100 PBN Backlinks with DR 50+


Are you series about pushing Google keyword rankings?

If you say yes, then you need quality and if quantity is there too things will happen.

This service is offering you just what you need.

You are getting 100 PBN backlinks that are DoFollow and have a minimum DR of 50.

The sites are indexed and your links will be crawled and rankings will be affected.

What we need from you?

At the checkout give us the following details:

  1. Your website URL (we will split the links – more powerful to 1 URL)
  2. Your Keywords/Anchors (give as many keywords/anchors as you desire)

We will send the full report to your email address. We will work with casino sites, we will not work with porn sites on this one.

You can give us anchor text in any language, all posts will be done in English.

Delivery time: 5 to 10 days.

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We are giving you 100 PBN backlinks, all DoFollow with DR 50 or more. Some of the PBNs have a DR as high as 70.

All the blogs are general, perfect for ranking sites in any niche. They are 100% safe, all on different IPs.

These are premium style PBNs, all set up manually on different hosting with different content management and themes. Some are plain HTML sites to mix things up.

This service offers:

  • All the PBNs come with very good SEO metrics.
  • We check the sites to ensure the pages/posts on there are indexed to ensure they are SPAM free and that your links are crawled.
  • These are general blogs, the post page and content will ne niche related.
  • 100% unique IPs and quality readable content used.
  • All the posts are done manually over 5 to 7 days to ensure everything is safe.
  • The links will be discovered by the search bots and rankings will be affected quickly.
  • There will be 1 link per post, very low outbound links.
  • These PBNs are tried and tested, they get results.

When we have completed the work we will send you a report of all the URLs.

We do accept casino sites for this service, we do not accept porn sites. We will accept anchor text in any language, all content posted will be in English.


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