Powerful Wikipedia Backlink

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Are you in the need of getting HIGH QUALITY backlinks from high authority websites like Wikipedia for your business? Look no further than this service.

Benefits of a Powerful Wikipedia Backlink

Here we are able to offer and give you the chance to get a backlink from wikipedia which is currently ranked 5 on Alexa. The benefits you can enjoy from this include the following:

# Increase your web presence.
# Get more authority for your website.
# Increase TRUST and CITATION flow.
# Increase PAGE and DOMAIN authority.
# Useful to promote your organization brand image building.

Wikipedia is a really awesome site and it will certainly help you build trust and so much more with google

Please note we do not accept pharmacy or porn websites.

All we require from yourself is your website url (address)

We will choose the anchor text and wikipedia page your backlink will be on

Estimated delivery of 5 working days


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