works in the future to support this post. I don’t know how it works now, We’ll see

    • Thanks Vincent πŸ™‚ It is definitely a big time saver, you can find these keywords for free, however it can take days to put a niche keyword list together that can be done in minutes using Long Tail Pro. Let me know what you think of it…

  15. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for this fabulous post. I think i came accross LTP few years ago when the desktop version was lunched at I want to ask that

    1.hope the cloud version of LTP does not flunctuate the kc score because i learnt from one of LTP users on their forum that he discovered an easy keyword of kc 30 but later jumped to over 40 in a week after (because LTP make use of TF and CF to give keyword competitiveness and these metric are not static)???

    2. if i am right, i think any keyword that score 30 or less on and score 24 or less on is consider as easy to rank on the first page on google, so what is the ideal kc score on LTP to rank on first page of google for any keyword???

    3. what feature gives LTP egde over kwfinder and keyword revealer???

    • Hi Kayode,

      No problem πŸ™‚ I didn’t go with the desk top version because you had to click on each individual keyword to get an seo competition score, which was something I could get for free using spyfu or kwfinder. The new cloud version of Long Tail Pro is awesome, a real time saver, all seo competition scores are loaded up right away next to each keyword, no need to press any buttons to get these stats.

      1. Yeah that’s a slight flaw in the system, however you just click on the keyword itself inside Long Tail Pro which reveals the top 10 sites in Google search for that keyword….if the sites don’t have the keyword in the TITLE TAG or URL you can be certain that the low seo competition score is correct. Just to be sure it is also worth doing a Google search for that keyword to check Moz metrics of the top 10 sites. Long Tail Pro itself lets you know how many backlinks…internal and external that each site has….which really helps analyse the competition…you can tell if a keyword is easy to rank for just by those few steps alone…it’s a great research time saver…I am loving the cloud version. If you have Long Tail Pro and SEO Content Machine you can’t fail to drive traffic to a site. Like I say, it can be done without these tools, it just takes a lot more time, which many affiliate marketers don’t have…definitely worth getting when you have some money flowing in πŸ™‚

      2. That’s about right, for Long Tail Pro it all depends on your seo skills, the power of your PBN or the ranking strategy that you are going to use. I currently have keywords ranking on the first page of Google search with KC score between 15 and 20 without any backlinks at all, drop 10 backlinks to these pages and they will rank no. 1 for sure….that is why SEO Content Machine is a good tool to get…you get content generated quickly and can post to web 2.0 sites on a schedule….super easy way to rank…set and forget. I know some people target keyword with seo score below 40 on Long Tail Pro….between 40 and 30 you are going to need some backlinks….anything under 20 will hit the first page without backlinks if your on page seo is good…also if you drop some internal links it should hit the top spot.

      3. The fact that you don’t have to click on every keyword to get an seo competition score gives Long Tail Pro the edge over kwfinder and keywordrevealer. Also, Long Tail Pro gives you 10,000 keyword searches/competition score per month…it’s unlikely you will hit that amount…the others give a lot less….they are a little cheaper but don’t offer half as much stats and no. of searches….Long Tail Pro is the best option by a long way at the moment.

  16. Nice post Nick. Have you used Market Samurai software to find low competition keywords. That tool is also amazing. I had a question about 1500 social signals for $1 which is basically a seo clerk service. I have provided the web link that I need social signals but I have no idea about “Keyword” and “Description”. Do I have to provide just single keyword that I want to rank or different anchored text keyword. Also let me know what kind of things I have to provide in the description as well. Waiting for reply very soon.

    • Thanks Tushar. I did use Market Samurai quite a while ago…can’t remember much about it LOL…..The new cloud version of Long Tail Pro made me try it, I am glad that I did, going to be a big research time saver.

      For the social signals….give your main keyword and do a short description with your main keyword in there. You just provide the single keyword that you want to rank for, no need to supply any other anchors for social signals.

      Make sure your description is unique, write 100 to 200 words….quick description of what your content is about…make sure your keyword is in there πŸ™‚


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