Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Affordable SEO Services for Small BusinessHere are all the affordable SEO services for small business and one person affiliate ranking machines that have been featured on this site.

I want you to be able to access all the SEO services from one post, rather than having to go through each page trying to find them.

I will drop the SEO packages into sections taken from each ranking strategy on the site, this way you know what needs to be done.

If you are a first time visitor to Rankers Paradise, you are going to find out that SEO does not have to be expensive. SEO can be affordable, everyone needs help with SEO and the best way to keep adding quality content to your money sites is to out source much of the backlink building work.

I will also throw in some extra packages that have not been featured on the site so far, I only recommend services that I have used myself and know are good.

The SEO services that you will find here include:

  • Social signals
  • Expired Web 2.0 blogs
  • New Web 2.0 set up
  • Complete seo services
  • PBN backlinks
  • Keyword targeted Google organic traffic (to reduce bounce rate)
  • Keyword research
  • Software generated backlinks for use on Tier 2 and Tier 3
  • Blog comment backlinks
  • High authority Edu and Gov backlinks
  • Content writing services
  • Blog comment writing services
  • Social Bookmark backlinks
  • Premium Quality PBN and Web 2.0 backlinks

Many affordable SEO packages will be a waste of money, hence the very cheap price. I know that these services provide something of value and when used the right way can help your site rank up.

You should be aware that the most important part of SEO is keyword research, finding low competition keywords with high traffic is a must.

If you only ever get two pieces of SEO software in your kit I recommend Long Tail Pro and SEO Content Machine. Use these two tools together and they will not only save you lots of time, but will almost certainly help you succeed at seo.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business & Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers and small business need help with SEO. Without the help you are not going to have a lot of time left available to write quality content for your money site.

These affordable SEO services also avoid the need to purchase expensive SEO software.

You can get cheap SEO packages for just $1. It is amazing how much work you can get done for such a cheap price.

Let’s dive into those affordable SEO services you have all been waiting for.

Services for web 2.0 backlinks ranking strategy:

The web 2.0 backlinks ranking strategy is an effective system to rank any website number one on Google search.

I have ranked multiple sites number one with this strategy, it does work.

To get the job done you are going to need some help, these are the affordable SEO services that you can use:

The strategy requires you to get social signals to your money site before you go ahead and get some backlinks.

Here are some services that will cover the social signals aspect of this particular ranking strategy.

Social Signals:

These social signals are very affordable and super effective at pushing ranks

  1. 1500 social signals from top four social platforms for $1
  2. 500 social signals from top two platforms for $1
  3. 100+ Google Plus social signals for $1

After you have your social signals delivered you are going to require some backlinks. This particular strategy requires backlinks from two different Web 2.0 platforms in month one. The Web 2.0 platforms can be any you feel comfortable with, Weebly, WordPress or even Tumblr.

Expired Web 2.0 Blogs with High Page Authority:

Get high quality expired Web 2.0 blogs for backlinks

  1. 5 Weebly/Wordpress and 5 Tumblr blogs with backlinks for $10
  2. 60 expired Tumblr blogs with PA 27 and above for $5
  3. Expired Tumblr blogs with 10+ backlinks for $1
  4. 50 high page authority Tumblr backlinks for $20
  5. 15 high PA 28+ Tumblr blog posts/backlinks for $10

That’s the expired Web 2.0 backlinks with high page authority taken care of.

In month 2 of this strategy you are going to required to create a new Web 2.0 link wheel. These are the affordable SEO services that will get that job done for you;

New Web 2.0 Blog Set up with Login Details:

New Web 2.0 blog set up with login details

  1. Manually build 10 web 2.0 backlinks with login details for $2
  2. Manually create 20 web 2.0 blogs with login details for $5
  3. 10 hand made web 2.0 sites with 5000 tier 2 link juice for $5
  4. 30+ web 2.0 sites with secret sauce for $15
  5. Top 25 Handmade Web 2.0 blogs with video creation and social signals $20

That’s the Web 2.0 ranking strategy taken care of.

Affordable SEO Package Categories

To make these affordable SEO services for small business easy to access I will sort them into categories for you.

