How To Find Quality Expired Web 2.0

Find expired Web 2.0 blogs with Domain Hunter GathererI am going to show you how to find quality expired Web 2.0 blogs using Domain Hunter Gatherer.

You will have an endless supply of free high page/domain authority blogs to push your site up the SERPs.

Web 2.0 backlinks are very effective at ranking sites number one in Google search.

Domain Hunter Gatherer will find you expired Web 2.0 sites on the following platforms:

  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • Weebly
  • Typepad
  • OverBlog
  • Svbtle
  • Webs
  • LiveJournal
  • Tripod
  • Jigsy
  • Jimdo
  • Wikidot
  • NewsVine
  • Postagon
  • SnapPages
  • HubPages
  • Twitter
  • Sapo

Imagine the power you are going to have here:

You can pump quality backlinks to your money site from super high page authority sites with lots of backlinks pointing to them any time you want.

This is going to give you the ranking power your site deserves.

Just finding say 20 to 30 quality Web 2.0 sites with lots of backlinks will make the software worth every penny.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is just $17 a month. You will also require proxies too, which are just $10 a month from

I use 5 dedicated proxies, which work a treat.

So for just £27 a month you have an unlimited supply of quality Web 2.0 sites.

This is perfect for you guys that have many affiliate sites to rank.

The great part is that it will even find you niche specific expired Web 2.0 sites.

How To Find Quality Expired Web 2.0 Sites With Domain Hunter Gatherer

Get yourself over to Domain Hunter Gatherer and sign up for one of the pricing plans.

Buy the expired Web 2.0 finder plan

To find quality expired Web 2.0 sites using Domain Hunter Gatherer you need to get the Premium pricing plan.

Here are all the features that comes with a Premium plan:

  1. Find quality expired domains on all major auction sites
  2. Find expired Web 2.0 sites with backlinks and social signals
  3. Compare domains using in built metrics like PA DA CF and TF
  4. Find niche specific expired domains and Web 2.0 sites

This software is super easy to use, just load in your proxies and away you go.

I am going to show you just how easy it is to find some awesome expired Web 2.0 sites.

First of all fire up the software:

This is how you set up Domain Hunter Gatherer to find expired Web 2.0 sites

If you haven’t already done so select the “Setup and Help” tab to enter your proxies into the system.

Main settings to find expired Web 2.0 blogs

Now select the main settings tab (circled red).

Under the “Dom Detailer API Settings” make sure that you have selected the “API (non-Pro only)” radio button. Make sure that the “Use Dom Detailer API” radio is not selected.

We are checking the stats for Web 2.0 sub domain sites, make sure you have the “Sub Domain (www.domain.tld)” selected.

The “Shared Count API Settings” section is to discover how many social signals your Web 2.0 domain has. You can sign up for a free account and pop your API into the box provided. I did not do this section, it’s not something of a major concern to me, I am just interested in the page authority and the amount of backlinks the domain has.

The more of these fields you fill in the longer it takes the software to process and analyse your domains. Keep the metric check to a minimum for speed, just select the ones you really require.

Under the “Ahrefs API Setting” enter your token if you need these stats.

You can enter your Majestic API Key under the “Majestic API Settings” tab if you require those metrics. I left this field blank.

Under the “Moz API Settings” enter your Moz Access ID and your secret key. You can get these with a free Moz account. These are the only metrics I am interested in when searching for expired Web 2.0 sites. Hit the “Test Moz Account” button to check everything is working okay.

Then enter your primary proxies.

This is how they should look in the proxies window:

The number highlighted in green is your proxy. You will then need to add your port, username and password that you received at All will be separated with a “:” as shown above.

If you have set your proxies to change every month you can have them auto change in Domain Hunter Gatherer by selecting the “Continually Update From File” radio tab. I did not select that box, I update the proxies manually.

I selected all the remaining tabs to use the proxies for:

  • Auction searching
  • Quality checking
  • Searching
  • Expired domain and Web 2.0 checking

I left the secondary proxies box empty.

Under the “General Proxies Settings” I have the load file delay set at 60 seconds and the “Re-schedule job on proxy fail” radio selected.

Then hit the “Apply and Save Settings” button.

Advanced settings for finding expired Web 2.0 backlinks

This is how I set things up under the “Advanced Settings tab.

Have the auction search threads set at 5.

Set the search engine searcher threads to 3.

I have “Crawling/Availability Threads” set to 30.

Details checking threads set at 5. You can up this if you want to. If you have more proxies you can push this up to speed up the metric checking time.

I have the connection timeout at 60 seconds. The search delay is set at 60 seconds too.

I have 75000 max pages per level.

That’s pretty much all you need to do in the advanced settings section.

The last part is to set up the Web 2.0 settings.

The last part is to set up your Web 2.0 settings

This part is done to tell the software to check if your Weebly blogs are available to register. This is only available for the Weebly Web 2.0 platform.

