San Jose SEO Expert

Best San Jose SEO ExpertDo not choose any San Jose seo expert.

Choose the best.

The best seo expert will be able to show you proven results.

You can view all our proven ranking strategies.

Just take a look around our blog.

Our web 2.0 link wheel is just one example.

We rank websites for any organic or local search terms.

It does not matter how competitive your niche is.

We will get you top, that is 100% guaranteed.

If you need proof, get us on live chat.

Local search terms in the San Jose area are very easy for us.

Get booked in with us before your competitors do.

Below I will discuss what we do for you.

I will also reveal our prices, which are very affordable.

You can view our recent customer reviews on our homepage.

To see our local seo expert in action showing proven results follow the link.

Can your current San Jose seo expert match up to what we can do?

We are the best and our prices are very reasonable.

Hire The Best San Jose SEO Expert

Top SEO ExpertIf you are located in San Jose California who do you hire?

Do you need to hire a seo company in San Jose California?

Absolutely not.

You need to hire the best seo expert you can find.

They do not need to be located in San Jose.

Anyone can be a San Jose seo expert.

It does not matter where you live.

Contact can be made every single day if you choose Rankers Paradise.

We are on live chat Monday to Friday.

Can you chat to your current San Jose seo expert everyday?

We are available on Email or Whattsapp 7 days a week.

When you sign up you receive an seo dashboard.

You simply login at anytime to see the work done, and to track your progress.

It really could not be any easier.

You should also know that we offer website design San Jose.

You can purchase website design in our store.

We also cover marketing San Jose CA.

Whatever you need, we are here to help.

We will boost your website traffic quickly.

For more details on hiring an seo expert take a look here.

To discover a little more take a look at this video:

Let’s discuss how you can get started with our San Jose seo expert.

If you are an seo company located in San Jose we can help you too.

You can outsource seo work to us.

We can handle anything you need, take a look at the package prices below.

Get Started

The first thing you need to do is to select a package.

You can view all our monthly seo packages here.

Rankers Starter Monthly SEO PackageYou will see that we have 5 options available to you:

  • Rankers Starter – $300
  • Rankers Advanced – $500
  • Rankers Business – $700
  • Rankers Complete – $800
  • Rankers Gold – $1000

As you can see, our San Jose seo expert packages go up in price.

The price goes up the more keywords we work on.

So the more you pay, the more keywords we will rank #1 for you.

Yes you are guaranteed #1 ranking with us.

Another number one ranking in Google searchJust take a look at our proven ranking results in our blog.

Don’t hire a San Jose seo expert that can’t even rank their own website top.

As you can see, we rank this website top over and over again.

You must be aware that some keywords take longer to rank than others.

However, we will always get your site to the top if you stick with us.

If you are looking to rank a local search term in San Jose California it will not take any longer than 3 months.

I will now reveal how many keywords each package holds.

  1. Rankers Starter – Up to 5 Keywords
  2. Rankers Advanced – Up to 10 Keywords
  3. Rankers Business –  Up to 15 Keywords
  4. Rankers Complete – 8 new Keywords per Month
  5. Rankers Gold – Up to 30 Keywords

Of course if you have over 30 keywords we can set up a customized San Jose seo expert package for you.

The Rankers Complete package is a little different to the rest.

I will discuss this a little further below.

Monthly SEO Package Payments

No Contract RequiredWe do not tie any of of clients into a contract.

We work on a pay as you go basis.

You can order online right now.

After the order is placed we will set up your seo dashboard.

You will receive an email with your login details.

You can log into the dashboard at any time.

Your site will be worked on every single day.

To get started you go to our seo packages page.

Select the package and make payment.

Payment is made through PayPal, you do not need to have a PayPal account.

You can pay using your card or even your PayPal funds.

After payment is made you will receive your email.

The Ranking Process

I will list below exactly what we will do for you after payment is made.

  1. SEO Dashboard set up – current rankings listed with target urls and keywords.
  2. Full on-page analysis for all keywords – includes page speed test and improvements.
  3. On-Page changes made – you can do this or we can do it for you.
  4. Full competitor analysis.
  5. Backlinks and anchor text road map set up.
  6. Backlinks will start.
  7. Rankings will be tracked over each 30 day cycle.