Complete SEO Packages:

Complete all in one affordable SEO services

  1. Full SEO Pack with Bookmarks, web 2.0, Doc shares, image shares and more for $5
  2. Web 2.0 link wheel, social signals, doc share, video and high PA Tumblr backlinks for $5
  3. All in one link building package including video, web 2.0, doc shares, press release for $5

Quality PBN Backlinks:

Improve rank with high quality PBN backlinks

  1. 5 high PA DA TF CF Homepage backlinks for just $5
  2. 40 PBN backlinks DA/PA 20 Plus for $5
  3. 30 Unique PBN Posts on TF 18+ CF 18+ DA 25+ for $5
  4. 30 PBN backlinks with great metrics for $5
  5. 5 manual homepage PBN backlinks with high PA DA TF CF 25+ for $5
  6. 30 permanent PBN backlinks TF 15 to 35 instant rank boost for $5

Keyword Targeted Organic Google Traffic:

Get organic website traffic to reduce bounce rate and rank up

  1. 200 hits per day for 5 days Google organic traffic to reduce bounce rate for $1
  2. Unlimited keyword targeted Google search traffic for $1
  3. Unlimited traffic to your blog for 30 days for just $2
  4. 300 web visitors per day for 30 days for $1
  5. Unlimited human traffic from Google and other sources for $30

Keyword Research:

Keyword research to find low competition highly profitable keywords

  1. Provide 100 low competition keywords for your niche for $5
  2. Get 200 to 800 low competition profitable keywords for $15

Tier 2 and 3 Power up Backlinks:

  1. 20,000 mixed platform GSA SER backlinks for $1
  2. 30,000 GSA SER blog comment backlinks for $3
  3. 10,000 GSA SER backlinks to power up Web 2.0 sites and videos for $1
  4. 100 contextual backlinks from high PA and DA sites for $2
  5. 3000 contextual wiki article backlinks for $1
  6. 100 article, web 2.0, social bookmark, wiki backlinks for $1
  7. 500 do follow backlinks from web 2.0, forum profiles, social networks for $1
  8. 100 plus web 2.0 PBN backlinks for $5
  9. 200 URL shortener backlinks for $1
  10. 5000 wiki backlinks for $2

Blog Comment Backlinks:

  1. 32 high quality do follow blog comment backlinks for $1
  2. 8 niche relevant blog comments with low outbound links for $1
  3. 10 manual blog comment backlinks for $1
  4. 25 do follow blog comment backlinks for $1
  5. 18 high quality blog comment backlinks for $1

Edu and Gov Backlinks:

  1. 21 Edu and Gov profile backlinks with 50+ DA for $1
  2. 20 Edu and Gov high authority backlinks for $1

Content Writing Services:

I always write my own content, I have not tried these content writing services.

If anyone has used them please drop a comment below to let us all know if they are any good or not.

I advise you to write the content yourself for use on your money site.

You can get a content generator like SEO Content Machine to produce content for your Web 2.0 blogs and PBN blogs.

  1. 10 700 to 750 word unique articles manually written copyscape passed for $55
  2. 300 words of unique content for your blog for $10
  3. 5 quality 500 word articles in English for $50
  4. for unique quality content from as little as $1.25

I have not used for content, I have it on good authority that the content they produce is of a high standard. If anyone uses their services please let us know how you get on.

You simply login, describe the content that you want them to write about. Then select a category and article length, they will write content from 150 words right up to 4000 words.

You then fill out the keywords box that you want dropped into the article. You then enter the article price, a 2000 word article will start at around $14. You then drop any special instructions and submit your article request. You will then receive a message from iwriter users that want to uptake your project. Select who you want to use and away you go.

That’s your money site content taken care of.

UPDATE: Having not used any article writing service before on seo clerks I thought I would give it a go. Didn’t really require any content but I thought I would try a service out to share with you guys.

I ordered a service for $3 which was for one 700 word article. The article was delivered quickly in a couple of days and I was surprised at how good it was.

I was expecting the article to be generated by Content Machine, however it was not. The content had clearly been hand written.

So there you have it, a good place to find quality content for use on your Tier 1 sites.

