Digital Marketing Agency Santa Monica

Every local business in Santa Monica should go digital.

Rankers Paradise is a marketing agency that can help you do this.

We offer website design and development together with online brand development.

We build websites that are proven to rank high, produce traffic and drive sales.

We work with one person small businesses right up to large organizations with big budgets.

Doesn’t matter what level you are on, we are here to help.

Our websites are responsive and fast loading for best results.

During the design and build we have search engine optimization at the front of our mind.

Having an seo agency develop your website is a good idea. This way the site is ready to rank and no changes will need to be made further down the line.

We cover full keyword research to ensure you rank for buyer search terms, be it local or any organic general phrases.

Each and every seo package covers content creation, yes we write the content for you too.

In the digital age your brand can become viral over night, we know how to get these results.

If you currently run online advertising campaigns we can help optimize those too, bring down costs and increase website visitors.

The whole strategy and process is developed for free, you can get your free website analysis by filling out the form on our homepage.

We work with some large well known companies, we are trusted for a reason.

We get results and what we do is proven to work.

Digital Marketing Agency Santa Monica Packages

All we need is your email and website URL to start your free consultation.

If you have any questions you can give us a call, send us an email or get us on live chat right now.

Take a look at what some of our current clients say about us:

Peter Williams

Rankers Paradise are a pleasure to work with. They explained my keywords and how much traffic I would get from them and roughly how much I would make based on my current conversion rates. They improved my conversion rate by a whopping 4% through correct site architecture and sales funnels. I now have more traffic, more people in my store in downtown Los Angeles and my online reviews and branding is brilliant. I highly recommend, worked for me.

We have many more clients like this. If you need any more details just get in touch.

SEO Services

We have four basic seo packages to choose from.

The one you choose to go with depends on the number of keywords you have.

Do not worry if you do not have a website yet, we can develop a website for you. You can purchase this right now from our store: website development package.

If you have a website but do not have your keywords we can do keyword research for you too.

Our seo packages include:

  • Rankers Starter – 5 keywords
  • Rankers Advanced – 10 keywords
  • Rankers Business – 15 keywords
  • Rankers Gold – 30+ keywords

We also do customized packages, you can contact us for those.

Top Digital Marketing Agency Santa Monica
We do not ask clients to sign a contract and you can stop any time.

You will get a good return on your investment in seo with us.

We run everything together so that you get maximum exposure online for your brand.

Read another testimonial from a current client:

Sophia Solesberg

We have been working with Rankers Paradise for just over 1 year now, we have a top Google ranking for a very high search volume keyword that has tough competition. It took them just over a year to rank us top, the return right now is very high for us, well worth money.

Remember that the initial website analysis is completely free.

This will help you understand how we can grow your business quickly and how much you can make.

You can send us an email to

The Process

We can work right from the very beginning with you, we can bring your digital dream alive.

Whether you have a small store in Santa Monica or needing an affiliate website created, we can do it.

Website Design and Development

So you know you want to get online but you don’t know where to start.

The most important thing to do before any website is created is to do market research.

This gives you a basis for your website structure.

Without market research you are going in blind.

There is no point building a website if there is little market online for your audience.

Do not worry, we do this for you.

Our website development service includes all of this, this ensures success further down the line.

Keyword Research

Part of the initial market analysis is keyword research.

Are people actively searching online for your local products?

We will do this for you.

We will find you the best search terms for your business, to bring in traffic and most importantly to get sales.

This step must be undertaken before any website is built.

Website optimization

We cover on-site optimization.

For a web page to rank high for a particular search term it needs to be fully optimized for it.

We take care of this on all our seo packages.

We even include content development should it be required.

Competitor Analysis

Before any backlink campaign starts its with upmost importance that your competitors are analysed.

The top ranking sites for your keywords are there for a reason.

We look at why they are top and develop a ranking road map to get your website top too.

This includes any successful advertising campaigns they may have running too.

Backlink Building

Without quality backlinks your website will not rank top.

We look at the backlinks the top sites have and we plan a strategy for your site to have the same.

We go the extra mile and get extras to ensure a top ranking.

Our strategies are proven.

The ranking time scale is different for every website and keyword.

The normal ranking time frame is 3 months for low to medium competition keywords.

We will let you know everything before you get started.

Social Promotion

As we grow your business online we will promote it through the right social media platforms.

Your brand will be out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

This will bring visitors to your website too, it’s not just from ranking on Google.

With this kind of brand exposure you can’t fail to succeed.

We have a “Never Quit” mind set, with constant tracking and hard work in the right areas success is inevitable.

Let us bring it for you too.

Tracking and Reports

This is what makes us a little different to other digital marketing agencies out there.

When you sign up we give you an SEO dashboard.

You can log into your account any time to track your website’s progress.

Most companies deliver backlink reports once every month.

Not us, you can see the backlink reports and work load logged on the dash done on a daily basis.

This way you can be 100% certain we are working on your website every day and getting value for your money.

We track your website keyword rankings as we go, you can see the progress right in front of you.

We are on the dash every day, you can message us on there too.

Get started by going to our homepage and filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

If you have a website and keywords in place go ahead and pay for an seo package right now.

We can start pushing rankings for you right away.

We analyse what you are currently ranking for and push ranks quickly, sometimes as fast as 24 hours.

If you have any more questions take a look around the rest of the site or get us on live chat right now.