At the end of the month you can decide if you want to continue with us or not.

We do not set up re-occurring payments.

SEO Ranking ProcessAfter the first month is complete we will send you an invoice through PayPal for the second month.

If you wish to continue simply pay the invoice.

If you wish to stop, just ignore the invoice.

We have made it is as easy and stress free as possible.

You just have to sit back and watch your site climb up the SERPs.

We do absolutely everything for you.

San Jose Ranking Packages

We have 5 ranking packages to choose from.

All are the same apart from one.

I will explain a little more about them now.

Rankers Starter, Rankers Advanced, Rankers Business and Rankers Gold are basically the same.

The only difference with these packages is the number of keywords we rank.

Say you order the Rankers Starter package and you only have one keyword.

Well, you have a few options.

We can find four extra keywords for you right away.

Or we can put more effort into the one keyword and get it top as fast as possible.

The choice is yours.

The Rankers Complete package is a little different.

Rankers complete seo packageThis is the best package to buy if you have no traffic and no focus keywords.

We find 8 new keywords for you each and every month.

Then we write 8 pieces of content around the keywords.

We do 2 pieces of content per week over a 30 day cycle.

After each piece of content is published we then begin the backlinks.

This package is a real traffic booster.

Any San Jose seo expert should cover all aspects like we do.

Do not hire someone that can’t prove what they can do.

You are looking for trouble and you only have yourself to blame if you do that.

If your website is in major need of traffic, then we can help you.

After just 30 days your website will have floods of new buyer traffic pumping to it every hour.

All completely free coming from Google search engine.

If you are unsure about anything, don’t be afraid to ask.

We have a friendly team that is very happy to help at any time.

How To Calculate Return On Investment

Don’t buy seo unless you can get a return on your investment.

Calculate Return on InvestmentI am going to show you how to calculate your returns.

It’s very easy to do, everyone should do this.

I will do this step by step to make things as easy as possible for you.

Here are the steps you take:

  1. Get Keyword Monthly Search Volume
  2. Calculate Number of Monthly Visitors
  3. Calculate Number of Sales/Conversions
  4. Calculate Gross Return Per Sale/Conversion
  5. Calculate NET Keyword Value

Very simple to do.

I will show you a few examples for you to follow.

After you have completed this you will know if our services will prove a good ROI for you.

Find Keyword Search Volume

Okay, so if I was looking to rank this post using Rankers Paradise services I would do this:

The keyword for this post is “San Jose seo expert”.

First I need to know the monthly search volume.

Find Keyword Search VolumeYou can discover your keywords search volume over at (free).

My chosen keyword has a monthly search volume of: 2900

Don’t worry about seo competition score, we can rank any keyword top.

Calculate Number of Website Visitors

Just because you rank number 1, it does not mean you will get all 2900 visitors to your website.

Out of the total monthly search volume just 33% will go to the top ranking site.

Grow Website VisitorsSo to calculate your monthly traffic you need to get 33% of your total search volume:

2900 x 0.33 = 957

So, I will get 957 visitors to my site each and every month for this keyword.

Calculate Number of Sales/Conversions

To calculate conversions you will need to know your website conversion rate.

Do not worry if you do not know this, you can use 1%.

Boost Website SalesNow, just about every website out there will convert at least 1% of it’s visitors.

So to be conservative you can use 1% for your conversion rate if you do not know this.

However, this website converts very high.

I am going to use 5% for my conversion rate, this is on the conservative side.

I always like to be conservative when calculating my return on investment.

This way you will not end up disappointed with the results.

Okay, so to calculate number of sales you need to do this:

Number of Visitors x Conversion Rate

In my case for this post it is:

957 x 0.05 = 47.85

So I know I am going to get at least 47 sales per month for this keyword.

Calculate GROSS Return

So if 47 people purchase my minimum seo package, the Rankers Starter package I will get this:

The Rankers Starter package is $300.

So I would calculate:

47.85 x 300 = $14,355

Calculate NET Return – Keyword Value

Now to get the true value of my selected keyword.

Rank Value - Business SuccessThis will give me the return on investment value on buying the Rankers Paradise monthly seo package.

Now I need to subtract the value of the Rankers monthly seo package price from the GROSS return value.