Here is the service;

One 700 word hand written unique article for $3

I also tried another content writing service out featured on seo clerks. I wanted some unique hand written content for my Tier 1 Web 2.0 blogs so I gave this service a go:

5 x 500 word hand written articles for $20

I was very impressed with the results, the content was superb for the price. It was most definitely hand written and was good enough for use on Tier 1 sites.

The same service offers five articles all 500 words in length, however you can split the word count and have two 1250 word articles if you wish.  In total you get 2500 words for $20, how you distribute it is up to you. You can get them to write one 2500 word article for use on your money site, yes they are that good 🙂

Write Quality Comments on Your Blog Posts for Interactivity:

  1. Write 20 high quality comments on your blog with different IP for $5
  2. Write 10 comments on your blog posts for just $1

Bookmarking Links:

  1. Backlinks from 24 social bookmarking sites for $1

Premium Backlinks:

  1. 10 high quality PBN backlinks with proven ranking quality for $200
  2. 10 premium hand made quality web 2.0 site set up with hand written content for $37
  3. 100+ PBN posts, 10 Web 2s, 15 Niche blog posts, 40+ quality profile links + more for $87

How to Use These Cheap SEO Services

To learn how to use these affordable SEO services to rank up take a look at my cheap SEO packages post.

It is important not to throw a whole load of cheap backlinks at a website all in one go. These days the backlinks have to be indexed slow and steady for optimum results.

If you target long tail low competition keywords you can rank on the first page of Google search without any backlinks at all.

When you hit the first page of Google for long tail keywords you can hit the top spot by getting 10 manual Web 2.0 backlinks. Repeat this process each month until you hit the top spot.

Before you undertake any backlink building make sure you get yourself some social signals first. I always do this step right after a new post has been published.

Google does see social signals as a ranking factor, as confirmed in this video:

After that you can go down the re-registered high page authority Web 2.0 route, or the new Web 2.0 route. The expired re-registered Web 2.0 blogs will not be niche specific.

However if you have new Web 2.0 blogs created for you they will be niche specific. You can power those sites up with Tier 2 backlinks using the Wiki gigs and GSA SER (SEO Software) services suggested above.

There are some really good all in one complete SEO services available. You get the full ranking strategy in one service, however the quality of the Web 2.0 blogs are low, and in most cases you do not get the login details.

You can use the quality PBN backlinks directly at your money site, for full effect I recommend you supply the content for them to post. The PBN services that do not allow you to provide the content you can use as Tier 2 backlinks to power up your quality Web 2.0 sites.

Remember that each backlink that you create on Tier 1 is going to be an asset to your business, dropping poor quality content on Tier 1 will not help you rank up.

I only recommend using keyword targeted Google traffic as a last resort, I do not recommend doing this to sites monetised by Adsense, it is possible that you will get banned.

Keyword targeted organic traffic from Google will lower your bounce rate and help improve your rank. This is a rank signal and could be the final link in the chain that you are missing to hit the top spot.

I have dropped some keyword research packages into the mix because this is a very important ranking step. If you do not have the tools or time to do this yourself then those gigs will help you out.

Never blast those Tier 2 and Tier 3 backlink services at your money site, they will almost certainly destroy your ranking over night.

To mix up your backlink profile you can drop some blog comment backlinks to your site. The services suggested are very good, I have used them all to good affect.

Remember that a blog comment backlink will use your name as your anchor text, anything else looks unnatural and could well hurt your rank.

The Edu and Gov backlinks can be used to mix up your backlink profile, and to mix up your anchor text profile. Be aware that it is very unlikely that these links will hit the Google search index, and if they do they will not remain indexed very long.

It is super important to write quality content for your site, step 3 of my Amazon affiliate site post tells you how to do this with maximum effect.

A great service to buy that will show Mr Google that your site has quality content that provokes interactivity is the comment writing service. If your blog has people writing comments on there it is another positive signal to big G to help you rank up.

The Bookmarking backlinks services can be used as a way to get your backlinks/web pages indexed in Google search. If Google does not know that your pages/backlinks exist they are worthless.

The premium backlinks are well worth taking a look at. I know that the 10 PBN backlinks for $200 on first glance will appear a little pricey, but they do work, and are well worth the money used on the right keyword. If you have a high profitable keyword you are going to see a good return on your investment.

