Rankers Link Clean Up Service Disavow Bad Backlinks



Ordered an SEO service that messed up your rankings? Disavowing Iinks tells Google to ignore these harmful Iinks.

With this service you will need to provide us with the list of links you need disavowed, and we will return the complete formatted disavow file ready to upload to G00gle, along with easy instructions on how to submit to the Iink disavow tool.IMPORTANT:
This service does not include any analysis work. You must either:a.) provide a specific list of Iinks you need me to create a disavow for.OR

 specify that you want ALL Iinks to your site disavowed and we will disavow all links to the site (not recommended unless almost all the links are spam).REQUIRED: Submitting a disavow file requires site is registered in Google Search Console (also called Webmaster Tools).


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