Air Conditioning Marketing

Use our up to date HVAC company marketing campaign to get more traffic and sales online.

If you are looking for new avenues to take your business to the next level then we have the answer.

Our air conditioning marketing strategies are the same as any online seo campaign.

We push your website higher in the search engines for air conditioning related search terms.

In the long term your HVAC company will flourish with free buyer traffic from the search engines.

You are here because you know your marketing efforts have to adapt to the changes in the modern market.

We will help you make those changes to succeed in the challenging online world.

Now you know that changes need to be made you have taken the first step to success.

Not only will we make your website an asset flooded with traffic, you are going to get more customers each and every day.

You know what needs to be done, don’t let fear stand in your way of your HVAC  marketing.

It’s time to take action and get things done.

This is the only way you are going to make progress and leave the competition behind.

On a lighter note, it’s time to get excited.

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You are certain to get a return on your investment, we make sure of that.

Online marketing through seo has totally changed the game, and to win and any game you must be in it.

Here at Rankers Paradise we get you in the game, then we make you win the game.

It takes time, and anyone that tells you it doesn’t is telling you lies.

Through constant tracking and everyday work and the mind set to never quit you will always win.

This is what we stand for and what we will give you.

If you are late into the market and need to play catch up with the competition then we can help.

Now that you are reading this you are already ahead if you decide to take action right now.

We will start marketing your HVAC company right away to catch up and eventually take over.

I will run through the HVAC marketing strategies that we can implement to take your business to the next level.

With constant online marketing your website will grow in value.

Starting off with a good company like us you are laying the best foundations to succeed.

Like any online marketing campaign it starts with an analysis of your current online foothold.

For quick traffic gains it’s good to evaluate if your business is already ranking for specific keywords in the air conditioning market.

Marketing HVAC businesses for local search terms is easy, follow the strategy to get it done.

Air Conditioning Marketing Strategy

If you are in a hurry HVAC ads can bring in fast traffic.

For this you can look at Facebook and Google Ad campaigns.

Make sure you understand your target demographic before you start, or you could waste a lot of money on tyre kicker traffic.

HVAC advertising is an option and should not be ruled out, read on for more details on this.

HVAC marketing companies will check your competitors advertising campaigns to understand what is working for them.

Website Analysis

First of all we take a look at whether your website has any foothold in the market already.

This is important to understand as this can give us some quick traffic gains.

Our preferred tool is

When we enter your website into the tool we can discover what keywords you are currently ranking for, if any.

This way we know how we can get your fast results without having to write additional content for your website.

If we discover you are ranking for related keywords at the bottom of Google page 1 and 2 we can build backlinks to them.

This will give you fast traffic gains in as little as 1 and 2 weeks.

All the information that we uncover from the report will be given to you.

You can do this yourself for free, however we have a paid spyfu account and will go into much details and analysis for you.

After this initial analysis is complete, we can take a look at your competitors and also find new keywords we can get results with.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is done to find what people are searching for in the air conditioning niche on Google.

This way we can optimize your pages for these keywords and get them ranking top.

When they rank higher your website will get more traffic and more niche traffic means more sales.

We use a tool called semscoop, you can use it too for free.

We will discover highly targeted search terms that are relevant to your business.

This way you will get maximum return on your time investment.

For example, we will look for search terms related to air conditioning including your city area.

When you rank top for local search terms like these business booking sky rocket fast.

We can work out the return on investment because the keyword research tool reveals how often these searches are made each and every month.

Targeting low seo competition keyword combined with the backlink strategies I am going to show you now you will double and triple your website traffic fast.

The Competition

You can get the best marketing ideas for HVAC from analysing your competitors.

The best way to advertise HVAC business is right under your nose if you know where to look.

What works for others will work for you too.

If you know your competition it’s very easy to make fast traffic gains in the online world.

For this we go back to the spyfu tool, it reveals all your online competitors for selected keywords.

With this information we can mine all their target keywords and understand how they rank top for them.

air conditioning marketing specialist packagesWe analyse their content and make your better, of course you can do this yourself right now.

Then we analyse their backlinks, we reverse engineer their backlinks so that you have the same.

The next step is to go ahead and do extra, this will give you the edge over them and put you in pole position.


When you look at your competitors you have to look at what keyword they rank for and understand how they have done it.

Increasing your HVAC business’s visibility in the SERP’s is key to getting free traffic and making your business a success.

If a particular business is doing well we will discover them, use them to understand how they have done it and do the same.

An easy way to find your competitors is to do a manual search on Google, enter your local area name followed by ” heating and cooling”.

You can take note of the top 5 businesses, you need to understand why they are ranking top.

I will show you how this is done later, it is very easy to do.

Online Activity

Many of your competitors will be gaining traffic from social media, this is another avenue you can take a look into.

Without being on any social avenue your HVAC business will be left behind, this is a huge traffic portal that you should be accessing.

If one of your competitors are ranking high it is more than likely down to them having a good online activity on social media platforms.