The premium Web 2.0 site creation is a real game changer. At $37 for 10 blogs it seems a little steep, however when you think about the work that you are getting done it is very reasonable.

Each Web 2.0 blog is created with a VPN to avoid footprints, relevant videos and images are used in each post. Each blog gets one unique handmade article, this is worth the money in itself. They will even link the blogs up for you into a link wheel if you ask them, which takes care of month 2 in my Web 2.0 backlink strategy.

When the service is finished you get a full report with all login details, it is certainly well worth the money if you are looking to create quality backlinks.

These affordable SEO services for small business do work when used correctly. Take a look around the site to see the services in action and how they can help you rank up right now.

To take a look at our latest link building services follow the link.

151 thoughts on “Affordable SEO Services for Small Business”

  1. Hello
    I already tried the strategy but I have a question
    I used this service (500 social signals from top two platforms for $1)
    but when I tried to check the signals after the order delivery I didn’t find the signals on HTTP I found them on HTTPS , the sevice provider told me that http of my site is not valid to have signals so he used https (when I checked using the HTTPS, message appears telling me that the url is not valid but I can see the signals though)is that normal??

  2. Hello Nick,

    Too be honest, we haven’t built any new backlinks for the past two years and it has stayed number one since then.

    Now recently it has dropped one to two places over 30 keywords.

    So not to sure what to do next.


    • I would go real careful with this, drop 10 decent backlinks……use brand anchors, not on all but on 1/3 at least. Use open URL anchors and long tail exacts…this all depends on the current anchor text ratio of course. I would do 10 backlinks in the next 30 days and index them slowly.

      I would freshen up the content on the page too, I would add to the content and get the post fresh again. Keep the keyword density below 1%.

  3. Hello Nick,

    So maybe do a ” The 301 Elevator Effect ” or the ” 10 Site Two Tier New Web 2.0 Link Wheel Backlinks ” on the site ranked 2nd.

    What do you think?


    • How many backlinks have you been building each 30 day cycle. Keep the backlinks coming at a steady rate….so you really need to match the flow of backlinks from previous weeks/months.

  4. Hello Nick,

    How are you?

    Quick question, with the ” Premium Backlinks ” list can we use this service to push to top rank if your already ranked on the first page or top 2nd – 3rd rank?

    Or are these links better suited if the website is on page 2 – 4, to then push to top of page one?

    Thank you

    • Hi Shannon, I am really good thanks, hope you are too.

      It depends which service you choose to use from the Premium Backlinks section. This certainly all depends on your keyword and if your site is set up for a top rank.

      When I hit 2nd and 3rd rank I go real steady, I do not blast a lot of backlinks at my site for fear of a big drop. You need to keep dropping backlinks at a steady rate, so it pretty much depends on your previous backlink building strategy. Last month…how many backlinks did your site get? Keep them coming at a steady rate, and if you are unsure use web 2.0 buffer sites and pass the rank juice down through those.

    • Depends which service you are using and your current anchor text ratio. If you are buying high quality PBN backlinks then I suggest you only use exact match, but only do this if you are going to build other links to even out your anchor text profile.

  5. Hi Nick,

    Using your techniques, I am seeing first time ranking improvement in google so I am feeling very good now. You know that I discussed you few days back that one of my post shows 2 times in google and my ranking was not improving from 9 days but I now jumped from page 6 to 3 suddenly so very happy.

    Also how many no follow backlinks you create for every ten do follow backlinks and from where you get the no follow backlinks. I know that no follow links don’t pass link juice but it seems natural to google that not all backlinks are do follow.

    • That’s great that you have experienced rank improvements 🙂

      I don’t create no follow backlinks with the web 2 backlinks strategy. That strategy is to get your site ranking high enough that the natural backlinks start to flow…which they will if you have great content. Then you will pick up no-follow and do-follow backlinks. If you want to drop some no-follow links into your campaign there are web 2 sites that are no-follow…pretty sure Jimdo is 🙂

  6. One question about expired WordPress blogs. I have bought expired wordpress accounts and added unique content to them but none of them got indexed. Is there a problem with expired WordPress not getting indexed?


