Increase Website Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) To 50 Plus



We will increase the Ahrefs domain rating (DR) of your website to 50 Plus.

As well as increasing your Ahrefs domain rating your MOZ domain authority will increase too.

Having a higher website domain rating will help your website rank higher in the search engines.

To increase your Ahrefs domain rating we will build backlinks to your website.

These dofollow backlinks will come from websites with a high domain rating, this passes juice to your website and improves your website DR.

You will receive backlinks from Educational and Government websites as well as high DR Google properties.

we have tried and tested this on many websites, it will not hurt the keyword rankings for your website, it is 100% safe.

All links are done manually and takes us 30 days to complete for safety.

You will get backlinks from website that have a DR and DA of 90+.

Here are the results from our tests on our first website:

Increase Website Domain Rating 50 Plus Test Results Before and After 1

As you can see, the website started with an Ahrefs domain rating of 34 and finished with a domain rating on 61.

Here are the test results from the second website that we worked on to increase DR:

Increase Website Domain Rating 50 Plus Test Results Before and After 2

This test website had a very low DR of just 7 at the start and finished with a DR of 64.

This happens because we know exactly what backlinks to use to increase DR, as you can see in the image the number of backlinks increased significantly, do not worry, it is safe.

What We Need From You

At the checkout provide us with the following details:

  1. Your Website URL (homepage)

That is all we require to get started, just your homepage URL, we will do the rest.

After the work is complete we will send you a report to your email including your DR before and DR after.

Delivery Time – 30 Days


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