So it would be:

14,355 – 300 = $14,055 Return on Investment

Is that a good return on investment?

It sure is.

It’s an absolute bargain.

I will show you another calculation for some other San Jose related local search terms.

Rank Value For San Jose Local Search Terms

Keyword: San Jose Dentist

Search Volume: 1900

Website Conversion Rate: 1% (every website will convert higher than this, we will make sure of it)

Average Customer Spend: $120

Rank Value For San Jose KeywordsReturn on investment for this keyword would be:

1900 x 0.33 = 627

627 x 0.01 = 6.27

6.27 x 120 = 752.40

752.40 – 300 = $452.40

And that’s just for one keyword.

On the Rankers Starter package we manage up to 5 keywords.

So you can times this amount by 5.

This would be a rough return on investment of around $2,262.

And that is with a super low conversion rate of 1%.

So the return is much likely to be double or triple that figure.

So you can see just how affordable our services are.

This is a no brain decision really.


  • Are Proven
  • Are Trusted
  • Guarantee Results
  • Guarantee Return on Investment

You have absolutely nothing to lose with this.

Why To trust Rankers ParadiseIf you don’t take action right now then your competitors will continue to get away from you.

There is no time like now to get things moving for you.

Please contact us if you are working with another San Jose seo expert right now.

You are here because they are not getting results.

We get results, simple.

Whatever it takes we will do it for you.

We do not leave any stone un-turned until your website it ranking number one.

Free Consultation Session

If you are unsure about anything you can chat with us completely free.

Free SEO ConsultationLike I said earlier, we are on live chat Monday to Friday for live seo consultations.

We can go ahead and calculate your return on investment for you.

If you are unsure about your keywords we can take a look at them for you.

Even if you don’t have any keywords in place yet, get in touch.

We will start the whole process with keyword research.

No matter what stage you are at in the ranking cycle, we can help you get ahead.

All we need is a few simple details to get started.

You only pay when you agree the service is a good fit your you and your business.

How To Covert More and Make More

Here at Rankers Paradise it’s not just about ranking you top.

We want to help you improve your conversion rates.

Boost Website ConversionsWe will run a full audit of your site.

We will help you push conversion rates through the roof.

Looking through analytics we can discuss with you where to place highly converting calls to action on your website.

We will look at your sales funnel and guide you to making more money online than you ever thought was possible with your website.

Your online business will grow massively with us on board.

Who We Will Work With

We work with absolutely any San Jose located business type.

  1. Legal
  2. Dental
  3. Mechanics
  4. Take Away
  5. Supermarkets

Any niche you are in, we can help.

Our starter packages work best for small to medium sized business.

The Rankers Business package and above are for companies with a larger seo budget.

We are even affordable for one person business operations.

We can help you grow bigger and faster than you ever thought possible.

How We Will Benefit Your Business Online

There is so much we can do for your online business.

The main focal points we can achieve for you include:

  • Increase Search Visibility
  • Increase Website Visitors
  • Increase Sales/Conversions
  • Increase Your Business Value
  • Boost Your Online Brand (across social media platforms)

Just so you know we are the best at what we do, here is another top ranking proof:

This page is now ranked no. 1 on Google search using just web 2.0 backlinks

This is what we do.

And soon we will be ranking number one for San Jose seo expert too.

We rank websites top.

We do it day in day out.

Let us get your website to the top too.

It won’t hurt to have a chat to us.

We will let you know exactly what we will do to get you top.

Every single keyword and website will need a slightly different strategy.

We will analyse everything the top sites are doing right, and do the same for your website.

It’s a time consuming process, so $300 is well worth it.

This includes all on and off page work.

Your site will be worked on ever single day, this will guarantee a top ranking.

Why You Need An SEO Expert

You can do this yourself, however it is very time consuming.

Can you work on your website yourself everyday without fail?

If you answer “No” then you need a San Jose seo expert or agency like us on your side.

To get on top and stay on top your website will need constant work on it.

If you leave it your rankings will remain the same or even drop.

We work for you every day, this guarantees progress.

We don’t work blind.

We analyse everything the top ranking sites have done to get there.

we ensure your site goes above and beyond what the top sites have done.

If you can’t do this yourself, then you most definitely need an agency to do the work for you.

Choose a San Jose SEO expert that can get results.


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