    • They will index eventually…Wordpress do take a little longer to hit the SERPs for some reason. Super easy to way to index them…find an expired Tumblr that is already indexed…re-register and hit the WordPress with a backlink..doesn’t have to be a long post…just 30 words or so. That will get them indexed.

  7. Hi Nick,

    quick question,

    is there a service you can suggest that will only set up
    the web 2.0 with no content, then give the login info.

    I’ve heard it is better not to set up the web 2.0 yourself
    because they will be set on from my ip address.

    Is this right or false.

    thank you,

    • Depends on how many and how quickly you’re banging out the web 2.0s. If you’re building a lot in a relatively short amount of time, yes, it can be risky to utilize your own IP over and over again.

      In my opinion it’s too pricey having them registered for you. What I do is use a tool called PIA (Private Internet Access). It’s a subscription VPN that allows you to change your IP at will with the click of a button. It only costs about $7/mo and it’s definitely worth having if you’re planning to do a bunch of web 2.0s quickly.

      I know other people register web 2.0s on a regular basis without any issue without having to change IPs or anything, but you do run a risk of getting accounts deleted doing it that way.

      I suggest using PIA. Nick may have other advice for you, though.

    • This service is good. However they will add content to the blogs. You can tell them when you order not to add any content, or simply delete it when the order comes through.

      I have set up a whole load of web 2s without changing my IP address, it is not a problem at all as long as you are not setting up 5 or more on the same platform each day…I have even done that without any problems. The best thing is to set them up manually, add unique quality content to them and you will most definitely not have any problems.

      It does not matter at all if you set them up on your IP address. I have achieved many top ranking doing it. All I can say is from my experience is that it does not matter.

  8. Hello Nick,

    How are you? Is there a service or gig that can remove / disavow links ?

    I have disavowed over 100 links through Google console but I’m not sure how affected that is.

    Thank you

  9. Nick,

    Thanks for putting up everything at one place. I had used the second service “Web 2.0 link wheel, social signals, doc share, video and high PA Tumblr backlinks for $5” under complete seo package. This service is horrible and that guy don’t know seo at all.

    I have couple of questions.

    1. Did you hosted all your sites under one hosting provider or at multiple hosting providers? Since your #1 seo technique is web 2, I am thinking hosting under a single hosting provider might be a foot print as all our domains have backlinks from web 2’s

    2. These days I am hearing a lot about a seo technique using google properties like Google Sites, docs, slides etc. Did you get a chance to try this?

    • No problem at all Vijay. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with complete seo package. What happened? Did he mess up your anchors?

      1. I host my sites under multiple hosting providers. It’s not a problem if you have all your sites on one shared hosting account if they do not interlink. You can even change their IP even when on the same hosting account using CloudFlare, you can find out how to do this here. Although it’s not a problem if all sites on your hosting account have web 2 backlinks, that will just be a part of your backlink strategy. When your sites start to rank up they will gain backlinks naturally and you will have a diverse backlink profile that is completely natural…use web 2s to get the ball rolling, then the rest falls into place 🙂

      2. I have used Google sites and Google docs yes, they are good for mixing up anchor text and also for Tier 2 backlinks to get your Tier 1s indexed and to remain indexed.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        1. He created all web 2s with the same sub domain name. I expected the domain names to be different.
        2. Didn’t Modified the default template at all and didn’t add site title.
        3. All anchor texts are keyword targeted.
        4. Out of 10 web 2’s created, 4 have noindex meta tag which google won’t index.

        There are so many other things which I am not able to recollect.

        • the web 2s with same sub domain isn’t a massive problem….I never change the default theme template on Tumblr. You really should have a site TITLE, but not a massive deal. All anchor text being keyword targeted is a big problem and could well cost you in the long run. It’s a real shame, you need him to get those backlinks removed if you can.

  10. Hello Nick,

    How are you? I had a quick question about building local citations.

    Like building links to a website too fast, all at once will harm your site, does that also apply to building too many local citations all at once?