You can discover which social platforms they are most active on and do the same.

It’s very easy to go ahead and set up the social pages.

That’s the first step, the next step is activity and engagement.


Do your competitors have a blog on their website?

Having a blog is a sure fire way to increase targeted website traffic.

Not just any traffic, but buyer traffic which you can funnel to make sales.

Take a look through your competitors blog, what are they writing about.

You can do the same yet improve content quality.

Writing top quality content around a niche like your increases buyers trust, show them you know what you are doing.

In return this improves sales, conversion rates go sky high when you do this.

Online Video

This also comes under social media, but many people forget about the power of YouTube videos.

YouTube is a huge search engine, people are looking for “How To” videos all the time in the air conditioning niche.

You can start a channel and get your share of the traffic and sales from this platform.

Always take a look to see what your competition is doing on YouTube, this can be useful for ideas on what you can do too.

This too is content, so do not ignore this option, it is massive and will make your business huge.

Also, backlinks in the decsription of YouTube videos do help with ranking your web pages.

Website Content Strategy

This is 100% driven by your competitor and keyword research results.

By adding valued content to your website every week will establish it as the place to be for HVAC business information.

It’s good to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how long the content is, it must be useful.

Make sure you deliver something every time that will help the reader in some way.

Also, try to write content that will last for years and that will not be irrelevant in a few months time.

When writing your content you should keep to these simple guidelines:

Must Be Useful

For the information to be useful it in most cases must solve a problem the person has.

In the air conditioning niche this is plentiful.

You can use question and answer sites like Quora to discover what problems people have in the niche.

People might be looking for things like “Where can I find a good HVAC Company in New York” or “Did I just pay too much for a HVAC Service”.

This is something you can answer, and as an expert can do that well with complete authority.

Keep The Content Keyword Focused

Be sure that your content is written around a focus keyword.

This will ensure it ranks in the search engines for that keyword.

Remember that when you write the content it is to educate the person and to turn them into a customer.

The HVAC industry is very complex and uses terms many will not understand, so write for every person to grasp.

If you write lots of content for your HVAC business you will get more traffic from the search engines, that’s guaranteed.

Good quality content like this not only brings in the traffic but persuades them that you know what you are doing.

That in turn produces increased conversion rates on your website.

Free Help

You know that in life, if someone helps you then you feel good towards them.

In many cases you will get rewards from them with sales.

If you go ahead and produce helpful content on your website people will stay on your site longer and are more likely to turn into a customer.

People will show you love in many different ways online, some through social media and some through word of mouth.

Whichever way it is done it is all good for your business.

This is setting a good platform for your HVAC business’s success, and believe me it works.


People love to share, and if you help them they will share your business.

By helping people through simple blog posts they will love your business and are more likely to purchase from you.

Offering help through blogging is an easy way to gain traffic and customer trust and loyalty.


By blogging and answering specific questions in your niche you are shown to be an expert in that area.

Being regarded as an expert always increases sales because their trust in you is much higher.

When you write a lot in your niche your potential customers trust is increased.

Just look at Amazon, people buy because of trust.

You are going to blog to build trust, in turn your sales and conversion rates will soar.

As you can gather, constant content writing will make your HVAC business a power house.

You can write blog posts around buyer keywords to get better results on sales.

Content Promotion

When your content is complete you need to get it out there to get it seen.

This does not happen on it’s own, and takes a little time through sharing on social media.

A great platform to gain momentum in this area is on Facebook.

If you join relevant groups and share your content in them you will get traffic, believe me this is very powerful.

You can also advertise to get your message out there, clicks are cheap on Facebook and Google Ads but you need to know what you are doing.

You can share your website around the net and backlink to it, here is a list of web 2.0 sites you can do this on.

When you have completed this step your posts will index and get traffic from the search engine like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

This is a time consuming process from start to finish, but very much so well worth the effort.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pretty much everything we have discussed so far is linked in with search engine optimization (seo).

It’s all about getting your target keywords ranking higher in the search engines.

The process is not short and takes a lot of time, but in essence can turn a business around fast.

Some keywords take 3 to 4 months to rank top, this is why we like to first look at what a website is already ranking for.

This way results can be fast and rank gains can be see in 1 or 2 weeks.

If you focus on the right buyer search terms you can get highly target buyer traffic to your website with ease.

You can use your competitors websites as a start point to find these successful keywords.

On-Page SEO

The start of any seo campaign always look at your website first.

The key is to first discover what you are currently ranking for and to boost those rankings with on-page search engine optimization tweaks.

By adding a keyword to the content more often can result in a quick ranking increase.

Although having a very high keyword density will be counter effective.

To optimize a website for target keywords you can do the following:

  • Keywords in TITLE TAG
  • Keywords in DESCRIPTION TAG
  • Keyword in H1 to H1 Headings
  • Keywords in the body content
  • Keywords in the image ALT TAG

Those are the basics to getting quick website traffic gains through on-page optimization.

