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Do not hire any SEO agency. You need an expert in Tokyo with PROVEN RESULTS.

That’s where we come in.

Take a look around our blog.

Every blog post has a top Google ranking for our selected keywords.

Now you have the proof you can rest assured we can do the same for you too.

That’s what we do for our current clients over and over again.

Our expert consultants know exactly how to grow your business not just in Japan, but all over the world.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services do not only focus on keyword ranking.

We look at site structure to funnel traffic and boots sales so you get an amazing return on investment.

We don’t work the same as other agencies, they send you backlink reports at the end of the month.

We show our work on a daily basis on the SEO dashboard you get upon sign up.

The good new for you, we offer a FREE SEO analysis of your website with no obligation to sign up to our SEO packages.

To get started head on over to our homepage. Scroll to the bottom and fill out the short form.

We will send you a detailed report on how your website can rank top and how to do it.

You can go ahead and do the work yourself, or let our experts do it for you.

Hire Expert SEO Agency Tokyo

Ranking a Japanese website for local search terms is not a problem for us.

Even if you do not have any keywords yet, we can get them for you.

At the start our expert consultants work at finding your business the most profitable search terms.

We don’t just focus on any search terms, we discover the best options for your company.

We don’t just want you ranking top, we want you to get sales on your products and services.

How Our SEO Packages Work

If you know anything about search engine optimization you will know there are two parts to consider.

You have On-Site and Off-Site SEO.

Both parts are incredibly important and done the right way make a big difference to website ranking.

On Site SEO

This involves us taking a look at your search terms.

Right now your website could be ranking for a lot of keywords that you do not know about.

You could be on page two already for many search terms, we will discover them all.

With a few on-page tweaks we can have these pages at the top in less than a week.

Do not worry if you do not have any keywords set, we will find them for you and also develop a content strategy to get them ranking.

Expert SEO Agency Tokyo Business Ranking
We will also optimize current pages for selected keywords and ensure your sales funnel is perfect for maximum sales.

We can find Japanese and English search terms, the choice is yours.

Off Site SEO

We have many backlink building strategies here at Rankers Paradise, all of which are proven to get results.

Our first step is to analyse your competitors, we take a look at what backlinks are working for them.

After that we develop a backlink road map to establish when and where to build those backlinks to get your website top too.

The health of your brand and business is important to use, when you get results we get results.

Rank Tracking

As we move forward we track your website rankings.

All of this is visible on your SEO dash on a daily basis.

As the keywords rank top we move others into play, this way your website traffic goes up and up all the time.

We monitor the website progress to ensure your site is always on the rise.

We only deliver high quality backlinks, niche related links get results in the SERPs.

We are always searching for link building opportunities for your website.

Having us on your side gives you the power to rank top.

Book our SEO Consulting Package

We have 4 SEO packages to choose from.

Our SEO agency in Tokyo has been set up to work with any business; small, medium and large.

Our starter package is just $300 per month and is for up to 5 keywords.

All our monthly SEO services do not require a contract and you can cancel any time.

The other three packages go for 10 keywords, 15 keywords and 30+ keywords.

The package prices rise accordingly.

If you need a custom package putting together then you can call us, send us an email or get us live chat right now.

You can rest assured we can work on your on-site SEO in English or Japanese.

We have in house writers that will develop content in Japanese or English.

The same goes for backlinks, they can come from Japanese sites or English sites. This will be assessed when we take a look at your competitors.

SEO Tools

We use premium SEO tools to discover keywords, conduct on-page SEO, do a competitor analysis and rank tracking.

Right at the very start of any project we will use spyfu to discover your current keywords and rankings.

We have other tools available to us for keyword research and rank tracking.

If you do not want to use our services long term you can look at our SEO coaching in Japan to train your own SEO team of experts.

At the end of each month we will guide you on what needs to be done to keep the rankings top.

It is an on going process, we will always get you a return on any investment you put into SEO with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is what some clients needed to know before they signed up with us.

When will I see Results?

This is different for every site, most sites see a rank increase and traffic boost in the first few weeks. We first look at the quick wins by boosting keywords higher that you are already ranking for. SEO can be very frustration when you do it alone, we will help you. More competitive niches take around 7 to 12 months, we will always get you top. The key is to stick with it and it will happen.

How will your services help my website?

We will rank your website higher in the search engines for the most profitable keywords for your business. We make this happen as fast as possible, you will get more traffic and more sales. The longer you stay with us the more your traffic will grow.

Are the ranking results guaranteed?

If you stick with us then the results will come, you are guaranteed quality work and quality backlinks. No SEO agency can guarantee ranking, although it’s highly likely to happen with us on board, it’s what we do time and after time. If you are looking for Tokyo SEO then we are the best option, we are the proven option.

Why go with Rankers Paradise?

It’s not a hard choice, you can hire a Tokyo SEO expert with zero proof, or you can take a look around our blog and hire us because we have proven ranking results. We work on sites on an individual bases as they are all different, our strategies are same across the board and they do work.

Does the SEO cost go up in Japan?

The prices are the same, even though we have to work in Japanese and English. It’s a little extra work for us but that does not make the price increase. You can be certain Rankers Paradise can help you today, and best of all it’s completely free to get started.

Recent Testimonial

We have many clients with us located all over the world.

This is our most recent testimonial, if you need any more send us an email.

We are happy to discuss what we have done for other clients and how we got them top rankings.

We found Rankers Paradise three months ago looking to improve our website ranking in the Japanese market. They didn’t take any payment at the start, they made it clear what keyword we were currently ranking for and what they were worth. They estimated my keywords value and ranking time. I went ahead and paid for their Business Package and now have many number 1 rankings, more sales and a lot more traffic and money. They have not just brought my website more traffic, they have helped me develop my site to turn that traffic into sales. I am so happy to leave this review for them and highly recommend Nick and his team of experts.

You can contact us today, go to our homepage to get your free website review.

If you have any further questions simply get us on live chat.