    Thank you

    • Hi Shannon, I am good thanks, hope you are too 🙂

      This all depends if you get a backlink in the citation. If the citation is not linked back to your website then you can get as many as you want, Google will still evaluate them as a positive impact on the authority of your site. If the citation includes a backlink you really should build them slow and steady.

  11. Hey Nick, what do you think. For a keyword competition of 32, which strategy is better- the one with expired web 2.0’s or the one with fresh new ones?

    And overall, which strategy you like better?

    • Hi Kire, Have you done a manual audit of the keyword…what is the content like on the top 10 sites? I like to use a combination of both as shown in the web 2.0 backlinks strategy. 5 high PA Weebly and 5 high PA Tumblrs in month 1….make sure you do the social signals first. I like both strategies, I like to shake it up a bit and use both of them to stop me from getting bored. I have been killing it recently with a new strategy, I need to do a new post on it but I don’t have time lately. It’s basically 5 new mixed web 2s on tier 1 with 5 high PA Tumblrs also on tier 1. Then blast the new web 2s on tier 1 with mixed high PA web 2 with good spun content…10 to each new web 2. I need to show how it works over 3 months…you build the Tiers and the new Web 2s, they gain power fast and become a real ranking asset.

      • That is nice thank you. And yes, I always do a research about my keyword and the content on the first three pages is not that big and good. It is relevant to the niche and keyword, but not products, just general information.
        I will go with the expired web 2.0s strategies because I already work with the other one.
        Two questions:
        1. Do I have to use expired weebly or I can just use expired tumblrs because I have like 100 expired tubmlrs already?
        2. Your perfect anchor text ratio goes with the expired web 2.0 strategy right?

        • That’s great, if the content is thin definitely go for that keyword…sounds promising.

          1. I would use 5 of each platform. You need backlinks from different platforms, not just one. You can use other platforms like 5 wordpress and 5 tumblr, or 5 blogpot and 5 tumblr.

          2. The perfect anchor text ratio is not inline with the web 2.0 backlinks strategy. The Web 2.0 backlinks strategy is for new pages, to get them up and running in the SERPs. It goes for a 30% exact match anchors. If you want to play it safe use this anchor text strategy:

          TITLE TAG
          Full Open URL
          Long Tail Random
          Part Match
          Long Tail Exact (1)
          LSI Keyword Synonyms
          Exact Match
          Long Tail Exact (2)

          This will work a treat for you 🙂

          • Great. I will use the expired web 2.0 strategy this time, since it does not cost much money. Also, I will write all of my content even on the expired tumblrs after the first round of mixed expired links and the second round of fresh new links which is used for diversity.

            Just one more question- when I use fresh new web 2.0’s I constantly post new content on them, or I use new web 2.0 on every month?

            • Definitely drop unique hand written content on Tier 1, it works best for ranking up. You can add fresh content to your new web 2s for two or three months to fill them out and to get some internal links going on. Treat your web 2s as an asset to your business and they will look after you 🙂

      • Thanks for this tip, but I think this is for 1st month ranking, what of second and third months, and can’t we use only 10 high PA tumblrs to blast each new web 2 instead of finding high PA web 2s that are hard to come by. Tumblr is easier to get

        • Pretty much the same thing on month 2 and 3. Add new posts to your new web 2 properties and have high PA Tumblr backlinks to your money site. Then hit the new post with high PA Web 2s, make sure that the previous post from month 1 gets another round of backlinks too. You can use high PA Tumblrs on Tier 2, I like to use mixed platforms because top sites have backlinks from many IPs…will work better at ranking up your fresh web 2 sites…and as they shoot up your money site will too 🙂 You will be left with some awesome properties that your competitors wished they had….