You need to set up a free Weebly account, don’t use an account that you plan to use. Then enter your Weebly email and password details.

Hit the save button and you are ready to find some sweet high page authority Web 2.0 sites.

Now it is time to set up your Web 2.0 search settings

Now click on the “Web 2.0 Hunter” tab and then the “Search Settings” tab.

Here you can select the Web 2.0 platforms that you want the software to search for. There is a whopping 20 Web 2.0 site platforms to choose from. I leave them all selected, any Web 2.0 sites with high page authority and lots of backlinks will come in useful to me.

You can also take a look at the scrape options. You can choose which search console you want the software to scrape on looking for those lovely expired Web 2.o sites.

If you make any changes make sure you select the “Apply and Save Settings” button.

Now you can analyse your Web 2.0 site settings

Now select the “Analyse Web 2.0s” tab. You can select which metrics you want to appear in the software for you to analyse your expired Web 2.0 sites.

This is what I have selected:

  • Age
  • G. Links
  • G. Indexed
  • Moz Links
  • Moz DA
  • Moz PA

This is where you can filter your Web 2.0 sites

After the software has found you some great expired Web 2.0 sites you can use the “Filter Web 2.0s” tab to find expired Web 2.0s with certain criteria. You could type “Tumblr” into the search box and Domain Hunter Gatherer will bring back all expired Tumblr web 2.0 sites after you hit the “Add Filter Option” button.

Here comes the fun part 🙂

Time to hunt for some aged expired Web 2.0 blogs

Now select the “Hunt Aged Web 2.0s” tab. Domain Hunter Gatherer can find niche related expired Web 2.0 blogs, which is awesome.

Just enter your keywords and away you go.

I am going to find some expired Web 2.0 blogs for my Amazon affiliate epilator site. So I will enter some keywords around that niche, as you can see in the image above.

Then all is left to do is to hit the “Search” button.

Make sure your keyword search is correct

Make sure that your keyword list is correct. Then hit the “Yes” button and let the software do it’s thing.

If you have any problems take a look at this video:

You can also find the set up guide video here.

Domain Hunter Gatherer expired Web 2.0 progress report

You will get a Web 2.0 progress report as the Domain Hunter Gatherer finds those expired Web 2.0 sites for you.

You can view how many unique Web 2.0 accounts have been found and how many are unused and ready to re-register by you.

The green bar indicates the scrape progress. As you can see in the image above, Domain Hunter Gatherer scrape has just started and has found 2 unused Web 2.0 sites to re-register.

Domain Hunter Gatherer finds lots of expired Web 2.0 sites with high page authority

As you can see, the Domain Hunter Gatherer has found 41 unused expired Web 2.0 accounts under half way through the scrape. I have had the software running for about 10 minutes so far.

I am going to stop it here to show you how to analyse the web 2.0 sites after they have been found.

Now you can analyse the expired Web 2.0 sites

After the search is complete select the “Analyse Web 2.0s” tab. Under the “Which Domains to Check” heading select “All Domains” from the drop down menu.

Then you need to hit the “Start Analysis” button.

Take a look at the expired Web 2.0 metrics

In a couple of minutes Domain Hunter Gatherer will supply you with all those lovely metrics to analyse your expired Web 2.0 sites with.

As you can see the software returns the number of Moz links the expired domain has.

It also brings back the number of Google backlinks the expired domain has.

You will also be able to see the domain page authority and Moz rank.

You will be able to see if the Web 2.0 blog is indexed in Google and even how old the domain is.

There are so many other metrics to take a look at if you want to. You can even see the number of social signals a web 2.o site has including Google Plus 1s, Tweets, Facebook shares, Linkedin shares and even Pinterest Pins.

If you want an endless supply of quality backlinks flowing to your site then this is the way to go.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is well worth the money, I have found some awesome expired Web 2.0 sites with this software.

This quick search alone found me a Web 2.0 site with a page authority of 48 and over 1000 backlinks pointing to it. All this lovely ranking juice flowing to my money site is going to push it up the SERPs for sure.

Why go ahead and set up an expensive self hosted Private Blog Network to rank your sites when you can get the same result with free Web 2.0 sites with great metrics.

I use Web 2.0 backlinks to rank affiliate sites number one in Google search over and over, Domain Hunter Gatherer will allow you to do the same.

With a few clicks of your mouse button you can have hundreds of high quality Web 2.0 blogs at your disposal.

It’s great that you can analyse hundreds of expired Web 2.0 blogs in minutes. So much easier than using ScrapeBox, G Scraper and Tumblr Hunter.

Visit each Web 2.0 site

You can right click your mouse button over any domain name to get another list of options, as shown in the image above.

You can delete any Web 2.0 domain from the list, visit the Web 2.0 blog or even export the selected domains for safe keeping to register at a later date.

You can select all the domains and right mouse click and delete them all in bulk if required.

If you find an expired Web 2.0 site with great metrics you just need to visit the main site and re-register the domain before someone else does.

