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On a low budget?

We are offering 4 super powerful rank pushing backlinks for just $5.

These PBN backlinks are so powerful you will only need 4 of them.

Each of the 4 domains has an Ahrefs DR of 50 and above.

These are high-quality links and will boost your website ranking quickly.

4 PBN Ranking Results

As you can see, sites using these backlinks have gone from page 2 to page 1.

A recent website went ranking number 9 on Google to the top. Yes, these can do that for you too.

These have been used in the past and more recently to push sites that are page 1 on Google to the top ranking.

If you are ranking a little lower on Google, past pages 1 and 2 then the links will boost your rankings to page 1.

The service is 100% about quality and not quantity.

The links are dofollow and are permanent.

They are so powerful you are guaranteed to get a ranking boost for any keyword.

As we only do 4 links, the work is manual and to a high standard

Not only do these sites have a high DR, they also have a good MOZ score, but we do not share the metrics because they are always changing their algorithm.

The main thing to keep in mind is that these PBN’s have a DR of 50+, which means they have a lot of backlinks pointing to them.

All the lovely ranking juice passes onto your website and you rank up quickly.

Here is a break down on what you are going to receive:

  • All links are on the homepage and will be there permanently
  • All work is manual and the links are dofollow
  • All sites are indexed
  • You will get niche related unique readable content
  • Sites have a zero spam score
  • All PBN’s are hosted on different IP’s (no footprints)

Backlinks from these PBN’s will:

  1. Improve your website ranking for any keyword
  2. Increase your website TF and CF metrics
  3. Increase your website MOZ DA/PA metrics
  4. These sites are indexed and have traffic, which will also pass to your website


We do not accept adult websites. We accept sites from any country, however, all the content will be done in English.

What We Need From You

At the checkout we need you to give us your:

  1. Website URL
  2. Your Anchor Text To Use (give us up to 4 anchors)

Full report delivered when complete. The report includes all PBN URLs. We send you the URLs of the posts on the PBNs when complete.

Delivery time is 2 days max (usually done within 24 hours)


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