Digital Marketing Agency Chicago

We are a little different to other digital marketing agencies out there.

Here at Rankers Paradise we use our proven strategies that guarantee results.

If you have a business located in Chicago we can help.

Our current clients have top rankings for many search terms of all difficulty levels.

We only work with you if we know we will get you a return on your investment.

To get started you need to visit out homepage.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your website details.

We will do a free website analysis and deliver a detailed report how you can rank your website top.

You can no obligation to sign up for our services.

We will show you how to rank your website and how we can rank for you to get you a return on your investment in seo.

Most internet marketing agencies deliver reports on a monthly basis, not us.

We deliver reports every single day, you can log into your seo dashboard and see them any time.

Each and every client is different, we can work with new and aged sites.

New sites will need full keyword research, we do this for you and find profitable keywords that will make your business money.

After we have delivered your free report, you can decide (if any) which one of our services you want to go with.

The first step is completely free, you have nothing to lose by getting your free website analysis.

A top digital agency like ours will show you what can be done before it’s done.

You need to know what you are going to get back in return for your money.

We will calculate how profitable your keywords are.

Digital Marketing Agency Chicago Packages

We have four digital marketing strategies to choose from.

Keep in mind we can rank any local based Chicago search terms.

If you have a beauty business, a political website or even a dog grooming parlour we can get you the results that you desire. More traffic, more sales and increased conversions.

Any organic search term that you have we can get it ranking.

If you require a custom package we can do that too.

Get us on live chat right now for further details about this.

Our monthly seo packages include:

  • Rankers Starter – 5 keywords
  • Rankers Advanced – 10 keywords
  • Rankers Business – 15 keywords
  • Rankers Gold – 30+ keywords

As you can see, the package that you choose to go with depends on the number of keywords you want ranking.

Do not worry if you do not have your keywords selected yet, you can order now and we will get them for you.

Of course, the more keyword you go with, the more traffic you will get and the more money you will make.

The basic process of our strategy involves:

  1. Website analysis – discover current keyword rankings (if none we conduct keyword research)
  2. On-Page analysis – includes content writing if required
  3. Competitor analysis – we analyse the backlinks that your competitors have
  4. Backlink road map – develop a backlink strategy based on competitor research
  5. Backlink building
  6. Backlinks log and Rank tracking

That’s the whole process.

Every site will need a different approach.

After you have paid for a package we will set up your SEO dashboard and email you the login details.

Local SEO Keyword Ranking

Your business is located in Chicago?

Doesn’t matter what you sell, products or services, we will rank your website for buyer search terms in Chicago.

We will optimize your website and you will see quick rank gains, sometimes over night if you are already ranking for local search terms.

Top Digital Marketing Agency Chicago
We can help you optimize your paid search strategy for optimum results.

We will help you reach new customers that will turn a profit.

Brand Protection

These days many people read reviews online before they go ahead and order.

Even if they are coming into your store to buy, they will look you up online first.

We can manage your Brand reputation to ensure when people search for you online they are seeing good things.

Every aspect is important to us.

Business Page Optimization

Your Google business page will bring you a lot of traffic, in store and online.

We can optimize for maximum impact.

Your Google map placements will also be included in the local marketing strategy.

Website Design and Content Writing

You might not even have your website yet. No problem.

We can fully build a responsive website from the ground up, fully seo optimized for a top ranking.

If you website needs content writing too then this is included in the price of each seo package.

My seo agencies will ask the client to provide extra content, not us.

We will make sure your website loads fast, this is key to keeping people on your site and ranking high.

Increase Sales

Our team of experts will analyse your website to funnel traffic to maximise sales.

Your conversion rates will go through the roof.

Your bounce rate will go down, your visitors will go up and your sales will increase too.

Link Building

We know what links get results, to get results you are going to need backlinks.

We don’t go ahead and build any old backlinks.

We get the best backlinks that are available, that’s niche related links.

If you need a consultation regarding other marketing channels we can look at this too, which includes email marketing.

We work with all digital media, this includes all social sites. We will promote your brand to get traffic everywhere, not just from the search engines.

Best digital marketing will include all channels, wherever the people are in your niche your website will be.

We will discover these details from competitor and market research.

SEO Reports

All audits and links are logged on an SEO dashboard.

This is done on a daily basis so you can track everything that is being done.

You can rest assured that you are going to get a lot of work done for your money.

Most importantly, you will get a return on your investment with us.

We do not ask our clients to sign a contract, you can stop at any time.

We are a highly focused small digital marketing agency with limited spaces to keep work at a high quality.

How We Get You To The Top Of The Search Engines

We get websites to the top of Google all the time.

You can take a look at how we work and see our proven results in our SEO blog.

Your competition is going to wonder what has hit them.

Why would you hire and internet marketing agency that has no proof of what they can do?

Some people do, and then they moan about not getting results.

You have landed in the right place at the right time.

We have limited places available on our seo packages, so sign up now while you still can.

Your products and services are going to be at the top.

Here is what a few of our current clients have to say about us:

Steve Wilson

We now get a lot more traffic and increased customers. We went with the business package and they have all but one keyword ranked top. We highly recommend Rankers Paradise for local search term ranking.

Poppy Higgings-Scott

Rankers Paradise gave us a free consultation, this outlined what needed to be done to rank top. They showed us the keywords we were already ranking for, which we did not know. They pushed those keywords top in a matter of weeks and now we have many more customers.

Be sure to go ahead and get your free website analysis right now.

We will send you the report to your email and you can decide where you want to go from there.

You know what makes us different:

  • Daily reports (not monthly)
  • No contracts (cancel anytime)
  • Free website analysis (keyword research – current rankings)
  • Flexible working – move keywords in and out as you please
  • Most importantly – PROVEN STRATEGIES (be sure to check our blog to see our proven ranking results)

If you have any further questions you can get us on live chat right now.