10 High CF PA DA 10 Plus PBN Backlinks

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You are getting 10 high-quality PBN backlinks with CF, PA, DA 10+.

These PBN backlinks have been tried and tested and are proven to get results.

We recommend using more exact match anchors for fast rank increases.

Our PBNs are general blogs and we accept all sites in any language.

We will add 500 words minimum to the posts in any language, it will be unique and sure to index.

All our PBNs have been manually checked and are 100% indexed in Google SERPs.

Google will find the link guaranteed and you will rank higher for your keyword.

Here are some results to prove that these links work:

10 PBN Backlinks Proven Results

As you can see, these websites went from page 3 to page 2 ranking in days.

10 PBN Backlinks Proven Results Rank Top for any keyword

These two sites went from page 8 to page 5, the second site went from page 2 to page 1.

These links get results and will do the same for your website too.

The links are safe to do to new or old domains, the results are the same.

Time to start pushing rankings, go and get the links, stop waiting for it to happen, go make it happen.

You are going to receive:

  • 10 PBN backlinks on domains with high CF, PA, DA 10+
  • All the links will be dofollow
  • All the links are 100% permanent (we use the blogs on our own sites and need them to stay live)
  • The PBNs are on different IPs (no footprints, tried and tested and are safe)
  • All the domain are indexed in Google (which means they are not penalized – no spam)
  • The links will also show on the high PA homepage
  • We can do content in any language and will be at least 500 words and readable and indexable
  • We accept any website for this service

When Google bot finds the links you will get a keyword ranking improvement.

What We Need From You:

  1. Your Website URL (strictly one URL only – we do not split the links)
  2. Up to 10 Anchors/Keywords

After we have completed the links we will send the full report to your email. The report will include all 10 PBN URLs.

We accept any website for this service, we will do 100% unique indexable content in any language.

Delivery Time – 3 to 5 Days

2 reviews for 10 High CF PA DA 10 Plus PBN Backlinks

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hey Nick – Yep, I’m using the free version of ChatGPT along with a few GPTs (also free) on POE. I’ve got some hitting page 1, but a lot are immediately just page 2-3 and hover there. I’m not doing super in-depth competition research on a lot of keywords because… well… its too easy to crank out the content for them anyway. A little editing and optimizing on-page and it usually does pretty decent. I like the concept of using the homepage as the core and basically a hub for the long-tail inner pages. I have a crapload of posts, though. I need to do the internal linking more as well I know that does a lot. I was just curious about link building because its basically impossible to build links to 100s (eventually 1000s) of pages.

    Are you doing the 80/20 rule for info/commercial posts that most things recommend? I’m trying to stick to that, but I do need to add more reviews because those are the money pages.

    • Nick

      For link building I use the Rankers team targeting links to the main keywords with biggest search volumes and lowest competition after manual review. If you don’t have the time to target 5 main keywords our SEO packages use daily link building, consistent links work best doing them everyday, not just on Tier 1. When people are just starting out or have a small budget them start with 5 keywords and work on them yourself daily.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Nick – question for you. I have a couple sites with 100+ articles on them. Targeting low competition terms. Most articles hit page 2-3 nearly immediately after they’re indexed. My question is this… it’d cost a fortune to buy backlinks for EVERY page. Would it be a better investment to get backlinks to the homepage to bolster the overall power of the domain to push the pages up or do I need to focus on a handful of pages at a time and get backlinks for them? Just wondering if simply getting links to the homepage will translate into higher rankings for individual pages. Thanks.

    • Nick

      I can only tell you what I do. Your homepage will be the main keyword (biggest search volume) and the feeder pages will be long tail variations from the main keyword (homepage) having the blog posts/reviews (feeder pages) accessible from the homepage with like a blog post/review embed so all the long tail variations are also on the homepage and then get the links to the homepage only and you will find the homepage ranks for the main keyword and also the long tail variations…of course within the posts/reviews link back to the homepage. The link juice to the homepage then flows around your sites back to your homepage just like your visitors will. I am just using AI generated content on my sites these days and have many of the post/review pages going straight in at #1 on Google. You do not even need to use the paid version of chatGPT, just use the right prompt and always optimize the content and you will get some #1 rankings too. This depends what kind of site you are doing, I now go for this on all my affiliate and Adsense sites.

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