Just finding one niche specific expired Web 2.0 site with lots of backlinks is going to work wonders for your Google ranking.

In this one ten minute search today I found one awesome Web 2.0 blog with superb metrics.

I can run another campaign and find a load more, changing my selected search keywords of course.

How To Use Your Expired Web 2.0 Blogs

When you find an expired Web 2.0 with great metrics be sure to register it.

Go ahead and register your web 2.0 sites

After that you need to pass all that ranking juice onto your money site.

Drop around 500 words of unique content on your Web 2.0 site including a backlink to your money site.

Make sure your content is unique, this way it is sure to get in the Google search index.

Also add an image and a related video to your post.

All you have to do then is index your Web 2.0 using Google console, unless it is already indexed of course. You will still need to index your new post page.

Do ten of these backlinks in 30 days and it is almost certain to jump your site up the Google search index.

That is how powerful an expired Web 2.0 can be. So go ahead and get your affiliate sites flying up the SERPs with the use of Domain Hunter Gatherer. It will be one of the best investments you have ever made.

39 thoughts on “How To Find Quality Expired Web 2.0”

  1. Hey Nick. Any alternative of Domain Hunter Gatherer? As there has been negative reviews of the product… The Free Tumblr Hunter doesn’t seem to work that good anymore I can barely find good tumblrs. Do you suggest picking up scrapebox?

    • At the moment Scrapebox is the very best option available with vanity name checker (free with scrapebox). You can use the free version of G Scraper but you will have to use an external tool for 404 error page checking…whereas this can be done inside the scrapebox software.

  2. I really wish this would work. Unfortunately I’m having the same results as everyone else and all of the domains after scrapes with any kind of PA have already been registered. Should we go with Gscraper instead? I really want to start a web 2.0 PBN but I just haven’t found any

  3. I see some websites ranking with .website and .online domains on 2nd and 3rd positions for my keyword. But am unable to rank with such domains and not even a movement on serps for my .website and .online domains, don’t know why

    • Yeah they need some way of testing them built into the software….they only run a 404 error check…which does not check if they have been registered already….It is rather time consuming going through each blog individually….if they improve that it will be a whole lot more useful.

    • No it’s pretty easy….a lot less to do than using G Scraper or ScrapeBox. All you need is some proxies loaded into the software and you are all set, all the rest is pretty much straight forward 🙂

  4. Hi Bro, thanks for your article. Really helpful. But I have 1 problem.

    I have registered a few domains of PA od 28 and age 3+ years BUT! there is 0 backlinks linked to them. Ahrefs and Majestic can’t find a single one.

    It’s worthless to try to use such domains, right?

    Thanks for your reply

    • Pretty much yes, if the backlinks have dropped the PA won’t be far behind. If they have 0 backlinks pointing to them you are better off starting a new web 2.0 site getting your keyword in the sub domain URL. I only register them if they have backlinks pointing to them, the backlinks have the power 🙂

      • Hi Nick,

        thanks for your reply. Ok so I found some Weebly websites and bought them. Now Im going to write unique content for them.

        Is 5 of them enough, how many do you usually register to help you rank? And is it enough if there’s only 1 article on the website and thats it? Or is it better to make the website deeper?

        Thank you very much!

        • Yes you need to add unique content to your Weebly blogs for them to last, duplicate content will not index and if it does they will not remain in the SERPs for very long.

          How many you use depends on your keyword. 5 Weeblys will be enough for an easy keyword, just make sure you mix up your anchor text. I recommend using your full TITLE TAG as the anchor text and not exact match anymore….it seems Google have made a few changes to the algorithm and too many exact will push your site down. Play safe and use long tail anchors with your keyword in there.

          I have some Weebly sites with just one article on there, but I usually build them out, use them to rank many sites in different niches, that’s the beauty of it 🙂

  5. Thanks Nick.

    I have used this software for two months with dedicated proxies but it shows poor results. The software shows lot of good web 2.0 but one you try to register it, it has already been register by someone else.

    I think developers need to sort out this issue. I have seen other peoples are also complaining about this issue as well. Thanks

    • Yes I have the same issues, it’s rather annoying when you find a great Web 2 only for it to be registered already. They only have a Weebly account check built into the system so far….to check if the Weebly has been registered already or not…they should have this feature for the other web 2.0 platforms too.

      • Thanks Phil. I found very few but most of them have a PA less than 30. If you are looking for more than 30 and having CF and TF then you will have to spend a huge amount of time.

        • Agreed the videos showing how great this software is really don’t represent the reality. Maybe before it was known about this worked. The reality now though is you can waste a couple of days doing all sorts of searches and never turn up a single expired domain that has even a half decent trust rank. There is no way you would want any of the domains that you see in the results.

          • That’s true Gary, I had high hopes for this software when I wrote the post. The more I used it the less happy I was with it…I did find some decent domains but it took way too long to find them…it certainly needs some improvement before they get any long term customers. Scrapebox is the only decent option at the moment…


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