        • You do 5 new web 2s and 5 high PA Tumblr backlinks on tier 1 to ensure you mix up your anchor text the right way. I use:

          TITLE TAG
          Full Open URL
          Long Tail Random
          Part Match
          Long Tail Exact (1)
          LSI Keyword Synonyms
          Exact Match
          Long Tail Exact (2)

          So you have 1 exact match in every 10 backlinks, plays it safe. Use the same anchor text profile on your Tier 2 backlinks to each post. Each post gets 10 backlinks per month. As your web 2.0 properties rank up your money site will too 🙂

        • It’s pretty simple….add hand written content to 5 new web 2s. Then do 5 high PA Tumblr backlinks on Tier 1 just to mix up anchor text ratio…this can be spun content but make sure the Tumblrs are already indexed in Google search. Then hit the 5 new Web 2s with 10 mixed high PA web 2.0 sites (spun content is good as long as homepage is already indexed)…That’s month 1. Then in month 2 you drop post 2 on the same fresh web 2s you set up in month 1, hit that post with 10 high PA mixed web 2 backlinks. Still in month 2 hit the first post on the fresh web 2 with 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks. Month 3 will see a new hand written post on the fresh web 2s we set up in month 1. Post 3 will get 10 high PA mixed web 2s at it. Stll in month 3: Post 1 on the fresh web 2 will get another round of 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks and post 2 will get the same. In month 4 your third post on the fresh web 2 will get 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks, post 2 will get the same. In month 5 the third post will get 10 high PA Tumblr backlinks. By the end you will have 5 top quality web 2 ranking assets in your arsenal with lots of rank juice flowing round them….super ranking power from web 2s 🙂

          • Sounds solid! One question is that do all the 5 fresh web 2s get 10 high PA web 2 each.Or is it 10 in total? Each web 2 getting 10 High Pa Expired web 2 would mean 50 in total for the first month.

            • They do yes, all 5 posts on the fresh web 2 sites get 10 mixed high PA backlinks each. If you don’t have the web 2s you can use this seo clerk service to get the job done. The service offers 50 mixed high PA web 2.0 backlinks…and you can split them between 5 URLs 🙂

          • what of sites that are already ranking on position 9 to 12 (1st and second page) how long do you think your strategy can last for them to rank number 1?

            • This all depends on what the sites are doing around them. If the sites that are ranking above your sites are gaining backlinks too then they will not move. You will see some good movement in 4 weeks with this strategy, however it’s not going to be the same for every site….too many variables at play. Best bet is to get the backlinks and keep them coming at a steady rate, not too many though. At some point your sites are going to hit the top spot, it is impossible to say when.

          • @Jerome – In my experience, it varies a good bit. It depends a lot on the competition you’re up against. if they’ve got some good links – expect it to take at least a month, perhaps two to reach #1.

            If your competitors don’t have many links or their links are garbage – it can be a matter of weeks. Just keep chugging along and it’ll happen.

            And this is why, in my opinion, it’s important to be working on multiple projects at once. Some will take longer than others to rank, so having as much out there as possible is your best bet for getting traffic and sales.

            • Definitely not, you will have a duplicate content issue. You could try SEO Content Machine to generate content for Tier 1 using the Tier 1 content builder option..still takes a bit of time, however it is faster than writing completely unique articles.

    • When you Disavow a backlink it makes Google bot apply an invisible no follow tag to the backlink when it next crawls the site in question, therefore it will completely ignore that backlink to your site. So for this to take effect on your ranking you need to wait for Google bot to crawl all the sites that backlink to your site, which could well take up to 1 month, the longest at has taken has been around 3 months. The links are disavow when they have been submitted, you will find out when you login to your Google account that you used to disavow the links, you will also find out if there has been any errors with the process too.

  12. Hey Nick, I’ve been reading through this post and all I can say is AMAZING!!
    Also, I read through all the comment and I’ve came up with a question.

    I follow you perfect anchor text ratio post. When I link to my tier 1 links from my tier 2 links I use the perfect anchor text ratio or I use long tail variations of my keyword?

    • Thanks Kire, That’s a good question. The backlinks to your Tier 1 sites need to look natural too, mostly use open URL. I do them in rounds of ten as follows, which does follow my perfect anchor text ratio strategy:

      1. Title TAG
      2. Full open URL
      3. Long tail random (1)
      4. Part match
      5. Generic
      6. Long tail exact (1)
      7. LSI keyword synonym
      8. Long tail random (2)
      9. Exact match
      10. Long tail exact (2)

      You will have two different Long tail random and Long tail exact. This will have your Tier 1 sites rank up, especially if you have used hand written content on them. When those sites rank up, your money site will fly too 🙂


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