If your target keyword is “Seattle Heating and Cooling Services” make sure it is in the page titles.

Be sure you do not have the keyword too many times within the content, keep keyword density below 1%, 0.3% is good.

If you do this right you can get a page ranking number 1 fast.

Site Architecture

Make sure you have your high traffic most important keyword rich pages close the the homepage.

You do not want an important page deep within your site.

If you do not put any weight onto that page, why would Google.

Show your best pages some love and the search engines will do the same.

Remember, a website that has great internal linking will spread love (link juice) and will rank higher even without backlinks in some cases.

Sometimes just one internal link from a popular page on your site is enough to index and rank a new piece of content top.

Interactive metrics are important and how people behave on your site affects rankings.

Like I said earlier, if you write content that answers the questions your customers will be happy and will move through your site.

If a website visitor moves back to the SERPs (search engine results pages) after visiting your site this is a negative reaction signalling to Google that your content did not answer the questions. Which of course is not good.

Another key thing is to make sure your website loads fast, a slow loading website will not rank high.

You can check your website load speed here.

Local Google Business Page

If you notice within the Google search results pages the top three listings for a local search term will be Google business pages.

You can set up your Google business page and verify it with a card code sent to your address.

After you have done this your  Google business page can be published and receive online reviews.

Your Google business page is key to getting into the “local pack” which is the top three listings on any Google localized search query.

When you get backlinks you can go ahead and recite your NAP-W information or (Name, Address, Phone, and Website) which will help you rank in the local pack top three search listings.

When ranking a Google business page for local search terms your NAP citations will help a lot and are regarded as the top priority ranking factor here.

The next big ranking signal is your Google reviews, which we can help you with.

Social Engagement

HVAC social media marketing is a must do, and best of all it is cost effective in many ways.

Any digital marketing strategy is cost effective if done right.

Social media is super important when conducting any online marketing campaign, which is why it keeps cropping up here.

Every successful HVAC business will be on social media including Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest and some ties Reddit.

If you do not utilize social media marketing you are missing out big style, this is the difference between small and big business.

If you want to become big then start thinking big and become very engaged on social media.

This goes hand in hand with your content writing campaigns.

Every time a new piece of content is complete on your website go ahead and share it on social media.

That is the very first thing you should be doing.

Think about all the people on Facebook and Twitter right now that need your service.

You need to have your content in front of them, being in the game (having profiles on social media) is the first step to getting this done.

If you business is everywhere it can be online you have maximum chance of exposure and best of all it’s free, apart from your time.

The more effort that you put into this the more you will eventually get in return.

Be aware that reactions on social media is analysed by Google and is a ranking metric.

Good reviews and mentions of your brand on social media will help it rank higher.

This in turn produces traffic from every angle, not just from the social media sites themselves.


During your competitor analysis you will have noticed that the top ranking sites have backlinks.

Every site requires backlinks to them to get a good search engine ranking.

A backlink is a positive signal to Google that your content/site is good, worth mentioning.

The best backlink you can get is one from a niche related site within the content (contextual).

The best way to start backlink building is to get backlinks from free websites also know as web 2.0 sites.

You can use our web 2.0 backlinks ranking strategy to get this done.

Links are a strong signal to the search engines that your content is the best.

So you do need to have them in place and you must get them right away of you want to achieve a top ranking for any keyword.

To get niche related links they must be from other HVAC websites, you can even set them up yourself if it’s cost effective to do so.

If you can earn backlinks without doing them yourself it means your content is super quality.

But it’s always good to get the ball rolling.

Anchor Text

The text you place within the link is know as “anchor text”.

You should not use your exact keywords as anchor text too many times, or you will get your website penalized.

We reveal the perfect anchor text ratio on this website.

Most of the time it’s best to use brand and URL as your anchor text.

Using “HVAC Company” as the anchor text too many times will result in loss of rankings.

So with that in mind be very careful how you move forward with this.

Be sure to use generic words as anchors too, something like “here” will do the job.

If your target keyword is “Boston HVAC Company” then having this repeated as an anchor above 10% will hurt rankings.

You can use long tail anchors like “Boston HVAC Company YOUR BRAND” to add more power to this instead of using too many exact match anchors.

Never Quit

It’s very important to keep the wheels moving.

If you stop writing content, stop the backlinks and social media promotion your website will go down.

You have to keep moving forward with it and never give up at any cost.

If you are new to air conditioning marketing keep in mind it takes time.

But results will come if you stick with it, ranking top can take between 3 and 6 months, sometimes longer.

So don’t get disheartened if nothing is happening after month 1, it will happen.

Keep pumping out the content, keep sharing and it will make a big difference.

A small business can get big results fast using the process listed above.

Have a plan and stick to it, get that content out there and publish at least two new pieces of content per week.

Getting your HVAC business online is easy and getting traction takes time, but is also easy.

If you need help marketing your air conditioning business we can do it for you.

Take a look at our marketing packages……

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